Spain in September 2022. Where to relax? Weather and reviews

Beach holidays in Spain in September: where to go, where the warmest sea

Spanish autumn is not the same as in Northern Europe. In the south and south-east of the country – from Murcia to Andalusia – the summer lasts until late October, and on the hottest days the temperature reaches 30 degrees. It is safe to say that the autumn weather here is warmer and drier than in any other region of Europe. The article provides a list of places where to rest in Spain in September is the best.

Tourists have many options for an autumn vacation, including exciting city tours in Barcelona, Valencia and Malaga, visiting the chestnut harvest festival and wine tasting in Catalonia, surfing in the Basque Country, climbing the Teide volcano, riding in the Tabernas desert and, of course, a huge number of beaches.


In the Mediterranean Sea you can swim until late autumn. The warmest sea in Spain in September is in the south-east. Those who only want to lie on their towel and take a dip in the water should visit Murcia at least once. The seaside resorts of Mazarron, Aguilas and La Manga take advantage of the neighborhood with the wonderful warm lagoon of Mar Menor. Vacations there will not be a burden on the family budget, and the weather will be great.

The small town of Aguilas is surrounded by charming beaches and quaint places to relax, and the local restaurants are reasonably priced. So a good option for those looking for the best place to vacation in Spain in September would be a trip to Costa Calida in Murcia. “Calida” means “hot” in Spanish, and the name fully justifies itself – this corner of the country has the highest average annual temperatures on land and water.

During the first half of autumn in the Mar Menorah region the air warms up to 18-30 °C and the water temperature reaches 19-24 °C. This is where Spain’s warm sea is in September.

Mojacara Beach


The region is located east of Andalusia and is a little less popular with tourists, which, however, makes it even more charming. Those who come here in winter, you will find excellent hiking trails, interesting old villages, the architecture of which dates back to the Moorish period. For example, the fortress of Almeria is the second largest Moorish fortification in the country after the Granada Alhambra.

Beach holidays in Spain in September is good around the village of Mojacar, adjacent to the coastal sandy area with a length of 17 km and many bars. The best spots are in the southern part of the resort, where water temperatures remain suitable for swimming until late October. Mojacar is close to the Cabo de Gata Natural Park, where some of the wildest and most beautiful natural beaches of Andalusia are located. On the way here you can visit the fantastic Playa de Los Muertos and Agua Amarga.


This island is not all for party goers. Like all the Balearic Islands, it is an example of natural beauty. The high season passes, in September the beach holidays in Spain become more relaxed, but there are still a lot of tourists here.

Vacationers can swim on the magnificent beaches of Ibiza until mid-October, and go on an exploratory trip around the island. In September, the thermometer still often rises to the 30-degree mark. But the island gets cooler in November, so be sure to bring pants and a raincoat.

Late fall is perfect for hiking and biking. The ocean remains surprisingly warm around Ibiza, and with a little luck you can swim here even in early November.

A cultural attraction is the island’s administrative center, Avissa, which has an irresistible Mediterranean charm. Accommodation prices tend to go down from mid-October.

From September to November, the average air temperature in Ibiza ranges from 16-23 ° C and the water is 20.4-21 ° C.

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Corralejo beach in the Canary Islands

Canary Islands

The Canaries can be visited all year round, but the Atlantic is much warmer in autumn than in winter or spring. Therefore, those who want to swim should plan a beach vacation in Spain in September, not later.

The Canary Islands have fantastic beaches – from Gran Canaria to Lanzarote for surfing in Papagayo or Famara. Fuerteventura has miles of sandy Corralejo beach and a small island. La Graciosa.

As for hiking tours of tropical islands, the best option offers Tenerife with the stunning mountains of Anaga, La Gomera and La Palma.

Those wishing to climb the highest peak in Spain will be convinced that the best time to do it is in the fall. At this time of year, the volcano Teide, located on the largest of the Canary Islands of Tenerife, is not covered in snow and not too heated by the midday sun. The Teide National Park can be reached by cable car, which will take you to the top at an altitude of 3555 m. For adults the price of the ride is 27 euros, for children – 9.50 euros. Those who want to climb to the highest point must agree in advance with the administration of the National Park. Otherwise, it will only be possible to wander around the cable car station, as further access is allowed to a limited number of visitors.

The average air temperature in the Canary Islands from September to November is 18-30 ° C and the water is 20.4-21 ° C.


This is Spain’s third largest city, rich in culture, architecture and history. The picturesque science park also has a lot to offer. In late September, the average temperature is around 20 ° C, but there can also be very warm or colder days. The sun shines at least 6 hours a day and the climate is pleasant and mild thanks to the sea.

A stroll through Valencia’s old town to the 13th century cathedral, the old silk exchange of the 15th century and the bullring are just some of the highlights of the historic center. Valencia is great for anyone interested in architecture and the natural sciences. They should definitely visit the local City of Arts and Sciences.

