Single ticket to the Crimea 2021: price, how to buy, reviews

Single ticket to the Crimea 2021: price, how to buy, reviews

Single ticket to the Crimea. Where and how to buy. The price. Features of the fare.

Single ticket to the Crimea.

Recently, more and more people choose the Crimea for their travels. This peninsula is really beautiful. Landscapes, which look like picturesque brush paintings, picturesque mountains, stony coast and sandy beaches are worth seeing.

Due to its geographical position, getting here was not easy. We had to use several modes of transport, docking transfer times, and languishing in anticipation. To minimize the difficulties associated with the road, Russian Railways offered an excellent solution – a single ticket. It greatly simplifies the problem of traveling to Crimea, saving not only time, but money as well. After the commissioning of the railway bridge to the peninsula, and it became possible to get to your destination without transfers, the need for a single ticket, it would seem, no longer existed. But the management of Russian Railways has prolonged its validity for another year, so it makes sense to look into this issue.

What is a Single ticket?

We have long been accustomed to air travel and consider the plane the most convenient and fastest way to get anywhere. But often the prices of airline tickets are “biting” and many residents, especially those from far away regions, prefer to travel by rail. To get to Crimea, first you had to take the train to Krasnodar or Anapa and then continue by bus, cab or rental car. Agree, it is quite a quest – with bags on their shoulders and the children under the arm to run through an unfamiliar city in search of the right transport. You can go to the Crimea and the car, but not everyone will dare to spend a few days at the wheel, and the cost of such a trip will be considerable. Company Russian Railways offered an ingenious way out of this situation and called it “a single ticket.

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This is essentially a package of train and bus travel documents that you buy at the same time at the box office.

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The first ticket is a rail ticket to Anapa or Krasnodar. The second is a bus ticket – to one of the cities of Crimea. With it you can go to Sevastopol, Feodosia, Kerch, Simferopol, Evpatoria or Sudak.

The waiting time between the two modes of transport is about 2 hours, quite enough to get from one station to another, even having a snack on the way.

If the end point of your journey is further mentioned above cities, the ticket to the right place you buy yourself right there at the bus station, good bus service is established between all the settlements of the peninsula.

Well, if during the railroad journey, impressed by the stories fellow travelers, you decide to change your itinerary and stay in another town or village, the bus part of the ticket you can change at the ticket office at the railway station upon arrival, having paid a penalty of 50 rubles.

The advantages of a Single ticket are obvious. You do not have to suffer with transfers, fear of delays or a long wait for the next flight. Russian Railways takes care of all arrangements. Transfer time from the train to the bus docked, a separate seat in the bus is assigned to you, the bus station is located next to the railway station and can easily be found by signs. In addition, passengers are met by coordinators who bring everyone together and lead them to the bus. And with the One ticket you can get on the bus for less, and that’s important!

Where to buy a Single ticket

If you are interested in this advantageous offer, then the question immediately arises – where can you buy this magic travel document? The answer.

You can buy a Single ticket to the Crimea at any ticket office of the railway station. In hand you get two tickets. The first – a ticket on the train to Krasnodar or Anapa, and the second – the bus to the desired city.

If you have already purchased a train ticket, then a single ticket can be issued in advance of the trip, while still in your city, or upon arrival in Anapa or Krasnodar. In the latter case, take into account the established time limits. You will be sold a single ticket if from the time of departure of the train no more than 30 days, and if the departure of the bus is not less than 24 hours.

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Another way is the official website of Russian Railways. Electronic Single ticket here is made very simple, literally in a few clicks.

First you need to log in and go to a personal account. Then select the route and date of travel, for example, Moscow-Feodosia. Then click on “Routes with changes” and select the point of change – Anapa or Krasnodar. Tick the desired car and place. In the special fields enter the passport data. Make payment by bank transfer online. It remains to print tickets, each on a separate sheet.

Remember that the start of sales of single tickets on April 30, and the finish line on September 30. It is valid only during the high season. A ticket from the Crimea to Russia must be purchased at least one day before departure.

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Single ticket price

The price of a Single ticket cannot be the same. First and foremost, it is affected by the cost of the train ticket. The farther south you live, the more you will have to pay. The compartment car, the lower seats, the high season – all this increases the amount of rubles you will have to spend. Things are different with the price of the bus – it is fixed. Here are some fares:

  • Anapa-Simferopol – 590r, Krasnodar-Simferopol – 710r.
  • Anapa-Yevpatoria – 690r, Krasnodar-Yevpatoria – 810r.
  • Anapa – Kerch – 380r, Krasnodar – Kerch – 560r.
  • Anapa-Sevastopol – 690r, Krasnodar-Sevastopol – 810r.
  • Anapa-Yalta – 700r, Krasnodar-Yalta – 820r.

Check the schedule on the Unified ticket to the Crimea, the travel time, how much the train tickets cost and other information you can find on the website of Russian Railways. And do not forget that the sooner you buy a ticket the more grateful you will be to your wallet.

