Riviera Park and beach in Sochi

Beach Riviera in Sochi.

Riviera Beach in Sochi

Many tourists who go on vacation in Sochi, ask questions about the sea and the sun. Always a burning problem associated with the choice of the beach, where you can comfortably and decently rest. Sochi coasts are covered with large pebbles or stones, due to which tourists are often injured, especially when the sea is rough. The area of safe beaches is located near the first-line sanatoriums and luxury five-star hotels. Riviera beach is one of the best, and the entrance to its territory is absolutely free for all visitors.

The resort of Sochi stretches for 150 kilometers along the coastline. Owners of most beaches are various boarding houses, resorts, hotels and recreation centers. Public beaches are near the mountains, and the coast is covered with fine pebbles. As for the coverage of the Riviera, it is more comfortable, the stones are shallow and almost imperceptible.

Riviera Beach in Sochi

Riviera resort stretches for 300 meters, and its width is about 50 meters. In July and August there are a lot of tourists and those wishing to spend their holidays with their families, but there is enough space for everyone. Developed infrastructure of the beach is represented by the presence of showers, cabins for changing, lifeguard service, wooden decking, restaurants and ramps for people with disabilities.

Prices on the beach Riviera in Sochi in 2022

To get to the territory of the beach is absolutely free. But if there is a desire to have fun on the family attractions, you must necessarily buy tickets. The cost of tickets varies depending on the choice of entertainment. A visit to the roller coaster costs – 250 rubles, Carousel – 200 rubles.

Sunbed – 300 rubles per day, mattress – 100 rubles per day, bungalow – 200 rubles per hour, swings – 150 rubles per hour, parking near the beach – 500 rubles per day.

The cost of other entertainment:

  • Visiting the dolphinarium – 1000-1200 rubles per person. The exceptions are children under five years old, for them the entrance is free.
  • Immersion in a pool with dolphins – from 2000 rubles.
  • Learning diving with an instructor – 8000 rubles per person.

For visitors who want to admire the unique reef aquarium there is a real show program with divers and mermaid. Bright yellow butterfly fish, sea urchins and small fish exactly recreate the ecological system of real coral reefs.

Tickets cost to visit the oceanarium:

  • For children aged four to twelve years – 300 rubles.
  • For adults – 600 rubles per person.
  • Entrance is free for children under five years of age.

The purchase of children’s, adults’ and family passes is provided. They are unlimited and give the opportunity to attend up to 15 attractions of your choice. Valid only on the day of purchase.

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Riviera Beach in Sochi

Mode of operation

You can enjoy the Riviera coast views, swim and sunbathe seven days a week. Every day of the week the beach is open seven days a week.


Adults and children can visit the dolphinarium, which is located on the coast. With the participation of sea lions and seals, as well as dolphins there are daily colorful performances. Capacity of the dolphinarium is about 1300 people.

As for the dolphinarium, the visit is available every day except Monday.

Dolphin shows last from 13:00 to 16:00, in summer until 19:00.

You can watch the coral reefs in the oceanarium in summer from 10:00 to 00:00, without weekends and breaks, and in winter – from 10:00 to 21:00.

Online webcam Riviera Beach in Sochi

On the territory of the beach installed webcam. It broadcasts online in real time from the cafe “Sochno”.

Attractions and entertainments

The main range of attention on the Riviera coast is aimed at strengthening the health and general condition of vacationers. In the summer time of the year, every day from 8 to 9 am you can attend yoga classes. Age and physical fitness does not matter, everyone can take part. Classes are fun and absolutely free. The second floor of the pier is decorated by an aerarium, which is equipped with sun loungers and covered with a tent.

Riviera Beach in Sochi

For those who like sports pastime matches of beach volleyball are provided. Near the shoreline visitors can relax and unwind on an inflatable raft. Traditional water amusements are also available: “You can also take advantage of traditional water sports such as jet skis, banana boats, water skis and scooters. And if the need arose to satisfy hunger, the restaurants, cafes and cafeterias will help with this.

When evening comes, life on the Riviera is just beginning. The coast falls into the power of the southern velvet night, and the many lights color it in all the colors of the rainbow. Restaurants and cafes are open round the clock, and there is an opportunity to dance at the disco. The sea water in the evening becomes warmer than during the day. This is explained by the recession of the heat and the fact that the temperature contrast between the air and water disappears.

The Riviera coast is considered comfortable in terms of night and evening entertainment. Nearby there is a park area with benches, where couples in love often prefer to sit. There are amusement rides, and in the park there are tennis courts as well as chess courts. All this is accompanied by the intoxicating scent of rose garden, spreading all over the beach.

