Reviews and comments about Budva. Leisure tips – 2022

Budva reviews

Reviews about Budva, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Montenegro) is suitable as a place for family or youth recreation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Budva is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

When we were going to Budva and asked friends and acquaintances who have already been there, about the impressions, it struck me that I have not heard a single negative review. It was surprising, because usually at least someone will be dissatisfied with something. And here it was a very harmonious chorus of enthusiastic voices. And, as it turned out, not for nothing. Budva, really, just charming!

Advantages of rest in Budva.

  1. Very beautiful nature. And these are not just words. The nature in Montenegro in general is something incredible: the mountains covered with greenery, the blue-blue sea, the smell of pine trees, the sun, and in Budva to all this is still added a picturesque island. Sitting on the shore and admiring it!
  2. The Adriatic Sea. Who has ever seen it, knows that it is a plus in itself. This sea has an amazing beauty, unusual color, and, as one good friend of mine, who also loves the Adriatic, says, it smells like watermelon. The truth the beaches in Budva are not the best, about them I will tell in more detail in the section about minuses of rest. And now I will only say that for a beach holiday is better to choose the neighboring Becici or Rafailovichi, the sand there is very good.
  3. Fantastic Old Town! It is not very big, but it, really, causes amazement. Perfectly preserved and restored constructions inside the city walls – it is a solid and nice ensemble, in the streets of which it is so pleasant to wander, admire flowers, old stone houses and churches or just sit in a cafe.
  4. For those who do not like a “seasick” holiday Old Budva offers many opportunities for cultural leisure. You can visit churches, museums, go to concerts – and all this without leaving the city walls. Be sure to admire the Ballerina Monument and its view over Budva.
  5. But the modern Budva that has sprawled around is also very nice. These are mostly hotels or apartment complexes, among them there are those that deserve special attention, for example, we really liked the hotel in the style of a southern town with white houses and charming drawings on the walls.
  6. The food was delicious. Not to mention the great fruits and vegetables, but even the seemingly ordinary food in the cafes and restaurants here is very good!
  7. A wide choice of places to stay. We rented an apartment in the nearby village of Becici, which is 10 minutes walk from Budva, but in the city itself there are many hotels and apartments.
  8. Reasonable prices. Inexpensive holiday is a huge plus of Montenegro and Budva in particular. Despite the fact that the local currency is the euro, the prices here are almost twice lower than in Europe as a whole.
  9. Visa-free entry. This is especially important for those tourists who do not have a long-term Schengen visa. The first week of the trip we vacationed in Budva with my mother, and for her not having to make a visa was a very nice bonus. It is important to remember that without a visa you can stay in the country no longer than 30 days, and the date counts until the departure of the plane, that is, if your flight departs for 31 days at 00.05, you have already broken the visa requirement.
  10. Opportunity to explore the surrounding areas, including on foot. Along the sea there are rather pleasant paths (though in some places you have to walk along the road) and tunnels, through which you can reach such places as Becici, Rafailovichi, Sveti Stefan, Przno and other nice villages and towns.
  11. There is a bus station in Budva, from which it is very convenient to get to any other city in Montenegro. We went to Kotor, Hergec Novi, Tivat, Perast and other cities. The buses are quite decent, the ticket costs a few euros, depending on distance, and if you want you can get off anywhere along the route.
  12. And there is also a port in Budva, a small, fisherman’s port, where the little boats leave. We had a very nice ride on such a boat.
  13. Budva is quite convenient to get to. In the city itself, of course, there is no airport, it is located in Tivat, it takes less than two hours to get there. We booked a transfer, but if you want you can take public transportation to the bus station in Tivat, and from there for 5-6 EUR in a cab.
  14. Lack of language problems. Locals speak English well, many speak Russian. Budva called the “Russian Adriatic”, there, and indeed, rest a lot of Russian-speaking tourists, so almost everywhere working man who can speak Russian.
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The disadvantages of a holiday in Budva

  1. The average level of beaches. Firstly, they are very compact and narrow, secondly, not the cleanest, and thirdly – too crowded. But it is necessary to go to any of the neighboring villages, the picture becomes completely different: the soft sand, spaciousness and beauty!
  2. The abundance of tourists. Especially in high season there are a lot of people everywhere! Budva is very popular.

Rules of tourist registration

According to the rules, every traveler must register at a special tourist office. In some cases, this can be done for you in a hotel or apartment, but it is better to take care of yourself. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. On the first day you have to go to the post office and pay the tourist fee. Just say: “I want to pay the tourist tax”, it costs 1 EUR per day, you have to take your passport with you.
  2. You will be given a receipt of payment and you need to go with it to the tourist office in the Old Town. It is right on the main street, if anything, you can ask any seller, they will tell you.
  3. There, with your passport and receipt you will get a special registration, the receipt must be kept until you leave the country.

As far as I understand, during the tourist season this registration is very rarely asked at departure. But since the penalty for the lack of paper is 60 EUR, it is better to get everything right and have a rest easy.

Who will like it in Budva?

As I said before, the first part of the vacation we spent with my mother. Both she and I liked it very much. Our vacation was calm, smooth and measured, we bathed, sunbathed, walked around the neighboring villages, went to big cities a couple of times. The second part of the trip we – a young couple – spent more actively, a lot of travel around the country. And we were thrilled too! For travelers with children, it seems to me, Budva would also be very good.

