Sandy beaches in Krasnodar region – 30 best for recreation

Sandy beaches resorts in the Krasnodar region.

Warm soft sand, golden or snow-white – it does not matter. These billions of microscopic quartz or shell particles undoubtedly evoke an association with something truly pleasant, summer and sunny: of course, a vacation at the sea. Despite the existence of pebble and sand beaches as the pros and cons, most of the vacationers prefer the latter. In this publication, we will identify the best sandy beaches in the Krasnodar region in 2022 with photos, map and their difference from each other.

Much of the territory in the Krasnodar Territory are pebble beaches. Sandy less, but there are. Any tourist can choose among them suitable: young or status, loving independent wild recreation or, on the contrary, fully provided with the necessary amenities of civilization. Be sure to note particularly attractive for vacations with a child.

Without pebbles, stones and other unnecessary things – the best pure sand beaches on the Black Sea coast are in Anapa. From the sea port in the city center for 13 kilometers stretches a wide band of excellent golden sand. Its combination with smooth and shallow entrance to the sea has made the city famous as the best children’s seaside resort in Russia. This fact is complemented by a well-developed children’s infrastructure and recreational activities. They come here not only with children: the sands continue beyond the city for another dozen kilometers and attract fans of wild recreation with their simplicity and solitude.

Boasting good sandy beaches can resorts on the Azov Sea. Depth by the shore is often small, but the nature of the coast is different everywhere. Near the villages Peresyp and Golubitskaya, as well as part of the coast of Eisk sand and shells: the golden sand is half consisted of different sized broken shells. Sometimes it can cause inconvenience if you get a large piece, but in general, the popularity of beaches as a sandy it does not affect. In Kuchugury, by the way, it is less. In Taman area we will be interested in beaches in the neighborhood: the coast of the village Sennoj and the spit near the lake Markitanskoe. Interestingly, the latter differs from all other beaches with lighter colored sand, almost white.

As you move to the south of the Krasnodar region sandy beaches become an exception to the rule. In Gelendzhik, for example, the only one of this kind is central. The sand was first brought there back in the 70s of the last century. In small village resorts Dzhubga and Lermontovo sand cover prevails, but the presence of pebbles in places can be significant.

In the Sochi area there are no purely sandy beaches, only small islands of very fine pebbles and dark sand. However, many will be surprised by the possibility of meeting in Sochi with golden artificial beaches.

The region has plenty of opportunities for recreation, and if you do get tired of the sand constantly sticking and getting everywhere, you can easily move to the neighboring pebble resort.

Sandy beaches of the Black Sea

At the Black Sea coast, the sand, in its ideal sense, is in Anapa and several settlements of the Tuapse region – Plyakho, Dzhubga, Lermontovo.

Sandy beaches of Anapa

All the coast to the north of the seaport will be sandy. The most popular place is the Central Beach of Anapa. Despite the benefits of its convenient location, it is overcrowded and has the most murky water. Beaches along Pioneer Avenue will be more comfortable.

On the Central Beach Dzhemete the difference in accommodation is almost not felt. Here, too, there is the necessary infrastructure outside the beach: hotels, stores, cafes and canteens, water parks, an oceanarium and amusement parks. But the differences in the quality of beach recreation are strong. The sandy beach surrounded by sand dunes and 70-90 meters wide is very spacious, there is enough space for everyone. The water in the sea is cleaner, but it all depends on the weather.

The beach in Vityazevo is a couple of kilometers at the end of the sandy strip that stretches from the center of Anapa. Exit to the Central Beach Vityazevo goes along the Black Sea Street – a kind of resort avenue with many stalls and cafes. The coast in this place is even wider, and before you reach the sea, you have to overcome about 300 meters of sand dunes. The entrance to the water is gentle, very suitable for small children, so the resort is family-oriented.

Both on the shore are provided with all the necessary attributes – sun loungers, tents, umbrellas. Often they belong to a hotel, so it is not difficult to choose a hotel with its own beach area if you do not want to look for a sun lounger every day. There are also less equipped places, where you can be placed on the mat.

Nearby are located water parks, on the coast – children’s attractions and trampolines. Banana rides, jet skis, parasailing, diving, and on land – entertaining jeep rides through the dunes.

