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Sutomore: the cheapest resort in Montenegro

Rest in Sutomore

If you are looking for a good beach holiday on the Adriatic for not much money, choose Sutomore. We tell you what the Montenegrin resort looks like. Learn about the best hotels, restaurants, interesting places and tourist experiences.


The look of the resort.

Montenegrin resort lies between Bar and Petrovac. The name “Sutomore” translates as “land and sea”. The seaside town can not boast a wide promenade and special monuments of architecture, but there are excellent sandy-pebbly beaches, several hotels, private villas and pensions.

Holidays in Sutomore are cheaper than in neighboring cities. Locals like to say that “tourists with money go to the sea, and without money – to Sutomore. The guests of the resort are mostly Serbs, as it is easily accessible from Belgrade by train. In recent years, the town has been developing rapidly, so the number of tourists is growing.

Rest in Sutomore

Sutomore at night. Photo: alan64 /

Tourists’ impression of the resort

Resorts like the warm clean sea, bright sun and hospitable residents. Near the city beach and bars there is loud music, and in the remote part of Sutomore it is quiet and peaceful. Grape vines curl up on houses and pergolas. In late summer, small streets are littered with fallen overripe figs, and passersby are greeted by friendly chipped dogs.

stanislavstavsk: “It’s a quiet coastal town. On free beaches there is nowhere to fall, but it’s worth paying 5-10 euros, and you sit on comfortable deck chairs in the shade of an umbrella, hooked up to a fast wi-fi. The water is warm, the sand is hot, the food is delicious, prices are low, and nature is beautiful.

Best hotels

Rest in Sutomore is designed for people who are used to save money. There are no luxurious “five”, and only three 4* hotels. The rest of the accommodation for tourists – inexpensive hotels 2-3*, villas and apartments. Look for hotels in Sutomore on Hotelluk, and houses and apartments on Airbnb.

The best hotels in Sutomore, according to reviews and ratings of tourists:

Dragomir 3* is a great choice for a budget holiday in the Montenegrin resort. Diving and sea fishing are popular in the vicinity of the guest house. In high season a room for two costs 6 €, and a good breakfast – 3 €.

Bonaca 3* is a pleasant guesthouse with a seasonal pool away from the bustling center. A room for two will cost 20 €.

Del Medio 4* – a new hotel 200 m from the city beach. Everything is stylish and clean. A double room with a delicious continental breakfast costs 45 €.

Sea Fort 4* – Aparthotel near the sea likes beach lovers. All rooms have kitchenettes and large panoramic windows. Room for two with breakfast costs from 56 €.

Love Live Hotel 4* is an elegant hotel for connoisseurs of picturesque views. Ideal for a romantic trip. A double room with breakfast costs 63 €.

Velkom 4* is a good choice for everyone who likes to swim in the sea and in the pool. At tourists’ disposal is a spacious sunbathing terrace with a view of the coast. Room for two with breakfast costs from 65 €.

Montenegro resorts. Where to have a better holiday

Rest in Sutomore

The main accommodation in Sutomore are inexpensive hotels, villas and apartments. Photo: OlegDoroshenko /


The city beach is located in the center of the resort, but it is always crowded. The shore is covered with small stones – almost sand. On small paid beaches nearby is much more comfortable, and the sea is cleaner.

If you want to relax with beautiful views, take a boat trip to Queen’s Beach. The trip by sea takes 30-40 minutes and costs 5 € round trip. The free part of the beach rests on their mats and towels, and renting a couple of sun loungers and an umbrella from the sun costs 15 €.

Qwert82: “It’s a bit dirty by the beach. Not many tourists, so it’s quieter and the holiday is better. The sea is crystal clear. There are rocky beaches and beaches.

atolstonosov: “The city beach is too crowded with people and sounds. But within walking distance (20 to 40 minutes on foot) there are 3 other beautiful beaches where people are much less.”

Traveler's reviews of Sutomore

The city beach is located in the center of the resort, but it’s always crowded. Photo: OlegDoroshenko /

Cafes and restaurants

Sutomore is a lively resort. Fast food is sold everywhere: pizza, pancakes, burgers, donuts and sliced cakes. The prices are much lower than in Budva. A complex dinner in a cafe costs 5-7 €. We advise you to try local cheese, olives, roasted vegetables, homemade rakija, vrants and krichtats wines. Look for low prices and high-quality food not by the sea and in the tourist area, but in the neighborhoods where Montenegrins live.

The restaurant “Sudbina” is the highest rated restaurant on the coast. The quality of service is of the highest level. The waiters are gentlemen in tails, who emphasize the importance of each guest. Gifts from the chef. Lamb – such. – fairy tale.”

Anton: “Pizzeria Karuba Sutomore is a cozy place, great food. We’ve been in different cafes, but this was the one we wanted to come back to. Then we ate lunch and dinner there. We ordered pizza more than once: the thinnest dough, lots of toppings and appetizing flavor. We also had pasta, salads, prawns and fish. We liked the pancakes with different toppings”.