As for vacationers with children, the little visitors will not be bored here either. Riviera is the only place in Sochi, where you can build sand castles. For a fee you can jump on trampolines, as well as in an inflatable balloon on the surface of the water. A small slide inside the pool is an exciting attraction for kids. Older children can enjoy the Dragon Mountain, Galaxy, Indiana and the Freefall Tower.

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If visitors do not like adrenaline, you can take a therapeutic course with dolphins, have a great time at the oceanarium, swim in the pool, where there are smart and cute bottlenose dolphins. To make your wonderful vacation long remembered, there is an opportunity to take a picture with a python, a monkey, a parrot or a varan.

Advantages and conveniences

The Riviera coast is popular with many tourists. The level of attendance is maximum, largely due to the presence of a beautiful amusement park. It is called Riviera Park, and it is separated from the beach by about two hundred meters. Nearby there is a hotel Zvezdnaya, which is distinguished by the presence of modern beach complex.

Entertainment is represented by water rides, playgrounds, volleyball and soccer field. The approach to the shore is characterized by the presence of a medical center, souvenir shops, shooting gallery, kiosks where beach accessories are sold. For vacationers to get rid of fine pebbles and sand, in addition to showers taps are installed. Tourists can comfortably accommodate under straw umbrellas, as well as on rented sun loungers.

Riviera Beach in Sochi

Pluses and minuses

Each tourist destination has its own advantages and disadvantages. And the Riviera coast is no exception. Among the main advantages of the resort can be distinguished:

  • A large territory and a favorable location;
  • The presence of sandy beaches, which are rarely found in Sochi;
  • comfortable bottom in the sea with a gradual increase in depth;
  • the presence on the territory of sports grounds, stores and cafes, where you can have a great time;
  • attractions, which will please both adults and children;
  • unforgettable and colorful scenery, opening from the beach and close to the beach hotels.

The obvious disadvantages of the coast include:

  • a huge influx of holidaymakers all year round;
  • lack of breakwaters, which can be frustrating for fans of diving deep under the water;
  • in the sea falls into the river, because of which the water in some places can be cold and not so clean;
  • the beach is partially covered with pebbles, which causes inconvenience to lovers of sunbathing by the sea.

Hotels and tours

There are many hotels, inns, and hostels within walking distance of the beach. The choice of apartments depends on your finances, the availability of amenities and the distance to the coast.

Here is a list of hotels near the beach. You can make hotel reservation on ostrovok.ru, or use a hotel tour search.

  • Boutique Hotel Portum 1905 4 * (tours on Travelata)
  • Zvezdny Hotel 4 * (tours on Travelata)
  • Hotel Riviera 2 * (tours by level.travel)
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Level.Travel and Travelata are online services for searching tours to all tour operators and can completely replace an ordinary travel agency. Book tours without intermediaries.

How to get to Riviera Beach

You can get to the beach as by bus number 4, 6, 7, 10, 17, 18, 23, 24, 30, 38, 104, as well as by shuttle bus. You need to go to the stop “Park Riviera”, walk across the bridge, and after the cafe turn left. The distance of this route will take 120 meters more than the road by minibus.

From the center of Sochi to the beach you can get on foot. The way through the river embankment will bring particular pleasure, because you can admire the beautiful views of the city.

To get to the resort by private transport is not very profitable and convenient. Because of the mass influx of tourists the car will simply have nowhere to put. If in sight came across a free place, you need to take into account the fact that there may function an evacuator. If you have decided to travel by own car, you can put it on the paid parking in the park Riviera.

In Riviera works Uber and Yandex. Cab, through which you can not only get to the beach, but also through their application to choose a driver, a car and to rate for the service.

Riviera Beach in Sochi – is it worth a vacation in 2021

Many tourists coming to Sochi, faced with the problem of choosing a beach for recreation. In Sochi, beaches with lots of pebbles, stones, where tourists can get hurt. Many beach areas with good conditions and infrastructure occupied by boarding houses, hotel complexes, tourists can not get there for free. The beach Riviera is one of the most comfortable in Sochi (sandy surface, not many stones), free for all. You can visit it any day. It is located near the port, 200 meters from the homonymous park, next to the place where the river Sochi flows into.

How to get to Riviera Beach

If you want to get by car, it is worth considering that the Riviera in Sochi can be crowded. Tourists often come in private cars, so there may be a problem with parking.

You won’t be able to leave your transport at the entrance, parking is prohibited. There is often traffic police here, there is a stationary post in a booth, and there is a wrecker. If you finally decide to use the car, it is better to park it at a paid parking lot near the Riviera, situated in 0,5 meters from the entrance to the homonymous park. The first hour of parking will cost the owner of the car 100 ₽, the second – 50 ₽, if left for the whole day, the price – 300 ₽. Try to check out in advance, there are a lot of tourists, especially on weekends.