Beach in the area Dzhemete in Anapa

Sandy beach in Gelendzhik

Located in the heart of the big resort, the Central beach is the longest in the city – a kilometer with a little. It is a place of attraction for many tourists for several reasons. Unlike the rest of the coast in the city, its surface is not covered with pebbles, but with golden sand. The depth in the sea comes gradually, which is also convenient with children, but the water in the high season is not the cleanest in the bay. But there is a huge range of facilities for a comfortable stay both on and off the beach.

On the shore umbrellas and tents with sun loungers are installed, there are showers, in which you can wash off the sand before going out into town. Nearby is the maximum concentration of cafes, restaurants, children’s entertainment, souvenir shops and city attractions – you only need to walk from the beach to the promenade. Guests of nearby hotels will feel even more comfortable, because after the beach will be able to change and rest in their rooms, without wasting time on the long journey. However, you should keep in mind, such popularity of the place affects the silence, which does not happen here until late at night.

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Central Beach in Gelendzhik

Sandy beaches of the Tuapse region

Tuapse district of the Black Sea coast – one of the few places south of Anapa, where you can still find whole sandy beaches. They are located in several settlements.

One of the most popular is the Central beach of Dzhubga, lying between the Dzhubga River and the pier near Portovaya Street. Its length is about 600 meters, the widest at the river and gradually narrowing to the pier, on the whole surface is flat. The prevailing surface is golden sand, but there are also a lot of pebbles and pebbles of medium size scattered along the bank, often mixed with sand. Going into the water without large drops, although you should still be careful: in some places the bottom is stony. Another possible minus is the muddy water because of the flowing mountain river.

Despite a couple of faults, Dzhubga is very popular for beach recreation. Perhaps because of the proximity to the federal highway “Don” and sufficient equipment for a good holiday by the sea. On the shore in the season appears to rent sun loungers, lifeguards, kiosks with food and canteens. Without entertainment no Black Sea resort is not a resort, so there is always the opportunity to ride different water rides, and children can jump on trampolines or slides. Of the permanent facilities – a pergola and several changing rooms.

Beach near Dzhubga village

The beaches of the whole Lermontovo are known as an exception to the rule, because in many surrounding villages the coast is pebbly. In the middle of it there is the Central beach, which is continued by the section of sanatorium “Lermontovo”.

The Golden Beach 3 kilometers away from Novomikhailovsky is also very popular. It is not difficult to guess that it is called because of the golden sand, which prevails on land and at the entrance to the water. At high tide you can find a few pebbles and stones. Vacationers note the cleanliness of the beach and the availability of all necessary beach paraphernalia. To eat in nearby cafes it is possible very tasty and inexpensive. Do not get bored while getting a tan and swimming – all sorts of services for rent of water equipment and sea attractions.

Slightly farther there is one of the best children’s beaches – “Orlenok” located on the long sandy strip near the village Plyakho. It occupies about half a kilometer of its length. Golden sand purity is maintained by the administration of the namesake children’s camp, and water is carefully monitored by controlling instances. Coming into the sea is notable for its smoothness, which is just right for kids. Pine forest surrounds the shore. This is an island of safety, peace and quiet for families with children. Noisy entertainments a little: only a few slides, trampoline, banana and boat services. Outsiders are forbidden to enter – the entrance to the beach is paid and the persons with alcohol and inebriated are categorically not allowed, smoking is forbidden, sellers-traffickers are restricted. Vacationers can rent deck chairs, take places under the shady awnings, have a snack in several cafes. There are showers, toilets, increased control of lifeguards.

Beach in Lazarevskoe with sand

On Lazarevskoe seashore medium pebble diluted by small strips of fine, partly similar to the sand. One of these beaches is served by the sanatorium “Odyssey”. In the surf zone there is a smooth small pebble, in the rest of the territory above there is sand with wooden paths. Going into the sea is comfortable including for children, although for the smallest there is an opportunity to swim in an inflatable pool.

The sanatorium provides everything for comfortable sea pastime: umbrellas and deck chairs, changing rooms and showers. There is a cafe and a bar in a cozy recreation area near the beach, and “Sea Club” offers boat rides, jet skis and bananas. Entrance to the equipped beach is for a fee and includes the provision of a sun lounger.

