Sochi in September 2022. Where to relax. Weather and reviews

Sochi in September – 2022

Sochi in September pleases vacationers with “velvet season”. Some tourists consider this the best month for a trip to the Black Sea. This is a favorite time for many people, when the heat is gone, and the sea hasn’t yet cooled down. Families with schoolchildren have left, the resorts are freer, and there are no lines to the sights. In September, establishing the most comfortable weather for walks, excursions, trips to the mountains. As a bonus the prices for holidays are reduced.

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Tourists do not say much about the cleanliness of the sea in Sochi. But usually say so those who came to rest in summer. In September, the water in the Black Sea is cleanest. Not without reason local residents do not take their children to the sea from mid-May to mid-September. At the end of the month there are already a lot of Sochi residents on the beaches.

  • There are no restrictions, no need for PCR tests! Hotels charge a resort fee of 50 ₽ for each day. Children do not pay.
  • Find hotels or tours in Sochi on Travelata , Level.Travel and Yandex.Travel . There are a lot of options, from no-star hotels to five-star international chains. There are a lot of flights to Sochi! You can also come by train.

Tours in Sochi in September

The demand for Sochi in September 2022 is huge. Therefore, to find a tour for 10,000 ₽ is not as easy as before. The hotel base is filling up fast, not only with tourists, but also with winterers and “remoters”. There are premium class hotels in Sochi, which will be appreciated by those who like service and comfortable rest:

  • Pullman 5* – is located in the Sochi Center near all the sights, belongs to the French chain Accor. Rooms have panoramic views, quality furniture and appliances, TV, safe, refrigerator. On the 16th floor there is a spa center. For guests there is a hamam, spa club, fitness room, summer pool. Quality breakfasts in Sel Marin restaurant. Private beach. Tour prices from 51.879 ₽/person for 6 nights.

For a family vacation and fans of “all inclusive” in Big Sochi will suit:

    – A family hotel in Looo, 47 km from the airport. The last renovation in 2018. Spacious rooms with panoramic glazing. Three meals a day, own beach. There is children’s animation, games, disco. Prices for holidays from 18.543 ₽/person for a week without a flight. – Family hotel with water park in Loo. Children’s club with animators, games and entertainment. Own pebble beach. Meals “breakfasts” or “all inclusive”. Prices for holidays from 33.876 ₽/per person for a week without a flight. – Is located in Kudepsta. The green area, all-inclusive with home cooking, snacks with popcorn and ice cream. Own beach with a coarse pebble. There is a medical center and pump room with mineral water. Prices for two from 51,000 ₽ for 7 nights.

Weather in Sochi in September

September in Sochi is the “velvet” season, when the air and water temperatures are almost the same. In this month, the climatic summer continues, so the first week the temperature is +25+27 °C. Similar weather is in Baku, Istanbul, Budva.

By the end of September, the air temperature decreases slightly to +20+24 °C. This change is most pronounced during the month in Adler. Although the daytime temperature is as warm as in summer, the humidity is already falling to 55-60% (compared to 75% in July). Such weather is easier to bear for people with lung, cardiovascular diseases. Children are more easily adapted to the resort conditions. The sun is getting softer, it is harder to get burnt, but the tan, on the contrary, is getting even. In any case, sunglasses, sunscreen and headgear don’t hurt.

By the evening in September the air cools down and the night temperatures are a few degrees lower. For the beginning of the month it’s +21 +22 °C, and in the last days it’s already +16 +19 °C. Many tourists in the evening take a jacket and closed shoes, open-air veranda restaurants offer plaids to visitors. The smallest difference between night and day temperatures is noticeable in Lazarevskoe. There it is steadily kept in the range of 1-2 °C. Lazarevsky nights are the warmest in all of Sochi.

How to get to/from Rostov-on-Don Airport
Lazarevskoye +25 °C +17 °C +25 °C
Krasnaya Polyana +19 °C +12 °C
Dagomys +25 °C +17 °C +25 °C
Adler +25 °C +17 °C +25 °C
Hosta +25 °C +17 °C +25 °C

The weather in Golovinka in September is unpredictable. In any ten-day period of the month there can be both +32 °C at midday and +18 °C during the day. And there is a big difference of 5-10 degrees Celsius at night. But the temperature of water in Golovinka usually stays above +25 ° C during the whole month.

