Spring in Cyprus – 2022. Weather in March, April, May

Spring in Cyprus – 2022. Weather in March, April, May

We tell you about the weather in Cyprus by month and water temperature in 2016. How many sunny days in each month, when it rains and winds are blowing in Cyprus, what the temperature of the air and water in the sea.

Weather in Cyprus now:

See the current weather in Cyprus resorts you can always through Yandex or Gismeteo.

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Weather in March

The rain in March in Cyprus is noticeably less than in winter. The average air temperature is almost the same as in Russia in the summer. Daytime usually +19 … +22, night +12. Sometimes for a couple of days there can be cooler to +16, but then the sun comes out again and it is possible to get a sunburn, sunbathing on a beach all day. Towards the end of the month there are days when the thermometer reads +25 in the shade.

In the mountainous areas of Cyprus in March the weather is already positive and the snow is melting fast, although at night frosts are still possible.

The water in the sea is still cold, having had time to cool off during the winter, its temperature is about +18 degrees.

Cyprus in autumn

In autumn, Cyprus can be visited not only for the sea, but also for sightseeing: at this time of year there are original festivals.

Features of a holiday by month:

  • September. The air temperature during the day – +30, at night – +20. The temperature of water in the sea is +26. In the evening the winds blow quite cool. Therefore, going for a walk, it is advisable to take something warm with you. The events of September: the culinary festival in Ayia Napa, the wine festival in Limassol.
  • October. The air temperature is +27 during the day and +15 at night. The water temperature in the sea is +24- Sometimes it rains, even rarer thunderstorms. Events in October: Lemessia in Limassol.
  • November. The air temperature during the day is +21 to +24, while at night it is +10 to +14. The water temperature in the sea + The rains are more frequent at this time of year. Going on a trip, be sure to bring an umbrella and warm clothing.

Weather in April

In April the temperature in the coastal areas of Cyprus can be called a summer temperature – +21 … +24 during the day and +13 at night. In the evenings it is cool, so you should take warm clothes, preferably a jacket, which saves not only from the cold, but also from the rain, which may be several times a week.

The sea is not yet warmed up and bathed only a few people, because the average water temperature is only +18 degrees.

The weather in the central part of Cyprus in April is warmer by a couple of degrees and in the mountains by 6-8 degrees cooler. There is no snow at all.

Cyprus in winter

In winter, Cyprus sea is especially beautiful: its shade varies from soft blue to green and even gray. There are free sun loungers on the beach.

The disadvantage of winter holidays in Cyprus – not enough sun.

Features of a holiday by month:

  • December. The air temperature during the day is from +15 to +20, and at night from +8 to +18. The best way to swim not in the sea, but in the heated pool. In December in Cyprus, there are often strong northerly and easterly winds. Therefore, it is advisable to bring warm clothing. December – the pre-Christmas season. You can see the interesting processions dedicated to the holiday.
  • January. The air temperature during the day ranges from +17 to +18, at night from +5 to +5 The temperature of the water in the sea is +15-+16 degrees. In January in Cyprus, there are often heavy rains and winds. Therefore, you should not bring swimsuits and swimming trunks, but warm clothing, windbreaker and umbrella. The sun is not much, and the sky is almost always gloomy. This month tangerines are ripe. In the tangerine groves, the scent of citrus fruits wafts in the air. On January 1, Cyprus celebrates New Year and all the festivals are dedicated to this holiday.
  • February. It is half spring month. Temperature during the day +17-20, night +16. Cyprus in February is very beautiful: the mountains are covered with snowdrops, jasmine blooms, lemon trees begin to blossom. The sun is not enough, it often rains. In February in Cyprus, Apokria (analog of Shrovetide) is celebrated. There are interesting parades, balls and carnivals.
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Weather in Cyprus in May

Many of our compatriots come to the island for all the May holidays. And they are right, because in May in Cyprus it is summer by Russian standards. And it is not too hot: +25 degrees in the resorts and +28 in the central part. The rains are almost disappearing. Sea water is suitable for swimming, especially in the end of the month when it gets up to +22 degrees. But in the beginning it can still be cool (+20).

The weather in mountainous areas of Cyprus in May is not yet summery and the temperature is +19 … +21 degrees.