Sandy beaches of Sochi

As noted above, in the Sochi area of sand in the traditional sense of the beaches can not be found. Some of their advantages are preserved by pebble beaches, including islands of fine pebbles – almost sand. In the center of the resort capital you can find such beaches near the hotel “Pearl” and one of the best parks in the city – “Riviera”.

“Riviera” is a popular beach in the center of Sochi, although it is convenient not only for that. It is equipped by the highest level: locker rooms, showers, lockers and all kinds of beach chairs – ordinary, in pavilions-bungalows, swings. You can eat in a stylish cafe or a common dining room, which is also here. In addition to sunbathing and swimming you will find entertainment for all categories of guests. Young people will be interested in active water – bananas, tablets and others, and in the evening – a nightclub. Couples with children – rich opportunities to occupy a child right on the beach, several playgrounds and inflatable slides, going into the sea. In general, according to reviews of holiday-makers, it is comfortable to have a rest here, if you understand that the place is crowded and the beach is mainly pebble. Someone notes the turbidity of the sea from the river flowing in nearby and the trash after the rains, but the control of cleanliness on the shore is much more common.

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You can find clean sand on the beach of the five-star hotel Swissotel Sochi Kamelia. It is specially lined only the area near the pool with sun loungers, at the entrance to the sea will be typical Black Sea pebbles.


Sandy beaches in Adler

In the Adler area among the natural beaches you will find only pebble beaches with sandy areas. They are on the popular beaches of Adler “Ogonyok”, “Chaika”, “Mandarin”, “Albatross”, at the sanatorium “Oktyabrsky” and some others.

The most famous is Mandarin, which completes the right bank of the Mzymta River in the center of the city near the shopping center of the same name. The coast is lined with fine pebbles with sandy areas, and its width allows everyone to be accommodated. A beautiful area with sun beds belongs to the restaurant “VinoGraD”. Everyone can come here to swim, other privileges are available for a fee. For accommodation guests are offered stylish tents with white curtains and comfortable sofas. When the water in the sea is especially muddy from the mountain river’s inflow, the swimming pool saves the day. The place is in demand among young people. In addition to the typical entertainment for the Black Sea resorts, this one provides surfing lessons. Near the dome is a trendy cafe, live music in the evening and a nightclub.

Also in the Central district of Adler, between the railway station and the sanatorium “Southern Vzmore”, the beach “Ogonek” is located. It is already previous, though quite wide among the neighboring ones – 40-50 m, and its length is 600 m. On the shore in addition to medium pebbles there are stretches of very fine, similar to the dark sand, so it is considered partly sandy. The entrance to the sea is different and not limited by breakwaters. There are changing rooms, showers and even smoking areas for tourists on this beach. Sun beds with awnings are available for rent for a reasonable price and for leisure there are bananas, jet skis and other water transport. Visitors note that for a city beach it is not crowded, clean and equipped with everything you need for recreation.

VinoGrad Sochi beach

We can’t forget about the beaches “Volna” and Imeretinsky in Adler, which will surprise you with golden sands. These coastal recreation areas are artificially created. It should be noted that they do not have access to the sea, although they are located close. It compensates its lack of good service, a variety of entertainment and swimming pool. Another recreation area that stands out is the Mountain Beach water park in Rosa Khutor. A closed sandy beach near the pool is available all year round.

Sandy beaches of the Azov Sea

The Azov Sea is known to many for its shallow depth, tendency to “bloom” and small storms. Despite the peculiarities of the weather, resorts in this part of the Krasnodar region are excellent for an unhurried family vacation with children on a mass of other pluses. One of them is the beaches. In contrast to the Black Sea coast, prevail here, on the contrary, sandy beaches.

Sandy beaches resorts Temryukskoy area

As a larger village resort, stretching for a dozen kilometers along the sandy beach, known stanitsa Golubitskaya. Unusually, its central beach “Sea Breeze” is closer to the western outskirts and borders with Mud Lake. The entrance to the water and the shallow depth is appreciated by parents of children. The necessary equipment is available, and several children’s slides and a volleyball court are offered for recreational use, as well as watercraft rentals. Food and souvenir vendors have been placed in an equipped row, so they won’t interfere.

