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May weather in Sochi: May weather, bathing and worth visiting 2022

In May in Sochi the holiday season opens. But recreation at this time belongs more to the “low” season than to the “high” one. May holidays in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana are an exception. But even during those first 10 days there are four or five times fewer people in the region than in summer. And, what is especially nice, the prices are lower.


To the pluses of the May holiday can be added summer warm weather, but without the exhausting heat. And in the bright spring vegetation.

But you should be prepared for the fact that in Sochi in May there is a large-scale preparation for the season. All around are being painted, washed, tiled, curbs changed and paths blocked. The fountains are not working, and from the parade areas there is a general impression of overhaul. And this useful in general has to be done right on May Day.

In this article about what the weather in Sochi in May. Whether it rains, what about the temperature of the air and water. And what to do for those who are not embarrassed by the cold sea.

Excursions in Sochi

The most interesting excursions are routes from locals on Tripster. You can start with the “Big excursion from Sochi to “Russian Switzerland”. For 10 hours to see the Olympic Park, Rosa Khutor, waterfalls and narzan springs. And it will take you from Sochi to Abkhazia for one day (12 hours by bus).

Weather in Sochi in May

Already from the beginning of the month comes to the city warmth. And on May 1, and Victory Day in Sochi sunny as on a nice summer afternoon. Daytime temperatures of 22-25 ° at the beginning of the month is normal. And by the end of May – all 28-30 °. But in the evening it may get noticeably colder. And walk around night Sochi in May without a jacket will be cool.

Weather in Sochi in May
May 12° to 20° 8 days

Swimming in the sea is also not yet comfortable. Water is 16 to 18 degrees. But wishing to sunbathe on the beach there are, and a lot of them. Rent a sunbed in Sochi costs 500 rubles a day, and beach bungalow 1 000 rubles a day. These things are useful, since the coast is pebbly. And spending a few hours on a thin towel is difficult.

Private Sector by the Sea in Sochi - 7 apartments from 5500 ₽

As for the rains, if in Istanbul in May the probability of them is about zero (already comparable with the international level in Sochi), then in our flagship resort they happen. And both showers and floods, which many are afraid of.

Marina Vereshchagina: “The weather in Sochi in May was incredibly fine. The sun was burning like in July and the air temperature was about 25°. But the water in the sea was freezing. Although my little walrus was running on the pebbles, squealing with delight and icy water, playing. I had to leave the beach just because I was afraid he would get sick.”

Where to go and what to see in 2022

The program of exploring Sochi begins with the seafront and the Seaport, the Riviera and the Arboretum. And it ends at the observation deck of Rosa Peak. Family vacationers almost without fail visit Sochi Park and Oceanarium. Children are delighted with them, and parents get a little joy.

Sanatorium named after. Ordzhonikidze, Sochi

The building of sanatorium named after Ordzhonikidze. Ordzhonikidze Photo:

For those who are not new to the city, we can recommend Adler Park “Southern Kultures”, the route “Two peaks” on the Gazprom cableways. And, of course, the sanatorium named after. Orjonikidze – the most famous Sochi “derelict”.

It is beautiful in May on Mount Akhun (the first “alpine meadows” appear there) and on Agura Waterfalls (note 7-hour hike for 1-6 people will cost 3,900 rubles). Also popular is the tour “33 waterfalls” in the vicinity of Lazarevsky.

And, of course, it’s a sin not to go to Abkhazia from Sochi. Especially at this time of year there is an incredible green, blooming tulips, irises, roses and callas. And the first seasonal berries – strawberries, cherries, cherries and medlars – are appearing. Plus, the harvest of oranges and mandarins continues. In Sochi they are also brought in. But, firstly, they are not so fresh and good. Secondly, prices are going up sharply against Abkhazian ones.

Gagra quay, Abkhazia, May

An empty quay in Gagra in May Photo:

Weather in Sochi in summer: is it worth to go in 2022

What other events are expected in Sochi in late spring 2022?

  1. On May 1 the summer season will open at Krasnaya Polyana. And that means more than 80 km of equipped trails, eco-routes, chairlifts, viewing platforms. So the snow has melted, long live alpine meadows!
  2. On the interest of vacationers to Sochi “abandoned” the city authorities have long paid attention. And in May 2022 it was announced the opening of a new route to the health resorts of Sochi. The development was attended by 12 former Soviet health resorts with luxurious parks. Thus, already in May holidays you can become a pioneer of the long-awaited excursion.
  3. From May 31 to June 3 in Sochi will be an exhibition of construction materials . Venue: an area of 1 000 square meters in front of the concert hall “Rosa Hall”. There manufacturers will present their novelties for 2022.

Larisa M.: “We go to Sochi in May or September. For a walk, wander the mountains, go to Abkhazia (I love local fruits, nuts, wine). I do not think that Sochi is a beach town and we do not need warm sea for nothing. The Sochi beach is a separate topic, I do not understand why families with children do not go to Dagomys or Lazarevskoye and go to this piece of land. But to a taste and color as they say …”.

Where to stay in 2022

Denart Hotel ****

Address: 16 Gorky Lane

Hotel Denart, Sochi

A four-star hotel near the railway station. The location is ideal for trips around Sochi (including independent excursions to Abkhazia). Rooms are spacious, bright, Wi-Fi. Fresh repairs, quality furniture (comfortable mattresses). Breakfasts are tasty, has its own bar and restaurant.

2. Magellan O’Dean ***

Address: ul. Severnaya, 10

Hotel Magellan Odin Sochi

The hotel is in the heart of Sochi. Walking distance from the sea station and Navaginskaya street. Ideal for the price / quality / location. Near the railway station, so for those who have excursions in priority, is ideal. Rooms are fresh, clean and modern. There is a kettle, fridge, Wi-Fi. Breakfast is delicious.

