Summer Weather in Cyprus 2022: June, July, August

Holidays in Cyprus in the summer

Summer weather in Cyprus

We tell you which summer months it is better to go to Cyprus in 2022 and why. What to expect and what to do on holiday in June, July and August?

Summers in Cyprus are sunny and hot, the temperature can reach 40 ° C, and you can’t do without sunscreens. But the humidity on the island is low, so the heat is well tolerated. Paphos is considered the “coolest” resort on the coast in summer, and the heat is almost unaffected in the mountains.

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Weather in Cyprus in June

The beginning of summer is the most comfortable time to relax in Cyprus. Daytime temperatures are +30. +35 ° C, clear and cloudless, the rain is rare. The weather in June in Cyprus is suitable for everyone, even for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses. You can swim in the sea, go water-skiing, diving and sightseeing.

The west of the island is considered cooler than the east. So, the average temperature in the resorts of Ayia Napa is +30 ° C, and in Paphos, Nicosia and Limassol it is +27 ° C. It is very hot in the central part of the island – from +33 ° C and above. It can be felt even better with almost no wind.

The water temperature in Cyprus in June is about +23. +25 ° C. According to reviews, the Mediterranean Sea is warm and very clear, especially on the beaches of Protaras and Ayia Napa. It is here come lovers of marine life, and in unusual red caves you can see sea eagles.

What to do

In June there is a theater festival in Limassol, and bright theatrical productions of Shakespeare can be seen directly under the open sky on the stage of Kourion amphitheater.

Larnaca hosts an interesting religious festival called Cataclysmos. Along with the traditional rituals of diving for the cross, all around pouring water on each other and having fun on the coast with dancing, treats and fun contests.

Lovers of marine excursions go on a cruise around the Mediterranean Sea, you can visit the neighboring Greek islands of Crete or Rhodes. Every holidaymaker feels obliged at least once to visit the beach of Aphrodite, a place around which there are many legends. And in the evening you can relax in a bar or restaurant, the youth prefer to have fun in nightclubs.

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According to reviews, June – a good time for excursions and trips to Cyprus, because there is no such a debilitating heat, as in August. You can go to Lefkara and visit the Akamas Peninsula, as well as sightseeing in Paphos. It’s also a great time for holidays with children.

June weather in Cyprus

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July Weather in Cyprus

In July, the temperature readings tend to +40 ° C. According to reviews, tourists are not recommended at this time to go on vacation with infants, as well as people who can not stand the heat and stuffiness.

In July, the hottest weather in Cyprus is in Larnaca and Nicosia at +34. +35 ° C. In Ayia Napa, Protaras and Limassol it is around +32. +33 ° C, in Paphos, Pissouri and Polis +30. +31°С. In the central part of the island it is +37 ° C, in the mountains +28 ° C. The evenings will be cooler, though the nights are warm (20. +22 ° C). The water temperature in July in Cyprus is +26. +27°С.

What to do

The weather in July in Cyprus is no longer conducive to long walks in the sun. During this period it is very pleasant to spend time on the beach or in the water park – morning and evening hours. The heat rises from 11 to 17, and this time is better spent somewhere in the cool shade, near the pool or in a hotel with air conditioning. You can go on a boat trip, some do diving, exploring the local depths.

In July, the island hosts a festival of ancient Greek drama and celebrations in honor of the famous Cyprus wine, Commandaria. It’s a great opportunity to see local actors play and take part in folk festivities.

Weather in Cyprus in July

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Weather in Cyprus in August

August is the hottest and driest month in Cyprus. According to reviews, the weather in August in Cyprus is such that heat-sensitive people should better refrain from visiting. The sun shines all day, which burns out all the grass and fades the emerald colors. During this month, even the Cypriots themselves go on vacation to places with less heat. The daytime temperature is +28 °С in the mountains, +34 °С in the west, +35 °С in the east. +37 ° C, in the center of +40 ° C and above. The average daily temperature in Larnaca and Nicosia is +35 ° C, and in practice, it often reaches +42 ° C. The water heats up to +29 ° C, but the wind dies down and the expected coolness and freshness in the evenings is gone.

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What to do

There is almost no demand for excursions in Cyprus in August because of the extremely hot weather and high air temperature, travel along the hot tracks is a real challenge and does not bring pleasure to holidaymakers. In the morning and evening people have fun at the beaches or spend time at water parks, in the afternoon people wait out the heat indoors. At this time, even many public institutions are closed. In the evening, holidaymakers fill the local bars and restaurants. It’s the perfect time to get to know the fantastic cuisine of Cyprus!

At the end of August, there is a wine festival in Limassol, where you can taste different local produce, and the Aphrodite music festival in Paphos. Usually all the festivities take place in the evening hours, when the intense heat subsides and it becomes easy and comfortable outside.

When to go to Cyprus in 2022: The best time for a beach holiday

In Cyprus, there are 2 main tourist seasons and seasons: summer and winter. In summer the weather in Cyprus is very hot – the temperature ranges from +30 to +45 degrees. In winter it varies from +10 to +20 degrees.

Cyprus has opened its borders for Russian tourists

Russian tourists can fly to Cyprus in 2022. Electronic visas for tourists from Russia became possible again.

Cyprus has so far officially ceased direct flights with Russia.

In addition to visas to travel to Cyprus, you will need to find a suitable flight

See video: current rules for entry to Cyprus for Russians in 2022.

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Tourist season in Cyprus

The main tourist beach season in Cyprus opens in May and ends in mid-October.

Some tourists start arriving in Cyprus in April, many travelers note that the water remains cool even in the first half of May.

Video: review of tourists about vacation in Cyprus in July.