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The beach Riviera (Sochi) is 2-3 km away from the central districts of the city. Having time to spare, tourists often go there on foot, along the river Sochi, to enjoy the beauties of the resort town. The beach is situated in 15 minutes walk from the Seaport, it is possible to take a walk by crossing the bridge of the river Sochi.

It is not difficult to get there by public transport. There are many fixed-route cabs and buses connecting the beach with Sochi districts (residential complexes, center), bus and railway station, for instance:

Get off at the stop “Park Riviera”. Then go along Egorova street along the river, turn right and move along Riviera lane. Walk from the stop – about 5 minutes. A bus/shuttle bus ticket will cost about 50 ₽.

One of the convenient options is a cab. The cost is from 200-300 ₽ depending on where you board.

Is Riviera Beach crowded

Riviera beach is in high demand among tourists coming to Sochi. Therefore, during the holiday season it is crowded, but there is enough space for everyone. There are not many beaches covered with sand in Sochi, Riviera is one of them (although there is a small amount of pebbles, but the stones are intangible).

Tourists are attracted by its convenient location (just a half-hour walk from the center, not far from Sochi port and river) and wonderful infrastructure on the shore (many attractions, cafes and restaurants with a variety of cuisines, there are showers, changing rooms and other amenities). There is a lifeguard station, ramp for people with disabilities, the entrance to the sea is shallow, the depth is shallow.

A great advantage of the beach in Sochi in comparison with others is the presence of a magnificent park “Riviera” next to the dolphinarium, the oceanarium.

What to visit near the beach Riviera

The Great Dolphinarium of Sochi is located 100 meters away. Children under 5 years of age can enter for free. For minors 5-11 years old parents pay 800 ₽, over 11 years – 1000 ₽. Adults will pay ₽ 1,000 for admission. The Sochi Dolphinarium show features dolphins, sea lions and white whales. For a fee of 500 ₽ you can take a photo with a dolphin.

In addition, the dolphinarium holds many exhibitions, there are museums (Museum of Robots, Butterfly Garden, Museum “GeniUM”, Zoo “RIO” and others), the entrance to which will cost 200-500 ₽. There you can see different kinds of animals, insects and other inhabitants of nature, take pictures, have fun.

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Near the beach is the Riviera Park, the entrance to which is free for all tourists. Attractions located in the territory are paid (from 30 ₽). Tourists are attracted by the diversity of flora. Plants begin to bloom there from early spring to late fall. In the park there are a number of exotic trees (bamboo, palm, sakura), which were brought from other countries by workers. On the territory there is a huge rose garden, where planted about 3000 kinds of roses (every year the composition of flowers change, become more).

The most popular places in the park:

Ocean Mysteries Oceanarium.

The Green Theater is a place where cultural events and concerts are often held. The equestrian theater welcomes visitors with different horse shows with the participation of horses of unique breeds.

As for the oceanarium, you can find it on the main avenue. Compared with other Russian aquariums, it is small, with a capacity of about 200 tons of water. The main part is built in the form of a huge coral reef, there are about a dozen small aquariums, which separately live freshwater and sea creatures, rays.

Prices on the beach Riviera

Riviera beach in Sochi is free. Everyone can come here, you do not need to pay for admission. Free for tourists are also volleyball courts, children’s slides, a platform for yoga (available from 8 am).

If tourists want to have fun on the rides, do water sports and visit other entertainment facilities, you will have to pay for separate tickets. The most popular water activities among tourists are:

“parachute” – 3000 ₽ / 1 seat (10 minutes);

“banana” – 400 ₽ / 1 place (20 min);

“water scooter” – 2000 ₽ / 3 places (7 min);

water scooter – 1500-2000 ₽ / 2 places (10 min);

snorkeling – 200 ₽ adults, 150 ₽ children;

Boat ride -3000 ₽ / 5 seats (half an hour).

You can visit various attractions on the Riviera: roller coaster (180 ₽), Black Hole (120 ₽), Ferris Wheel (80 ₽).

Trampoline (150 ₽ / 10 minutes), and a small pool with a slide on the beach are plenty of fun for the younger tourists.

A lot of tourists use additional services, for example, rent an umbrella with a deck chair – 300 ₽, a mattress – 100 ₽, a bungalow – 200 ₽, swings – 150 ₽. Prices are for the whole day. Showers, changing rooms and toilets are free to use.

Beach fast food is standard: corn (70 ₽), kebab (from 70 ₽), shawarma (150 ₽), pizza (from 300 ₽), soft drinks (kvass / lemonade – from 20 ₽). You can order a hookah – from 500 ₽.

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