On the outskirts of Valencia is worth visiting the Costa del Azar and old places like Gandia, Peñíscola or Cullera with its castle of the X. There are many beautiful beaches. Fans of more active recreation can climb the rock of Calpe (it’s too hot to climb in the summer).

The average temperature in Valencia from September to November is 14-23 ° C and the water is 17-23 ° C.

Barcelona beach


Beach holidays in Spain in September and in this city is not bad. Barcelona is located by the sea, and despite the usual noise and bustle of all major cities, you can always find a quiet corner. The city has some great beaches, where you can escape the crowds of summer and treat yourself to a nice fall vacation.

Barcelona still experiences very hot days in September, and you can swim here even in October. The beaches of Barceloneta or Bella Mar are crowded because this is the time of year when the first big wave comes here. In the old port of Port Vell, you can stroll along the promenade late into the evening and eat on the terraces.

The average temperature in Barcelona from September to November is 16-25 °C and the water temperature is 15-22 °C.


Tourists visiting the Costa del Sol are less and less likely to stay in Málaga in the fall. However, the city can be a convenient base for trips to nearby regions, such as the beautiful Torcal Mountains or the famous canyons at the newly renovated Caminito del Rey.

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Nearby are the Nerja caves and excellent beaches. From Málaga you can get there in just 30 minutes and combine the trip with a visit to the white village of Frigiliana or the lost El Acebuchal. In these magical Moorish villages time has stopped, and here you want to wander for a long time, admiring the snow-white buildings.

The Lost Village of Acebuchal

Holidays in Málaga itself is also something special. You can stay here unnoticed for 3-4 days. The beautiful Moorish fortress of Alcazaba, its botanical gardens and the seaside promenade are great places for carefree strolls.

In terms of food choices, this port city of Andalusia offers many traditional dishes.

Málaga is also a city of museums with modern and classic paintings. There are famous street artists such as Obey or D*Face, who show off their work in the trendy Soho district. Evenings remain mild and cozy until late fall, and it’s worth taking a seat on one of the many covered terraces that are scattered throughout the city.

For a beach holiday, the weather in September in Spain is quite suitable. In Málaga, the air temperature ranges from 14-31 °C and the water temperature is 15-22 °C.


Autumn in Catalonia can be considered the best season for those who like to eat good food and taste good wine. Just strolling through the foothills of the Pyrenees you can find sweet chestnuts and huge mushrooms.

There are also beautiful forests of old chestnuts. The largest and probably the oldest are in the Montseny Nature Park in Kanowes.

On the eve of All Saints’ Day, at the harvest festival, you can taste roasted chestnuts and the local muscat wine. There are also delicious Catalan dishes such as almond cookies, sweet potatoes and candied fruits.

Chestnut Festival

Wine tasting begins in September at the many festivals in Penedes, where excellent red wines and the world-famous Spanish Champagne, Cava, are produced in the fall. A tour of the best wine cellars during the wine harvest is an experience for all the senses. Numerous wine country tours are available to tourists, which can be booked abroad or locally.

Harvesting begins in late August and continues through September.

There are many beautiful places to visit, including the ancient fortress of Girona, the city of Vic with its medieval charm or Besalú with its Romanesque churches. One of the most famous buildings in Catalonia is the Monastery of Montserrat near Barcelona. This place is a must visit because there are fewer tourists in the fall and even in winter within the walls of the monastery is not so cold.

In Sitges or Tossa de Mare, there are far fewer visitors in the fall.

Tourists counting on a beach holiday in Spain in September, the weather expects the following. The average temperature in Sitges during this period is 16-21 ° C, and the water warms up to 18-24 ° C.

Basque Country

Every year, surfers around the world make their way to the grandiose sandy beaches of the Atlantic. In the Basque Country, vacationers will find some of Spain’s best surfing resorts at sea in September. These are natural beaches with small nearby buildings and mountains in the background. One of the best places to ride the waves is Zarautz, located within the city of the same name.

Surfing season begins in late September and continues through the winter. Engaging in this sport at this time of year means that you have to wear a wetsuit and special shoes, because the water is very cold.

Surfing in the Basque Country

Although the Basque coast of the Atlantic is cooler than southern Spain, autumn feels warm, even when it’s raining. The average temperature from September to November ranges from 12 to 21 °C, and the water 16 to 21 °C.

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Attractive attractions in the area are the city of San Sebastian, which is close to the sea, and the famous Altamira Caves in Cantabria.

Tarifa (and views of Africa)

In the last corner of Andalusia, this Spanish province begins to lose its European face. In Tarifa, Africa is so close that on clear days you can see it with your own eyes. The Strait of Gibraltar that separates it is always full of ships from all over the world.

