Sochi in October 2022. Where to relax? Weather and reviews

Is it worth going to Sochi in October?

You can’t say that in Sochi in October, it’s warm as summer. But the velvet season at Russia’s flagship resort continues. And in some years – with good weather and a bit of luck – in October, people swim on the beaches of Sochi. And, in addition to the not quite cool sea, mid-autumn is the time of excursions and hikes in the mountains.


It’s unbelievably beautiful at Krasnaya Polyana in autumn! This month is the peak of the brightest colors. In addition, October is considered a good time to travel to Abkhazia (especially the first). And since day trips there are some of the most in demand, this is another reason to plan a trip.

In this article, we will tell you what the weather is in Sochi in October and how high the likelihood of swimming in the sea. What events and festivals will take place in mid-autumn. And what to see in the surrounding area in the first place.

Excursions in Sochi

The most interesting excursions are itineraries from locals on Tripster. You can start with a sightseeing tour of Sochi. See the Seaport, the embankment, the Arboretum, the Olympic Park and much more. And one day to devote to a neighboring country – “To Abkhazia from Sochi! Group tour to the Land of Soul” (12 hours).

Weather in Sochi in October

October is a warm month on the coast of Sochi. But fortunately it is not hot. Daytime temperatures rise to a comfortable 22-23 °. On some days may be lower (15-17 °). But this is rather an exception than a pattern. Nights in October are already cool, but in Sochi and 11-13 ° tolerated easily.

Weather in Sochi in September
September 17° to 26° 6 days
October 12° to 20° 8 days
November 8° to 15° 11 days

Weather in the mountains of Sochi is different from the coast. In October, it is cool in autumn. Planning to climb, for example, Rosa Peak at a height of 2,320 meters, you must have a jacket with a hood. And if it’s windy, you should have a hat on beforehand.

As for the rains, they are not rare in Sochi in October. But heavy, for several days in a row, they do not happen very often. The biggest trouble, perhaps, is morning fogs. And occasionally overcast skies without rain.

On holiday in Sochi in October you should take both warm clothes (demi-season jackets, coats, jeans, sweaters), and light (t-shirts, shirts). It can be hot during the day. Especially for those who move a lot. Swimsuits are also useful, because many people swim in October (especially in Abkhazia, if you go).

Oleg Belozerov: “We vacationed in Sochi at the beginning of October. The weather was warm, but we did not swim every day because the sea was stormy. There were thunderstorms several times in eight days of rest, but they passed quickly. Two times we even saw a rainbow, it was beautiful. The humidity in Sochi is high. But the nature there is beautiful, we have seen dolphins in the sea. It was mostly cloudy, but we got a nice tan”.

What to do and see in October

Excursion program in October is rich. It is better to start acquaintance with the seafront, the Olympic Park, the route through the abandoned sanatoriums (developed in 2022). To visit the Arboretum and the park “Southern Cultures” in Adler.

33 waterfalls - a beautiful cascade near Sochi. How to get there, reviews, photos

If you have not been, go to Red Glade and 33 waterfalls in Lazarevskoe. And you should definitely go to Abkhazia. There are a lot of reasons for this. The heat is finally coming down, but the sea is still warm. There comes the season of fruits and vegetables, beautiful views and very bright colors. Such Abkhazia is only in autumn!

Lake Ritsa in October, Abkhazia Photo: Lauri Fotobank View from the peak of Rosa Peak in autumn

What events and festivals are planned in Sochi in October 2022:

  • From October 1 to November 30, Krasnaya Polyana is holding a “Bright Autumn Holidays” promotion. During the whole period, free accommodation for children under 12 years old in the hotels Polyana 540 and Polyana 960, family ski passes (with discount), the program for adults and children from 12 entertainments;
  • On October 8, Enrique Iglesias’s concert should take place in the Olympic Park . True, twice postponed (from June 1, 2021 and February 12, 2022);
  • The Olympic Park invites you to visit the Nikola Tesla and Leonardo museums. And the planetarium “Sirius” (st. Mezhdunarodnaya, 10B) opened in October 2021. Excursion duration 1 hour. Tickets 550 / 450 rubles);
  • Chestnut Festival is traditionally held in mid-October at Krasnaya Polyana resorts. There are all kinds of chestnut dishes, fair of local products and souvenirs, master classes, competitions, etc;
  • Excursions to tea plantations (in Matsesta, Solokh-Aul village, etc.) are popular in Sochi. Until the end of October just continues harvesting;
  • In October, the Winter Theater of Sochi invites you to the capital performances. On the 1st – “Elder Son,” on the 2nd – “Jewish Happiness,” and on the 19th – “Paris Transit.” Tickets and the poster for the entire month on the official website