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What are the features of travel on a single ticket

  • Any child under 5 years of age travels for free, but it is necessary to issue a zero ticket. There are separate seats on the bus for all children.
  • Pets are allowed. Small pets are transported by placing them in a special container, in respect of large pets there are Russian Railways rules, which is better to clarify in the ticket office.
  • If your luggage weighs up to 36 kilograms, then it is carried free of charge.
  • If the train is delayed, you can take the next bus with the same ticket, but only if there are empty seats. In any case, you will be met by coordinators and solve the problem.
  • All benefits provided by the rules of Russian Railways for passenger transportation are preserved.

Undoubtedly, a single ticket is a very convenient service, the main advantage of which is cheap. Reviews of tourists differ only in their assessment of the comfort of the buses and the confusion in the free choice of seats in them. Otherwise, all noted the good organization and coherence of all systems.

Single ticket to the Crimea.

While the railway part of the Crimean bridge was not yet working, tourists had to get to the peninsula with transfers by several modes of transport. On December 23rd Vladimir Putin opened the railway traffic. From Kerch to Taman station went first symbolic train.

To facilitate travel to Crimea before the launch of the railway bridge, Russian Railways offered a unique solution: the opportunity to buy a single ticket to Crimea at a bargain price. This is a package option, which combines several tickets at once. It saves not only money, but also time.

It is expected that the “single ticket” will be sold in 2021, despite the launch of direct rail service. The main reason is that the fare prices will be an order of magnitude higher.

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What is a single ticket to the Crimea from Russian Railways?

As you know, the most convenient and fastest way to get to the peninsula is a flight to Simferopol from Moscow. Undoubtedly, it is beneficial for residents of the capital, but most tourists from the regions prefer to get by train, because the ticket is cheaper.

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Since the railroad to the Crimea is still closed, it turns out that the train can only go to Krasnodar or Anapa, and then have to go “cross-country”.

Transport everyone chooses depending on preferences and vacation budget. It can be a rental car, a cab or a bus – the most popular because of its cost-effectiveness option. It turns out that tourists, who have just got off the train, need to look for a bus stop, buy a ticket, and it’s all associated with exhausting hassle in an unfamiliar city.

The new package option A single ticket to the Crimea from Russian Railways is valid from April 30 to September 30, the high season. It includes several tickets:

  1. A train ticket to Anapa or Krasnodar.
  2. A bus ticket to one of the major cities of the Crimea (Kerch, Simferopol, Feodosia, Sevastopol, Sudak, Evpatoria).

If you bought a ticket for another resort, not included in the list, to get to him you can from these cities. From their bus stations run buses to all nearby villages and hamlets. The main thing is to determine the closest town to your destination.

Since May 22, 2018, the transfer time from train to bus has been reduced from 4 to 2 hours. However, even this time is more than enough to travel a couple of hundred meters from the station to the stop.

If you decide to go to another resort, while you were on the train, in the ticket office of Anapa or Krasnodar, you can change the bus ticket for the desired direction. Commission for the exchange is small – just over 50 rubles.

Advantages of buying a Single ticket

Buying such a ticket – it is very convenient:

  • – Transferring from the train to the bus to the Crimea will not be a problem. The bus stop is located near the train station – it will be easy to find thanks to the signs;
  • – you save time. The departure time of the bus coincides with the arrival time of your train, so you do not have to wait long for the next flight or worry that you may be late.
  • – Comfortable, hassle-free organization. A seat on the bus is assigned to a tourist who has a Single ticket.
  • – you save money.
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Conditions of buying Single ticket

Buy a single ticket to the Crimea from RZD can be at the box office of the railway station in your city. Paying your purchase, you will receive two tickets at once: by train and by bus.

To save time you can purchase a single ticket on a mobile app or on the official website of Russian Railways. The process of buying on the site is very simple:

  1. Select the cities of departure and arrival in the ticket search boxes on the main page (for example, it will be Moscow and Evpatoria), specify the date of travel, and then click on the “Buy ticket”.
  2. The robot will not be able to find direct flights, and this is correct. You need to click on the “Routes with transfers” button.
  3. A table with several route options will open. Select the most convenient one.
  4. Determine seats in the carriage and fill in personal information, and pay for the ticket with your bank card.
  5. Check your e-mail and print the boarding passes sent to the train and bus.
  6. After transferring the payment with your bank card, you will be able to print boarding passes for both modes of transport.

Buy a return Single ticket in the Crimea. It is advisable to do this a day before departure. All sale points are indicated on the map below.

Single ticket price to the Crimea.

The cost of the package offer varies depending on several factors:

  • – The distance from your city to Krasnodar or Anapa (the further you live, the more expensive the train ticket will cost);
  • – Type of carriage (compartment costs 1,5-2 times more expensive than the parlor car);
  • – Departure date (prices vary depending on the season, rising in June and August, going down in spring and at the end of September).

The price of bus ticket is fixed. It is possible to specify it with the help of the table.

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