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Reviews and comments about Budva. Leisure tips – 2022

I saw no special chairs for feeding children anywhere on the beach in cafe and in Budva itself, Everything is too chaotic! This narrow path to the beach through the flow of tourists just a test of endurance. ATTENTION vdatelstva beach-razbolubaniye sun beds and papers with a menu-pora to replace, as well as you!!!

A great place in the hands of fools (owners) Good time. Was from 18 to 25 August 2018.City Beach Mogren (1.2), Budva. Cons: 1) Cleaning very rarely. (garbage), 2) 60% of the beach is filled with sun beds (15 euros / day), on the other 30% resting on their “towels” (“madhouse, when more than half the beach forcibly filled with sun beds, and only a third of the beach is free. ), 3) Beach cafes “beg” to come “Revizzero” program. (Never ate, the concept of sanitation is absent. In short, all through the “Uzz…” who has not arranged, the fool! Nado respect All holidaymakers, not just the morons who throw away money to the wind. Plusy 1) and 100)-the sea itself-the clearest, quietest, mankoe!

I do not recommend it back from Montenegro literally a couple of days ago and are still full of impressions. Unfortunately, negative. Budva in a season is dark! Crowds of people, rivers of cars. It is out of question about the mountain air – everything is in exhaust gases. The cold sea, overcrowded beaches, high prices (about 10 euros per person to eat, if to try and spend enough time – you can find a little cheaper). Yes, the nature is beautiful, mountains, rivers. BUT the attitude to tourists is disgusting. The negativity is felt literally everywhere. The locals seem to be completely

  • to go on excursions.

Daria, I agree with you that they want money for everything and in euros. But this country is in the euro zone now and prices are like everywhere else in Europe. There is no cheap vacation here. But the nature is beautiful, you are unlucky with the weather.

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Ljguschka : I beg to differ. Take Spain for example. I liked everything: service in hotel, excursions, weather:)). And the prices are not ah at all, rather acceptable for the average class. Were pleased and have a desire to return.

I was in Spain many times. It is a completely different vacation, but. Yes, Spain has huge beaches (but without changing rooms, sun loungers and toilets). In Spain NEVER (from the word completely) dine for 10 euros. 10 euros is a very small cost. I read about Montenegro, that such beauty, such a sea is nowhere.

MONTENEGRO IS A WONDERFUL COUNTRY! Hello! I would very much like to participate in your drawing and leave a review, as we are a travel agency and travel around the world a lot, and review will be about the wonderful country – Montenegro, which we visited in September this year. We stayed in the city of Budva, in the hotel SLOVENSKA PLAZA 4 *. The hotel is almost the most popular on the coast and is located almost on the shore of the Adriatic Sea, a fifteen minute walk from the old town. This is an amazing country with its traditions and a lot of attractions, magnificent nature, the clearest sea and the brightest sun. The hotel offers excellent comfortable and modern rooms, the successful location of the coastline, a great variety of food, both for adults and children, a lot of variety of pastries and drinks. There are two swimming pools on the territory of the hotel, where the evening activities are held. We loved Montenegro, we recommend everyone to visit this wonderful country.

A special vacation in Budva. I visited Budva this year. To be honest, before I had no idea how wonderful this place is. Personally I liked it very much, that the Old Town began literally in several meters from the beach. To swim and look at the old buildings is priceless:). The beach itself I liked very much, it was better to go from the Central beach to the right, in the direction of the Old Town, pass it and through a small tunnel in a cave you will get to a wonderful bay, where there were very few people and amazing views. Yes, sun loungers

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  • to go on excursions.
  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach.

If Montenegro, Budva, if Budva, the beach of hotel Alexander was my first foreign holiday. I flew a 10-day tour without meals. Many say that it is more expensive, but I had the opposite is cheaper. For breakfasts for all 10 days was enough what I brought with me. I had lunch in a cafe, in the very center of the new city there are two excellent very budget places – Kuzhina and Parma. Obi are literally in 400-500 meters from each other. A full meal first, second and compote cost 5-6 euros per person. In Parma there is a very cozy summer

  • to go on excursions.
  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach.
  • children and young people to relax
  • Take pictures of everything in a row.

Nice beach with crystal clear water! Probably the best beach I’ve been to! The water is incredibly clear, just clear. Entrance is free, however, if you want to take a sun lounger, it will cost 15 euros. You have to go to the beach early, at seven or eight to take seats closer to the water. By 12 noon the Europeans arrive, especially the Italians. When I was there, there were a lot of them. The beach is covered with fine pebbles. After four o’clock in the evening on the beach there is nothing to do, as the sun has already hidden behind the rocks, appears

An amazing place where people still live. It so happened that we got to Old Budva pretty early, at about 8 am. The fact is that that morning it was quite cool to swim, so we went for a walk. I was immediately struck by the fact that people were still living in Old Budva, in houses that were several hundred years old! We enjoyed watching them wake up, open their doors and go out on the steps to drink coffee. In the same old houses on the first floors there are quite modern stores with incredibly inflated prices. Not

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We flew to Montenegro for the first time with my girlfriend. We took airserbia by ourselves (the cheapest tickets, high quality, even alcohol was offered in the plane). The accommodation was booked in Budva, kind of a place in Montenegro for young people, booked through Airbnb. We stayed in Budva for 9 days, in that time we went almost all over Montenegro by car, blessing the country is not very big!

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