Natalia Lavin: “To be in Sochi and not visit the Olympic Park? I think that’s not right. I think that everyone who is vacationing in Sochi should visit it and feel the scale of its construction. Despite the fact that I myself was not wildly delighted. And also the Arboretum, it just amazed me! All in bloom and fragrance and it’s in October))”).

Adler in October – 2022: our review of the weather, sea and prices


We spent two weeks here and we liked everything – the weather, the sea, the sun. October Adler is beautiful, the velvet season is in full swing. We will stay by the sea and for the whole November, so if here there was a link, we have written a text review about the last month of autumn as well.

Before going to Adler in October I was guided by the reviews about rest and weather of last year and I realized that +23 ° C heat more than suits me. I put T-shirts and shorts in my suitcase and now here I am, breathing the sea.


Weather in October in Adler and Sochi

Beach in Adler

Adler = Sochi, there is only 30 kilometers between the cities, the weather does not differ.

The weather in October in Adler is highly variable. If at the beginning of the month tourists are waiting for +25 ° C during the day and the opportunity to swim in warm water, in late October at night the temperature can drop to +12 ° C … +15 ° C degrees, and it gets cold.

Dagomys troughs and tea plantation

I was surprised that going out at 7 am in a jacket and shorts at +15 ° C, after an hour, I was hiding from the heat in the shade, because the temperature jumped sharply to +25 ° C. So at first I did not trust the weather forecast:)

The average temperature of water and air in October in Adler:

Air, ° C Water, ° C
beginning of October late October beginning of October late October
ADLER +23 +22 +24 +20

Air temperature

The air temperature in Adler in October is as comfortable as possible, from +20 to +25 degrees – not hot (although no, it is hot in the open sun!!), not cold. I am writing this text on October 30, and it is sunny, +21 outside. Yes, at the end of the month it can be rainy, especially in the mountains, sometimes there is wind and waves. But overall everything is extremely “clean” and warm.

What I have definitely learned about the weather here: it changes very quickly. Since the evening for today it was promised 100% rain all day, I’m sitting outside – and not a drop:)

Water temperature in the sea

The Sea in Sochi (Adler) Walking on the seafront of Adler

Do people bathe in Adler in October? Yes! Up to the middle of the month the sea temperature remains at a comfortable +23 degrees. Even at the end of October I saw many people having a swim in the sunny day, though the water had already cooled down to +21.

On the question of swimming reviews of tourists about Adler in October are divided, and it’s normal, because for one and +23 is already cool. A bunch of times I heard cries from the water from “and the water is warm!” to “horror, it’s cold!”. So I voiced the figures and will add that I myself have bathed a couple of times.

By the way, at the end of October jellyfish arrive to the shore! There are so many of them that straight br-r-r. Holidaymakers assured that they do not sting, and children joyfully caught their hands – but still it was uncomfortable.

Prices for tours to Adler in October – 2022

The best part of going to Adler in October on par with the weather is the cost of airfare/lodging and tours. First about the latter.

Now, from August 25 to September 10, 2022 action from Rostourism “get 20% cashback for a holiday tour in Russia” – you probably have heard about it. Moreover, you can spend your vacation not only in the resorts of the Krasnodar region, but also in St. Petersburg, for example. The conditions are simple, and holidays in Adler in November just right: Mir card payment for the tour, the purchase until September 10, 2022, and the trip itself from October 1 to December 25, 2022. There are still mandatory nuances like card registration, if interested – read here.

1. Choosing a tour as a way to get and stay in Adler is not a bad idea at all. Many tour operators deliver tourists to Russian resorts, and the price range is great, see the best deals on aggregators (they all participate in a cashback program):

In 2022 in October, a trip for 7 nights costs from 25,000 rubles for two. The closer to November, the lower the minimum bar is. A “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” hotel tour costs from 40,000 rubles for a week, and “all inclusive” from 80,000 rubles.