Spring Sochi – a blooming paradise and inexpensive vacation

Spring break in Sochi

What is Sochi in spring? It is magnolia and sakura blossoms, full-flowing waterfalls and low prices for recreation even in prestigious hotels. Find out what the weather is like, how to dress and what to do.

    – Last minute tours to Sochi. – Hotels and private sector in Sochi. – The private sector in Sochi.
Embankment in Sochi

When do you want to go?

Rest in Sochi in March

According to reviews of tourists, in March the weather in Sochi is very variable, and the rain can quickly change into sunshine, so do not count on the forecast too much. The average air temperature on the coast by day +11 ° C, at night +5 ° C. At the end of the month it gets warmer. The water temperature in the Black Sea is +9 ° C. Sometimes there are strong winds and the sea is stormy.

Take clothing for all occasions, as the weather is unpredictable. Be sure to take a waterproof jacket and shoes, as well as an umbrella.

I know that many tourists come to Sochi in the spring to see the blossoms – it’s called floriculture. We ourselves are going to the resort in spring to admire this beauty. So, in early March, magnolias, Japanese quince, forsythia and cercis begin to bloom, and at the end of the month – sakura. Sometimes you can still catch mimosa and camellia in early March. It looks just magical! Come to the Sochi Arboretum or Southern Cultures Park by the opening, because there are even lines forming at the entrance to the parks and to the flowering trees. Read more about floriculture in Sochi in Scapp Magazine.

The tourists wrote in their reviews that in March the prices for accommodation and excursions in Sochi are lower than in the season and there are less people. This is a great time to take advantage of this and go on excursions! During the holidays in March 2022, go to the waterfalls and canyons of Sochi, on Mount Akhun, in a yew and boxwood grove, Abkhazia. Look for excursions on Tripster – they have a great choice.

Go on your own to the Imereti Bay and take a look at the Olympic venues. We advise to have fun with children at the attractions in Sochi Park.

In March you can still go skiing at Krasnaya Polyana resorts. If you don’t skate, you can go on excursions and take a cable car up to the summits.

A trip to the south by car - 2022. My review and tips

And the main thing – just walk around the city and enjoy the blooming nature!

The sea in Sochi

In warm weather it’s nice to sit by the sea.

Rest in Sochi in April

Weather in April noticeably warmer than in March: the temperature in Sochi in the daytime +13 ° C and at night +8 ° C, the water in the sea +11 ° C. In the morning there are mists, and in the evening can be chilly and windy. It still rains a lot, but there are more sunny days than in March.

When the weather is nice, you can sunbathe a bit or go for a boat ride. Just wear warmer clothes, because the wind at sea is merciless, or choose a transport with a closed cabin.

The sea is still cold, you can just admire it. If you want to swim or go with a child, choose a hotel with a heated pool.

According to tourist reviews, in April in Sochi is very pleasant to walk or go on excursions: the weather is pleasant, there are few tourists, prices are lower, and nature is in full bloom.

April is a month of blossoms and fragrances in Sochi. Sometimes plants bloom earlier or later because of the weather, but the peak is always in the middle of spring. So if you come to Sochi in early April, you won’t miss a thing! In April, wisteria and Forsythia bloom lushly all over Sochi. It is also possible to see magnolia, if the weather is cold. In the arboretums you will see bright pink sakura and purple cercis.

If you like hiking, head to the waterfalls, they look especially impressive in the spring. While vacationing in April 2022 in Sochi on your own or with a tour, go admire the mountains in Krasnaya Polyana, Lake Ritsa in Abkhazia and the Olympic sites in Sirius. Look for excursions on Tripster – they have a great choice.


Sochi is green all year round, not only in spring!

Rest in Sochi in May

According to tourist reviews, in May the weather in Sochi is perfect – warm, but not hot. In the first half of the month the average daytime air temperature is +15. +20 ° C, and closer to June comes to +24 ° C. To get a sunburn is quite possible! But I advise not to swim – the water in the Black Sea to +16 ° C and is strongly invigorating. However, hardened tourists are not deterred by this, and they open the swimming season already at the end of May.

The 10 best hotels in Anapa with heated pool

It rains, but much less often. The warm weather allows to walk in t-shirts and shorts. Do not forget the hats!

In May, rivers are very full, so go on a hike to waterfalls – for example, Agursky or Zmeikovsky. In general in May everything is so green and blooming, so walk more in the forests and go to the arboretum. In parks and in the city tulip tree, horse chestnut, bulldenege, deitia, azalea, tamarix blossom, and in the circuses of Krasnaya Polyana resort the first rhododendrons bloom in May.

What to do on holiday in Sochi in May 2022? Take a walk by sea, breathe the air on the seafront, go to the Imereti Bay and Krasnaya Polyana to climb the mountains on the funicular railway. During the May holidays you will still have time to go skiing, but then the cable cars are usually closed for routine maintenance. Check the resorts’ official websites for details.

If you came to Sochi with children, go for a walk to “Riviera” park, take a ride on the attractions of thematic “Sochi Park”, visit dolphinarium, oceanarium, monkey farm and water park in Loo. Read more about how to rest in Sochi with children.

Fans of extreme sports advise adventure park Skypark – there you can just walk over the precipice of the Skybridge or try bungee jumping, zipline and trolls. By the way, not far from the park is Akhshtyrsky cave, where Cro-Magnon inhabitants lived.

And, of course, take excursions – there are so many different suggestions from Sochi! For example, to Abkhazia, Krasnaya Polyana, Agur Gorge. Look for excursions on Tripster – they have a great choice.

Arboretum in Sochi

In arboretums you can admire not only plants, but also follow the life of water birds. For example, this pelican is a bird of character. When he comes out on land, look out!

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