Reviews of tourists about Yeisk. Leisure by the sea – 2022

Reviews of tourists about Yeisk. Leisure by the sea – 2022

Hello, hello, I want to share my impressions of the vacation in the city of Yeisk. I will start with the good. I’m not very strictly judging rest. We rested on Nikolaevskaya street. In a guest house. Cozy private sector. With the beach. Near the embankment and parks. Stores and canteens – all within walking distance. Prices budget. For lodging and meals. In the evening there is somewhere to go. Very much liked cafe at Ulugbek. And so the praised eggplant is not very good. Expensive and not tasty. Of the minuses – the carousel bite. Price 200-250 p. Bearing in mind.that they are from the Soviet era. It’s kind of scary. In the city there is no lighting and no asphalt. In the evening I had to light my way.dyav not break my legs. The separate poem to the sea)) the sea warm and shallow. Stones and shell rock. Stock up on special footwear. For children just paradise.

Terrible travel agency. Good afternoon! We went with my mother through the orange tour 24.07.2022 in the Gorge of Guam MDAA. It started out badly. When we arrived at 00:30 at the bus stop to pick us up, and it began. 1. We did not want to be allowed on the bus)) our sales manager (Alla) took the money from us, and the list has not filed, and we left, in the hope that someone will refuse to travel, and oh my God 2 seats were free in 10 minutes back and picked up. When asked, “Are you going to pay us moral damages?” They

  • To go on excursions 45 Good afternoon. We were in Yeisk.s 26.06 to 06.07. We rented a private st.Polevaya 45.dom good 2 rooms all clean.i even in another building on the 2nd floor took 2 x mesytuyu room.ot sea 10 minutes.but there is a pebble and the sea would be good if not owners.nachele. light save.water light bulb.pass in the evening must include a fan on the phone to the second floor. The TV without a remote control.It was necessary to poke fingers to adjust the channels.In the shower every time the doors fell down. We were also lucky that it was not hot.Last 2 days it was hot and we turned on the air conditioner. And the owner went into the rooms without us and turned them off. music do not listen to the neighbors sleep. (This was until 10 and evening).A we paid for what. and not cheap..You could have been cheaper and closer to the sea where the sand. there is no advice.

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Field Street is far enough from the place where it would be cozy and convenient to bathe with children, and the price tag expose as a room in the center; (proprietors basically time of Lenin, and really live in constant economy, even receiving for rent not bad money. We with family have refused to live on street, field 30, even not being there, as in heat, it is possible to die, while you will reach the sandy sea. So the sea really is close to this street, to a coast and it in huge cobblestones that believe, will not bring any pleasure

Rest on the beach Hello, 9.07.2022, vacation in this town is all good, but on the central beach issued a protocol for an administrative offense namely, drank canned beer, as you can not in a public place to drink alcohol, and you can sell everything, as it is not reasonable, the place for smoking is but for drinking no, but I think like a recreation, selling everything is allowed but the use is not (in total, a fine of 500 rubles and negative emotions

Is there a vacation on the Azov coast? Our adventures in Yeisk (fun and not so fun. ) I’m a person of average income, I’ve never stayed in luxury hotels. Holidays in Sochi, Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia. Were in Italy (Rimini) in the old days, when (almost) everyone could afford it. During the summer of 2021 (more precisely in August), after getting scared of the crowds of tourists in Sochi, we decided to take a closer look at other Krasnodar resorts. Judging by the reviews on the Internet, a vacation in Yeisk had a lot of advantages: a shallow and warm Azov Sea, a large selection of inexpensive hotels. We expected a quiet, calm, not expensive vacation. What

I thought that wrote a silly lady. And my wife said that just a custom-made article. How else in such a hole for 2800 a day to live?

Rest in Yeisk

The resort is located in the Krasnodar region and is ideal for a holiday with children at the Azov Sea. Shallow coastline, warm water, quiet recreation centers and private inexpensive accommodation is a good option for a trip or an independent trip.

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Yeisk can not be called a major resort, but there are enough interesting places, attractions and entertainment: a beautiful promenade, amusement parks, walks on a yacht, trips to water parks and dolphinariums.

We will tell you how to relax and what to do in Yeisk: what to see, where to go, where to eat and where to stay.

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Weather at

Yeisk is located in a zone of moderate continental climate. The average summer air temperature is around +25 … +27 °C, but on some days it can be higher than +30 °C. The heat in the resort city is softened by the sea breeze and the rains are not much, if they happen, they are short-lived showers.

The water temperature in June, July and August is on average +22 … +24 ° C. Moreover, you can swim here from May because the Azov Sea is shallow and warms up faster than the Black Sea: the water in the last month of spring it reaches +22 ° C. Around the same warm it stays in September, when in Yeisk comes the Indian summer.


Average temperature in Yeisk during the day

Dec. Jan. Feb. March. Apr. May June. July. Avg. Sen. Oct. Nov.
+3° +0° +1° +5° +13° +19° +24° +27° +26° +21° +14° +6°

How to get there

1. Airplane. The nearest airports are in Rostov-on-Don and Krasnodar (200 and 250 km respectively). They accept flights from almost all major cities of Russia. To Eisk you will need to take a bus (the trip will take 4-5 hours).

2. Train. There are direct flights from Moscow and from St. Petersburg. Travel time is 30 and 38 hours, respectively. If you get by train from other cities, you should get off at the Starominskaya station and change to a bus or an electric train.

3. bus. The resort is connected by regular flights to Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Maikop, Taganrog, Novorossiysk, Stavropol and other southern cities. The trip to Jeisk takes from 5 to 10 hours. In summer, there are buses from Moscow (about 20 hours by car).