Is there a rainy season in Cyprus

In Cyprus, most of the year is sunny weather. Full rainy season, as in other southern countries, in Cyprus is not.

It rains most in January and February. But these days are also sunny and warm, with temperatures around 15 degrees.

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The best time to go

The best time to go to Cyprus is in the second half of May, June, or September. May Cyprus is charming, although it’s still cool for swimming at times.

The weather in June is warm, there are not yet a lot of tourists who come here in July and August. During this time Cyprus has the warmest sea, but also very hot and stuffy weather during the day.

In September begins Velvet season, which lasts until early November. The sun at this time is not so scorching, and the water is warm enough to swim even in the morning.

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Cyprus in spring

In the spring, Cyprus is surprisingly quiet: there are still few tourists at the resort, so travelers have the opportunity to enjoy both the views of the sea and interesting excursions.

Features of holidays by month:

  1. March. The air temperature during the day +22-+23, and at night +10. The water temperature is +18 degrees. When the winds do not blow, the sun burns a lot. Sunny days alternate with cloudy. In March in Cyprus you can still go skiing. To do this you should go to the top of Troodos. On March 25, in Cyprus is celebrated Independence Day, there are festive parades.
  2. April. The air temperature during the day +20-25 and at night +10-+ The temperature of the water in the sea is +18-+20. Sometimes it rains and cool winds blow. You’ll need both beachwear and warm clothes and raincoat. Tourists interested in history should visit the day of liberation from England (April 1). And in mid-April there is a tulip festival.
  3. May . This month officially opens the holiday season. The air temperature reaches +22-+27 during the day and +20 at night. The water temperature in the sea is +22-++ It is recommended to visit the Anfestiria (flower festival) – at this time you can see many interesting flowers.

Cyprus in summer

With the onset of summer in Cyprus comes the real heat. It is not recommended to visit Cyprus at this time of year for those who have a heart condition, asthmatics and families with children.

Features of holidays by month:

  1. June. The air temperature during the day +30-+34, at night +28. The water temperature in the sea + The first necessity is sunscreen. It is recommended to visit the holiday Cataclysmos. During this time, there are parades and fairs, and at night there are fireworks.
  2. July. The hottest summer month. Daytime air temperature is +32-+40 and at night it is +28. The water temperature in the sea is +25-+ During this time the summer “Oktoberfest” takes place, tourists have the opportunity to taste different kinds of beer.
  3. August. Air temperature +40, water temperature + there is often no wind, sometimes the humidity rises to 80-90%. In coastal waters jellyfish appear. Some of them are poisonous – a meeting with them can turn into a severe burn. At the very end of August there is a wine festival, which lasts 12 days.
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Cyprus in autumn

In autumn, Cyprus can be visited not only for the sea, but also for excursions: at this time of year there are original festivals.

Features of holidays by month:

  1. September. Air temperature during the day – +30, at night – +20. The temperature of water in the sea is +26. In the evening the winds blow quite cool. Therefore, going for a walk, it is advisable to take something warm with you. The events of September: a culinary festival in Ayia Napa, the wine festival in Limassol.
  2. October. The air temperature is +27 during the day and +15 at night. The water temperature in the sea is +24- Sometimes it rains, even rarer thunderstorms. Events in October: Lemessia in Limassol.
  3. November. The air temperature during the day is +21 to +24, while at night it is +10 to +14. The water temperature in the sea + The rains are more frequent at this time of year. Going on a trip, be sure to bring an umbrella and warm clothing.

Cyprus in winter

In winter in Cyprus, the sea is particularly beautiful: its color varies from soft blue to green and even gray. On the beach there are free sun loungers.

The disadvantage of winter holidays in Cyprus – not enough sun.

Features of holidays by month:

  1. December. The air temperature during the day is from +15 to +20, and at night from +8 to +18. The ideal is not to swim in the sea, but in the heated pool. In December in Cyprus, there are often strong northerly and easterly winds. Therefore, it is advisable to bring warm clothing. December – the pre-Christmas season. You can see the interesting processions dedicated to the holiday.
  2. January. The air temperature during the day ranges from +17 to +18 degrees and at night from +5 to +15-+16 degrees. In January in Cyprus, it often rains and winds. Therefore, you should not bring swimsuits and swimming trunks, but warm clothing, windbreaker and umbrella. The sun is not much, and the sky is almost always gloomy. This month tangerines are ripe. In the tangerine groves, the scent of citrus fruits wafts in the air. On January 1, Cyprus celebrates New Year and all the festivals are dedicated to this holiday.
  3. February. It is half spring month. Temperature during the day +17-20, night +16. Cyprus in February is very beautiful: the mountains are covered with snowdrops, jasmine blooms, lemon trees begin to blossom. The sun is not enough, it often rains. In February in Cyprus, Apokria (analog of Shrovetide) is celebrated. There are interesting parades, balls and carnivals.
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When it’s Cheapest to Travel to Cyprus

  1. The cheapest time to go to Cyprus is in winter, when the bathing season is over.
  2. The best combination of price and quality is the second half of May and the second half of September. For some tourists to swim at this time in Cyprus is cool, children are still going to school. Therefore, there are fewer tourists and prices become lower.
  3. If you look for last minute tours and watch the weather forecast, you can buy a cheap trip a few days before departure in early October. In this case you should always look at the weather forecast for the next 2 weeks.
  4. Among the summer months the most budget vacation is possible in June. In July and August, the prices for tours, tickets and rental accommodations in Cyprus are the most expensive.

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Holidays in Cyprus are beautiful at any time of the year. Depending on the weather conditions, you can not only swim in the sea, but also go skiing.

You can get an electronic visa to Cyprus within 1 working day. More information about this is explained in the video.

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