Food Prices in Sutomore

Montenegrin wines. Photo: jbdodane CC BY-NC 2.0/ / CC BY-NC 2.0.

What to see

There are no sights in the town itself. 1 km northwest of the resort are the ruins of the medieval Venetian fortress Hai Nehai. We advise to admire the sea from Cape Ratac and visit the neighboring town of Bar.

According to reviews for 2019 and 2020, from Sutomore tourists enjoy going on excursions. Especially popular are trips to the canyons of Montenegro, to Lake Skadar, Budva, Kotor, rafting and boat trips to Boko-Kotor Bay.

Reviews of tourists about Montenegro. Tips for your vacation - 2022

Pabog: “On the way to the beach you can turn and go up the hill to the Church of St. Petka – a small church of the XIII century. You can go freely on the territory, there are benches, a big stone table, a spring with drinking water. The place is very quiet, it’s nice to sit in the shade of trees, relax, look down on the town.

Natalia: “The Ratac Monastery – the view of the Adriatic and the Baroque Riviera is amazing! The air is permeated with the scent of the sea and century-old pines. The monastery is preserved about as well as all the fortresses around, but the issue of garbage is very relevant. While walking to the monastery through the pine forest, just what you can not see.

The ruins of the fortress Hai Nehai

Rest with children

Montenegrin resort is well suited for families with children. The transfer from the airport to Sutomore takes 30-40 minutes, so a child won’t get tired. There are a lot of comfortable apartments with kitchens, there are hotels with swimming pools and full board. The area is mountainous, so not everywhere is easy to drive with a stroller and walk with toddlers. There are sea urchins in the Adriatic Sea. Swim in rubber slippers!

When to go

The resort has a mild Mediterranean climate. Beach season in Sutomore begins in May and ends in early October. The sea is warmest in July and August, but there are enough vacationers in summer. With children is more comfortable to come when there is no strong heat – in June or September.

Alexander: “September 2019 struck me with the abundance of vacationers. Crowds of people! I read that Sutomore is promoting and gaining popularity, but it’s one thing to read, another to see for yourself. The town beach was really crowded. The weather was hot, it rained almost never, at night it was windy, but dry. The water was +25°С, a real velvet season. I did not want to leave”.

Vit-student: “The plus of a seaside hotel is that you can take a glass of whiskey with ice, go out on the balcony at night and watch another thunderstorm front coming in from the sea. In June it’s a daily show, I don’t think I’ve missed a single thunderstorm.”

Weather in Sutomore

It is more comfortable to come with children when there is no extreme heat – in June or September. Photo: Steffus /

Is it worth the trip?

According to tourist reviews, the vacation in Sutomore is pleasant, but without the frills. Swim in the sea, sunbathe, sit in the evening in a restaurant with a glass of wine – there is nothing else to do. At resort there are no special entertainments and interesting places. For impressions have to go to other cities of Montenegro.

Sutomore guide


Sutomore is one of the most popular resorts in Montenegro in the Russian market. The reason for this is small hotel base. Most accommodation is apartments, private houses, apartments and villas. Booking is necessary from the Internet and strictly in advance. Therefore, the resort is mostly for independent tourists who do not need the help of travel agencies. Due to this, Sutomore can come out very economically, in the high season, the rent of apartments per day will cost from 30 to 50 euros. Given the fact that the usual trip to Montenegro in the summer can come out in a round sum, then going here, you pay a completely different money.

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So why is Sutomore so budget? You may ask. Because against the background of other resorts, such as Becici, Budva and Petrovac, it is not as green and beautiful. Being there, it does not feel Montenegrin color, there is a promenade with stores, restaurants, bars, discos and cafes. The long and wide sandy-pebbly beach, in a season there are a lot of holiday-makers, something reminiscent of Crimea, who on the sun beds, who on towels directly on the stones.

When better to rest in Sutomore?


In terms of weather conditions, Sutomore is great for summer holidays. The season officially begins in May, but do not forget that the Adriatic Sea is a bit cool and has cold undercurrents, so if you want a comfortable swimming in warm water, you should plan your vacation from 10-15 June. At this time the air will be about +25 degrees. In the evenings you can expect a pleasant coolness of about +23. July also suitable for an ideal holiday, there is still no exhausting stuffiness, the air temperature is around +27. And here August is very hot, the maximum temperature during the daytime can rise to a mark +33, but in this month the warmest sea +25, so if you don’t bother with the heat of the day, then with children it will be very comfortable to have a rest in this month. September is considered the velvet season, the heat goes down and the last pleasant days are coming. However, it is worth noting that in the second half of the month, it can begin to rain and storm. Often at this time the city beaches are already closed, removing all equipment because of the strong waves.