Rest in the private sector Golubitskaya: prices for accommodation - 2022

2) Airfare in October is also much cheaper – for example, we bought a direct flight for 2500 rubles one way from Kazan. Check out the prices from your city to Sochi on Aviasales.

Accommodation – where did we stay in Adler?

Our Apartment in Adler Apartment in Adler

Prices for accommodations in Adler fall in October – not only for apartments, but also for hotels, because there comes a kind of “off-season” between the summer beach and winter ski vacation.

I think this should definitely be taken advantage of! For instance, if you rent an apartment for 4000 rubles per day in summer, you can rent it for 2000 rubles in October. It’s the same with hotels – the season is over, and the most expensive hotel on the coast, the Radisson Blue, costs not sky-high 14-17 thousand rubles per night, but a “modest” 7 thousand rubles. Check out our selection of the best hotels in Sochi and compare how prices are adjusted

We lived in a studio, in the Imereti Port area. With a view of the bamboo grove and a cozy balcony – for 2100 rubles per day. If you come on your own and want to find an apartment in the private sector, the service will help you:

Good hotels in Adler

Hotel RAdisson Collection

And for the search of hotels now will be useful domestic services:

Here’s a selection of great hotels with pool/breakfasts, whose prices drop significantly in October:

✅ 5* Radisson Collection Paradise Resort&Spa – price in season – from 12,000 to 16,000 rubles per night / price in late October-November – from 7000 rubles.

✅ 4* Imeretinsky – price in season – 8000 rubles per day, price at the end of October – 5500 rubles, and in November – 4000 rubles.

✅ 4* Citrus – during the season from 7700 roubles per day, and in October from 3400 roubles.

At Krasnaya Polyana, we stayed in a room with a view of the mountains in a 4* Courtoired by Marriott hotel for only 3,500 rubles, when the regular price is about 7,000 rubles! You go out on the balcony in the morning, make coffee and enjoy the view with a 50% discount, would spend every weekend like that! And the elevator (exactly to Krasnaya Polyana, not to the Rose of Peak), which goes free thanks to the hotel, just 50 meters away.

So, it is possible to rent a house in October much cheaper. What else?

Prices in October

Prices for products in Adler Torgovyi centr mandarin

There are still groceries, cafes, restaurants, canteens – and that’s where the price tag does not drop. The cost of catering in Adler is at the same level as in major Russian cities.

For example, here’s buying in a grocery store:

  • Potatoes, 1 kg – 30 rubles
  • Carrots, 1 kg – 30 rubles
  • Eggs, 10 pieces. – 80 rubles
  • Avocado, 1 kg – 400 rubles
  • A Can of Beans, 400g – from 50 rubles
  • Bananas, 1 kg – 90 rubles
  • Nonmilk, 1 liter – 110 rubles
  • Water, 5 l – 45 rubles

Have lunch at the dining room: 300-350 rubles per person. Go to a cafe: 400-700 rubles.

What to see in Adler in the fall?

Krasnaya Polyana (Rosa Khutor)

I’ll start with what we personally saw in the vicinity of Adler and Sochi. Attractions here in a variety, especially if you are here for the first time.

Private Sector in Loo. Prices - 2022. How to rent a place without intermediaries.

1. Go on an excursion to Abkhazia and add 1 country to your piggy bank, if you have one. One day is quite enough to buy wine, cheeses, look at the lake Ritsa. The price starts at 1500 rubles per person.

2. Go up to the mountains at Krasnaya Polyana – we went up twice, it is so beautiful there. Although the pleasure is not cheap, the elevator to the highest point of Rosa Khutor costs 1590 rubles per person. *But it is possible to save a little money, I tell about it in the video:

3. Of course to go to Sochi in October and see the main street, the embankment, a couple of waterfalls and abandoned Sanatorium them. Ordzhonikidze without the exhausting heat.

Advice. In Adler you can take a carshare – either Yandex.Drive, or BelkaCar. If you decide, here’s a promo code for the first ride “GRMO3459” for Belka.

4. Next is the Autodromo Sochi (in Adler), where the Formula 1 takes place. I have not gotten here yet – it is worth going there because of the race track. Excursion on the autodrome costs 500 rubles, to drive on the track – from 3490 rubles.

