Reviews of tourists in Greece. Holiday tips – 2022

Reviews on holidays in Greece.

Athens – the oldest city in the world. Its history goes back centuries, intertwined with myths and facts, hiding the true age.

Well, here we are on our trip to the island of Corfu. I must say that I never had a great passion for Greece, and those photos that we saw – did not leave a mark in our soul. And then suddenly we thought: maybe it’s Greece, but not “just” but with a “twist”! To.

On the way back from Kalambaki I stopped for half a day in Thessaloniki. The city did not make any particular impression, perhaps in contrast to the magnificent Meteora, but there is certainly something to see in the northern capital of Greece. Rich Byzantine.

On my recent trip to Meteora, I stayed in the village of Kastraki. It’s a lovely traditional Greek village right at the foot of Meteora, which makes it very easy to access. The village fascinated me so much with its scenic beauty that I wanted to show how much.

Meteora is a legendary place in Greece and the incredible landscapes of towering giant rocks, on top of which nestle monasteries like giant birds’ nests! It’s worth it to get in touch with such a miracle! My personal ranking of monasteries.

No one wants to be a weirdo who does everything wrong. Much sweeter name-destiny, for example, “Toshiki Kaifu,” and to die of boredom at 90+. That said, not every tourist is able to explain the other routes and .

Among the most interesting destinations of Greece rightfully should include Rhodes. Its ancient cities, fortresses, castles, the heritage of different eras. And of course museums – the best one is located in the capital of the island, the city of the same name in Rhodes. This is the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes. Not to go in here.

In good peaceful times, the island of Crete was probably one of the most popular maritime destinations of Russian tourists. This is not surprising: there are beautiful beaches, a gentle sea, history, authenticity, and food.

There is a small square with a pedestrian walkway next to the Aquarium in Rhodes, where you can see the names and mosaic coats of arms of the islands of the Dodecanese archipelago. Literally

Not far from the resort town of Kalives, in the mountains, there is a seemingly totally uninteresting place. It is missed by 98% of the tourists. Ancient Apthera.

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This catalog contains reviews about Greece, a sunny, hospitable country. They are usually always full of delight: the sea, a crazy number of white, friendly islands, a pleasant warm climate, delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Holidays in Crete with children - 2022. Top Hotels and Resorts

Travelers who were in Greece for the first time, often return there if not every year, then with envious regularity: to refresh their pleasant memories and get new impressions of this truly attractive country. To make your first trip to the country of myths and legends, olive oil and wine as comfortable as possible, we recommend to read the collected reviews on the website about hotels in Greece, restaurants, parks, nature reserves: where to go, what to buy and what to try.

Tourist reviews of vacations in Greece will help you to prepare more carefully for your upcoming trip. Thanks to the advice of travelers, you can save on some excursions, making your way on your own. Perhaps, you will include in your itinerary the places you did not pay attention to before, and exclude those that turned out not to be as interesting as it seemed before. Regular guidebooks – paper and electronic – list only the obvious sites and places, while reviews can reveal unique or, at any rate, non-trivial itineraries.

We also recommend reading hotel reviews in Greece, so you can navigate your way through the myriad of accommodation options. The guests tell about the positive and negative aspects of the accommodation, paying attention even to the little things.

The experience of other tourists who visited Greece in different seasons will help you to better plan your trip. So, you will finally decide what clothes to take, whether to load your suitcase with an umbrella, etc. For more information about the weather in the country, the climate in the islands and other features of the climate we advise to read in a special section “Weather in Greece”.

Greece is a country of inexhaustible tourist opportunities. It has everything, from historical monuments to developed beach areas. Read reviews about the most popular cities and resorts of the country: Athens, Heraklion, Rethymno, Thessaloniki, Agios Nikolaos, Thira. The Greek islands which always attract tourists are Crete, Rhodes, Kos, Corfu.

All reviews about rest in Greece are thematically grouped. Detailed stories will be useful for detailed tourists, photo albums – for those who are guided by the visual component, tips – for those who want to prepare for all possible difficulties.

What tourists think about vacationing in Greece

Reviews on vacations in Greece

We offer an overview of tourists’ reviews of vacations in Greece in 2021. Is it worth to go in 2022? Find out how tourists rate the climate, hotels, beaches, excursions and entertainment. Pros and cons, nuances of rest in Greek resorts.

    And Travelata – favorable tours.
Lake Vouliagmeni in Athens


Reviews about the weather in Greece.