In general, summers in Sutomore are comparable to any Mediterranean resort – hot and without rain. This resort is considered one of the sunniest in Montenegro.

Where to stay in Sutomore?


First of all, before you plan your accommodation on the Black Sea resort of Sutomore, you should decide for yourself what will be the main purpose of your holiday. That is, it will be a beach, or party or sightseeing, and then choose for yourself the area of residence.

The thing is that Sutomore is a seasonal resort, unlike other cities like Budva, Bar or Herceg Novi, where the activity goes on all year round. That is why there is a tourist boom in Sutomore in summer with the accompanying crowds, while out of the season, everything is formal and very nice.

Island of Sveti Stefan - guidebook

Conventionally, the entire resort is divided into several zones. There is a central part, there is a zone with the local population and there are also such areas, which we call “dacha”. Well then are located already suburbs and there is housing, which is generally more suitable for a long stay, but not for a short vacation.

Central District Sutomore is the one that is located in the vicinity of the promenade and the beach. This is where all the tourist life is concentrated. If you settle on the street, which leads from the sea to the bus stop, it is less noisy, but it will still be, as you are generally lucky.

At the height of the tourist season this place looks more like some anthill – the cafes are all crowded, the street is jammed with holiday-makers, from numerous cafes one can hear… read completely

We are going on vacation with children


Every parent, before going to the sea with his child, is trying to try on the destination for himself, how comfortable it will be to rest in a country with children. And considering the fact that families with not one but two, and maybe three children go to the sea once a year, then we must approach this issue as responsibly as possible.

Montenegro is a popular country in the Russian market, it is known for its clean sea and good nature. However, not everywhere in Montenegro is good to relax with children, somewhere noisy, somewhere the beach is not quite convenient for entering the sea, or for example, large pebbles will hurt a child’s feet.

We will talk about a place called – Sutomore. Many will wonder, but what is it and where is it. Alas, but Sutomore is not at all known to most tourists, the reasons may be several, the hotel base is absolutely not developed, most accommodation is an apartment, which is not usually engaged in travel agencies, and Russian tourists are still not the most independent and are used to everything was organized for him. In general, it is convenient, especially when there is no free time and understanding to take care of the organization of their own holiday. And yet, Russian tour operators do sell something of the resort of Sutomore.

Holidays in this resort area is well suited for families with children. The transfer from the airport to Sutomore will take from 30 to 40 minutes, not a very tedious time. The road goes along the coast and during the whole trip a child can be entertained by the views of the sea, mountains and small… read more

How to get there?


Since Sutomore is located directly on the Adriatic Highway, it is connected to the entire coast of Montenegro. The resort has its own railway station, and through it from Belgrade to Bar city there is a regular train service. But there are no airports of course, as there are only two in the whole country – the first is in Podgorica, and the other is in Tivat. So you can get to the resort of Sutomore from any of these cities.

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Airplanes from the Russian Federation fly to Montenegro almost all year round, but most of the flights are from Moscow and St. Petersburg. In summer, when open charter flights, there are routes from Yekaterinburg, from Nizhny Novgorod, from Samara, from Ufa and Tyumen. In principle it is possible to fly with Russian, Montenegrin or European carriers. From Podgorica to the resort of Sutomore by road is a distance of 44 kilometers, and from Tivat a little more – 54 kilometers.

Then you can get to Sutomore by bus, which go from the bus station in Tivat and Podgorica. To leave directly from the airports is not possible, you must first go to the bus station, or walk to the highway and there to catch the bus. From Podgorica to Sutomore, it is about 45 minutes drive, and the road goes through Sozina tunnel.

And from Tivat the trip will take you an hour and will go along the coast through Budva. If you don’t find a suitable bus, then… read in full

What to see in Sutomore?


There is nothing particularly remarkable at the Montenegrin resort Sutomore. However, you can walk through the central streets and admire the houses, built in the eighteenth-twentieth centuries, but no more. Therefore, the main attractions of the resort can be called two fortresses, and they are both on the outskirts of town.

One of them is called Hai Nehai. You will find it on the northwest side of town. You can get here directly from the Adriatic Highway, but the only entrance to the fortress is on its west side, so you have to go around it first.

This fortress was built by the Venetians in 1542. That is why you can now see their coat of arms on the main gate to the fortress, namely the winged lion. The fortress is, of course, very dilapidated and no one watches it, so the entrance is completely free.

The second fortress in Sutomore has two names at once. One is Tabia and the other is Golo Brdo. The fortress is located in a southeasterly direction, right on the rocks overhanging the sea. You can reach it on foot from the southern tip of Sutomore or from the western end of the central beach.

This fortress is even more ruined than Hai Nehai, although it was built later. Here it was already built by the Turks in 1862. It is also free to enter, but there you can see amazingly beautiful views of Sutomore and the entire coast from above.

In addition, you can visit some Christian religious sites near Sutomore… read completely…

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