Rimini – San Marino: how to get there on your own

How to get from Rimini to San Marino: all ways

Rimini is one of the most popular Italian resorts on the Adriatic coast. Its convenient location allows tourists to travel to nearby cities and even see the famous sights of the neighboring state of San Marino.

In this article we will talk about how to get from Rimini to San Marino, how much a trip by different means of transport will cost and how long this trip will take. The distance from Rimini to San Marino is only 25 km and transport links between the two cities are very good.

So, let’s take a look at the main options for a trip from Rimini to San Marino.

Comparison of transport from Rimini to San Marino

Type Speed, travel time Convenience Price
Bus 1 hour Comfortable conditions, short interval in motion, low price 5 €
Excursion 4-6 hours Comfortable transfer, Russian speaking guide 15-25 €
Transfer 30 min Comfortable conditions, possibility to order online transfers to any point of the city 60-65 €
Car 30 min Comfortable conditions, possibility to book online From 30-40 €

Inexpensive and comfortable by bus

Rimini and San Marino are linked by a comfortable bus service.

Passengers are transported by comfortable Bonelli buses, which run on this route daily and all year round. The buses have air-conditioned interiors.

A couple walking around San Marino

A couple walks around San Marino. View Apart

Where does the bus leave for Rimini

The bus departs from stops:

  • Stazione FFSS (train station);
  • Arco D’Augusto (next to the Arch of Augusta in the city center);
  • Piazza Alberto Marvelli (Piazza Alberto Marvelli, only in summer).

Where to in San Marino

The bus makes stops at:

  • Cerasolo,
  • Falciano,
  • Dogana,
  • Serravalle,
  • Domagnano,
  • Borgo
  • and drops off passengers at Piazzale Marino Calcigini, a short walk from the historic center of San Marino.

Rimini-San Marino bus schedule

In winter, the bus makes 10 trips on weekdays and 8 trips on weekends. From the Central Station, the first bus departs at 08:10, the last one at 19:25 on weekdays and at 18:10 on weekends. The last bus back from San Marino departs at 19:15 on weekdays and at 18:00 on weekends.

Check the timetable:

Rimini-San Marino schedule (winter)

Rimini-San Marino schedule (winter)

During the summer months, the number of flights per day is 12 daily. The first bus leaves from Piazza Alberto Marvelli at 06:45 and the last at 20:30.

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Summer timetable

To find out more about bus timetables and details on how to get from Rimini to San Marino, please visit the official website of the carrier Bonelli www.bonellybus.it.

Are you ready to travel?

Buying tickets for a bus to San Marino

Where to buy tickets to Rimini:

Tickets can be purchased at sales offices, or you can buy them from the driver just before your trip.

How to buy tickets online?

On the Rimini-San Marino route an online ticketing service is not available.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets for other destinations, you can use the Omio service. It offers multifunctional filters, a handy interface and the ability to compare fares from different European carriers. If you do not want to spend even 10-15 minutes looking for the right tickets, use the universal option “cheap and fast”.

This video explains in detail how to search for bus tickets on the Internet to clarify schedules and prices:

With a tour from Rimini to San Marino – an informative trip

Another option to get to San Marino is to go there with a group excursion. The duration of such a tour is 4-6 hours, the price includes a group transfer, Russian-speaking guide, a tour of the main city sights with a guide and insurance.

Typically, the tour program includes time for independent walks around the city, shopping, tasting drinks of local production.

A convenient but not cheap way to get from Rimini to San Marino is a transfer. Cabs can be found at specialized parking lots in the city or ordered online.

Convenient service for ordering a transfer is KiwiTaxi. When ordering online is possible to choose a car of a certain class and add the necessary options (eg, the presence of a child seat). In addition, the cost of travel will be known in advance. It depends on how many kilometers to travel and can not be changed under any circumstances.

Cab site - choice of car

Cab site – a choice of the car

By renting a car – do not depend on schedules

One of the most comfortable ways to get from Rimini to San Marino on your own is to rent a car. In this case, travelers do not depend on transport schedules, can visit the city at any convenient time, stopping in any places they like.

You can rent a car at the airport of Rimini, in the car rental offices located in the city, or through online car selection and rental services.

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How to do it?

There are several international and local car rental companies at the airport, such as Avis, Europcar, Hertz and others.

In the resort part of the city there are rental offices Nolleggio Auto Rent (Viale Faenza, 5), Europcar Rimini (Via Riccardo Ravegnani, 18), Budget Autonoleggio Italia (Viale Trieste, 16 D), Rent car German (Viale Regina Elena, 171).

Rent a car on the site

Rent a car online

The best way to rent a car is through the websites of rental companies or through aggregator sites. The most popular is Rentalcars service. In this case, a tourist has the opportunity to choose a specific car, to stipulate the availability of air conditioning, child safety seats and other necessary options, as well as to indicate the location where it is preferred to pick up and return the car. In addition, you can specify the policy on fuel, the size of the deposit upon receipt of the vehicle, and the deductible for its possible damage.

It is very simple.

There are two ways to get from Rimini to San Marino: the SS72 (distance to the city is 20 km) and the SS16 (distance 23.8 km) run parallel to this state.

Distance between Rimini and San Marino

Distance between Rimini and San Marino

Parking areas are located near the historic center of San Marino, free parking is available near the funicular railway (Piazzale Campo della Fiera, 10).

Documents required for rentals: driving license (often international license is also required), passport, credit card in the driver’s name.

Transport in San Marino – how to get around the country

Funicular in the state of San Marino

The funicular in the state of San Marino. Stephan Hockenmaier

San Marino has no airport and no railroads. You can travel around the city by cab, but driving in the historic part is prohibited. There are buses running around the state.