Central beach in Golubitskaya

On the neighboring Peresyp, on the contrary, the Central Beach occupies the middle part of the coast. It is quite wide – up to 80 meters, and covered with a mixture of golden sand with milled shells and, like other places on the Azov Sea, has a smooth entry into the water. The beach is monitored and provided with minimal amenities: there are a few cabins for changing clothes, sunbeds are offered, although many people prefer to stay on their own mat. During the season there are mobile food outlets and offers of entertainment services. Kiting and paragliding are especially popular because of the suitable winds, as is the Tizdar mud volcano on the western edge.

Do not reproach the lack of sand and another neighboring village, whose name from the folk dialect means “sand hills”. The beach in Kuchugury is under the high shore, so the descent is in certain places. Warm sea with a good sandy bottom will certainly please parents with very young children, and them, in turn, the soft golden sand, which is convenient to build castles. He only occasionally seasoned shells, unlike Peresyp and Golubitskaya. On the beach are few changing rooms, awnings, stalls with food, children’s attractions. Renting deckchairs, apparently, unpopular, as most vacationers prefer their own mats. Crowding and a crowd at thus is not observed – the settlement is extended along the sea, and always there is a place where it is possible to settle down more freely.

Beaches do not end between settlements. Therefore if will want more solitude and freedom, it is always possible to leave for limits of these settlements and to find there not less attractive wild sandy beaches.

Beach in Kuchugury

Beaches Yeisk with sand

In another Azov city – Yeisk – the beaches are also sandy. But you need to be careful, because in the city on the border of the Taganrog Bay and Yeysky estuary are not all of them.

The main place of attraction for locals and guests is the Central City Beach, located right after the port, on the left side of the Yeisk Spit. It is a place in the sun for those who like active, saturated with people and infrastructure places. Here there is a lot of everything: tourists, stores and stalls, cafes, large bright attractions. Stand out against the general background of the local camel and various artists, with whom you can make an unusual photo. Of course, all other beach facilities are also available. On the beach a lot of sand, often interspersed with shells, the entrance to the sea is soft and comfortable. As in many places of the Azov Sea, the water can be muddy from the muddy-sandy bottom, especially when a lot of people. The depth grows faster than in other places near the city, but in general, too, not very big.

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Children's beach in Yeisk

For children it is better to choose another – Children’s Beach, known for its endless shoal. Here you will not have to worry that the child will fall into the depths, and there is even more sand for games. Even the biggest “kids” have a separate sandy beach called Molodezhny. It is allocated by night bars and clubs working till late hours, and also by school of kitesurfing and windsurfing.

An unusual island Eyskaya Spit, 3 km from the city, stands as a separate unit. Waste land in the middle of the bay is fringed with excellent wild beaches of light sand. You can reach it by excursion boats. It is worth noting that not all areas are safe for swimming, as some have strong currents. You can ask locals for more details.

30 Best Sandy Beaches in Krasnodar region

Krasnodar region sandy beaches

I tell you about the best sand beaches in Krasnodar region – on the Black and Azov Seas. Almost on all of them I have been, so I can tell you about the pros and cons of rest on these beaches.


Map of sand beaches in the Krasnodar region

Central beach in Yeisk

Central beach of Yeisk is a popular sandy beach among residents and guests of the Krasnodar region. This is the best beach in the city, according to the reviews of tourists. I think so too: the sand there is light, in some places with a mixture of beautiful shells, and what grandiose sunsets!

The beach is good for a holiday with children, because the entrance to the sea flat and sandy, and the long shoal quickly warms up. From a beach quite near to aquapark and park of attractions, and in general, on my feeling, all in Yeisk is made for family rest with children. Read our detailed review of Yeisk and beaches with a lot of photos.

In terms of infrastructure this is one of the best beaches in the resort of Eisk. It has everything, from cafes and snack bars to toilets, garbage cans and cabins for changing. That’s just in the height of the holiday season on the beach a lot of tourists. And the water, as well as in the whole Azov Sea, is turbid because of the sand suspended.