Weather and water temperature by month in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its climate is considered one of the most favorable on Earth. Cypriots are famous for excellent health and longevity, due to the lack of temperature fluctuations and pure sea air. There are world famous resorts, where you can choose a tour at any time of year. It is customary to distinguish between high (more tourists and slightly higher prices for everything) and low seasons, conventionally corresponding to the summer and winter seasons. The choice is based on personal preferences of travelers. Lovers of relaxing holidays on the beautiful beaches of Cyprus go to the island from May to October, supporters of more moderate temperatures prefer the off-season or even the winter months.

We have collected all the reviews about holidays in Cyprus in this review.

May in Cyprus is the beginning of the high, beach season . The air temperature rises to +26 ° during the day, although at night it is still quite cool – about +16 °. The water in the sea warms up to +21 °. Local residents believe that the bathing is still early, but tourists from the northern regions are swimming and resting on the beach at full throttle.

The June weather in Cyprus is close to the annual average . The daytime air temperature is +30 °, dropping to +20 ° at night. The sea warms up to +23 °, which suits most tourists. This is not yet the hottest time of the year, but the temperatures are already approaching their peak values.

The daytime temperature in July rises to a maximum of +33 ° . At night it drops to +22 °, which for many tourists means a pleasant coolness and a break from the heat of the day. The water in the sea heats up to +25 °, but this is still not the highest value for the whole year. The only danger that awaits travelers is sunstroke. For the unprepared tourists this is a very real danger from which you should beware.


In August in Cyprus there is a maximum rise in all temperatures. During the day the air heats up to +33 °, cooling down to +23 ° at night. In the sea the water is held at a maximum of +26 °. Most tourists find this month the most attractive because of the warm sea water, but the heat of the day is too tiring for many travellers from northern countries and regions.


September is not much different from the summer months . Daytime and nighttime temperatures are +31° and +20°, but the sea water is still at its maximum of +26°. It’s still early to talk about the off-season, although you can probably wear a light jacket at night. It’s a time when it’s warmer at night in the water than on land.

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October marks the end of the high season in Cyprus. During the day the air heats up to +28° and at night it is noticeably cooler, +17°. The sea water cools down a bit to +24°. For locals this is already a noticeable drop in temperature, but for tourists such an environment seems quite comfortable. Travelers enjoy swimming in the sea, sunbathing in the autumn sun and visiting local attractions.

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November is the start of the low season in Cyprus . The daytime air temperature drops to +21° and at night it reaches +12°. The sea water cools to +21°. These conditions are seen by many Russian tourists as quite suitable for swimming in the sea, despite the general coolness.


Winter in Cyprus is quite cool . The daytime temperature does not rise above +17 ° and at night it is +8 °. In the sea the water retains the remains of the summer heat, its temperature is +18 °. At this time there is a fall in the number of tourists, many hotels close until spring.


This is the coldest month of the year. The daytime air temperature is +15 °, even cooler at night – +7 °. The sea water cools down to 16 °. During this period, there are heavy rains, the rivers fill up with water and often flood. The weather is changeable – sunny days alternate with cloudy ones.


In February the weather in Cyprus is not very different from that in January. The daytime (average) temperature rises by one degree (+16 °), which is not too noticeable. At night it is also cool, +7 °. Sea water retains a temperature of +16 °, this is the lowest annual average. However, by the end of the month the situation will begin to change.

The beginning of spring is accompanied by a rise in water and air temperatures. Sea water begins to warm up little by little, its temperature is already +17 °. Air during the day heats up to +18 °, while at night is still cool +8 °.


The last month of the low season. Weather conditions are not yet conducive to beach holidays, but this is the off-season period favorite by many tourists from Russia and other Nordic countries. The daytime air temperature rises to +21°, at night it’s +11°. In the sea the water heats up to +18 °, which for some travelers seems quite suitable for swimming.

Weather in June

June in Cyprus starts the real Mediterranean summer with high temperatures and minimum rainfall (although light rainfall may occur once or twice a week). The thermometer in the resorts usually reaches +30 degrees and in the central part of the island it may be as high as 35 degrees.

You can escape from the heat in the Troodos mountains, where it rarely exceeds +25 degrees.

In early June, the weather in Cyprus is almost perfect – not very hot, the water in the sea is warm to a relatively comfortable +22. On the plus side, there are not as many holidaymakers as in the next three months. This month is ideal for a beach holiday, as well as for sightseeing.

When is the best time to go on holiday to Cyprus?

This is suggested by the rave reviews of tourists who have visited the island of Aphrodite in winter and spring. Summer and partly in the fall – for fans of extreme temperatures, and the lack of vegetation, scorched by the sun, not everyone is happy. The opportunity to combine beach vacation with skiing deserves attention.