To find out how to get to the desired city, see detailed route and bus timetables, visit the website dedicated to San Marino, www.aass.sm. San Marino is connected by bus to Rimini.

In the city of San Marino begins a one and a half kilometer long cableway that leads to Borgo Maggiore, one of the cities of the dwarf state.

How to get to San Marino from Rimini on your own by shuttle bus. Schedule 2018-2019

Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino

Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino

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San Marino is one of the most popular places where tourists vacationing in Rimini plan their trips.

Many tourists traveling in Italy by car also go there. The scheme of parking locations for car tourists and their description will be given in another article, and in this article we will tell you how to get to San Marino by public transport from Rimini.

If you are just planning your vacation in Rimini, we recommend choosing a hotel in the Marina Centro area, as it is within walking distance of the main attractions of this ancient city. See hotel prices and locations on the map below.

San Marino is a small country of only 60 square kilometers, located on the slope of a mountain range at an altitude of over 700 meters above sea level. On the map the republic of San Marino can be easily found to the southwest of Rimini, the distance to the border with which is less than ten kilometers.

Going on a trip be sure to wear comfortable shoes, because you will have to walk a lot on foot through the streets, sometimes with a great gradient. Because of the elevated position of the Republic the temperature there is a few degrees lower than in Rimini. The wind is particularly strong and cold at the upper levels of the fortress towers. Take this into account when choosing clothing. And do not forget to bring drinking water. When you walk around the city, you can refill it from the drinking fountains.

Bus stops Rimini – San Marino

In the summer (from 08 June to 14 September) the comfortable bus from Rimini leaves from Piazza Marvelli, which is the starting point of Viale Tripoli. The diagram below shows the location of the stop with an arrow.

The Rimini map with bus stops

It is next to the tourist information office where tickets are sold. The office sign is marked with an arrow in the photo below. The bus stops near the benches shown in the photo with tourists sitting on them.

Tourist Information Office in Marvelli Square

There are flights to several destinations from here, but the bus to San Marino is easily identified by the lettering on the front and side of the bus.

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Bus stop in Piazza Marvelli

You can get to the stop on Piazza Marvelli from other parts of the city by taking the city bus, which runs along the beach line by the sea on route number 11. Get off at the stop number 14 “Tripoli” (see diagram above).

You can also take a bus to San Marino at the railway station (stop Stazione FF.SS.) and at the Arch of Emperor Augustus (stop ARCO D’AUGUSTO). But in that case you run the risk of not having a seat.

Near the station it is more convenient for those who live north of the center of Rimini, the Marina Centro. From there you can take City Bus 4 to the station and get off at stop 4 (see diagram above), which is across the street from the station. From the southern part of Rimini, bus number 11 goes to stop number 4. On the diagram, the station is marked with a red rectangle.

Next to stop number 4 is the Tabaccheria tobacconist’s shop, where tickets for the Rimini – San Marino flight are sold. Tickets can also be purchased from the driver.

Before the bus stop for San Marino you will have to walk about thirty meters from bus stop 4 towards bus stop 5, passing by the Burger King and the bus stop for routes 124-174. The boarding place is marked by a stand with the inscription “S. MARINO”.

In the right wing of the station building there is a tourist information office, where you can learn all the details about the trip, take the Rimini – San Marino route schedule, as well as various brochures about the sights and ask questions. There is a Russian-speaking employee in the office. In addition, in this office you can leave your luggage for storage for the duration of the tour, as there is no luggage room at the Rimini train station. You should check on the spot for the latest information and storage fees.

Tourist Information Office at Rimini Station

According to the summer schedule there are 12 daily flights from 6:45 to 20:30 with an interval of 1 hour 15 minutes (both from Rimini and San Marino at the same time). The travel time is 1 hour. The cost of one way ticket is 5 euros. But it’s better to take tickets at once there and back for 10 euros.

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In the winter schedule there are only 10 flights due to the reduction of the first and last, and on weekends the number of flights is reduced to eight. So read the schedule carefully and take into account the changes for the weekends.

The winter schedule also changes the place of departure. From 17.09.2018 to 07.06.2019 the trip starts from the station. Due to this the travel time is reduced to 50 minutes. The ticket price remains the same – 10 euros round trip. The Rimini – San Marino winter timetable for 2018 – 2019 is shown below.

Rimini – San Marino schedule 2018-2019

The current schedule can be viewed here.

Where the bus arrives in San Marino and where to go next

The final stop in San Marino is Piazzale Marino Calcigini, located near the historic center of the city.

If you don’t have your bus schedule with you, you can find it in Piazzale Calcigini at the stand next to the bus stand. In the photo below, the schedule stand can be seen on the right side of the photo. Take a picture of the schedule or write down the departure times of the flights that suit you so that you don’t waste time waiting when you return.

San Marino terminus

There are free toilets in the parking lot where it makes sense to stop by before a long walk. In the photo above, the entrance to them is shown with a red arrow. There are also elevators to get down to parking lots #9 and #10.

To get to the historic center of the city, from the bus stop in Piazza Calzini you have to go up the stairs at the end of the parking lot (pictured below),

or take the panoramic elevator, the entrance of which is located near the stairs (shown with the red arrow in the photo).

Elevator at the bus stop

Going up, you get to Via Piana, where you can start sightseeing, the first of which is located fifty meters to the left of the exit of the elevator, Porta San Francesco.

Porta San Francesco

For the sights of San Marino and the route to see them (on the city map), see here.

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