Sochi airport : how to get there

How and how to get to Sochi from the airport

Sochi International Airport named after V. I. Sevastyanov is located 30 kilometers from the center (airport on the map) on the outskirts of the resort and the area Adler. Depending on traffic congestion and type of transport it takes from 30 minutes to one and a half hours to get from there to the center.

The main problem is that the capacity of the roads here is not very high, and during rush hours or bad weather you can stand in traffic jams in Adler or at the entrance to the center. And also local road builders like to repair the already good road surface, again creating traffic jams. So if you need to get to the airport before your flight departs, it is advisable to allow an hour and a half for the road, of course, with plenty of time to go through the check-in and security checkpoints. Avoid travel delays by train, which always take about 40 minutes, but are infrequent.

Here are detailed instructions for each mode of transport, how and by what to get from the airport to the center of Sochi and back:


  • Travel time: 30-60 minutes.
  • Cost: from 800 rubles.

At the airport in the arrivals hall you will be met by local “bambiliacs” who will offer their cab services. Their prices are higher than even the official airport cab, but you can arrange with them to travel with hitchhikers to get cheaper if you are traveling alone. They’ll find your own traveling companions or put you in a car that’s already leaving.

If you need the whole car for your family or company, it is better to order an official cab at the counter in the arrivals hall or through the aggregators YandexGo, Uber, etc., for the same price. Also local taxi companies offer good fixed prices, which you can find on the Internet. If you don’t have a mobile Internet connection, you can use the free airport WiFi or call one of the taxi companies or aggregators to order a car:

  • Red Taxi +7 (862) 290-00-00
  • Maxim +7 (862) 222-22-22
  • Yandex +7 (862) 444-44-42
  • Veset +7 (862) 244-44-44
  • Tap Taxi +7 (862) 448-48-48

Please note that if you want to go from the city center to the airport in the summertime in the afternoon, it’s better to give an hour and a half for a trip, because because of traffic jams and repairing works there is a chance to get stuck on the way before the flight. In addition, cheap cabs booked through apps sometimes have to wait a long time during high season, bad weather or during rush hours. In the case of a time-critical trip to the airport or train station, we advise you to apply for a car with an extra 30-60 minutes to spare.

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If you need comfort and convenience, you can book a ready-made transfer. Then the car will be waiting for you after landing a board, and the driver will meet you in the arrivals hall with a sign. You can book a transfer at kiwitaxi,, and you can also search on the websites of local taxi companies online.

Search for a transfer

Find the desired route

Online Booking

Book your transfer online

Meeting by driver

Your driver will pick you up at the airport or train station

Rent a car

  • Travel time: 30-60 minutes.
  • Cost: from 150 rubles (carsharing), from 1300 rubles (daily).

You can leave the airport in a rental car right from the airport after making a contract at the counter in the arrival hall, or if you have done it online in advance. Booking in advance online will save time and money.

In addition to daily rent at the airport is available a short-term rental with per-minute payment – carsharing BelkaCar. The cost per minute of the trip – from 5 rubles, there is a free parking “Squirrels” at the airport. That is, you can take the car here, drive to the place of rest, and there to complete the trip. If you take into account that it takes you 30-60 minutes to get to the center of Sochi, the trip will cost you 150-300 rubles for the whole car, which is cheaper than a cab or even a train if you are traveling as a family or a group. Read more about renting in Sochi here.

Cars for rent in Sochi

BlackCar in Sochi

And for long term rentals we advise you to use these trusted car search and booking sites:

  • Rental Cars (best Russian-speaking support and lowest prices ).
  • Rent a car at Discover Cars
  • Rent a car at Economy Bookings

Electric train / Aeroexpress

  • Travel time: 40 minutes.
  • Cost: from 176 rubles.

Modern comfortable electric trains run between the airport, Adler and the center of Sochi several times a day and take 40 minutes. The good thing is that the trains are not affected by traffic jams, so if you need to get from the center to the airport just in time, this is the best option. But of course you need to take into account quite rare schedule of their movement.

The station is right at the airport, you can get from the terminal by a covered walkway using the signs. You can buy tickets at the ticket office or vending machine, when buying must specify the destination station. Fare (in 2021) – 176 rubles.

Расписание электричек а/п Сочи->Sochi Center
Route/destination Departures. Time Arrival.

см. полное расписание >>>

Расписание электричек Центр Сочи->Sochi airport
Route/destination Departures. Time Arrival.

см. полное расписание >>>

Electric train in Sochi

Train to Sochi

City buses

  • Travel time: from 60 minutes.
  • Cost: from 86 rubles.

From the airport there are regular city buses, there are no special shuttles or expresses. If you have large luggage it will be uncomfortable, and with very large suitcases you may not fit into the salon at all. The stop is located just outside the arrival hall on the lower level. At the entrance you may pay by card or in cash to the driver.

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There are only two routes to the center of Sochi: #105 and #105c. This is a passable bus, departing every 45-60 minutes from 05:00 to 20:00. The buses go through the center of Sochi on Gorky Street near the railway station and terminate at Moremall shopping mall. Bus 105c goes faster because it makes fewer stops along the way, but runs less frequently.

Bus in Sochi

Bus in Sochi.

See also our other instructions about transportation in Sochi and how to get there:

Very sensible instructions, thank you very much ! Always use your instructions wherever we can.

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How to get from Sochi Airport (Adler) to the city center – all ways

Even if you have been to Sochi once or twice it does not immediately dawn on you that Sochi Airport and Adler Airport are one and the same.

The airport is international, but at the same time small, especially in the arrivals area, do not be surprised. With its own railroad branch line, which can be used to get to any settlement in the direction of Sochi or Rosa Khutora.