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4. Own car. If you leave the capital of Russia, the road will take 1300 km and about 20 hours, including traffic jams. Usually to go to Yeisk by car choose the federal highway M-4 “Don” and the highway Yeisk – Azov.

Districts of Yeisk

A total of thirteen of them in the city, but most interesting for tourists are the following:

1. Yeskaya spit. The most famous city district: large beaches, cafes, restaurants and entertainment.

2. The port area. The river port and railway station are situated here.

3. The merchant city. Located southwest of the spit. This is a historical area with unusual architecture.

4. Kamenka. It is known for the beach of the same name and Taganrog embankment. It’s nice to walk and relax on the beach here. Not far there is a flight school.

5. The center. Here are located Gorky Park, Nikolsky Park and the central market.

6. The military camp. Located in the west of the city. In this area is located Poddubny Park, one of the main places for recreation in the city.

The best neighborhoods in Yeisk for living are Kamenka and Center.

Prices for vacations in Eisk

Booking options and prices per day

In May-June

In July and August

In September

Hotel room

Guest House


Rent without intermediaries in the central part of town and along the coast. Many apartments are located in close proximity to the sea, within 200-300 meters. Luxury finish, as a rule, is not offered, but has all the usual conveniences and its own kitchen. You can spend your holidays in Yeisk comfortably and inexpensively.

Rooms in hotels

There are many options near the sea – near the seaside promenade, the beach “Kamenka” and the seaport. Most of them are inexpensive hotels with Standard and Economy rooms, but there are also superior rooms in hotels with a swimming pool. There are many family rooms for 3-4 people.

Houses and cottages

You can rent in all the major tourist areas of Eysk. Prices 2022 do not bite – you can rent a private house within 3000 rubles per day. The amenities and comfort level here are not the same as in Sochi, but most houses have everything you need for a holiday at the sea in Eisk: home appliances, air conditioning, wi-fi, its own parking lot, barbecue facilities.

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Rooms in guest houses

Hotels and guest houses in Yeisk are similar in terms of prices and service. Therefore, in objects that are called guest houses, you can rest at the level of a full mini-hotel: with breakfasts, terrace, swimming pool, sauna, bar, parking, playground and shuttle service. There are more modest options: there are not many facilities, but you can save money – the accommodation costs from 1200 rubles per night.

Private Sector

Here you can rent a place to stay near the sea, including the first line: an apartment, a room, a whole cottage, a room in a guest house with meals. The hosts rent out private accommodations near the sea and away from the busy tourist spots, including the “Field of Tears” area. There are different options in the private sector without intermediaries – for example, a part of the house with its own entrance or a separate floor.

Since August 1, 2021 in Yeisk there are new restrictive measures for tourists. If you settle in a hotel, boarding house or sanatorium with treatment, you need a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus or a certificate of illness for the past six months. Thus it is possible to arrive and with a negative PCR-test, but to make a vaccination during rest on the Azov sea already in Ejsk (within 3 days). When checking into private housing certificates and tests are not required.

Other options:

Beaches Yeisk.

1. Central beach. Located on the spit Yeyskoy, Taganrog Bay. This is a sandy beach, stretched out in length of about 500 meters. The entrance to the water is flat and the depth increases gradually. The central beach is the most comfortable in the city: cabins, rental of deckchairs and umbrellas, cafes, sports fields, water attractions.

2. Children’s beach. It is situated on the eastern part of Yeya spit and on the coastline of the local estuary. People do not swim near the shore, they just walk on the water, that’s why this place was called “Children’s Beach”. The surface of sand and pebbles is pleasant and even useful for feet. On the beach there are cabins and equipment rental, work cafe.

3. The beach “Kamenka”. It is located on the shore of Taganrog Bay, not far from the sea port. The length of Kamenka is about 1 km. This city beach is conveniently located next to the landscaped seaside promenade, the main place for walks in Eisk. For the most part it is a pebble beach, but closer to the port there is sand. There is all basic infrastructure, there is a public catering.

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4. Meliaki beach. Basically, this is a part of Kamianka beach that is adjacent to the seaport. The coast here is covered with soft sand and there is almost no depth, so Meliaki is also considered one of the best beaches for recreation with children. It offers equipment rentals, water slides, and pools for children.

5. Youth beach. It is located on the edge of the spit of Yeyskaya spit. The coastline here is pebbly-sandy. The entrance to the sea is not smooth, but rather abrupt, there are underwater currents. You can find there an excellent infrastructure – playgrounds, cafes and clubs, jet skis, cutters and catamarans for rent.

For young people this is the best beach in Yeisk. There are all conditions for a full-fledged surfing on the spit: a surfing school and riding on sap-boards, as well as a yacht club. You can take a boat trip to the neighboring island of Seven Winds.

6. Vista Beach. A small area with a rocky surface on the shore of Taganrog Bay. It is quite quiet, with few tourists, the entrance is shallow, and the depth is shallow. Infrastructure at “Vista” is not particularly developed, but in the season open snack bars and rental equipment.

7. Beach “Obrynch”. This is a wild area between Yeisky and Morskoy village. The shore here is high and abruptly steep – hence the name. The beach is very long and you can find all types of surface: pebbles, stones and sand. The “precipice” has its own advantages and disadvantages of recreation: there is no infrastructure, but it is quiet and free.

8. The beach on the estuary. It starts near Plekhanov street and stretches for 1,5 km in the direction of Shirochanka. It is a wild pebble-shell area with a long entrance to the sea. There are cabins for changing clothes and a sun awning, other infrastructure is absent. There is a railway track next to the beach, but trains do not go there very often.

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