Rules and conditions for Russians to enter Georgia – 2022

Rules of entry to Georgia for Russians in 2022

Russians can enter the country by car or by plane with a connection in other countries. We will tell you how to get to Georgia, how much the tickets cost and what documents are necessary to enter the country.

Do I need a visa to Georgia?

Russian citizens can stay in Georgia without a visa for a year. After this period of time you need to get a residence permit. But you can leave the country and come back again – then the year of stay will be counted again.

What documents do I need to enter Georgia?

Medical insurance is not required to enter Georgia. But it is worth getting it to avoid paying for medical treatment in case of an illness.

Coronavirus documents. From June 15 Georgia lifted all restrictions for tourists. It is no longer necessary to show a certificate of vaccination or a negative coronavirus test result to enter the country. The rules may change. Current information is published on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country.

Where to vacation abroad in 2022?

Please indicate your preferences, and we will select the suitable countries for you, which are allowed to Russian tourists.

What do I need to enter Georgia with children?

The child must have his/her own passport for the trip. I was told about this by the Georgian section of the Swiss Embassy in Russia. Coronavirus certificates are not necessary for minors, as for adults.

If the child travels alone or with someone other than parents and guardians, it is necessary to issue a consent to travel abroad. It shall be certified by a notary. We told you how to prepare this document in a separate article.

If the child is accompanied by one parent, the consent of the other is not required.

Are there any coronavirus restrictions in Georgia?

In Georgia, you must wear masks in medical facilities. Other restrictions have been lifted. Museums, nightclubs and discos are open. Cafes and restaurants can work at any time. Masks are no longer required on public transportation.

How to transit through Georgia

There are no special requirements for transit through Georgia. Travelers must take into account the rules of entry into the destination country. If they require a visa or a PCR test result, and the passenger does not have the necessary documents, he or she will not be allowed to fly. We publish the current rules in the travel navigator.

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What bank cards work in Georgia

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB cards issued in Russia are not accepted in Georgia. The Mir payment system does not work here. Travellers told me that payment with a Russian UnionPay card does not work either.

For purchases you can use cards that were issued in Georgia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries. Tourists without a residence permit can open a bank card in Georgia.

How to travel to Georgia from Russia

By plane. Russia has stopped air communication with Georgia since July 8, 2019. Therefore, tourists get to this country with connections. For example, via Istanbul and Minsk.

By land. Georgia opened land borders with neighboring countries: Russia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Russia lifted restrictions on travel to Georgia by land on May 17, 2022. Now one can travel freely by car or bus. Checkpoints will not require proof of a valid reason, such as studying or working abroad. Travelers share their experiences of crossing the border in the “Situation at the Upper Lars checkpoint” group.

To save money, you can first fly to Vladikavkaz by plane, and then go to Georgia by car or bus.

Travelers from Russia can first fly to Armenia, and from there travel to Georgia by shuttle or train, for example. Armenia opened land borders in January 2021. Trains began running between Yerevan, Tbilisi and Batumi on June 15, 2021.

By sea. Maritime borders are open, so theoretically it would be possible to get by sea from Sochi to Georgia. But passenger ships have been cancelled, and there are no cruise ships.


Russia will not open the borders. Sochi swindlers haven’t had enough yet.

Igor, judging by the minuses, you are not respected. :)

Now we are waiting for Russia to open the border with Georgia.

Adda, we can’t wait.

Adda, I just wish they would open the land borders to everyone, not just to those who have reasons to leave.

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Oleg, demands. Russian legislation. Decree of the Government of RF dated 27.03.2020 № 763-r On temporary restriction of movement through automobile, railway, pedestrian, river and mixed checkpoints on the state border of RF

Alexander, Grandpa forgot to take his pills again.


Konstantin, are children a privileged class and do not get sick?

Olga, many countries do not require children under 6 years of age (in some cases up to 12 years of age) to undergo tests.

Antonida Pashinina

Konstantin, I do not see any exceptions for children in the rules.

The plane Moscow – Yerevan for the summer costs 9000. The price is a bit steep, but bearable in principle. The shuttle bus to Tbilisi costs 1000 rubles. It is possible to live in Tbilisi.

Pure, you also need to add a PCR test for entry into Armenia, a vaccine or a second test on the third day in Georgia and two PCR tests on your return to Russia.

Ivan, it’s easier to travel by plane.

Ivan, as well as a test to leave Georgia.

Pure, the Yerevan-Tbilisi shuttle is the worst thing that has happened to me in my travels. I don’t recommend it.

, Hello, why? Please tell me more about it. I was planning to get to Georgia that way.