Planes from Moscow are usually driven right up to the airport building and people are dropped off through the “sleeve”. In general, everything is clear here, the traffic scheme is not complicated and all directions are well readable according to the signs.

How to get from the airport to Sochi and vice versa

By cab

The most popular and the easiest way to get from Sochi airport is to take a cab. Already at the luggage claim area you will be beckoned to the only cab stand and offered a car at the highest price. But provided that there are no other willing participants, you can get a little discount on the price.

Cab prices at this counter are shown in the pictures below. In the arrivals hall and upon exiting the airport building you are immediately attacked by private taxi drivers, they have lower prices. Although again it all depends on the greed of the taxi driver.

Alternatively, you can call a cab through the Yandex. Cab or Gettaxi, they are approximately the same in terms of price. The only disadvantage is that you may have to cross the airport parking lot and go up the stairs to the track, since cab drivers don’t want to go to the airport parking lot.

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Actually, this also applies to private taxi drivers. The average price to Sochi is 900-1500 rubles per car.

Cab stand at the baggage claim area, Sochi Airport

Cab fare from Sochi Airport (Economy) Sochi Airport cab fare (Premium)

Transfer via Internet

You can arrange a transfer with the hotel or the owner of the apartment, or you can order a car from Kiwitaxi in advance. I’ve used them myself several times, they are an international company, and they are available in many countries.

It is convenient that the driver meets you upon arrival, you can order a child’s chair for a child, etc. The price to the center of Sochi is about 1500 rubles.

Rent a car

One of the options to get to the city is a rental car. But of course this only makes sense if you are planning an active travel with sightseeing.

I always and everywhere take a car, which is much more convenient and comfortable than public transport or organized tours.

It is best to rent through brokers Economybookings and LocalRent. The first known search engine for international rentals (but in Russia shows the local ones), and the second only works with local rentals, where prices are lower, and accepts Russian cards. Both have been tested by me more than once. All rental terms are known in advance.

You will have a choice between international companies and local ones. The average price starts at 1500-2000 rubles per day, depending on the season and class of the car.

At one time I used to drive from Moscow to Sochi in my own car in order not to pay the rent on the spot, but still you lose at least 2 days on the road, and you get very tired. When vacation is short, it is a pity to lose this time. That is why I always take a car to Sochi, too.

For 10 years, 16 hours a day I made travel guides for travelers. 1.5 years ago I was almost killed by a stroke. I survived, but am struggling with paralysis.

If my blog has helped you, I would appreciate a donation. You can pay with a card of 100 rubles, 500 rubles or 1000 rubles.

Rent a car in Sochi


Going to Sochi by carsharing will cost you about 300-500 rubles, depending on the car, traffic and so on. If you get stuck specifically, it may be 1000 rubles. But you can look at traffic jams on Yandex beforehand.

You need Belka car, URent Car and You Drive. Not all of them have free parking near the airport. So read my separate post about carsharing.


As I said above, the airport in Sochi has its own railroad branch line, which ends near the terminal. It is easy to find the station by the railway signs, so there is no need to write any special instructions.

In addition to the railway station Adler you can easily find the station sign, so there is no need to write any special instructions. To Adler the trip takes about 10 minutes, and to Sochi almost an hour.

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With transportation to Krasnaya Polyana from the airport the situation is much worse – there is some cloudy schedule with several trains a day. It is not clear, whether it is adjusted to flight arrivals or not.

So I usually take either a cab, or a rental car, or a carshare. Separately, I wrote a detailed post on how to get to Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana.

Prices: from airport to Adler – 50 p, Sochi (Mamayka) – 105 p, Rosa Khutor – 250 p.

Sochi Airport Railway Station Sochi Airport Train Schedule


You need the routes 105, 105C (marshrutka 105-k) and 124 (to the railway station).

Transport begins to go from 6 am and last trip is after 11 pm. City buses and minibuses stop at Sochi Airport every 10-30 minutes, the intervals depend on the season.

Here you may also take into consideration that the airport is not the limit of the universe and not a terminal station of the routes, so please pay attention to the stops or you may miss somewhere at Rosa Khutor.

Prices for transportation from airport: to Sochi – 90R, Adler – 35R, Krasnaya Polyana – 150R, Gorki Gorod – 170R, Rosa Khutor – about 200R.

Airport Sochi


Adler is perceived as a separate, independent city, thanks to Sochi’s stretching along the coast and the concentration of its infrastructure around former villages and hamlets, now micro-districts. Adler is the largest of them all. It is located on a plain, so they managed to cram a lot of useful things into its infrastructure.

It has an airport, a big railway station, old town, new town, Olympic objects of sea cluster, the border with Abkhazia and a lot of traffic intersections, on which even seasoned fighters of Moscow Ring Road and Ring Road can get lost.

All tourists arriving for the first time in Sochi are surprised that it takes more than five minutes to get to Sochi from Sochi Airport. In principle it is not a new phenomenon, but here you have to drive not through wasteland of suburbs, but through dense infrastructure of a large city.

The airport is open 24 hours a day and accepts almost all types of aircraft. On the second floor, near sector “B” of the airport you will find a free “mother and baby room”. This is an apartment that includes a reception room, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

In the “C” sector there is a luggage room, where you can drop your luggage for 300 rubles per day (plus 100 for each following day). Well, and standard for all airports, free Wi-Fi with fairly stable quality and speed of connection.

Sochi AirportDeparture hall at Sochi AirportYou can charge your mobile phone at check-in counters in the departure loungeThe baggage claim area is very smallATMs on arrival just after exit

The airport has several types of parking: hourly (100 rubles per hour) and daily (350-500 rubles per day).

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