Reviews of tourists about Sanya . Holiday Prices – 2022

Sanya – the main resort of Hainan Island

Reviews on vacations in Sanya.

Collected reviews of tourists about Sanya, the most popular resort in China’s Hainan Island. Read opinions about the weather, hotels, beaches, sea, excursions. Pros and cons of vacationing in Sanya in 2022. Tips for tourists.

China does not yet accept tourists from Russia. Take a look at the list of open countries. For convenience, we give pre-dedicated prices for trips and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, check with official resources.


Sanya Weather Reviews

In Chinese, the name of Hainan Island means “sea south”. It has a subequatorial climate, and it’s warm all year round. The dry season in Sanya falls in the winter months and early spring. In winter, it’s cool to swim, but you can walk and go on excursions.

The wet season begins in May and June and lasts until September. According to tourists, the hottest weather in Sanya is in June and July, when the average monthly temperature rises to +26. +30°С. The best time for a beach holiday is spring, late summer and first half of fall.

Lizavetta Kolchikova: “I went at the end of September and in the first week of October. The days were overcast. The sun scorched to death, which was ideal for a beach siesta. To visit the sights because of the heat, unfortunately, failed.

natali.psy: “In December the weather pleased us. It rained once at night. Rest was good.

Reviews about Sanya in Hainan

Tiania Haijiao Beach in Sanya (Photo: Mark 爱生活 /

Sanya hotel reviews.

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Hainan’s main tourist center has enough lodging to accommodate tourists. Sanya is a young resort, so the hotel stock there is new. The most luxurious hotel complexes are located on the first line in the Yalunwan area. According to many, a reasonable price-quality ratio is offered in 4* hotels in Dadunhai.

Sanya hotels have received good reviews from tourists:

    5* 5* 5* 5* 4* 4* 4*.

Guests liked the comfortable rooms and level of service.

To make your vacation in Sanya in 2022 a success, read the reviews of tourists about the hotels and make your choice.

Aida : “Sunshine Resort Intime Sanya 5* is perfectly located, a stone’s throw from the sea, with a beautiful green area, pools, helpful staff. Near a lot of catering, restaurants for all tastes and wallets.

Daria : “Cactus Resort Sanya 4* is very well thought out – convenient entrances and exits, location of reception and restaurant. The area is large and green! The pool is huge with a separate area for kids.

Where to rest in Hainan - 7 resorts

Not all hotels in Sanya Hainan received positive reviews from tourists. Some guests did not like the service.

The staff at the Palm Beach Hotel & Bungalows 4* can be divided into two halves: one half tries and works hard and the other half does their job sleevelessly.

Hotel reviews for Sanya.

Sunshine Resort Intime Sanya (Photo: / Sunshine Resort Intime Sanya)

Reviews of Sanya Beaches and Sea

The resort’s sandy beaches stretch for dozens of kilometers. All of them are free. For the use of showers and toilets also do not take money. You only have to pay to rent chairs and umbrellas from the sun. Almost everywhere the entrance to the water is shallow, and the depth increases gradually. Ideal conditions for recreation with children!

Sanya’s best beaches in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • Dadunhai
  • Yalunwan
  • Sanya Bay
  • Haitan Bay
  • Clearwater Cove.

J2970FM_: “Dadunhai is a good beach and bay. Developed infrastructure. There are free sun loungers and umbrellas. The water is not always clear, yet warm. The entrance – the sand, sometimes there are stones.

Sanya Beach Reviews

Dadunhai Bay in Hainan (Photo: / Anna Frodesiak)

Tourist reviews of excursions in Sanya

The resort has a large selection of tours in Russian. According to tourists’ reviews, Sanya offers popular excursions to the Museum of Pearls, thermal springs, the Nanshan Center of Buddhism, and the Monkey Island. Go to a Chinese circus and visit tropical park Yanoda!

Read tourist reviews of excursions and choose the itineraries you like best.

G3703WE_: “I recommend seeing the temple of the goddess Guayin. The statue is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest in the world! There is a statue of the golden Buddha weighing 154 kg. Very beautiful area around it.

Olesya A: “I advise you to visit an unusual theater “Red Women’s Squad”. The auditorium for 2000 people. The surrounding landscape and the sky are part of the scenery. It’s really impressive.”

Sanya Tourism Reviews

Statue of the goddess Guayin in Sanya (Photo: llee_wu /

Pros and cons of vacationing in Sanya

Hainan is suitable for beach activities and holidays with children. Older travelers and young people like it here. Many tourists who have spent vacations in Sanya have left positive reviews about the resort.

