Siracha – Pattaya without tourists

Siracha – Pattaya without tourists

Zoo in Siracha

Tired of the attractions of Pattaya and want to see the real Thailand? Get a trip to the small town of Siracha! Here they make the famous hot chili sauce, there is a Tiger Zoo and the island, which is loved by tourists from China.

Siracha – a town by the sea

This seaside town has many names. If you’ve been to Thailand, you probably remember the way the Thais call passersby to massage parlors – mista-a-masai or apologize – soli . A similar distortion of the name “Sri Raja” – “holy or venerable lord”. In Thai pronunciation, Si Racha became Siracha, Sriracha, or rather Sriracha, with an implicit stress on the last syllable.

Si Racha used to be a tiny fishing village. A small railroad was built there. Logs from logging operations were taken to the sea by narrow gauge railroad. In the 1930s, the settlement began to grow and became a town.

Today Siracha occupies an area of 4 sq. km. It is home to about 20 thousand people. Most of them are Thais, but at least a third of the population are Japanese – professionals who work in the port and enterprises of Chonburi province.

Tiger Zoo in Sriracha

Fishing boat on the outskirts of Pattaya (Photo: ImipolexG /

Walking the streets

It’s nice to walk around Siracha just for nothing. Near the coast, there are old wooden houses that have been lived in for a hundred years or more. Especially colorful look Thai housing on stilts.

Very close to the towering stylish skyscrapers – hotels and condominiums, modern shopping centers, small stores and markets. There is a Protestant church, a beautiful Taoist temple, and several Buddhist wats.

There are many signs in the center with Japanese characters. This is understandable – the Japanese community in Sirach is large. You can buy Japanese food and taste authentic Japanese delicacies because the chefs from the Land of the Rising Sun work here.

Do you know how to distinguish Japanese from Thai on the streets of Sirachi? You don’t even have to look closely at the eyes and the clothes. Unlike the Japanese and us Russians, Thais hardly ever sweat in the heat.

The Tiger Zoo in Siracha

Pattaya tourists are well known for the Siracha Tiger Zoo. Siracha Tiger Zoo is located on the eastern edge of town, 9.5 km from Sukhumvit.

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How to get to the zoo . The bus trip from Pattaya to the Tiger Zoo costs 750 baht. If you want to go on your own, get off at Sukhumvit and take any minivan which is going towards Bangkok. Tell the driver to drop you off near Robinson Mall in Siracha: 13.167528, 100.931171. From there it’s an easy three-wheeled tuk-tuk to the zoo for 150 baht or a cab for 200 baht. Arrange with the driver and he will bring you back at the right time.

Ticket to the zoo for an adult costs 450 baht, and for a child – 250 baht. Kids under 100 cm in height are free.

Zoo in Sriracha

Tiger show at the zoo (Photo: Dean Croshere /

Health Park

You don’t have to sail to a tropical island to experience a little paradise. On the Gulf of Thailand, there’s a small health park, Surasak Montri Public Park, in Sirach. Locals come here to run on the tracks and work out on the machines.

If you come to Thailand with a child, go to Sirachi Park to play in the playground and feed the squirrels. There are plenty of them here, and the nimble squirrels are eager to take treats from your hands. In the center of the park, there’s a small sandy beach by the sea.

Loy Island

In 500 meters from the coast you can see Ko Loi – in Thai “floating island”. It leads to a modern, recently renovated road bridge. During Thai holidays, the entire roadway is lined with toy, food and clothing stalls.

At the entrance to Ko Loi there is a fountain with sculptures of marlins, the symbols of Sirachi. In the center of the island, on a stone hill rises a Buddhist wat, and at the foot of it there are several Chinese shrines. The area around it looks like a beautiful park – flowering trees, bushes and benches for those who want to sit and admire the sunset.

A few years ago there was a pond with big sea turtles on Ko Loe. Thais would come to feed the turtles and watch them lay their eggs in the sand. During the renovation, the turtles were relocated to a nursery, but eventually they plan to return to Siracha.

