Rincon Beach. The Dominican Republic for $ 1000 for Two: Day 7.

How to have a cheap vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Cheap vacations in the Dominican Republic – is it possible? It’s possible! We found this out from personal experience. I tell you how to save money and have a great vacation.


How did we rest?

Our vacation in the Dominican Republic can be described in three words: original, cheap and good. How unusual way we got in these lands, I will tell you below. As for the holiday itself, then from a sporting interest, we planned to stay within the budget of $ 1000 for two people for 9 days. This is a pretty modest amount for an expensive Caribbean country, but we successfully met the goal. This budget included all expenses except for the flight.

We decided to split our vacation into two halves: all inclusive and all out . We spent the first four days in Baiaiba in a 4* AI hotel. Then we rented a car and went to Las Galeras, on the Samaná Peninsula. There we rented a cabin for 4 nights, rested, swam, walked, drove around the beaches and sights. Then we went back south, rented a car and left by bus to Santo Domingo, where we spent the evening and night, and then flew to Cuba (where we liked it even more). That’s such an unusual and diverse vacation turned out. We spent less than $ 1000 for two people. On our trip, the costs and impressions, I have described in a series of posts:

Cheap vacations in the Dominican Republic.

On Vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Cheap Tours

Do you want to fly to the Dominican Republic on a tour for the same money as in Turkey or Egypt? Don’t even get your hopes up, there are never such low prices on tours. No matter how hot the tour to the Caribbean coast, it can not cost a penny for two reasons:

  1. It’s a long way to fly, and therefore expensive,
  2. Hotels are more expensive than in Turkey.

So on a trip to the Dominican Republic will inevitably have to spend more. However, there is always a way to save money, here are a few ideas:

Take a flight from Moscow. The cheapest tours to the Dominican Republic are sold from there, and the difference in the cost of travel from the capital and other cities (St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk) can be even twofold! Almost always more profitable to buy a tour from Moscow, and there alone to fly on a regular flight for a few thousand rubles. The main thing is to have a good margin of time between arrival in Moscow and departure of the flight to the Dominican Republic in case of possible flight delays, otherwise your whole tour will turn into a pumpkin. This way you can save not only dozens but even hundreds of thousands of rubles. In addition, charter flights from the capital fly more often, and the choice of hotels for such a tour will be wider – convenient. We ourselves live in Perm, but in 90% of cases we fly abroad from Moscow.

Cuba, Mexico or Dominican Republic: where is better? Honest review

You should fly during the low season or on the border of the seasons. The prices at this time are lower, although not so much. The most expensive time of holiday is New Year and vacations. Read more about the seasons in the Dominican Republic. Also you can find out when it’s cheaper to fly there, with the handy tour price calendar below.

Choose inexpensive, but good hotels . We’ll tell you more about that below.

We prefer to buy tours only at Level.Travel and Travellata, because it’s more convenient, faster, and cheaper. Learn why you should buy tours online rather than at travel agencies. And also see our comparison of the costs of independent and package holidays in the Dominican Republic.

Cheap Tickets

As already mentioned, flying to the Dominican Republic is long and expensive. The flight from Moscow takes 12 hours! It is logical to assume that such a pleasure can not be cheap. But in fact sometimes it can, and very cheaply.

Usually, connecting flights from Moscow to the Dominican Republic and back will cost from 50 thousand ₽, the direct flight “Aeroflot” to Punta Cana – about 60 thousand ₽. However, science knows of cases where tourists have flown from Moscow to the Dominican Republic for 12,000, 8,000 and even 3,000 ₽ one way! It is true that such prices exist, but they are very rare. They occur when the tour operators, who have bought places on charter flights, were not able to fill all the board with tourists and released the tickets for the remaining free seats. Such charter tickets can be bought separately, without buying the entire tour package.

Important to know! Such cheap tickets to the Dominican Republic usually appear a week and a half before departure. They are only one way, so they are ideal for those who are not planning to return home in a week or two, and set up for a much longer vacation. In a month or two there may be cheap tickets for the return flight, but may not appear – there is only to rely on luck. In the latter case, you have to buy a return ticket at the regular price, which may be only slightly cheaper than the round trip tickets, so there is a risk of losing all the savings.

Both regular and extremely cheap tickets are cleverly searched for by Aviasales. Learn all the secrets to finding cheap tickets.

Our experience of getting to the Dominican Republic was completely non-trivial. I had a long-held dream of reaching the shores of the New World for the first time by sea from Europe, as close as possible to the voyage routes of Columbus. And we managed to make that dream a reality by taking a cruise across the Atlantic Ocean. Fulfilled a dream, had a lot of fun – and all for not much money. Read my enthusiastic report about the cruise.

Where to get a cheaper vacation.

