Reviews of tourists in Sardinia. Holiday tips – 2022

Reviews of tourists in Sardinia. Holiday tips – 2022

Holidays in Sardinia, spring and autumn In Sardinia were two times. Once in the second half of May, the second time in early October. I want to mention that both times the weather was very comfortable and both times you could swim. The water was about 20-22 degrees.

The first time we went to the north of Sardinia. Be sure to rent a car and get insurance to cover everything. We flew to Alghero. Our route went through Stintino, La Maddalena Island, Cala Gonone and back to Alghero. Everywhere we stayed for three nights. Stintino is very

  • To go sightseeing.
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

Sardinia did not open to me immediately. At first, I had the feeling that this island is not for me. And only then I felt how good it is here.

The sea. On the first day the sea was cold, the water was like burning my skin. On the second day, an incredible amount of algae came ashore, the water was filthy, filthy. On the third day there was a strong wind on the beach, it was almost impossible to enter the water. On the fourth day there was a red flag. And only on the fifth day the sea was kind to us. Clean, gentle, warm.

The beach. There may be ideal in Sardinia

  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

Porto Cervo Good afternoon. Dear friends. Never sign contracts with a rental agency Immobiliare Brunati, which is located in Porto Cervo. They are honest crooks. Spent the entire deposit on the final cleaning, sent fake receipts and a fake electric bill.

Good shopping We had an unforgettable boat cruise around the Mediterranean Sea in August 2012. One of the stops was Olbia. Olbia is located in the northeast of the island of Sardinia. It is quite a large port that connects the island to the mainland. Immediately upon arrival at the port we saw many different ferries taking people to the island. Olbia has its own airport. The city is not notable for its picturesque coastline, but there are a lot of historical sites. Very liked the majestic Romanesque

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  • To go sightseeing.
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

It’s a rare place to see so many places of interest. We came to Sardinia first of all to see the island. Therefore, we stayed at the hotel a little, trying to see as much as possible. Our longest excursion in Sardinia took 2 days. Everybody liked it, it was very beautiful. Let’s talk about it one by one. The first place we visited was Costa Smeralda. This is a very beautiful coastline where a huge number of boats and boats are moored. They said that fishing is a very lucrative form of income in the area. A large number of locals

  • To go sightseeing.
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.
  • rest individually
  • travel by car
  • sail

Island of warmth, because not far from Africa Sardinia is an island in Italy, which has a wonderful climate. It is an island filled with warmth. This summer I visited this paradise for the first time. The first warm impression came as soon as I arrived at the airport. Polite, English-speaking staff quickly checked my documents and visa and then let me out on their land. In Sardinia is very warm, this is probably due to the fact that Africa is not far away, and warm air from the southern mainland flies into the Italian island. The first thing to do is to settle in

  • To go sightseeing.
  • Bathing-sunning on the beach.

Sardinia and Rome. My journey When I first arrived in Rome, I was struck by the fact that right among the big cars, like little ants, scooters. They’re just crying out to get under the wheels, the poor things. Because of them, accidents happen all the time, because they don’t obey the traffic rules. At first I wondered why there were so many of them. But then I realized. There’s a lot of traffic around, so when it’s a gorgeous day, why not take a ride in the wind. And there’s always room in the parking lot for this baby. Rome today is also interesting because every month there are

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The photo is not of Sardinia, but Lake Garda. The girl stands at the map which says Malcesine! And the scenery corresponds to Garda.

Holiday tips in Sardinia

Reviews of vacations in Sardinia

Collected reviews of tourists about Sardinia, one of the pearls of the Mediterranean. The nuances of vacationing in 2022 and tips for tourists. How evaluate the weather, hotels and beaches on a major island of Italy.


Reviews about the weather in Sardinia

The beach season on the Mediterranean Sea begins in May and lasts until November. The hottest months are July and August. In the middle of summer the air temperature rises to +35 ° C during the day, and the sea water is heated to +25. +27°С.

Vadim: “The climate is perfect. Water temperature was abnormally cold for June +20°C. Usually it was +23. +24°С. All the same, we had a good fooling around, we even had to jump from one of the cliffs.

Parents with children and lovers of excursions prefer to vacation in Sardinia in the fall. According to tourists, the Indian summer is warm and comfortable. In September and October the daytime temperature is +22. +26°С. The sea is pleasant for swimming +22 ° C. In November, the Mediterranean cools down and the rains begin.

Reviews of vacations in Italy in Sardinia

The beach in Cagliari (Photo: / @urre)

Tourist reviews of hotels in Sardinia

Look for discounted hotels on Rumguru. Here are the top rules for finding hotels.

The most fashionable hotels are located in the resort of Porto Cervo – in the northeastern part of Sardinia. At the peak of the summer season, prices in 5 * hotels here are astronomical – a double room costs from 1000 € per night. Hotels 4 * offer a comfortable stay for 100-300 €.

Most tourists stay in budget hotels 2-3* and cozy guesthouses for 50-100 €. Some like agritourism. In Sardinia, about 600 farms, private estates and wineries, where for € 50 a day guests are placed in comfortable rooms.

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To make your vacation in resorts of Sardinia in 2022 a success, read the reviews of tourists about the hotels.