Traveling to Siracha from Pattaya

Wat Ko Loi in Siracha (Photo: ekeidar /

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Sichang Island

Another attraction in Sirachi is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 11 kilometers from the city. Colorful wooden boats with the proud name of ferry run to the island of Ko Sichang from 7:00 to 20:00 – once an hour. One way fare is 50 baht.

Koh Si Chang is a special island! It is inhabited by ethnic Chinese. On the mountain is a temple complex with caves and Buddhist shrines, where many Chinese tourists come on weekends. On weekdays, Ko Sichang is quiet and peaceful. White squirrels live in the tree branches, and black pet pigs can be seen in the thickets of bushes.

On a rocky island there is a small beach with clear water, a free Sea Museum and aquariums with the inhabitants of the Gulf of Thailand. On the site where there used to be the summer residence of King Rama V, laid out a luxurious park. On the coast several ancient buildings. Teak palace Thai monarch dismantled and moved to Bangkok. Of it on the island is left only a stone foundation.

Ko Sichang – an excellent alternative to Ko Lan. Even better! On this island, a lot of small hotels and hostels, stores, restaurants and cafes, and almost no tourists.

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Pier on Sichang Island (Photo: suwapitch13 /

Wat on the Mountain.

One of the great new buildings of Sichang is a temple, a large statue of Buddha and a great observation deck on the mountain. We’ve seen many interesting places in Thailand, but the view from Khao Phra Khru Viewpoint struck us to the core. From here you can see the whole of Siracha, the golden roofs of the temples, a large stretch of the coast, the islands of Ko Loi and Ko Sichang. Coordinates: 13.157757, 100.926115.

The observation deck has two levels. Between the open mouths of the two dragons is fixed crystal ball with a diameter of 40 cm, in which upside down is reflected the entire city. On the forested mountain lives a flock of wild macaques. Don’t forget to take bananas or peanuts for them!

The large religious complex is never empty. Thais bring offerings, pray and talk to the monks. A picturesque platform at the foot of the Buddha statue is used for group meditations.

How to get to the viewpoint in Siracha. From Sukhumvit you can walk up the road. We were too lazy to climb the steep climb in the heat and hired a tuk-tuk near the Robinson Mall. For 100 baht the driver took us all the way to the top. Down to Sukhumvit we went on foot.

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View from the observation deck

Siracha Sauce

What souvenir to bring from Sirachi and Thailand in general? Of course, the famous hot chili sauce, which is known and loved all over the world. It was invented by Madame La Orr Suwanprasop, a resident of Sirachi. In 1932, she began selling the delicious sauce in Bangkok. Many chefs appreciated it and began using it in their restaurants.

Bottles of Siracha sauce are sold in stores in the city, Robinson and Atara Mall. You don’t have to waste time looking for the sauce in Siracha itself! You can easily buy it in any supermarket in Pattaya.

How to get to Siracha from Pattaya

It’s not a bargain to take a cab – the cost is from 400 baht one way. By renting a bike you will reach the place in half an hour. If you count on public transportation, there are two options.

From the northern outskirts of Pattaya – Banglamung to the market Sirachi goes white songhteo. The fare is 30 baht. We took a suntoteo near Sukhumvit: 12.970055, 100.910763.

Another option is to take a minivan from Pattaya to Bangkok to Sirachi. It will cost a little more at 60 baht.

Siracha Sauce in Thailand

Sriracha sauce with the famous rooster (Photo: Au Kirk /

The city of Sriracha in Thailand

The town of Sriracha is located in Chonburi on the Gulf of Thailand, 80 km from Bangkok and 30 km from Pattaya. All spellings of this Thai place are Sri Racha, Si Racha, Siracha, Si Racha, Siracha, Sri Racha, Sri Racha, Siracha, Siracha.

Pier in Sriracha

This place is famous far beyond its borders not only for the tiger zoo – Sriracha Tiger Zoo, but also for the spicy sauce with the same name, which is produced here. And few people think about the fact that you can live here for a week, a month or a year. In this article, we eliminate that white spot and maybe someone will settle here afterwards.