In Dagomys water is kept within +24 +25 °C up to the twentieth of the month, then it cools down to +20 °C. In the rest of Greater Sochi daily decrease in water temperature is noted since the middle of the month, and in Adler can jump from +24 ° C to +22 ° C, and in the latter numbers is already +19 ° C, and in Vardan it goes smoothly: +25 ° C, +24 ° C, +23 ° C, +22 ° C, +21 ° C.

In terms of precipitation, September is one of the driest months. It rains 3-4 days out of 30, 22 days are totally clear, and the rest are cloudy. Rarely there are storms, mostly closer to October. Wind speed during thunderstorms reaches 5-6 m/s. The average wind speed for the month is 3.5 m/s. Winds are mostly southerly and southeasterly, from the sea and Abkhazia.

Krasnaya Polyana is the mountains, and the air there during the day in September warms up to +20 +22 ° C, and cools down to +14 ° C at night. Therefore, for hiking in the mountains recommended to dress in layers: T-shirt, sweater, windbreaker, so you can take off or put back on the excess. It is colder at the summits than in the resort village, this should also be taken into account. It rains about half a month, there are fogs. Wouldn’t hurt a waterproof raincoat and closed shoes. Although the wind is only 2.7 m/s, and on clear days it is quite possible to sunbathe by the pool.

Of course, these are the averages for recent years. Cyclones may make some changes and you may have some rain in first days of September or sunny and +27 °C during the last week of the month.

Sochi has a big database of private accommodation for daily rent. If you need an apartment, a room, a cottage, an apartment, all this goodness is there.

Imeretinsky, Adler

Imeretinskaya embankment and beach

Resorts in Sochi in September

Sochi Center

On the beaches of central Sochi in September, the number of vacationers decreases, the beaches are no longer crowded. Cafes, restaurants, souvenirs still work. As well as water parks, entertainment and neighborhood attractions. In the third decade of the month, some water sports facilities are winding down. A distinctive feature of the central beaches in September becomes muddy water, especially after the rain, when it washes mud from the mountains. The situation with cleanliness is better at Mamayka side: at Rusalochka and Lastochka beaches. All the attractions of the city and the surrounding area are working. The promenade along the sea also smells of kebab, sells boiled corn, churchella, bathing equipment and souvenir magnets. Only there are fewer people walking around. You can spend 2-3 days in the park “Riviera”, studying the plants, wooing penguins, enjoying the sounds of classical music.


Adler in September is chosen for active trips to the surrounding area, from here the closest to Krasnaya Polyana, and the Olympic Park can be walked along the modern beach. In the hotel complexes there are a lot of free rooms – there is a lot to choose from. Except for the period of Formula 1 races. For these dates the accommodation should be booked well in advance. You can swim in Adler in September. The beaches are modern, without “Soviet” patina. However, the pebbles are coarse and not everyone can walk without rubber slippers, and the entrance to the sea is steep – it quickly becomes deep. Therefore in the second half of September, when water and air temperatures go down, someone comes here to sunbathe, admire the sea and breathe iodine air, and swims in the hotel pool.

Weather and seasons in Sochi by months. When to go

Krasnaya Polyana

The resort of Krasnaya Polyana in September resembles a European mountain town with cozy streets and green peaks on the horizon. Life is measured, tourists no longer come in frequent buses for one-day excursions, the sun shines brightly, and the mountain air is saturated with autumn freshness. During the day you can get an even tan, swim in the pool, and in the evening to go listen to street musicians. For hiking fans, the resort has several trails of varying difficulty, deserted in September. From walking paths, to trails that require preparation and a certain amount of effort to complete. You can choose day hikes, or trekking for 2-3 days with overnight camping. This month, tent sites are easily booked the day before and there is not much hype. September nature in the mountains is at the junction of summer and autumn: still late blooming flowers, but the grass in some places begins to turn yellow, and here and there on the trees leaves are covered with autumn colors. On the whole the slopes are green, and together with splashes of purple, white and red against the blue-blue sky with clouds they create typical only for this time of the year landscapes.

Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana, Belarus Hotel


Vardane is not the most famous resort village, and in September there are very few tourists here. Your vacation reminds you of dacha vacation, but not by the lake, but by the sea. Its water is clear and stays clean after the rain, in contrast to the central Sochi. In September, the rise from the beach to housing is given easier, thanks to a moderate sun. After all, homes here are on the hills. The road goes uphill, and there are not many trees to give shade.