Central beach of Yeisk at sunset. Here are such sunsets you will enjoy in Yeisk with the accompaniment of seagulls. By the way, you can fish from the breakwaters.

Beaches in Dolzhanskaya

Spit Dolgaya a good variety of places to rest – there is a normal beaches, to which you can walk from the guest houses in the village Dolzhanskaya, and beaches avtokempingi, where you can come by car for the day from Eisk. The level of infrastructure is different: from comfortable, with a cafe, sun beds and entertainments, to half-wild. I liked the beaches on the spit Dolgoi exactly for its half-wild, relaxed atmosphere and a sense of the edge of the earth. No crowds of tourists, calls to buy hot corn or ride on a “banana”. But do not count on service. :)

Almost all the beaches are sandy-shelly, the entrance to the water is shallow and gentle, so it’s safe with children. The only place where it is impossible to bathe is the end of the spit, there are whirlpools. On a spit Dolgoi it is convenient to have a rest: if on one side of the wave, you can move to the other side. Read more about rest in Dolzhanskaya.

The entrance to the sea on the Dolzhanskaya spit is gentle. This is the western side, the Azov Sea. Dolzhanskaya spit end, where swimming is prohibited. There are amazing sunsets, and tourists hold photo shoots.

Central beach in Kuchugury

I have vacationed in Kuchugury several times. The beaches here are good and long – golden crumbly sand with flecks of beautiful shells. The sea everywhere is shallow, well heated and the entrance to the water is flat, but there are strong waves. The beach is closed from the winds by a high bank, so it is comfortable to go out of the sea. On the Central beach in Kuchugury all as usual: rent sun beds, working toilets, changing rooms and showers, water entertainment. In general, this is a good place for a budget and relaxing vacation at the Azov Sea, especially with children. Learn more about rest in Kuchugury.

Beaches in Kuchugury are good: soft golden sand with flecks of shells. Far, almost wild part of the beach in Kuchugury. If you go to the wild beaches, you can find beautiful large shells. Or something less pleasant – once I found a dead dolphin.

Beach Veselovka and Bugazskaya Spit

Excellent sandy beaches on the Black Sea coast are in Temryuksky district of Krasnodar Krai, in the village of Veselovka. I vacationed on the Central Beach Veselovka. It is equipped with the best: there are awnings, sun beds, changing rooms, water attractions.

In fact the beach flows smoothly into the Bugazskaya Spit – 13 km of wild sandy coast to the village Blagoveshchenskaya. Here you can find a secluded nook and stand with a tent, as do the locals. They come mostly for a day or two, often on weekends or holidays. You can also stay in guesthouses in one of the villages or in campsites on the beach.

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The coast is wide and covered with light sand. The sea water is very clean and clear. Dolphins swim to the shore, than cause a great delight vacationers. The bottom is shallow and there are many shallow areas that are perfect for children of preschool age. Entertainments it is not enough, but in the summer on beaches schools kitesurfing and windsurfing work, there is even a diving club. It is possible to cross a spit, to be covered with a dirt which is considered curative, and to bathe in waters of estuary.

A huge disadvantage of the beach on Bugazskaya Spit – almost no natural shade, so take a beach umbrella or a tent, drinking water and food. Garbage must be taken away with you. In addition, you can only get there by cab or private transport. Judging by reviews, in 2022 there is an entrance to the spit from the side of Veselovka, but from the side of Blagoveshchenskaya it is closed: you must leave your car at a paid parking lot or free along the road and then go on foot. I recommend to call on a spit from Veselovka, as there are much less people.

Beaches Blagoveshchenskaya

The village on the Black Sea is a good place for inexpensive family and youth recreation. Near Blagoveshchenskaya there are several excellent sandy beaches. I had a rest at the Central beach. The beach has all the necessary infrastructure: cafes, sun beds, inflatable slides, awnings from the sun, toilets, parking. It is convenient to have a rest with children: a gentle entrance to the sea and there are no strong currents. Algae are, but less than in Anapa. From the center of Anapa to the beach regularly go buses. A huge disadvantage – with sunset, as written by tourists, you must retreat, otherwise the mosquitoes will drag your feet into the estuary.

