Sochi Sea Station and Sochi port.

Marine Station Sochi

Sochi Sea Station

Sochi Sea Station is rightly considered one of the symbols of the resort capital of Russia. The two-storey building erected in 1955 embodies in full the classical monumental style of Stalin’s epoch, though it was completed under Khrushchev. Currently the building is included in the list of federal architectural monuments.

Sea Station from the bird's-eye view

During the preparations for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the new Marine Passenger Terminal with improved infrastructure appeared on the expanded territory of the port. It can service modern cruise ships and handle up to 1200 passengers per hour. The old building of the Sea Station has been restored and functionally reoriented. Today it houses boutiques of famous brands, cafes, restaurants and a waiting room. In front of the facade facing the sea, there is a fashionable promenade and equipped parking for small vessels – yachts, boats and sailing boats.

Pleasure Boat

Schedule of the Marine Station Sochi 2022

Sochi port offers cruises on modern multi-deck vessels on the Black Sea. The navigation season lasts from late April to mid-October.


The need to build berths and seaport with the station was felt since the appearance of Navaga Fort on the Black Sea in 1838. Then about railway communication with neighboring regions was out of question, and to reach it by mountain roads was long and unsafe. The only way left was by sea to deliver goods and passengers.

For a long time small vessels had to be moored at the mouth of the Sochi River, and larger ones had to be left on the roads. Cargoes and people were ferrying to the shore by boats, which was accompanied by difficulties during rough seas and storms.

Sea Station Facade

The first pier appeared in 1872. It was a wheeled structure that was pulled out to sea or pulled ashore depending on weather conditions. The piled pier came later. It was repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt. In the 30s of the last century there was built a breakwater and began construction of the sea terminal. However, in 1941 the work had to be suspended.

In the postwar years Sochi began to turn into a resort city, due to which the passenger traffic has increased. There was an urgent need to reconstruct the seaport and build a full-fledged railway station. Monumental construction was inaugurated on December 15, 1955.

The architecture of the Marine passenger terminal

This unique object was designed by honored Soviet architects Karo Semenovich Alabyan and Leonid Borisovich Karlik. Well-known engineers, sculptors and artists took part in the works.

Sea view of the Marine Station

Externally the composition is compact, but thanks to the added L-shaped gallery, it acquired spatial volume. Facing with marble-like limestone gave the building its typical “southern” features. A play of light and shade enlivened the architectural image. The building harmonically blended in the coastal and urban landscape of Sochi.

The Sea Station looks most impressive from a distance – from the sea or from the side of the new passenger terminal.

The main part of the building has two floors. Above the central part rises a three-tiered tower with a spire topped with a stylized order of the Patriotic War. On the one hand, the spire serves as a landmark, on the other hand, it is a peculiar maritime symbol of classical Russian architecture.

Spire on a tower

In the corners of the tower are allegorical sculptures by Stalin Prize laureate and talented master of his time Vladimir Iosifovich Ingal. Four 5-meter high female figures installed on the first tier symbolize the seasons – summer, winter, spring and autumn. Four 3-meter male statues, placed on the second level, represent the sides of the world – east, south, west and north. The base of the spire is surrounded by sculptures depicting frolicking dolphins.

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On the embankment side, there is a colonnade along the entire building. It adds a peculiar lightness to the structure. A portico is added to the image of the other facade.

  • The total length of the Sea Station is 114 meters.
  • The number of piles laid in the foundation is about 1000.
  • The total height of the tower is 74 meters.
  • The length of the spire – almost 38 meters.

Internal space

On the first floor of the Sea Station there are stores. On the second level there are catering points. In the central part of the building there is a waiting room and a room for mother and child.

After the reconstruction of the architectural monument for the Sochi Olympics 2014 the stairs, stucco and sculptures became much more attractive. It is believed that not much remains of the designed interiors.

Marble, fine woods, decorative bronze elements, rich ornamental moldings and many sculptures were used in the decoration of the interior. The walls were painted in the style of a happy and bright Soviet future. Today you can see majolica (painted ceramics panels), colorful mosaic floors, restored moldings, massive chandeliers, cast-iron elements, and original clocks.

View from the seafront

To the right and left of the main body are galleries with courtyards. In them, small in size fountains with bowls, stylized after sea shells, are installed. In one of them the statue of a girl and in the other one of a boy are placed. Both sculptures hold fish in their hands.