The village of Golovinka is small and there are not many places to stay, so for September it is better to book a holiday home in advance. Local sanatoriums and resorts are often overcrowded in September, when the weather is mild, the sea is warm and the air is humid. It is a suitable time for prevention and treatment of vascular and respiratory diseases. Golovinka is famous for its fruits and vegetables, many of which ripen just in September. Local farms sell them cheaper than central markets and “just off the patch.


In September in Dagomys is good to vacation with children. The public beach is away from the river, so the water in the sea keeps summer heat until the third decade of September. The entrance to the water is gentle. The midday sun no longer burns. Around the settlement are tea plantations. In September the tea bushes are green, the production is working and you can go on excursions. It is much more pleasant to taste hot tea in September heat, than in August heat.


Pebbles on beaches Lazarevsky smooth, life boils. Gone all the students and schoolchildren with their parents, pensioners pulled up. Comfortable weather for seal holidays and local nature trips. Without excessive heat it is possible to examine Mamedovo, Crab and Svirsk gorges, to visit dolmens. Buses and minibuses still frequently go from one end of Sochi to another, but they are not as stuffy as in the summer heat – you can go on excursions to Krasnaya Polyana, Abkhazia or Sochi Park even from remote Lazarevskoye. At the resort continue to work dolphinarium and water park “Sea Star”, the Ferris wheel.

Most people prefer to stay on the beach. To sunbathe and bathe is better in the first half of the month when weather is even, and the difference between day and night temperatures is almost indistinguishable. In late September the weather can be unpredictable, but the prices for accommodation in hotels, resorts and vacation homes are lower.

Psakho Canyon

Excursions, Sightseeing

In September, when the air temperature evens out and the intensity of the sun’s rays abates, it is time to go sightseeing and explore the surrounding area. Tripster and Sputnik8 offer more than 200+ options in Greater Sochi.

How to get to Gelendzhik cheaply: by plane, train or car

Sailings along the Lazarevsky coast and the center of Sochi are getting more intense. The searing sun is no longer chasing passengers away from the upper deck, letting them enjoy the views and take dozens of beautiful photos. At sunset there is no more stuffiness and a slight breeze reeks of coolness – suitable conditions for romance.

A walk in the Olympic Park without the scorching summer sun awaits you in September. There are few trees on the territory, and the space is large and open, so on a non-hot day you will get more enjoyment from your visit, seeing the sites of the Sochi Olympics or riding on the numerous attractions of the neighboring Sochi Park. Since 2014, every September, the Sochi Autodrom track of the Olympic complex hosts the Russian round of the Formula 1 race.

Riviera Park’s amusement rides, aquarium and dolphinarium are fully operational, and roses are still blooming and fragrant in the rose garden. In the Green Theater of the park performances of theater troupes, artists and musicians continue.

By the way, September in Sochi is a traditional month of concerts, movies and festivals. Ethnic, musical, dramatic, circus – there is something to fill the cultural leisure.

In the “Friendship Tree” garden, the fruits of feijoa, kiwi and persimmon ripen next to the centerpiece, the tree itself, grafted with crops from around the world. Children, and adults, will be interested to see how their favorite fruits grow. There is also a ginkgo tree, the symbol of the Japanese capital of Tokyo. Its carved fan-like leaves begin to turn yellow in September, taking on a golden hue.

Active recreation in nature awaits you in Sochi Skypark, yew and boxwood grove, Eagle Rocks, in the Akhtsu Gorge, canyons of the Psakho River and the cave Gluboky Yar.

A trip to Krasnaya Polyana will diversify beach vacation. September nature on the border of summer and autumn is already saturated with warm sunshine, delicious clean air brings a light aroma of pine needles and meadows, a cable car takes you to the mountain peak. At the very top (2320 m) is always cooler, so it is worth bringing warm clothes. Fans of hiking will find hiking routes on the slopes of Krasnaya Polyana for a few hours. September is the last month of the season, when the eco-trails are open. Those who don’t like to walk much go on jeep safaris through the mountainous beauty.