To the left of Central beach stretches Vityazevskaya Spit, where you can arrange a wild vacation. The sand and the entrance to the sea there are the same as on the Central beach, but people are much less, because the beach is known as a nudist. :)

Near auto camping there is a wide well-kept beach “Solaris”. It has a shower, toilet, clean drinking water, water activities, cafes and a store. The only problem is that the sand on this beach is mixed with shells. For kids it is not too convenient.

From the boarding house “Ugra” to Veselovka stretches the beaches of Bugazskaya spit, about which I wrote a little above.

Beaches in Vityazev

From Blagoveshchenskaya to Dzhemete along the Black Sea coast stretches a series of excellent wide sandy beaches with sand dunes. We, like most vacationers in Vityazev, were on the Central Beach, which is located near the waterfront Paralia. In summer the number of people is enormous. The sand on the beach is fine and pleasant, and the entrance to the sea is very flat – ideal for small children. There is all infrastructure. The only thing I did not like was the barkers with loudspeakers. Sense, as though you are at the station.

Less holidaymakers and quieter on the beaches “Tortuga” and “Wild”. There you should also go to those who have a car – there is parking. The sand with shells. Corn sellers got here too, but there are fewer of them than on Central.

Tourists who vacation in Vityazev love the sandy beach “Dunes” near the Peace Street for its good infrastructure, volleyball and soccer courts, massage parlors and the opportunity to rent sun beds. Compared to the Central beach, there are few people here.

If you stay at the “Marina”, “Astoria” or other major hotels, you can count on a great holiday on the closed beaches of hotels . Entrance to the hotel beaches is by pass, so there are no strangers.

Krasnodar Krai's best sandy beaches

Dunes in Vityazev.

Beaches Dzhemete

Dzhemete is a resort area with coastal large and small hotels. It reminded me of the Turkish Side. Imagine a very wide and very long strip of pure yellowish-white sand with small, overgrown with grass picturesque dunes. The expanse is such that even in the peak summer season there is no crowding and crowding! Through the dunes to the sea laid wooden decking, so that holidaymakers could easily walk.

In Dzhemete are some of the best sandy beaches of the Krasnodar region for recreation with children. Entrance to the water everywhere flat, and the depth increases gradually. On responses of tourists, the sea is much cleaner, than in Anapa, and, as it seems to me, the bloom of water is not so intensive, I saw seaweed only at the coast. From minuses – after storms water becomes turbid, in it there are algae and jellyfishes. In addition, with the sunset the fierce mosquitoes become active.

Tourists popular with tourists Central Beach Dzhemete . It is free. The infrastructure is well-developed, there is entertainment for all tastes. Many beaches Dzhemete are closed and belong to hotels, resorts, recreation centers and resorts. Outsiders are allowed for a fee, and the territory of beaches of children’s health camps are not allowed at all. We, for example, had a rest on our own beach of our hotel “White Sand” 4*.

In Dzhemete along the sea a lot of large hotels. The water is clean, but in August and September there is algae. They are not as much as in Anapa.

Anapa beaches

Most tourists vacation at the Central Beach . It is quite noisy and busy place, where a lot of water entertainment, children’s trampolines, slides and mazes, there is a rental of sun beds and umbrellas from the sun. The coast is covered with fine yellow-gray sand. The sea is not very deep, and the entrance is shallow, which is ideal for children. The main disadvantage – in the high summer there is algae.

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Near the Central Beach is free Medicinal beach. It is called so because a “pocket” is formed on the coast, and the beach throws a lot of algae – rockweed, kelp, ulva and cystosira. If you do not confuse greenish color of water and specific smell of iodine and hydrogen sulfide, have a rest on this beach. There are water slides, aerosols, massages, changing rooms, showers and lockers. We saw white swans in the water.

If you want to find a quieter place, go to the north of Anapka mouth to a wide sandy beach in the direction of Dzhemete. Service on it is not much different from the city center, and vacationers are less.

Central beach in Anapa. Central beach in Anapa.