Svetlana, I bought a ticket and got into the minibus on time. The driver was standing, smoking, chatting with his colleagues. The time of departure passed, I began to ask what was going on, why we weren’t going. I was literally fed with my “wait” for an hour and a half, and finally the bus started moving. I was excited, but it turned out that the driver had to go somewhere, with all the passengers. We went back and continued to stand around. Eventually, about 3 hours after the time on the ticket, we drove. The driver listened to the heart lady’s voice all the way, wrote her own, wrote and sent her stickers, sometimes taking his eyes off the road for 5 seconds, and twisting his other arm to steer her. The road was mostly serpentine, and smashed to a pulp. I caught wifi at gas stations so I could text the hostess of the hostel that I was going to be a few hours late. It was already dark, my driving style had not changed, and then the driver began to swear in his native language (he was also proficient in Russian), I do not understand anything, he brakes to the floor. It turned out that he had to pick someone up on the way. It was getting close to midnight, and we drove back. It was a 20-kilometer drive back. We were in an old van going down a serpentine road with a feeling we were going to roll over at every turn. The driver even put away his phone for a while and grasped the steering wheel with both hands. Finally, having picked up those passengers, we drove back: downhill even faster. For a while the driver was smoking and chatting with someone after the border crossing, although all the passengers had already passed it. He was feeding me with his “wait a minute” in the old fashioned way. The asphalt appeared, the serpentine stopped and I breathed out. I arrived in Tbilisi at dawn.

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Rules of Entry into Georgia for Russians

Find out what you need to enter Georgia in 2022 and how things are now in the cities. We tell you about the official rules and our personal experience of vacationing under the pandemic.

Our vacation in Georgia

We flew to Georgia from Antalya in June 2021 to return home – at that time air travel between Russia and Turkey was still closed, and we had to look for loopholes. Georgia is a pleasant and tasty way to Russia, and we stayed in the hospitable country for eleven days. We went many places: we walked around Tbilisi, and then rented a car and drove around Kakheti, Imereti and the Georgian Military Highway. So now we know all the rules for Russians to enter and leave Georgia from personal experience! Also in this post we will share actual information about the covid situation in Georgia.

How to travel to Georgia from Russia

In brief, it is not easy. There is no direct air service since 2019. The only adequate way is to fly to Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya) or Armenia (Gyumri, Yerevan), and from there go to Georgia. Look for tickets on Aviasales. Read more about all ways to get to Georgia from Russia.

But on May 17, 2022, Russia finally opened the land border with Georgia! That is, you can now enter the country by car through checkpoint “Upper Lars” without any reason, and drive on beautiful Georgian Military Road. Russian citizens do not need a visa.

Rules of Entry into Georgia in 2022

Rules of entry to Georgia in 2022 for Russians is very simple: you only need a passport! There is no need to fill out a special online form, and there is no more quarantine in Georgia.

Our advice . At this difficult time, you should only go on vacation with insurance. You can buy insurance cheaply and easily on the service Cherehapa – the policy with coronavirus treatment coverage costs from 400 rubles for a week, plus they have a handy website and good customer service. We always use it ourselves.

Where to eat in Tbilisi

Where to get a PCR test in Georgia

According to the new conditions of entry into Georgia on March 1, 2022, you no longer need to take a PCR test on the third day of stay. But in case you need it, I’ll tell you where you can take it. At one time I had to scour the wilderness of the Internet to find this information.

In Georgia, to take a PCR test costs an average of GEL 100. But on forum Vinsky recommended laboratory Neolab where the cheapest tests – only 85 lari. In addition, they work even at weekends! It’s possible to sign up by e-mail, Viber / WhatsApp, or call the phone numbers on the website Neolab. The staff speaks Russian. Do not forget your passports. The results come in the mail the next day.

Neolab has two addresses in Tbilisi and one in Batumi:

  • Tashkenti, 47 in Tbilisi.
  • Nutsubidze st 8 in Tbilisi.
  • Chavchavadze st #70-72 in Batumi.

We rented at Tashkenti, 47. You can take bus #6 or #14 from Liberty Square stop, then walk from there. Or take metro station “Rustaveli”.

How’s it going in the cities

Curfew at night has been abolished since July 1, 2021.

You only have to wear masks in transportation and hospitals. In general, almost all covid restrictions in Georgia have been lifted, everything is open and working! It is safe to go on vacation.

Sanitary measures in hotels, unlike in Turkey, are not observed. No one treats the suitcase and does not ask to wear a mask.

Requirements for returning tourists

I remind you that unvaccinated Russians upon return from an overseas trip must pay a fee in the form of a PCR test (Muscovites can do it for free in a clinic, the rest – kukish). The test must be taken within 72 hours after arrival, and uploaded to State Services – within 4 days after your return to Russia. Otherwise, a police officer will knock on your door and swear at you. The penalty for the naughty is from 15 to 40 thousand rubles. You have to put up with it and consider it a necessary expense along with the cost of obtaining visas or passports. Don’t forget to fill out an online registration form on Gosuslugi before you leave for Russia, and save the QR-code to be shown at the border.

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If you have been vaccinated, or have been infected for 6 months, and you have an electronic certificate confirming this, then you do not need to undergo a PCR test. Just before you fly home, go to the State Service, fill out an online registration form returning to Russia, and confirm it in the form. Then save the QR-code on your phone and show it at the border.

On Gosuslugi it says that after completing the online form it is no longer necessary to fill out its paper version, but in reality it happens differently. For example, when we were returning from Greece to Russia, we just showed the officer the QR-code and went through the control. But when we came back from Uzbekistan, everything was different. On the plane, the flight attendants made us fill out a paper questionnaire, despite the fact that we had a QR-code. It turned out that without this miserable paper they could not let us out of the plane. When we went down the ramp, a strict airport employee demanded and checked them. She also asked about PCR-tests and certificates of vaccination.

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