The pros of vacationing in Sanya in 2022, according to the reviews of tourists:

  • Warm climate.
  • Sandy beaches.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Many signs in Russian.
  • There are comfortable hotels and budget hotels.
  • Delicious cuisine.
  • Interesting attractions.

Anna Tolstova: “Sanya is a paradise for lovers of swimming. Warm crystal clear water, a sandy beach and gentle sun – what else does one need to be happy. ,

Disadvantages :

  • Long flight from the European part of Russia.
  • There are sand fleas on the beaches.
  • High prices for entertainment, sightseeing tickets and excursions.
Hainan Excursions - 2022: prices, description, reviews

Loud Ocean : “Sanya is full of malls and stores. But it’s more expensive than the market in Beijing. It’s a touristy place. Even the fruit is more expensive than in Haikou.

Hainan Sanya reviews

Sanyang Cove in Sanya (Photo: Dedyukhina)

Sanya vacation tips

The Chinese island of Hainan has high humidity, so the heat is more difficult to endure. According to tourists’ reviews, it’s recommended to have a small fan for a comfortable stay in Sanya. Cheap portable devices are sold everywhere.

Cherevichka: “There’s no need to wear anything warm, at least not in summer: it’s not cool and won’t be. An umbrella you can take or borrow at the hotel, it will save from the sun.

There are sand fleas on Sanya’s beaches. After the bites of these insects appear itching, burning and swelling. When choosing a vacation spot, be careful. The beaches at 5-star hotels are treated daily on the beach. If you want to stay at a 4* hotel, choose among those located in Yalong Bay. There are no sand fleas there.

The Chinese resort is a gourmet’s paradise. Here you can taste coconut milk, seafood and tropical fruits. If Chinese food is not to your taste, don’t be upset! The food in Sanya is well-reviewed by tourists and there are Russian cafes and restaurants serving the dishes we’re used to.

Sanya – traveler reviews

Reviews about Sanya, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (China) is suitable as a place for family or youth vacation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Sanya is famous for. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Sanya is a paradise for lovers of swimming. Warm, crystal-clear water, sandy beach and gentle sun – what else do you need to be happy? And it was this paradise my family and I chose to rest in early May, when “fell” our plans to conquer Norway :)

However, when choosing a place to relax you need to pay attention to one very important point. Have you ever heard of sand flea? It’s small, inconspicuous, bites, too, imperceptibly, but here’s terrible consequences in the form of swollen feet, allergies, burning and itching. Many tourists spoiled the rest.

If you go from the travel agency, they may be silent about this fact. So be careful when choosing a hotel. If you choose 5 *, then every day there is a treatment and these terrible bugs are not afraid of you. If 4* and below, then it is better to choose a hotel in Yalong Bay – where the sand flea does not live.

Red Beach in China

My family and I even changed our booked hotel, when about a week before departure to Hainan, we learned about such a problem. Already on vacation, went on excursions and when the bus picked up tourists from other areas of Sanya, saw very many signs of bites. Just so you understand, if your chosen hotel does have sand fleas, you need to walk on the beach ONLY in flip-flops. Not even so – you have to run on the sand to the sea, so you do not have time to get bitten. And just as quickly run back. If you’re not a sprinter, it’s better not to spoil your vacation and carefully choose a vacation area in Sanya and be sure to read the reviews about the hotels.

During May holidays we were in Sanya with air temperature about 32 degrees, water about 25 degrees, as fresh milk. Because of the high humidity it’s still hot even if the weather is cloudy. In the stores almost everywhere sell portative small fans, so that with them life in the heat is much better :)

We were in the airport watching “Head & Tails” about Hainan just before the flight. We made our conclusions and went to the circus in Sanya on the advice of the hosts. The show is unforgettable, I advise everybody to visit it. Completely different from the Russian circus, but it is impossible to compare them and say which one is better, as they are two completely different show formats.

One trip to the city itself was enough for us. In idea, there is not much to see there. But different excursions to historical places we were very interested. For example we were able to visit the calling card of Hainan – the statue of the goddess Guanyin, which was built in 2006 to protect the island from typhoons. They say it really protects). The statue has three faces facing different directions, one facing Hainan Island and the other two facing the sea, to send the blessing and protection of Guanyin from China to the whole world.