The areas of covered patios were originally prepared for restaurants where one could eat, breathe the fresh air and contemplate the seascape at the same time.

Station square

On the “land” side of the Sea Station facade there is an original fountain. In the middle of the basin there is a bowl held by the inhabitants of the sea. The female figure inside it represents the patroness of navigators, Navigations. She seems to calm the sea with her right hand and guide sailors, but in her left hand she holds a sailboat and a logos.

Fountain with a figure of Navigation

A little to the side there are sculptural groups of characters from the famous comedy “The Diamond Arm”. People line up to take pictures with them and rub their noses and hands. The characters from the popular Soviet film by Leonid Gaidai are too popular with the people. These compositions were made by local sculptors and installed in the station square in 2010.

Sculptural group of the Gorbunkov family

The promenade in front of the Marine Station building is a popular stroll spot for tourists. It is especially picturesque in the evening.

In the daytime on the waterfront there are many intrusive citizens who offer exciting boat trips on yachts and boats. It is not worth using their services, as behind the left wing of the building there is a ticket office, where tickets are sold 2-3 times cheaper.

On the side of Neserbskaya street is the square Cooperative. Surrounded by palm trees, cedars, rose gardens and green lawns, you can relax from the bustle of the resort, walk along paved paths, sit on the benches or have a snack in a cafe. A sakura tree grows on one of the plots. Phantasmagoric figurines of insects and fish can be seen in the glades, and a slightly strange sculptural composition towers over the square.

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Interesting facts

The building of Sochi Marine Station bears a resemblance to the building of the Main Admiralty, built in the style of Russian classicism at the beginning of the 18th century, which is situated on the banks of the Neva River.

One of the scenes of the popular Soviet film “The Diamond Arm” was filmed on the pier of the Marine Passenger Terminal. The footage depicts the exemplary family man Semyon Semenovich Gorbunkov saying goodbye to his wife and children before the ill-fated cruise on the liner Mikhail Svetlov.

Before the port expansion and the construction of a new terminal, large cruise ships had to stand at the roadstead a kilometer from the shore. Passengers were transferred to them by cutters.


How to get to the Marine Station in Sochi

Architectural monument is located in the Central District of the resort town. You can walk to it from the railway station of Sochi. The road will take you 10-15 minutes.

At the Marine Station stop:

  • buses – № 15, 24, 36, 101;
  • By a fixed-route cab – number 114.

You may look for the schemes of public transport on the website. Make your own route is convenient at a special online resource.

In Sochi there are mobile cab apps Uber, Yandex. Cab, Gett, Maxim, etc.

Marine Passenger Terminal of Sochi: you can’t forbid to live beautifully

Even those who have never been to Sochi, surely saw this beautiful building with a spire. And if you came to Sochi to rest and did not take selfies on its background, consider that you have wasted your time and money. Because this is how to be in Paris and not take a picture with the Eiffel Tower.

But usually tourists do not make such an oversight.

Rare tour around Sochi without visiting this object – Sea Station building.

But you can also come here at night – to arrange a beautiful photo shoot, sit in a restaurant with a view of the sea or go for a boat ride. Read carefully – and choose your option.

Sochi sea station: views from the postcard

Getting to know any seaside resort is worth starting with its seafront. And the central object of the Sochi embankment is the Sea Station (abbreviated – Marine Station ). This is one of the main tourist attractions in the city.

Before the 2014 Olympics this building was a symbol of the city, and its image could be seen most often on souvenirs for tourists – postcards, magnets and mugs. Well, perhaps the tower on Akhun, too (Akhun Mountain: how does Sochi look like from a bird’s-eye view).

How to get there

Located in the Central district of Sochi, at 1, Voykova str.

To get here by public transport is quite simple:

  • Routes number 36 and 101, Routes number 15, 24 and 114 to the bus stop “Marine Station”.
  • Routes № 119, 169, 102, 103, 14, 22, 23, 86, 2 and 3 to the bus stop “Planana Alley” on Kurortny Prospect, and then go through the park to the sea (about 5 minutes).

Not too far from the Marine Station of Sochi is a railway station, where you can arrive by electric train “Lastochka”. Walking to the sea from it will take about 20-25 minutes.

