Riga Airport: how to get there

Riga Airport: how to get there

Planning a trip to Riga? We have been there recently – we share useful and up-to-date information. Find out how to get to/from Riga Airport by bus, shuttles and cabs to the city center or bus station. Schedules, prices, stops, ticket purchase.

Riga International Airport (Lidosta “Riga”, RIX) is not far from the city center, only 13 km. From this airport is convenient and cheap flights to other European cities. You can easily get to and from the airport both by bus and by cab. We will describe all the ways – choose the most convenient for you.

Choose your route to/from the airport: City Center or Bus Station.

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Riga airport ↔ city center

By bus

You can get from Riga airport to city center and vice versa by bus №22. Route: Abrenes iela – Lidosta. Lidosta – airport in Latvian. Bus timetable for Riga – airport is available here. It runs every 10-30 minutes. Travel time is about 30 minutes. The last bus from the airport leaves at 00:10, so you can only take a cab at night.

Where you can find bus stop? At the airport, boarding is behind the P1 parking lot across from the terminal exit, and dropping off is right at the entrance. In the city center you need Grēcinieku iela stop. It’s located near the Town Hall Square and the House of Blackheads – practically in the old town. Note that on the way to the airport the bus stop is combined with the streetcar stop – so shuttles and buses go on rails. This confused us a little – until the last moment did not know which side to wait for the bus.

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bus stop at riga airport

Tickets and prices. Here everything is simple: in Riga there are e-talon – cardboard or plastic tickets with a chip. You have to put it on the ticket validator. It is valid in streetcars, trolleybuses and buses. There are many kinds of them:

  1. Yellow disposable e-talon for one trip. Cost: 1.15 euros at the point of sale and 2 euros at the driver’s.
  2. Blue reusable e-talons. There are temporary and for several trips: for 3 and 5 days – 10 and 15 euros respectively; for 2 trips – 2.30 euros, for 4 – 4.60 euros, for 10 – 10.90 euros, etc. Read more about ticket types and prices on the official website.

Where to buy tickets? The easiest way to buy a yellow ticket is from the driver (€2). But it’s cheaper at the ticket machine at the bus stop, in kiosks in Narvesen or at the “Welcome to Riga!” office on the 1st floor in Arrival sector E – 1,15 euro. Also sold at kiosks Preses apvienība, Latvijas Pasts post offices and “Rīgas satiksme” ticketing places. We bought in Narvesen. We haven’t used single fare cards, so we can’t say anything about them. Here you’ll find all the places where tickets are sold.

riga airport bus service to the city center

On the route

Another way to get from Riga airport to the center is to take bus number 241, which runs on the route Centrs – Lidosta (“Center – Airport”). Departure to the airport from the stop Esplanāde. At the airport minibuses stop at the same place where bus 22 stops. The minibus runs every 10-15 minutes and takes about 30 minutes. The last minibus from the airport – at 22:08. See above for ticket prices and where to buy them.

By cab

A cab from the Riga Airport to the center is a comfortable but expensive way to get to the city. It is suitable for those who have a lot of luggage, came with family or company or simply value convenience.

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There is no shortage of cabs at the airport – in front of the exit there is always a line of green Baltic taxi. We advise you to book a car in advance on the service Kiwi Taxi – it is safe and reliable. The driver will meet you with a sign and help you carry your luggage. This is probably the most convenient way to get to the center of Riga from the airport.

cab from riga airport to the city center

Riga Airport ↔ Bus Station

On the route

To get from Riga Airport to the bus station you’ll need bus 222 (Centrālā stacija – Lidosta). In the center it stops at Grēcinieku iela and 13.janvāra iela, then at the Central bus station. The minibus at the airport stops at the same place as the bus number 22. The minibus runs every 10-15 minutes and takes about half an hour. The last minibus from the airport is at 22:08. For information on tickets, prices and sales please see the bus section above.