One-day excursion to Abkhazia in September brings tourists a lot of fun. The flow of holidaymakers is already wiped out, and it’s easier to cross the border. The weather is still summer, and the nature is completely different, although only 35 km between Adler and Gagra. The caves and history of New Athos, pine trees and sandy beaches of Pitsunda, Swiss landscapes of Lake Ritsa.


Pluses and minuses

  • No scorching sun
  • You can swim in the sea
  • The humidity in the air drops to a moderate level.
  • The air is saturated with ozone
  • Lots of sunny days
  • Fewer vacationers
  • Prices for accommodation and flights go down
  • Weather suitable for excursions and outdoor activities
  • Local seasonal fruits: figs, peaches, grapes, watermelons, melons.
  • There are storms.
  • The sea is dirty after the rain.
  • The temperature drops in the evening; you can feel the contrast with the daytime temperature in Krasnaya Polyana, in the mountains
  • At the end of the month, some cafes, restaurants and entertainments are closed.
  • Nightlife is less active

Rest with children in September

Rest in Sochi with children in September is comfortable. You can not worry about heat stroke – the activity of the sun is reduced. The humidity, which children do not tolerate very well, also goes down. Acclimatization will go smoothly. Therefore it is recommended for travelers with children from Northern regions in September. You can swim in the sea, the water is well warmed up for the summer. When there are waves, the kids gladly move to the pool. If you choose a hotel without a pool, it is in the beach complexes. It is possible to walk and go on excursions, the child will not get tired of heat and humidity. In a trout farm children are allowed to feed fish with special food, and on Akhun Mountain there is the highest observation wheel in Russia (701 m above sea level). In September local fruits and nuts ripen. Not imported, but grown in neighboring gardens. They are sweet, rich in vitamins, and inexpensive.

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Water parks and attractions on the coast work (some close in the third decade of the month). There are fewer people wishing to use their services, queues and crowds disappear. On the beaches in September is quieter and more spacious. Free deck chairs, less ads, bars no longer turn on music at full volume. In Dagomys vacation will be quite quiet. This is the warmest place in Big Sochi, for those who want to catch the summer heat. Lazarevskoe is suitable for a holiday with small children, who are too early to take on excursions. This coast is the warmest nights, there will not be a sharp temperature drop in the evening, the baby is not threatened by colds. In central Sochi continue to work water parks and entertainment, museums and exhibitions. It is convenient to combine active and cognitive activities with the beach. Here families with children often choose the beach “Riviera” with loose sand. It is perfectly equipped and is considered one of the best in the city. In Adler, a child will appreciate the Dolphinarium, the modern Oceanarium and the children’s beach area “Chaika” with slides and a shallow pool with sea water.

Is it worth going to Sochi in September: peculiarities of the Velvet season 2022

In early September, the velvet season starts in Sochi. The time when there are fewer tourists, prices begin to go down, the weather is warm, and the sea has not had time to cool down. By the way, by September in Sochi almost disappear jellyfish. And although the water no longer resembles steamed milk, swimming in the middle of the day is absolutely comfortable.


But the velvet season in Sochi has a number of disadvantages. According to the specialists of tourist business they will be especially obvious in 2022. Firstly, the expected decrease of the tourist flow will happen not at once, but closer to October. In this season when the airports of the Crimea, Anapa and Gelendzhik are closed it is especially important.

Sochi hotels back in June were 80% booked for September.

Secondly, the end of high season also means impoverishment of tourist services. For example assortment of “smorgasbord” is wider in summer. By September it is “narrowed” at least by 30%. The same applies to the staff. There were 20 animators in the hotel in July, but by the autumn there will be eight of them, etc.

But because for most people it does not matter, vacation in Sochi in September is in great demand. And in this article we have collected all its pros and cons. As well as reviews of tourists about the weather and a list of events in September 2022.

Excursions in Sochi.

The most interesting excursions are itineraries from locals on Tripster. You can start with a sightseeing tour of Krasnaya Polyana. See the three famous resorts (Rosa Khutor, Gazprom, Krasnaya Polyana), climb the elevator to a height of over 2,000 meters, drink mulled wine in the mountains. And visit the most beautiful area around Sochi – “Two in one: Agura Gorge and Eagle Rocks” (6 hours).

Weather in Sochi in September

At the beginning of the Velvet season is usually warm. In the first half of September weather in Sochi in general does not differ much from summer. The air temperature during the day in the first half of the month often rises to 28-30 °, in the second – up to most comfortable for humans 23-24 °. Nights are cool, but not below 15-17 °.