Come on your own car – also an option. But there is a BUT – in this area is very difficult with parking. Along the seaport to park will not work from the word “at all”. A couple of times I managed to park in front of the nearest McDonald’s (it was late at night), and so I try to leave the car somewhere around Navaginskaya St. and go in the direction of the Marine Passenger Terminal on foot. Basically, this is a good option because you can see all the sights around – the monument to Michael the Archangel, Potseluevsky and Cooperative squares, Navaginskaya street itself.

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Before going for a walk around this beauty, I recommend you to read the history of its creation.

The history of the building of the Marine passenger terminal

Now it is hard to believe but up to the 1930s there was no port in Sochi. For a long time ships were moored either in the riverbed of the Sochi, or (in good weather) were anchored in the road a hundred meters from the shore, and the cargo and passengers were ferried to the shore by boat. If it was stormy, the ships would go further in search of a favorable place, from where the passengers would be brought ashore free of charge to their destination.

Everything changed in the 1930s. At that time Sochi turned into a big All-Union construction site: from a provincial seaside town it was transformed into a luxurious modern resort for Soviet citizens. A dacha for the leader of peoples – comrade Stalin, sanatoriums-palaces on the Kurortny prospect, the same road and the tower on the mountain Akhun, a clinic on Matsesta are built…

The new resort needs a cargo and passenger port. At that time two hundred meters pier on the piles is being constructed. There are elevators, warehouses, a temporary building of passenger pavilion. In 1934 the Sochi Administration of the Navy is formed, which develops local and suburban passenger transportation. The war interrupts this process for several years.

After the war, construction of Sochi port and maritime station continues apace. At this time, foreign cruise ships begin to call at the port. The city urgently needs a really beautiful and impressive port.

And finally, in December 1955, the opening ceremony of the Marine Passenger Terminal, designed by architects K.S.Alabyan and L.B.Karlik in the “Stalin Empire” style. Expensive materials were used in its decoration. The building is tastefully decorated with stucco and mosaic and crowned with a 71-meter tower with a spire of stainless steel:

Two of the tower’s three tiers feature sculptures that symbolize the four seasons and the four sides of the world. The dolphins on the top tier represent the wealth of the Sochi coast. In length the construction stretches for 114 meters.

On the back side, in the square in front of the Naval Station, there is a fountain with a 7-meter bowl, in the center of which sits the goddess of navigation – Navigation. In one hand she holds a sailboat and a logos, and with the other she stops the rough seas and blesses the sailors for a safe voyage.

Thus the Sochi Seaport became the ceremonial sea gate in the south of the Soviet Union.

Foreign cruise ships used to call here. Domestic sea liners set sail from here.

It was in the Sochi Seaport in 1968, filming of “The Diamond Arm” movie took place. Specifically, the scene in which Semyon Semyonovich sets off on his journey on the liner “Mikhail Svetlov”.

In the late 1980s, the port annually receives 850 cruise and voyage passenger ships, the sea station – up to 2,000 passenger ships. In the 1990s, permanent ferry lines were organized from Sochi to the Turkish ports of Trabzon and Istanbul, where about 150,000 shuttle passengers departed annually. The city was flooded with checkered bags of Turkish goods.

Sochi airport : how to get there

In 2007, the port started undergoing major expansion and reconstruction due to the upcoming Olympics. A new passenger terminal was built with a capacity of 1200 passengers per hour, a marina with 200 berths and several administrative halls.

Current state

Nowadays the building of the Marine passenger terminal is not used for its direct purpose. You will not see here passengers with suitcases and liners, as they are all docked at the North Mall.

However, you will see a great number of beautiful yachts – 230 yachts can be accommodated here, including 6 yachts from 40 to 50 meters long. Now this place is called Sochi Grand Marina .

And it has become a place of attraction for tourists wishing to take beautiful pictures in nautical style.

How to take beautiful pictures

We try to bring all our tourists to the Seaport closer to the evening. Firstly, at this time is not so hot. And secondly, exactly at sunset you get the most gorgeous pictures:

To make the high spire of the Seaport fit into the frame, you should walk to the left, along the pier and past the benches with inscriptions “Love”, “Success”, “Wealth”, etc., and then you get these pictures:

And after sunset, the night lighting of the Seaport building will turn on, and then it will also be very beautiful and romantic here.

Sea walks

Not so long ago you could travel by sea from Sochi to other cities on the Russian coast, as well as to the Georgian port of Batumi or Abkhazian Gagra. But due to the “unprofitability of business and the high cost of service,” such transportation is now, unfortunately, declining. Only one comet to Georgia remains.