Summer Weather in Cyprus 2022: June, July, August

It is important to remember that “siga-siga” (slow-slow) is a Cypriot Lifestyle, does not mean laziness and sleepiness. “Take your time,” they tell you, “you’ll make it all. Just see how beautiful life is!” That’s the kind of contemplation you can do on Aphrodite Island at any time of year.

July Weather

July is one of the hottest months of the year in Cyprus. The average daytime air temperature rarely drops below +30 degrees. At night it is 6-8 degrees cooler. There is almost no rain.

The weather in Cyprus in July will please those who like to swim in the warm sea: at the beginning of the month it warms up to +25, and by the end of the month up to +28.

If you get tired of the heat, go on an excursion to the Troodos mountains, where the thermometer is rarely above +25. But it’s too hot to see the sights in the central part of Cyprus.

Spring in Cyprus

Spring arrives while it is still winter on the calendar. The first orchids bloom in January, the meadows turn green in mid-February and the almonds begin to bloom. The cooler weather in March with possible showers slowly brings the thermometer to around +16-+19. March in Cyprus is a time of revelry as nature awakens, although you can’t yet count on getting a tan or a swim in the sea. The first sunbaths can be tried in April, when the temperature is not too hot, about +25 degrees. Completely beaches open their season in May, when it can be really hot (up to +30).

Summer actually starts in the second half of May. The air heats up to +27-+30, the sea splashes coastal waves with a temperature of +22. The heat and dryness is felt until the end of October. June in Cyprus is moderate in weather with average temperatures of +30 and sea +22-+23. July is characterized by a real heat up to +35-+40, but easily tolerated due to low humidity. The intensity of the Cypriot summer sun is quite high, so it’s better to carry sunscreen. Cooler on hot days is provided in the Troodos Mountains.

Cyprus. Season for holidays by month, the water temperature, air temperature, when to go

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is one of those places where almost all year round hot sun and azure skies. Despite this, you should plan your vacation, taking into account the local seasonality. Although you can swim here almost 200 days a year, there are months when visiting the beaches is better replaced by excursions to scenic areas and ancient monuments. Cyprus is situated in the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea. Its territory is divided between the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus. The latter is considered a self-proclaimed republic. In this case, the territory of the Cypriot Republic itself occupies 64% of the total area of the island.

The situation is the same with the number of population – most of it, namely 70% (840 thousand) lives on the territory of Cyprus. The ethnic basis is Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots – 90%. The remaining 10% are various nations, including Armenians, Russians, English, Americans, etc.

Greek and Turkish are recognized as the official languages. The capital of Nicosia has two parts – one Greek and the other Turkish. The national currency in the Cypriot Republic is the euro, while in the neighboring country – the Turkish lira.

Important: There is still tension between the two national communities – Greeks and Turks – since the war in 1974. Therefore, during communication with the local population is not recommended to touch this and other national, political topics of the country.

At the same time, the territory of the Cypriot Republic itself occupies 64 of the whole island.

Water temperature in Cyprus by months

Water is not heated above 18C, swim in this month only brave ones.

Spring in Cyprus – 2022. Weather in March, April, May

Holidays in Cyprus in the spring

Is it worth to go on holiday in Cyprus in the spring of 2022? Overview of the weather in March, April and May. Tips on what to do during your spring vacation.

To Cyprus on your own: how to get cheaply

Spring is already making its presence felt on the island in late February: green valleys, bushes and trees are in bloom. Despite the rapid rise in temperature, the sea warms up slowly after the winter. Only in May in Cyprus, the beach season officially opens and all seaside resorts of the country begin to work in full swing.

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When are you planning your holidays?

Holidays in Cyprus in March

Weather in March

March is not considered the best time to vacation in Cyprus, although the nature charms with bright colors and fragrance. The weather in Cyprus in March is generally fine, but sometimes the winds blow and the sky is stormy and rainy. The temperature during the day +17 ° C, in the evening +11. +14 ° C, on the warmest days it can reach +21 ° C. Statistically, up to a third of the days in the month with precipitation. Water in the sea is still cool for swimming +17 ° C, and sunbathing on the beach is not too comfortable because of the strong winds.

What to do?

Most hotels in Cyprus open by mid-April, so in March it is best to plan your holiday near the lively resorts of Limassol, Paphos or Larnaca. Holidaymakers in Limassol will be able to watch the grand parade in honor of the traditional March carnival, when the city streets are filled with festively dressed people.