Pier in Sriracha

Of course, we are referring to those who are in Thailand for a long time, a month or more. If you come to the country for a week or two, you should definitely not stop here. There are no special attractions, except for the tiger zoo Sriracha and nearby island Sichang. But for the long-timers in Thailand, the city is of undoubted interest in terms of rental housing and, in general, accommodation.

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Sriracha covers an area of only 4 square kilometers and is home to about 20,000 people. The city is the capital of the district of the same name, which covers an area of 616.4 sq. km. and where live and live well 170 thousand people. The name comes from the Indian word Sri Raja, but the Thais have twisted it in their own way and adapted it to their language.


In Sriracha not a bad tourist infrastructure: hotels, restaurants, bars, massage parlors, two parks, large shopping centers and stores, there is even its own computer and digital technology store – Tuk Kom (analog of Tuk Kom in Pattaya). Siracha is much better than Pattaya, because here there is almost the same as there, just without the crowds of tourists. And the sea is cleaner, and has its own island nearby – Sichang (12 km from the mainland).

Tuk Kom in SrirachaCity of Sriracha (Thailand)

In our opinion, Sichang deserves special attention and stands apart from all the other islands of Thailand. First of all, it was the first island in the country to be visited by foreigners. They “hung out” there more than 100 years ago, in the late 19th century and it was a noble European aristocracy. Secondly, the island is the closest to Bangkok, and in the past there rested king himself (was even built a summer residence, but then it moved to Bangkok). Despite such a rich history, there are currently very few people on Sichang, except on weekends, when the Thais come here from Bangkok. On its sandy beaches you can live in peace and quiet, without the swarm of tourists, as on Ko Lan – the island near Pattaya. Although near the city you can also swim, but everyone goes to the island for the sea.


For shopping in Siracha there is a huge store – the Pacific Park Shopping Mall. In the 4-story building you can buy almost everything – clothes, shoes, electronics, phones, cameras, jewelry, baby products, etc., etc. Naturally, like any large shopping center, there are banks and many restaurants, both regular and fast-food, like KFC. There is also the famous Robinson department store, which has branches in every major city in the country. On the top floor you can go to the movies.

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Pacific Park Shopping Mall in SrirachaPacific Park Shopping Mall in Sriracha


As mentioned above, there are few sights in Siracha. In addition to the zoo, which is located east of town, you can go to the island Ko Loi, which is connected to the mainland by a kilometer bridge. There are many interesting things there. First, there are two temples. One – the Chinese – right at the water’s edge. It is open from all sides and looks like a gazebo with a white deity inside. The second temple, or rather a small Thai temple complex consisting of several buildings, is on an elevated site. There are several human-sized statues of the Golden Buddha, as well as an “alley” with bells (their ringing is believed to release from all sins). From the highest point of the temple complex (about the level of a 5-story house) are good panoramic views of the city and its coast.

Turtles in a pond in SrirachaChinese Temple in Sriracha

Thai Temple in SrirachaThai Temple in Sriracha

View of SrirachaView of Sriracha

Many interesting things at the foot of the temple. First there is a statue of a fat Buddha giving good luck and wealth. Secondly, there are several interesting sculptures of the Black Buddha and a fish. And finally, most importantly, there is a pond in which giant turtles are swimming and you can feed them.

The town of Siracha is very conveniently located. It’s just a little over an hour drive to Bangkok and its many attractions, half an hour – to Pattaya, with its fun and nightlife, and 12 km to the secluded island Sichanga. The town itself is small and quiet because it is not the provincial capital (like Chonburi) and a resort destination. In fact, it can be a launching pad for any kind of holiday, and just the opposite – sightseeing in Bangkok, partying in Pattaya and beach in Sichang.

How to get to Sirach

You can get there from Bangkok, from Ekkamai East Bus Station. The ticket costs less than 100 baht, travel time 1-1.5 hours depending on traffic. From Pattaya, you can easily take a white sungteo that runs along Sukhumvit highway (20 baht).

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