But even on the approach to the seaport you will be attacked by active aunties and uncles with offers to go on a boat trip. Prices for this pleasure depends on the size of the boat and whether you want to sail on the walk with just your company or agree to fit in with other tourists. And here it is up to you to decide.

Besides, every two hours “Dagomys” motor boat goes for a cruise along the central Sochi: you may buy tickets for it at booking office № 8, the cost is 500 rubles for adults, and 250 rubles for children. – for children.

The advantages of this option – inexpensive, the ship is large and it does not get seasick, there is a strict departure schedule. Dagomys has both closed rooms (you’ll need a place to hide if it’s raining), and an open upper deck:

There is a toilet and a cafe on board.

During the trip you will enjoy such views of Sochi:

Do not spare the time and money for such a pleasure – good pictures on the phone and a light vacation mood are guaranteed!

Cafes and restaurants near the Marine Passenger Terminal

A good idea after such a walk is to sit in a restaurant with a view of the harbor. That is not difficult to implement – there are plenty of cafes and restaurants near the Seaport. Right in the Seaport building is a coffee house Coffee House and restaurant Chaika. Price tags in them, of course, are high. But the views will be 10+.

If you go a few tens of meters away from the Marine Passenger Terminal, you will find the restaurants Brigantina and SeaFood Market, a chain restaurant RIP, recently opened La Terrazza Marina (a spacious terrace overlooking the sea) and cafe Flamingo:

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The prices will be quite affordable, the views do not pump up either:

Farther along, 100-200 meters away from the Marine Passenger Terminal, are such famous Sochi restaurants as D.O.M. and Barceloneta.

But now the most popular place near the seaport is Gastroport Sochi. It is worth to go there for everyone who likes tasty, but inexpensive meal :Gastroport Sochi: A pier for gourmands in the sea of taste

Well, and the same McDonald’s is always worth visiting if you are walking around Sochi with children.

In general, you will not go hungry in this area of the city.

Activities in the Sochi Seaport

The seaport of Sochi often becomes a venue for various events.

For example, in September the Black Sea Regatta of large sailing ships comes here (Black Sea regatta of large sailing ships in Sochi: my impressions)

And in early May, the Sochi Yacht Show takes place for the second year in a row, where visitors can see the best international yachting brands, as well as boats and yachts of domestic shipyards, equipment and accessories for sport and recreation on the water and at the water.

Entrance to the events is free. Many tourists come to them to make beautiful pictures against the background of sea beauties:

On City Day and other significant holidays, colorful fireworks always rumble over the city’s main marina:

However, and at other times in the main Sochi marina you can feel the atmosphere of festivity (or idleness – it depends on someone …) and dream about the sea journey under the sails:

Hotels near the Seaport

This area of the city – near the Marine Passenger Terminal – is very convenient if you want to be within walking distance of such attractions of Sochi as the Riviera Park, St. Michael’s Cathedral, and the Winter Theatre.

There are a lot of good hotels here. More correctly to say so: this is where many of the best hotels in Sochi are located. For example:

  • Hotel Pullman Sochi Center
  • Hotel “Mercure Sochi Center
  • Marins Park Hotel Sochi
  • Hyatt Regency Sochi
  • Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina

Of the good, but less expensive options:

  • Bounty Hotel
  • Portofino Hotel
  • Helix Hotel
  • Hotel Mirit
  • Boutique Hotel PORTUM 1905

Of inexpensive hotels we can recommend the following:

  • Primorskaya Hotel
  • Riviera Hotel
  • Viva Hotel
  • Very Hotel

From the pluses of accommodation in this part of town you can also mention a good tourist infrastructure (theaters, museums, concert halls, an abundance of stores). But the beaches in this part of town are not the best. They are of two types – regular city beaches and those owned by hotels. The first will be crowded and not too clean, for the rest of the second will cost (sometimes quite a substantial amount). Read more about Sochi beaches here: One day in search of the ideal beach

And if you want, in addition to the central part of the resort, to see other areas and attractions of Sochi, call this phone +79272314550, and you will be organized a personal tour of the resort. By yourself you are unlikely to see and learn as much as you will be shown and told at this tour. Even if you have been to Sochi once you will rediscover this city and, I am sure, fall in love with it!

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