The main attractions for tourists in the spring are biking and hiking, fishing, jeep tourism and quad biking, thalassotherapy and excursions. Fans of hiking will surely enjoy the spring green island. The eye pleases with bright flowers, green valleys and citrus trees, bowing under the weight of fruit.

Holidays in Cyprus in March 2022 are perfect for those who are fond of history and culture: for example, you can go to the monasteries and churches in the Troodos mountains, and in Paphos to see the excavation sites in Nea Paphos, Aphrodite’s Stone and other interesting places. It is certainly worth tasting the local delicacies in between excursions, like the famous meze, moussaka or juicy tender lamb meat called cleftiko.

Tourist Reviews

The advantage of a holiday in Cyprus in March is the low cost. You can rest one and a half to two times cheaper than in summer. In addition, the weather in March will please those who can’t stand the heat and prefers cultural and excursion recreation to beach entertainment. Probably, therefore, the main contingent of holidaymakers in this period are the pensioners from Europe.

A useful selection:

Holidays in Cyprus in March

(Photo: utnapistim / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC 2.0)

Holidays in Cyprus in April

Weather in April

The weather in Cyprus improves in April. It gets a few more degrees warmer: the daytime temperature rises above +20°C, reaching a steady +24°C by the end of the month. In the evenings it is fresh +12. +14°С. The cloudy days are less, it rains less often, but instead of abundant rainfall the weather periodically spoils by dust storms coming from the African continent. For a beach holiday the weather in Cyprus in April is not yet suitable – the water temperature is only +18 ° C. Comfortable swimming is possible only in the pool or at the water park.

What to bring from Cyprus - the prices of gifts and souvenirs

What to do?

From the second half of April, the sun is heating up so much that you can sunbathe on the beach. The most courageous ones try to swim in the sea, though the water is not warm. It’s nice to walk, ride bicycles, sail on a yacht or a boat. Popular car and bus tours of the island.

How to have fun during a holiday in Cyprus in April 2022? Lovers of nature will be interested to visit the reserve on the Akamas Peninsula, romantics should visit the ancient Curion, Paphos or Nicosia, mountain villages Kakopetria and Lefkara, temples and monasteries in the mountains. Children will love the show of trained parrots in the Bird Park and water entertainment in water parks.

Tourist Reviews

April is good for leisurely walks and meals outdoors, sunbathing, air and vitamin cocktails – mangoes, dates and guavas are ripening on the island at this time. As for prices, then experienced tourists are advised to take a tour or go alone near the end of the month: there are still few people, and prices are still lower than on May Day, and the weather conditions are almost the same.

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Holidays on Cyprus in April

(Photo: abraja1 / flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Holidays in Cyprus in May

Weather in May

The last month of spring opens the high tourist season in Cyprus. The weather in May on the coast is wonderful with daytime temperatures of +24. +27 ° C, at night +15. +17°С. The water in the sea is +21. +22°С. In the mountains a little colder. Rains in May are rare and often occur in the first half of the month. In the last decade of May comes the real summer, the air temperature reaches +28 ° C. At this time, the island officially says goodbye to spring, and in all cities is the Flower Festival, a particularly solemn celebration in Paphos.

What to do?

There are a lot of interesting events in May: the Aphrodite rally, a festival of modern dance, theatrical shows. Most of them are held in Paphos and Limassol. But most importantly, the weather in Cyprus in May is already warm and dry enough to enjoy a full beach holiday. True, the sea is not yet warm enough to swim with small children, but adults are fine.

In May in Cyprus there is plenty of space for holidaymakers: all the entertainment facilities on the coast open, water skiing and catamaran rentals are available. Excursions to Paphos, Nicosia, Kyrenia, Limassol, Larnaca, the Troodos mountains, boat or yacht trips are popular. The temperature in the mountains is always slightly lower than on the coast, so you should pack warm clothes when going on excursions.

How to book a hotel? You can find a convenient option for yourself on the well-known service Roomguru.ru – the site compares prices from various booking systems and finds the best one. If you are going on vacation with a child, our selection of the best hotels in Cyprus for holidays with children will be helpful for you.

Tourist Reviews

If you go to Cyprus in May, you can relax by the sea and leisurely tour the many attractions on the island, the weather is perfect. According to reviews of tourists, if the purpose of the trip – beach holidays, it is better to plan a trip for the last decade of the month, there is a greater chance that the Mediterranean Sea warms up to comfortable temperatures. During the May holidays there is always a small boom, and prices at this time are not low.

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