As elsewhere, resorts in the Dominican Republic differ in price level: there are expensive, there are cheap. The expensive ones include Punta Cana, the most popular vacation spot for our tourists. And here the tiny, comfortable and quiet villages of the Samaná peninsula with miles of wild, beautiful beaches please the limit of low prices. It was a nice vacation, and we were delighted with the beauty of nature there. Also we were very inexpensive vacation on the south coast of the Dominican Republic, the resort of Bayahibe in a nice hotel 4 *, which I will now tell you more about.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic - 2022. Reviews tourists

Interesting things about the Dominican Republic:

Colorado Wild Beach on Samana: completely deserted and beautiful. One of the nicest places in the Dominican! Dominicus Beach near Bayeibe.

A good inexpensive hotel.

For the first days of our budget vacation we decided to choose the best price-quality hotel in the Dominican Republic, which can be found on our dates. That turned out to be Whala! bayahibe 4 * in the village of Bayahibe. You can buy a tour there or book it yourself on Bookings.

We liked the hotel. The area is big and beautiful, and we counted 5 swimming pools, 3 of them are cool infinity pools with a view to the sea! And it is very romantic to watch the sunsets there. Wi-Fi is free and stable, there is animation. The meat is cooked excellently, the alcohol is of good quality. The hotel has its own beach, but there are stairs into the sea, where you can snorkel, swim and look at the fish. There is a free shuttle to a nearby sandy beach. We paid $90 for a day of all-inclusive vacation for two people. Try to find cheaper with equally good conditions! The hotel seems to have raised the prices now though.

You can find a good hotel on Level.Travel and Travellata (tours) or Booking.com (independent vacations). Carefully study the reviews, and pay the closest attention to the shortcomings.

How to fly to the Dominican Republic on Cheap

Infinity pool at our hotel in Baiaiba.

Say no to excursions

Excursions in the Dominican Republic are bloody expensive. The most basic ones cost $50-70 per person, and the bulk are sold for $100-$200 at all. To me, these prices seem excessively high, but what can you do? However, there is a solution – instead of buying expensive excursions better rent a car and drive yourself to the cool beaches and interesting attractions. And just to go shopping or to your favorite restaurant will be convenient. The traffic there is right-hand traffic, the traffic outside the big cities is quiet, the roads are decent. You can rent a car for $40-$70 a day, plus you’ll spend a little on gas. If you’re vacationing with family or friends, the savings compared to excursions will be huge. Learn more about car rentals in the Dominican Republic.

I rented a car from the trusted Rentalcars.com service – it’s cheaper and safer than the on-site offices. Our Kia Rio automatic at La Romana airport cost us $42 a day, but if you book in advance, there are options for $27. In Punta Cana, it’s more expensive. So far this is the most expensive car rental in my experience, even a BMW X5 in Georgia cost me much less. Such are the prices in the Caribbean! Although in Cuba car rentals are even more expensive.

Rent a car in the Dominican Republic - 2022. My review. Where is inexpensive?

For public transportation in this country it is better to forget about it: it is underdeveloped and you will waste a lot of time, which is inadmissible on vacation. So except for a car rental I see no alternative. If you do not want to take the car, then I can advise to buy tours at the service Tripster. In all our travel we use only it: it is reliable, convenient, profitable and of high quality. About local firms, alas, can not advise for lack of personal experience.

Rent a car in the Dominican Republic

We take a rental car.

This is the weakest point of the Dominican Republic. They can not cook at all, and overpriced. This country reminded me of the Maldives, where the food is also very bad. So, visiting an inexpensive cafe, do not count on an interesting gastronomic experience. Read about food prices in the Dominican Republic.

It will be difficult to save money on food, because the choice of products in small supermarkets at the resorts is rather poor. In addition, you are unlikely to want to do the cooking. So all you have to do is to look for small restaurants for tourists and eateries for locals with low prices. And you can also indulge in fruit. One trip to an inexpensive cafe cost us $10-15 for two.

If possible, try to choose an all-inclusive hotel with good reviews about their cooking. It will be more profitable and much more convenient than going through cafes in search of a decent one. For example, the best meal we had during our entire trip was at the already mentioned Whala!bayahibe 4* hotel, and we were not at all impressed with the local catering.

Lunch at a tourist restaurant in Las Galeras. Chicken with fried banana. That time lunch was unexpectedly modest. We advise not to tempt fate and take “all inclusive”.

Our expenses

Here is how much we spent for 9 days of vacation and travel in the Dominican Republic for two:

Hotels 550 $
Meals (5 days) 110 $
Visa fee 20 $
Car rent 170 $
Roadside assistance 10 $
Gasoline 50 $
Toll roads 20 $
Buses 11 $
Cabs 12 $
Sightseeing and Parking 4 $
Loss on currency exchange 4 $
Total 961 $

During our trip to the Dominican Republic we stayed at the AI hotel, visited different resorts and beaches, drove around the country, saw a few sights and saw the capital city. It was quite full and varied. It cost less than a thousand dollars for everything, which is not bad for such an expensive country and such a trip.

Playa Rincon

Rincon Beach

Playa Rincon is located on the east of the Samaná Peninsula. It belongs to the coastline of Samaná province of the Dominican Republic. The nearest village with markets, hotels and stores is the fishing village of Las Galeras.