Chinese food was already more or less familiar to me, since I had been to Shanghai the year before. However, my family and I were able to find a “Russian” cafe that had food that was more familiar to us (at least, it was easier to endure raw carrots instead of boiled carrots in Olivier than sweet-sweet meat in a sweet Chinese sauce). We never managed to make friends with Chinese food, its taste and smell. As well as with the habit of the Chinese to crap under their feet everywhere and everywhere :)

Hainan Island vacations in China - 2022: travel reviews

Prices in Sanya are very high, so you have to take as much money as possible. Even just food (not to mention souvenirs and more global shopping) takes a lot of money. Even a simple McDonald’s is twice as expensive as ours. The Chinese word for everything is in their own language :)

In general, Sanya is a great city for a vacation. And to communicate with the locals you only need to know two words: “nihao” (hello) and “cheche” (thank you) :)

@Bogdana Ivleeva: it’s not a swimming pool, but a decorative fountain, a beautiful view from the hotel reception to the sea) But at the Sheraton there are many similar pools just for swimming, where you swim and admire the sea)

Sanya fell in love with me wholeheartedly and forever! For the first time in many years, I caught myself thinking that this is the one place I would definitely go back to again and again. But Sanya is one of the most expensive cities in Asia, so not much of a trip.

Last year we stayed in Dadunhai Bay. The flight from Moscow took about 10 hours, time difference – plus 5 hours. The flight was ok, with food and comfort. Unfortunately, we landed in Haikou, not Sanya. But we were organized a comfortable bus transfer, so unexpectedly we were able to enjoy the views from the window for 4 hours, driving across the island from north to south.

The coves in Sanya are amazing! The most beautiful of them is Oolongwan, but the hotels that are located there are very, very expensive, even though the other bays also have high priced hotels.

I liked the vacation in Sanya, so I will share some of my observations.

  1. The beach. The sand in Sanya is yellow and the water is turquoise, but it is not quite clear, because the sand makes it a little muddy. But the beaches and the water are very clean, even despite the huge number of tourists and locals, constantly, in all weather, resting on the beach – no trash was not noticed. If your hotel does not have its own beach, you can use the municipal one. Sun beds were expensive, we sunbathed on the sand.
  2. Climate. It’s very humid in Sanya, your face and body are always covered in fine sweat, no creams on your face stick. Even if there are clouds in the sky, the sun is very, I emphasize – very! – active, you should use a cream with an index of at least 50, and this is not a recommendation, but a strict rule, because it is very easy to get burnt here, which will certainly ruin your entire vacation. We vacationed in February, right after the Chinese New Year. It was great then, it only rained once, for about an hour. The rest of the time the sun warmed the air to 27 degrees and the water was sometimes even warmer than the air.
  3. Meals . Let me remind you that Sanya is a very expensive city, and therefore the food there is not cheap. If your hotel does not have an inclusive meal concept, it will take some time to find a place to eat three meals a day at a reasonable price. Of the particular places I can recommend two: “Meal Square” – I recommend only because of the great variety of dishes, the price for a daily meal was not suitable for us, and cafe “Caravelle”. On the last I will stop in detail: the menu in Russian, there is a Russian-speaking waiter, reasonable prices, a huge choice of dishes, clean and cozy institution. We ate there the whole trip.
  4. Transport. Most often cabs are used for moving around. The fee is calculated on the principle “per landing plus for each kilometer,” not very expensive and very convenient. You can also use buses or cabs on scooters, but we did not try. About the traffic is worth mentioning separately: there are no traffic rules in the city. This is explained by the local mentality – if I have a car, then I’m rich, and pedestrians, obviously, do not have a car – which means they are poor. And the rich don’t like to respect the poor, so I’ve been pushing and will continue to push. This, of course, is very exaggerated. But the same principle applies to scooters – they are crushed by cars, and they are crushed by pedestrians, such is the social hierarchy. With proper caution on the roads, of course, no one will run you over, but it is always better to be alert, even on the sidewalk, because scooters ride on them. Such a traffic situation has inspired us to think at length about the Chinese communism – something does not fit with such a clear division of society into rich and poor and all that ensues.
  5. Shopping. There are a lot of shopping malls, supermarkets, markets and little stores. Especially tasty fruit there, which we took in the supermarkets. By the way, the prices are given per half kilo, not the usual one kilo. By the way, we were very surprised by the prices of clothing – it is very expensive, but not branded.
  6. Sightseeing. There are a lot of them in Sanya, I can’t describe in details. In hotel guides they cost a lot of money, so in order to save money, we looked around the city ourselves, guided by a guide.
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