At any time of the year, warm weather pleases only the coast of Greece. In the continental part of the country, and especially in the mountains, the climate is harsher.

Seaside resorts lie in the Mediterranean subtropical zone. From November to January is the rainy season, and so tourists are few. In winter, the daytime air temperature reaches +15 ° C, and at night the temperature drops to +5 ° C. In the off-season in the sea do not swim, but other entertainment is enough.

Marta Vladimirovna: “The main activities in the resorts are reduced to walking around town, spending money on the sales. January is the season of staggering discounts on furs, shoes and outerwear.

Beach holidays start in May. The main influx of tourists is in July and June, when the temperature rises to +30. +35 ° C, and sea – to +24. +26°С.

Anya: “We were resting in the second half of July, when the peak daytime temperature had already passed. In the afternoon it was really hot. In the morning and evening it was cooler. It did not rain once in two weeks.

The velvet season lasts from September till the end of October.

Daniel Kazakov: Greece is the best place in the Mediterranean for reasonable money. You just have to go during the velvet season – September or first half of October. At this time there are not so many tourists, and prices are normal, and there is no wild heat like in summer. I’ve been doing it for four years already and will go this time.

Natalia1421: “Despite the fact that it’s not hot anymore, whether it’s summer or autumn summer, we were quite swimming and sunbathing.

Reviews of tourists on holidays in Greece

Shaitan Limania (Devil’s Harbor) beach in Crete (Photo: anastosKol / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license) Athens Acropolis (Photo: / @arthuryeti)

Reviews of hotels in Greece

The Mediterranean state is tourism-oriented, so tourists can stay in hotels of any level on the mainland and islands. Most hotels are private, but there are also hotels of famous international brands.

Budget accommodation is plentiful. According to reviews of tourists, service in Greece is not bad. Often hotels in category E, which corresponds to conventional 1-2*, offer better service than hotels C level 3*. Resorts note cleanliness, courtesy of staff and a wide range of amenities.

Kos island : reviews of holidaymakers in Kos (Greece) - 2022

If you expect a good holiday in Greece in 2022, read the reviews of tourists about the hotels.

Inessa : “Conveniently located, high-quality and inexpensive hotel. Rooms of dacha type. This is common for Greece.” Horizon Beach 4*, Crete.

Tips and reviews for your vacation in Greece

Cabins at Horizon Beach Hotel (Photo: / Horizon Beach)

Valentina : “I loved the location of the hotel! There’s a nice sandy beach, stores and taverns with local food nearby.” Fereniki Beach Holiday Resort 3*, Chania

Anastasia B. : “Quiet hotel, no drunken vacationers. Located away from stores and cafes. The beach and grounds are large and well maintained. Kassandra Palace Hotel & Spa 5*, Halkidiki.

Negative reviews are given to hotels where guests encountered poor cleaning or faulty appliances.

Daria : “There was a TV in the room, but it didn’t work. There was also an air conditioner that was probably 20 years old. When you turn it on, there’s a terrible smell.” Alkyonides Apartments 3*, Rhodes.

Prices and reviews for Greece

Kassandra Palace Hotel & Spa (Photo: / Kassandra Palace Hotel & Spa)

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Greece

Where is the best beach holiday in Greece? According to tourist reviews, the resorts on the mainland and the islands boast a remarkable coastline. Suffice it to say that 380 beaches in Greece are marked by an honorary Blue Flag. All Greek beaches belong to the state and entry is free. Most places for a beach holiday have a good infrastructure.

In Mykonos, the best beach is considered Super Paradise, in Skiathos – Lalaria, in Crete – Balos, and in Peloponnese – Voidokilia. Milos is famous for the wonderful beach Sarakiniko, Zakynthos – Navagio, and Lefkada – Porto Katsiki. In Paros, tourists love to relax on Kolimbitres beach, in Kefalonia – on Myrtos, in Kerkyra – on the romantic beach Canal d’Amour.

Super Paradise Beach in Mykonos (Photo: jsmjr /

According to tourist reviews, the sea is clear at all resorts in Greece. Everywhere you can find gentle parts of the shore, where it is good to rest with small children.

Lekxx: “The beach is occupied not only by holidaymakers in the hotel, anyone can come here, including locals and those living in distant hotels.

TeddyK: “This beach in Corfu is good because of its location. Nearby is Italy. The coast is washed by the Ionian and Adriatic seas. You can swim in both seas at once.

She found it on the mainland of Corfu. svetlanka-83: “There are lots of beaches on the island and you can swim there, even in the capital city of Corfu. Everyone can find a beach to his liking.