The Dominican Republic for $1000 for Two: Day 1. Getting to know the country

Rincon is one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, so says the authoritative magazine for tourists Condé Nast Traveler. And the National Geographic, compiling a rating of the best places in the Caribbean, gave the beach Rincon in the Dominican Republic 3 position out of 24. Travelers confirm: this is an incredible corner of nature. White sand, turquoise waters of the bay and hundreds of coconut palms studded with fruit.

Rincon Beach

Beach Features

Rincon is 5 km long. It is a wild wide beach with soft and very fine sand, it is surrounded by hills and thousands of tall palm trees. The bottom is good, with no sudden drops, so it is convenient to enter the water. It is worth bearing in mind that in some areas right by the shore will be quite deep. Here and there are rocky and reef formations.

The western border of the beach is a picturesque place where a small mountain river Caño Frío flows into the sea. Its water is fresh and very cold. This is where the sightseeing buses come. Beyond the river begins the territory of Cape Cabron National Park (Cape Cabron).

Playa Rincon on google panorama

The beach near the river is often covered in seaweed, carried out on the sand after a storm. But the central and eastern part of Rincon clean and incredibly beautiful. If the west and center found cafes and rent chairs, the east is deserted – noisy tour groups do not get here.

There is a mountain range on the Samaná Peninsula. Its highest point is Mount Cape Cabron (Cape Cabron), 606 meters above sea level. It rises just above Rincon Beach, offering natural protection from drastic weather changes and cyclones. The beach is protected from the choppy waters of the Atlantic Ocean by a headland. All this creates a special mild microclimate.

Rincon Beach

The most comfortable weather for visiting the beach is from December to mid-March: there is little precipitation, the day temperature does not exceed 27 ° C and at night it drops to 18 ° C. You can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. In summer the humidity and temperature are higher, and at night there are often thunderstorms and rain. True, when you get to the beach in the morning, you will not notice any signs of bad weather – under the hot Caribbean sun, the sand will quickly dry out. Technically, the Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to October, with September being the most dangerous month. But in fact, hurricanes often bypass the bay: in 100 years, they were recorded only 11.

Beach infrastructure

Playa Rincon in the Dominican Republic is the most secluded stretch of coastline, with no stores, rides and lifeguard towers, restaurants and hotels to choose from.

Until 2018, there were no buildings here. Now several small cafes and bars with drinks are located at the entrance to the beach. You can rent a deck chair and umbrella. Locals sell fresh fish and handmade souvenirs. There is also a rental shop and a couple of restaurants by the Caño Frio River. Travelers can try national dishes from local chefs here. They are usually rice, seafood, and charcoal bananas.

El Limon Falls. The Dominican Republic for $1000 for two: Day 7

Rincon Beach

The magnificent Rincon beach will soon cease to be wild. Already planned development of its territory, the Abrisa group of companies announced. Here will build hotels, residential complexes, villas, will open chain stores and restaurants, equip the golf course. Those who want to see Rincon in its original beauty should hurry.

What to do at Rincon Beach

  1. Photographers take bright and juicy pictures here. On the coast, you can have a photo shoot in the style of a Bounty candy bar commercial for a girl or a couple in love.
  2. Many travelers bring their own snorkels, masks and goggles for swimming. The water is very clear and inviting to observe the ocean’s inhabitants.
  3. At the mouth of Caño Frio, you can rent a boat to go up the riverbed. Your guide will show you the dense mangrove forests that come right up to the water. The walk lasts about half an hour and costs $10 to $15.
  4. This part of Haiti often has waves, so Rincon Beach is a good place for sailing and surfing.

Rincon Beach

Citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine do not need a visa to visit the Dominican Republic. It is enough to fill out a card at the airport and pay $10.

How to get to Rincon


The distance along the coast from Las Galeras will be 5 km. For a hiker in normal physical condition, this is not a difficult route. The trail leads along the bay and offers stunning views.

Rincon Beach

By car, cab or ATV

You can rent one in any village in the Dominican Republic. If you are staying in Las Galeras you will have to drive less than half an hour (23 kilometers), but from the town of Samaná it will take you 30-40 minutes (33 kilometers). Guests of Las Terrenas drive almost an hour and a half (80 km). If you are going without an escort, then navigate to the highway Playa Rincon. The name translates from Spanish as “Playa Rincon”.

By boat

Special boats take guests to the beach in the morning (around 9:00) and then pick them back up at 15:00-16:00. You can pay for a separate seat or hire the boat in full.

Rincon Beach

On horseback

There are horse rentals in Las Galeras. The price and conditions must be negotiated individually. Such a trip is a real adventure for those who know how to stay in the saddle.

With an excursion

Dominican tour operators offer travelers organized tours to Rincon or sightseeing tours of the Samaná Peninsula with a visit to this beach. If you are interested in this type of vacation, ask local guides.

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