Elena: “T Hotel Cagliari 4* is a good hotel, which deserves its 4*. Large, with modern architecture. Bathroom equipment is new and there were great beds.

Irina : “At Hotel Panorama Cagliari 4* the quality price was right, clean, comfortable location, fresh breakfast, friendly staff.

Not everyone was happy with the service. We found negative reviews about Sardinia hotels.

Alexis : “The breakfast at Hotel Regina Margherita Cagliari 4* is terrible. Everything is bad. The coffee is like instant coffee. The breakfast at the hotel Regina Margherita Cagliari 4* was very poor and the coffee was instantaneous. We ended up going to a cafe around the corner to eat breakfast.

Reviews of hotels in Sardinia

Residential homes in Cagliari, Sardinia (Photo: / @romankraft)

Reviews of the beaches and sea in Sardinia

The large island has a coastline of 1,800 kilometers. This is a quarter of all beaches in Italy. Many tourists believe that the beaches here are the best in Europe. The sea everywhere is wonderful. Pure clear water pleases with different shades – from soft blue to dark blue.

In eastern Sardinia, visit the beaches of Villasimius, Spiaggia del Riso, Capo Carbonara and Simius. Visit the popular resort area of Costa Rei and admire the beautiful reefs and cliffs at Cala Gonone. Parents with children love the shallow beach of La Pelosa, just north of Alghero.

The spacious sandy beaches of San Teodoro are like the tropical coast of the Caribbean. In the picturesque Costa Esmeralda, small cozy bays alternate with long stretches of fine white sand. According to tourist reviews, during a vacation in Sardinia, it is worth visiting the beach Rena Bianca in Santa Teresa di Gallura and Marinedda beach in the fishing village of Isola Rossa.

Many beaches in Sardinia have all the necessary infrastructure. A set of two sun beds and an umbrella from the sun costs 8-19 €. Showers can also be paid – 1€.

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Beach Di Nora is located near the archaeological area of Nora. I had a good view of the high cape of Capo di Pula with a 16th century Spanish watchtower. This is where the ancient city was located.”

Photos and reviews of Sardinia

Cala dei Gabbiani Beach, Baunei (Photo: / @digital_nomad)

Tourist reviews of Sardinia attractions

Look for author interesting tours on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Tourists have left the most rave reviews about Sardinia’s natural attractions. They enjoyed a trip to the archipelago islands of La Maddalena and Corsica, explored the emerald Costa Smeralda and the deepest canyon in Europe – the Gorropu Gorge.

Active tourists always have something to do. In Sardinia, popular diving, snorkeling, boat trips on yachts, catamarans and kayaks, surfing, fishing, biking and trekking.

According to tourist reviews, many excursions to Sardinia with Russian-speaking guides offer from Olbia. These are trips to Castelsardo, Calo Ganone, wine and gastronomic tours. Parents with children go on excursions to Porto Cervo and to Cagliari, the island’s capital.

Dina: “I use the services of guides regularly. I remember Irina. Nice, educated, tactful. A lot of interesting information in a dialogue mode. Terrific trip to Corsica”. Read more about the tour →

Pros and cons of vacationing in Sardinia

According to tourist reviews, many people liked the vacation in Sardinia. Italian island pleased with calm atmosphere, crystal clear sea, picturesque rocky landscapes and a good level of service.

The pros of vacationing in Sardinia in 2022, according to tourist reviews:

  • There are direct flights from Russia. The flight takes only 4 hours.
  • Natural and archaeological reserves.
  • High-class thalassotherapy centers and spa programs.
  • Sardinian history and culture.
  • Tasty Sardinian cuisine.
  • Comfortable hotels.
  • Good shopping.
  • Ample opportunities for recreation in the mountains and at sea.
  • Wonderful beaches.

The beaches are sandy, almost no pebbles anywhere! For children super, the entrance is very shallow almost everywhere. In general, it is safe for children.

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Minuses :

  • You have to apply for a visa.
  • In the peak summer season, everything is very expensive.
  • In shallow water there are sea urchins.
  • Buses between resorts do not always run according to schedule.

Elena: “I found it uncomfortable to travel around the island by bus because of the lack of clear information at the station and the lack of English-speaking staff.”

Sardinia reviews

Beach Cala Brandinca, Sardinia (Photo: specchio.nero /

The nuances of vacationing in Sardinia and tourist tips

You can not get by bus to all the sights of the island. Cabs are expensive. In addition, cab drivers speak only Italian. If you want to travel independently, rent a car. Unlike on the Italian mainland, there are no toll roads, so you can save money. Visit the north of Sardinia and Olbia, a resort for the well-to-do. Travel south to Cagliari, the island’s largest city. Explore small picturesque villages and sandy beaches.

Rent from a local. Arranged that he would bring the car to the hotel and then pick it up. Rental for three days cost €210, including baby car seat. We didn’t sign any documents, we didn’t freeze money on the card.

A lot of accommodation for a budget holiday in the south of the island. Some hotels are so developed infrastructure that tourists spend their entire vacation in the hotel.

In a hot climate, life flows on its own schedule and does not always meet the desires of tourists. Sardis traditionally interrupts work for a long afternoon siesta. Stores in Sardinia are open from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm and from 5:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Cafes can feed customers in the morning, but most establishments open in the evening – from 19:00-19:30.

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