5. Skypark – misunderstood by me entertainment, when you pay a lot of money to jump from a height. Thank you, but in life extreme falls (figuratively) is also enough:))) The Bungy 207 jump, if you take a ticket in advance, costs 15,600 rubles; the regular price is 18,000 rubles.

Tip. If you want to jump, buy a ticket a couple of weeks before the trip online at the official website.

Sochi Park

6. Sochi Park is the number one amusement park in Russia. If you have been to PortAventura in Spain, the Sochi Park will not interrupt your impressions. If not, it is time to try it! The ticket for an adult 1900 rubles, for a child 1700 rubles.

7. The Olympic Park and its objects. It is a huge pedestrian space with the “popular” entertainment in the form of Singing Fountains in the evening. It is worth to go for a walk once for free.

8. If you decide to go somewhere out of the city and are ready to drive about 300 km one way, there is a route with interesting and untraveled locations:

  • Grounded near Gelendzhik 2 years ago and still resting there dry cargo ship RIO;
  • Cypress lake
  • Semigorie estate with vineyards – here you can also spend the night.

Tip. You can rent a car on the site Localrent, the day leaves from 1500 rubles. You can read our guide on car rental in Adler, so that you are ready to handle the matter.

Excursions in Adler

Excursion to the Roza Khutor

Prices in October, starting in the middle of the month, fall, and on excursions you can negotiate cheaper.

I will show you seasonal prices for the most popular excursions – you can bargain according to them:

  • To Krasnaya Polyana – 1300 rubles The excursion includes a lift on the cable car, but it’s not Rosa Khutor, it’s for an additional fee of 700-1000 rubles
  • Abkhazia – 1500 rubles From paid options – Stalin’s dacha (200 rubles) and New Athos cave (500 rubles)
  • Sightseeing tour of Sochi – 700 rubles
  • Jeep tour along the canyon – 1500 rubles
  • Horse rides – 1400 rubles
Dzhankhot. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

This cost “from the street”, that is, from aunties in advertising booths, working with the usual stream of excursions. Something more individual and with the author’s approach can be found on Tripster.

Rest with children in October

Adler in October is filled with children – they scream, run, lie down literally on all sides. At this point I could probably finish, but I’ll add a few more things to do here with a child.

There are a lot of playgrounds for children on the beach and promenade in the Lower Imereti Coast of Adler (I showed a couple of them in the video review on youtube about Adler’s beaches), and, in general, there are other things to do:

  • Sochi Park, of course.
  • Discovery World Aquarium
  • Adler Dolphinarium
  • Madagascar entertainment center

My review of Adler and Sochi in October

Adler's embankment in October Sail surfing in the sea

While the weather in Kazan (at home) was rapidly deteriorating, we decided to go on vacation in Adler in October. With the choice did not go wrong. I hope that when you read this article in 2022, this very choice where to go has become a little more.

The number of rainy days in Adler in October is about 7, but it happens that in the evening you put up with a 90% chance of rain for tomorrow, and in the morning it turns into an hour of rain and bright sunshine after. And seriously, for 2 weeks while we were here, it rained only once, and that was before lunch.

Personally, I like the sea in Adler in October, but it is comfortable to swim only in the first half of the month. I have tried to go into water in 20th numbers – gradually you get used to water, but even not temperature of water, and jellyfishes of the various sizes tense up. It seems not to sting, but to swim among them unpleasantly.

We stayed near Adler port, but then we reached the end of the Bay of Lower Imereti (near the border with Abkhazia) and I was surprised with the number of tourists at the end of October – oh-so many people. Here is a photo, taken on the 30th of October.

The good thing about the bay is that you can walk along the quay or rent bikes/scooters, the road goes along the whole seashore, there is a special zone for bikes. We use the Urent app, but there are many others here as well.

Is it worth going to Adler in October?

The resorts of the Krasnodar region and the Black Sea are a great way to extend the summer, or warm autumn, for a couple of months. Or at least for a week.

October is a favorite month for the locals in Adler, probably because there are fewer tourists, or maybe because the heat is going down and you can still swim. And I think they can be trusted in this matter! So: whether to go in October to Adler? I advise to take tickets right now! Well, and where – you know, on Aviasales Well, you know.

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