The wind in Tarifa is created by the mixing of cool Atlantic waters with the warm Mediterranean Sea. These air currents are the main reason why people from all over the world come here to go kitesurfing. So the question of where to go in September by the sea in Spain, fans of this sport for themselves have long decided. But if the wind blows strongly from the shore, everything can get out of control. For this reason, you need to be careful and choose days when the wind blows from the east.

The local long wide sandy beaches are beautiful, unless cows have walked there. Do not worry, they are very friendly, but those who have been there will immediately know what it’s about.

View of Africa and Gibraltar

Those who stay in Tarifa, that small surfing and fishing community, are likely to hit Playa de Bolonia, which leads to the most beautiful beaches in Cadiz. It is also worth visiting local villages with white-washed houses and places like Vejer de la Frontera, Medina Sidonia, Arcos de la Frontera, Zahara de la Sierra or the village of Setenil de las Bodegas.

In September, the temperature of the sea in Spain in Tarifa reaches 19-23 °C and the air warms to 16-21 °C.

Tabernas Desert.

This lifeless region is located in the Andalusian province of Almeria. Not only is it unusual to see a desert in Spain, but it is also interesting to know that numerous westerns were filmed here.

During the summertime the temperature here reaches 40 degrees and above. Vacationers in Almeria, who decide where to go in Spain in September, should definitely visit Fort Bravo Tabernas, as autumn without the extreme summer heat is the best time to do so.

There are many riding trails in the desert. It is also possible to rent a mountain bike. These activities are best practiced from the end of September, when the region finally cools down a bit. Nevertheless, those who have been there recommend wearing a hat, drinking plenty of water, and keeping a GPS device at the ready so you don’t get lost. The desert is quite large and difficult to navigate, so a good (and safe) option is to join a group tour.

If you want to combine relaxation with a little adventure during your fall vacation, Tabernas has something for everyone in the family to do. Besides Fort Bravo, there’s the zoo and the towns of Mini Hollywood and Western Leone, where you can see the teepees, log cabins, and saloons used in the filming of Westerns. Kids have a lot of fun here.

The average temperature in Tabernas from September to November is 20-26 °C. At night in the desert it can drop to about 10 ° C.

Holidays in Spain in September

Holidays in September at Sea in Spain

Where is the best place to rest in Spain in September 2022? The nuances of the weather, the dynamics of tour prices and the best resorts. We tell you about holidays with children and entertainment. Bonus – reviews of tourists.

Spain accepts tourists from the Russian Federation, if they are vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO. It is also possible to enter through another EU country. Check the list of open countries. Tours to Spain are not yet on sale. For convenience, we give pre-pandemic prices for travel and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, check with official resources.

The sights of Spain. What is worth seeing?


Prices for tours to Spain in September – 2022

The velvet season in Spain attracts tourists like a magnet. In early September, the beaches are still very crowded. Everyone wants to prolong the summer pleasures: to bask in the sun, swim in the warm sea, enjoy jamon, sangria and unique historical monuments.

By the end of September the situation changes. In Spain, it becomes a little colder, on the beaches come fewer Spaniards and tourists. To attract customers, hotels gradually reduce prices. Cheapens tours, food and excursions.

According to feedback from tourists, most were satisfied with a trip to Spain on tours in September. A trip to the budget hotel for a week from Moscow can be bought from 53 thousand rubles, and “all inclusive” costs from 73 thousand rubles.

Discounts on tours for holidays in Spain in September are, but they are not large. Demand for a holiday by the sea is still high, the holiday season continues. Compared with August, you will save no more than 10%.

Tip . As in summer, in September in Spain sell a lot of last minute tours. Look for bargains, find out about discounts and rest by the sea cheap!

Daria: “The weather in Barcelona – a fairy tale, can’t be compared with our St. Petersburg summer atmosphere. As for tourists, their ranks thin by fall, there are much less queues to see the sights, and the city is freer to breathe.

Prices for 7-day tours to Spain in September 2022 from Moscow:

Resort Price for two persons Example
Barcelona from 66 000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Valencia from ₽64,000 Найти тур >>
Madrid from ₽62,000 Найти тур >>
Mallorca from 54,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Tenerife from 68,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Costa Brava from 49,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Ibiza from ₽ 60,000 Найти тур >>

Weather in Spain in September

What does September in Spain look like? In the first half of the month, tourists are treated to a nice continuation of the hot Spanish summer. The sea water is warm at +23. 25°С. In the south coast during the day +30 ° C, and at night it is +20. +22°С. Rains are scarce, fleeting and only refresh the land.

In autumn, the humidity by the sea is lower, and the heat is easier to bear. For this reason, holidays in Spain in September like parents with small children, elderly travelers and those who for health reasons can not rest in the heat of summer.