By cab

Another way to get to the bus station is by cab. It’s quick, convenient but more expensive. We advise you to use trusted companies – book a car in advance online at Kiwi Taxi service.

How to get to Riga Airport

The main airport of Latvia is connected with the center of Riga by a regular bus line. You can also take a cab or rent a car from the city.

A bus or minibus ride takes 30 minutes and a cab or car rental takes 20 minutes. There may be delays due to external reasons: traffic jams, road accidents and road repairs.

Below we will consider in detail how to get from Riga to the airport: in the material you will find the routes of public transport, travel time, schedule and the cost of travel.

Riga airport bus no. 22

Bus to Riga Airport

There are several public transport routes to the airport of the Latvian capital city. On average, a trip from the city center takes 30 minutes. Getting there is possible only during the day, at night there are no flights.

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Bus No. 22

The bus leaves from Abrenes Street, goes through the Central Railway Station, the Central Bus Station, Grecinieku Street in the Old Town between 11 Novembrave and Marstaliu Street and then follows the route to the terminal stop at the airport.

Bus stop is located on the second level of the passenger terminal. The trip takes about 30 minutes.

To get from the Central railway station, get off at the stop “Centrālā stacija” (“Central Station”). It is located on Gogoļa Street (Gogoļa iela) near the building of the Ministry of Transport of Latvia.

The first flight leaves at 05:48, the last – at 23:08/23:33. The interval is 15-20 minutes on weekdays, and 20-40 minutes on weekends and holidays.

Panorama of the stop from Google Maps:

Central Bus Station is a short walk from the station. The nearest stop is “13.janvāra iela” (“January 13th street”). You have to walk about 200 meters to get there, going down into the underpass. The first flight is at 05:50, the last one – at 23:15.

Panorama of the stop from Google Maps:

If you are moving from the historical center, Old Riga, where its main attractions are located, then you need to stop “Grēcinieku iela” (“Grecinieku Street”).

You can see the detailed timetable of bus number 22 for each stop on the website of the carrier Rīgas satiksme. This is a municipal office, so the schedule is respected.

Minibus #322

Minibus No. 322

Bus traffic is suspended because of declining passenger traffic.

It’s a private minibus which duplicates the number 22 bus, but with fewer stops. It also leaves from the stop on the street Gogolja, passes through the stop “13.janvāra iela” and “Grēcinieku iela”.

There is no clear timetable. On weekdays, the first flight departs at about 06:30, the last one – at 22:05 (the interval is 10-30 minutes). On weekends, the first flight leaves at 06:40, the last one – at 22:25 (the interval is from 15 to 25 minutes).

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The route is operated by the company Rīgas mikroautobusu satiksme. The line is equipped with 20-seat minibuses Volkswagen Crafter, painted white and orange.

Minibus 341.

Bus traffic is suspended because of declining passenger traffic.

Another minibus. It starts from Esplanade Park in the center of Riga, runs along Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street and enters Imanta district and then arrives at the airport.

In the center you can get off at the stop near the National Theatre of Latvia. Since the minibus makes a detour, it takes 40 minutes or more to get to the airport, depending on traffic congestion.

On weekdays minibus № 341 runs from 05:39 to 23:02 every 10-40 minutes, on weekends – from 06:41 to 22:44 every 30-60 minutes.

Bus or minibus tickets cost 1.15 euro if purchased at a self-service terminal and 2 euro if purchased in cash from the driver.

You can pay by cash or E-ticket (get more info).

Cab to Riga Airport

The contacts of legal carriers who are registered with the Road Transport Authority and are authorized to provide passenger transportation services are easy to find on the web (Free Taxi, Avoiss, Panda, Alviksa, etc.).

It is also possible to call a car through the mobile application Yandex. Cab.

The most reliable option – pre-booked transfer to the airport of Riga. The order is made online and you can pay for it via the website. The driver will arrive at the specified address. Available cars of any category, capacity, comfort level and equipment.

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