What to see in Rhodes? Main sights

Reviews of hotels in Greece

Balos Beach in Crete (Photo: Victor Bezrukov /

Reviews about trips in Greece

The country with a rich culture and history is attractive for lovers of excursion tourism. In any city and resort in Greece offer excursions in Russian. It is an overview of walking and bus tours and thematic trips to historical and natural sights.

We advise to book tours on the service Tripster. There is a huge selection of interesting programs, including author’s, and to choose a good tour will help real reviews of tourists. Make no mistake! We often use this site when we travel.

To have a successful vacation in Greece in 2022, carefully choose excursions only with good reviews of tourists.

Svetlana about the Rhodes sightseeing tour: “The tour is 5+. Excellent organization, fascinating program. So much to see in one day. Learned so many new things. I highly recommend it! A complete delight!

Oksana about the boat trip to Rhodes: “Greek style lunch with wine and fruit on the boat, fresh sea breeze, blooming oleanders on the coast, such peace! Thank you for organizing such tours.

Pavel about the sightseeing tour in Crete: “For me personally – the route is good but here is HISTORICAL information SMALL. Talk a lot, but what I was hoping to hear (history, mythology, philosophy, I read in my childhood when I was fond of Hellenic culture. Therefore, for me at 3 points. IMHO.

Reviews on vacations in Greece

Santorini (Photo: nextvoyage /

Entertainment Reviews

In addition to ancient ruins, monasteries, excavation sites and archaeological museums, Greece has excellent water parks, botanical gardens and amusement parks. Each resort offers entertainment for children, trips on boats, yachts and sea fishing. Outdoor enthusiasts prefer hiking, biking, diving, and snorkeling.

Mishhanya: “The botanical park of Crete struck me to the core with the variety of tree species that get along with each other in such a relatively small area.

Ksenya_superkv: “Feliraki Water Park in Rhodes is very big. Artificial “sea with waves”, “lazy river”. Inside there is a place to eat, you can use the sun loungers. The staff is friendly, everywhere is clean and the area is well-groomed.

Greek Vacation Reviews

Tsambika Beach in Rhodes (Photo: Amaniero /

The pros and cons of holidays in Greece

According to tourist reviews for 2021, the Greek resorts have everything you need for a complete relaxation – beautiful nature, warm sea and interesting excursions. The pros of vacationing in Greece in 2022:

  • The mild and warm Mediterranean climate pleases all year round.
  • The country is one of the cradles of civilization. Every Greek city and small village boasts a rich cultural heritage and unique architecture.
  • Many festivals and holidays.
  • Public transport is well developed in Greece. It is very convenient for independent travel.
  • Food is inexpensive. Find out how much money to take in Greece.
  • In the mainland and on the islands there are many good beaches.
The Agora in Athens

In Greece there are beaches for every taste: pebbly and sandy, wild and equipped, large and small. And every time you look at a new beach, you will be surprised by the variety of colors of the sea water.

Maxim Alexeyev: “Greece is one of the best places on earth, and it has no minuses.

Minuses :

  • There is a sense of language discomfort. Almost no signs with information duplicated in English.
  • In summer, all the stores and cafes are closed for the afternoon siesta. From 14:00 to 17:00 it is a problem to buy something or have lunch.
  • All medical services are not free.
  • In the high season at the popular resorts there are too many holidaymakers.

Guest: “Is Santorini a quiet beautiful place? There are crowds of people there, like ants. It’s impossible to push through. You have to stand in line to take a photo. It’s quiet after sunset, when the day-trippers leave.

Reviews of hotels in Greece

Santorini (Photo: Mariamichelle /

The nuances of holidays in Greece and tourist tips

The Greeks have a friendly attitude to tourists from Russia. Hence the unity of faith and traditional hospitality for this country. There will always be someone to help you find your way, order a cab or find the right bus stop.

In the high summer season at the popular resorts there is a shortage of places in hotels and hostels, because the rest comes not only tourists from abroad, but also Greeks themselves. To avoid problems, book the room you like in advance.

For a comfortable holiday in July and August, choose resorts on the islands. The sea coast is constantly blown by a fresh breeze, and it’s much easier to endure the heat.

Elena: “The climate on Kos is wonderful, very suitable for holidays with small children. We vacationed two years in a row in July and August. The heat is not felt due to the winds.

During excursions, buses often pass through steep serpentines. If you can not stand the road, take with you a pill against motion sickness.

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