Air and water temperature in resorts in Spain in September:

Resort t air water t
Barcelona +26. +30°С +23. +25°С
Costa Brava +25. +27°С +23. +26°С
Valencia +28°С +25°С
Madrid +26. +35°С
Sierra Nevada +23. +25°С
Canary Islands +26. +29°С +24. +26°С
Balearic Islands +26. +28°С +26. +27°С

Towards the end of September, the weather in Spain changes slightly. The temperature drops by 1-2°C. The skies are often covered with clouds and the sea can get stormy. There is still little rain in the southern part of the country, but in the northern areas there is more rain.

Tip . Plan ahead for backups. On stormy days when the beaches are closed, take a tour, go see flamenco dancers and spend time sampling Spanish cuisine.

Maria: “In Tarragona in September it was hot, very active sun. The water was +27 ° C. There were strong waves, I was inundated with water, although I went into the sea no deeper than my knee.

tatyana1212: “In Salou the beach and the sea are very clean, the sand is excellent, there is a lot of space in September. I didn’t like that in the middle of September the sand was cool, warmed up to lie down on it only by noon.

How much money to take to Spain - 2022

Holidays in Spain in September

Levant beach, Salou. Photo: nito103 /

Prices for hotels in Spain in September – 2022

City Price per day Example
Barcelona from 56 $ Посмотреть отели >>
Valencia from $28 Посмотреть отели >>
Madrid from $23 Посмотреть отели >>
Mallorca from 39 $ Посмотреть отели >>
Tenerife from $15 Посмотреть отели >>
Costa Brava from 33 $ Посмотреть отели >>
Ibiza from 33 $ Посмотреть отели >>

Where to have a rest in Spain in September

The weather in Spain in September is good for a vacation at any resort. The choice of location depends on your capabilities and purpose of travel.

The best places for sunbathing and swimming are the south coast and islands. The beaches of the Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa Dorada and Costa del Sol, the Canary Islands, Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Benidorm are great options. During a vacation in Spain in September, do diving, windsurfing, go sailing and fly a parachute behind a boat.

Svetlana and Artem : “We decided to spend our vacation in Mallorca. We came for a vacation in September. The climate is so comfortable that whatever you do, you get great pleasure. It’s nice to go on excursions without breaking a sweat, and in the evenings it’s not cold at all.

Map of Spanish resorts for a vacation in September

Where to rest in September in Spain

Beach on Mallorca (Photo: / @furbee)

Holidays with children in September

Spain in September is ideal for a vacation with a child by the sea. In the fall, children acclimatize more easily and do not suffer from the heat. In resorts all of September the weather is sunny, and the sea in shallow water is warm as in summer. In the fall in Spain ripe quince, grapes and persimmons, so you and your child will get a good dose of vitamins.

The best places for a beach holiday with children in Spain in September 2022 are the southern seaside resorts on the continent and the islands. Keep in mind, however, that not all coasts are the same. The Costa Dorada is further south than the Costa Brava resorts, so it’s a little more comfortable there.

According to tourists’ reviews, parents with children love the sandy beaches of Salou, Alicante and the well-heated lagoon Mar Menor in the province of Murcia. The water there is warmer than in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Costa del Sol is influenced by the cool currents of the Atlantic. The water temperature there is lower than in other resorts. The sea at +20. +21 ° C is already cool for children. But in the resorts that are located further east – Costa Tropical and Costa de Almeria – in September the water is heated to +23. +25 ° C.

A handy pick:

Where to fly to Spain in September

Santa Ponsa, Mallorca (Photo: / @paulgilmore_)

What to do on vacation in September

September’s mild weather is perfect for beach fun, outdoor activities and sightseeing tours of Spain. Take in some of Spain’s festivals! In the small town of Algemesi, near Valencia, a traditional festival in honour of Our Lady of Health is held on September 7-8, and residents of Barcelona celebrate the festival of Our Lady of Mercy on September 24. It’s a time of fun and street dancing, which ends with the construction of “living towers” of people – castels .

What to do on vacation in Spain in September 2022:

  • Explore Madrid’s famous art collections-the Thyssen-Bornemisza Gallery, the Queen Sofia Art Center and the Prado Museum.
  • Walk through La Rambla, the Gothic Quarter and Park Guell in Barcelona.
  • Listen to church singing at the Montserrat Monastery.
  • Take a gastronomic tour and taste Spanish delicacies, cava and the original blue wine.
  • Have fun at the PortAventura theme park.
  • To learn about Spain’s Moorish heritage, take a tour to Granada and visit the Alhambra.
  • Take a pilgrimage tour of the Camino de Santiago.

Where is the heat in Spain in September

Erecting a castela (human tower) at the Fiesta de Gracia (Photo: elprimerpaso /

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