Beaches Gelendzhik

Several good sandy beaches are in Gelendzhik. Everywhere the shore is covered with imported fine sand with a small admixture of sea shells, and the entrance to the sea is quite flat. All have a developed infrastructure. Here is a list of sandy beaches in Gelendzhik:

  • Central town beach.
  • “Dolphin”.
  • “2k22” is the most fashionable beach. For children twice a day animators hold foam parties. In addition to paid umbrellas with sun loungers, there is a free canopy.
  • “Bahamas” – themed sandy beach with palm trees.
  • “Lermontovsky”.
  • “Sports” is located near the shopping center and the pier. There you can only sunbathe, it is forbidden to swim.
  • “Tonky Cape” is a small beach near the boarding house “Tonky Cape”.

Central beach in Gelendzhik. Cabins for changing clothes on the beach “2k22”.

A beach in Arkhipo-Osipovka

In general, all beaches further Anapa – pebble, but you can meet on this stretch of coast and mixed sand and pebble. Such is the Central beach of Arkhipo-Osipovka, it is covered with a mixture of rounded pebbles and sand. The bottom of the sea is flat and mostly sandy, there are stones. I think you should swim in aqua suits.

On the beach there are fabric awnings, drinking fountains, showers and toilets. In some places to approach the water made comfortable wooden decking. From the beach and seafront is easy to walk to the dolphinarium, contact zoo and water park. Most tourists are families with children. Learn more about rest in Arkhipo-Osipovka.

Beach in Arkhipo-Osipovka sand and pebble. Sea in Arkhipo-Osipovka.

Beach in Dzhubga

Central beach Dzhubga too sand and pebble, the entrance to the water is quite flat. The beach is fully equipped for comfortable recreation, but in the summer it is so busy that there is nowhere to fall. I did not like the beach, because it is crowded and noisy, I advise you to choose another one. And in general Dzhubga is not a pleasant place. I do not understand why many people rest here, because there are good resorts nearby. Read the reviews of tourists about Dzhubga.

Krasnodar Krai sandy beaches

Beach in Dzhubga.

Beaches in Lermontovo

Another sand and pebble beach is 500 meters long in Lermontovo. It is called the Central Beach. Because of the shallow descent to the sea and shallow water it is suitable for recreation with children. The coast is covered with sand irregularly, there are areas with pebbles. Learn more about rest in Lermontovo.

Beach in Lermontovo. Beach in Lermontovo.

“Golden Beach” (“Golden Sands”).

As I have written before, sandy beaches in this part of the Krasnodar region – a great rarity. But there is an exception – the beach “Golden Beach” between Lermontovo and Novomikhailovsky (on google maps and MAPS.Me beach is listed as “Golden Sands”). We drove here by car from Lermontovo, also it seems there is a bus. On the beach there is an asphalt driveway, but the sign is so inconspicuous that we did not notice it, so parked along the road and down a steep path to the beach.

The beach is really sandy with very little admixture of pebbles. The entrance is flat and the water is clean, so people come here to bathe with small children. At depth there are boulders, be careful. By the way, the beach, although very popular, is free.

Krasnodar Krai sandy beaches

The beach “Golden Sands”.

Beach strip between Lermontovo and Novomikhailovskoye

Beach in Plyakho

On the territory of the children’s camp “Orlyonok” excellent sandy beaches, but they are closed to outsiders. The exception is the coastal strip near the resort village of Plyakho, where tourists are allowed for money. Admission costs 150 rubles for adults and free for kids under 6 years old. The ticket is valid for the whole day.

This beach is very loved by tourists because there is no loud music and callers, only the noise of the waves. It is clean and beautiful, completely sandy and with a gentle descent into the water, and the shallow water is about 50 meters. All the necessary infrastructure (toilets, showers, sun loungers, etc.) is there. You can have lunch at the Greek café and canteen “Orlenok”. It seems to be an ideal beach for introverts.

The beach of Radisson Hotel in Imeretinka

In Imeretinskaya bay all the beaches are pebbly, and the pebbles are very coarse. So if you have sandy beaches, they are made up of sand fillers, as the Radisson Collection Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi has. And the sand is poured only in the area of sun beds and playground, and you have to go to the sea on wooden decking. Entering the water is not very convenient, because the pebble. Be sure to need coral slippers. If you do not stay at the hotel, you can settle on this beach for a fee.

Krasnodar Krai sandy beaches

Beach hotel Radisson Collection Paradise Resort & Spa Sochi.

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