Weather in Sochi in September
August 21° to 29° 4 days
September 17° to 26° 6 days
October 12° to 20° 8 days

The velvet season in Sochi is considered to be an unusually fertile time. And yet September is the month when you should take warmer clothes on a trip. It is unlikely to come in handy during the day (and certainly not on the beach). But in the evenings in September in Sochi it gets chilly. And at times it is just uncomfortable, especially by the sea. Here you will be 100% fit and jeans, windbreakers and sweaters.

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You can definitely swim in Sochi in September. The water temperature in the sea is warmed up to 22-24 °. The sun is also enough, so you will probably get a suntan. By the way, it is believed that the velvet tan is more beautiful and lasts longer.

Elena Makarova: “We stayed in Sochi in the middle of September for 7 days. The weather was very favorable and comfortable. We wore T-shirts and in the evening we wore light jackets. The only nuance is the mountains, it is much colder there. And both times it rained.

Where to go and what to see in September

Early autumn in Sochi is a month of parks, attractions and trips to the mountains. Everything is in bloom, everything is working. And the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana, for example, are not as busy as in winter. And September is a rare month, when restaurants Rosa Khutora invites guests, and not raise their hands in a silent “there are no free tables.

In addition, in September you can attend concerts of Russian pop stars, ice shows (in “Sochi Park” and “Iceberg” ice palace). And together with the residents of the Krasnodar region to celebrate its 85th anniversary. Read more about it below.

Sunsets of the Velvet season in Sochi Photo: Lori Fotobank Gastrofestival at Rosa Khutor Photo:

What will please Sochi in September:

  • The Festival “Food as Art” will be held in Sochi on September 1-4. The venue: restaurants and cafes of Rosa Khutor. Chefs promise masterpieces of national and alpine cuisine (the one usually associated with ski holidays, mountain chalets and snow);
  • Until September 18, 2022 in Sochi – “Swan Lake” . The show on ice, which conquered the capital back in winter, has been relocated to the Iceberg Ice Palace in the Olympic Park;
  • From September 18 to 23 at Rosa Khutor – Festival of online film platforms “New Season” . START, KION, Okko, Kinopoisk, Premier, IVI and will bring new films and series for the 2022-2023 season to viewers. “13 Clinical,” “Boarding House,” “Rage Time,” and more;
  • September 23-25 fight festival TOP DOG . Location: Krasnaya Polyana Gaming Zone. The main fight of the evening will be Denis Pogodin vs Adilzhan “Ados” Sandybek (challenger from Kazakhstan);
  • September 25-29 vacation in Sochi can be combined with work prospects. The VII All-Russian Week of labor protection is planned in the Park of science and art “Sirius” (a platform for dialogue between business and government);
  • till September 30 at the resort “Krasnaya Polyana 540” free open-air exhibition “The Trans-Asian leopard in the Caucasus” .

Standard sightseeing program, too, no one cancelled. Sightseeing tours around Sochi, abandoned sanatoriums, 33 waterfalls in the vicinity of Lazarevskoe, Agurskoe Gorge. And, of course, the most popular tours – from Sochi to Abkhazia. Takes from 8 to 12 hours. You can go both in a group and with an individual guide.

Kristina Sun: “We stayed in Adler for 7 days in September. During the week we visited sports facilities, took part in competitions, museum, went to Krasnaya Polyana, swam on the beach, visited Sochi and visited the famous MoreMall”.

The 85th anniversary of the Krasnodar region

Anniversary of Krasnodar Krai will be celebrated on September 13, 2022 in Sochi in honor of this event for residents and guests has been planned for more than 80 events.

  1. On the streets of the resort will be flags, banners and colorful photo areas.
  2. In the sea will go 85 yachts with flags.
  3. There will be a water-air show of flyboarders.
  4. On the main squares there will be concerts with the participation of Russian pop stars.
  5. There will be festivals of national cuisine and sports master classes.
  6. In the parks of Sochi in honor of the 85th anniversary of the Krasnodar Territory will appear new alleys and exactly 85 luxurious rose bushes around the city.
  7. In schools and libraries you can attend free lectures.

And, of course, at the end of the holiday, all who are in Sochi on September 13, waiting for the evening fireworks.

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