Tenerife: Monthly weather and water temperature. When is the best time to go?

Tenerife Seasons

When to vacation in Tenerife

Learn when to go on holiday to Tenerife. Learn about the weather by month: air and sea temperatures, climate and rainfall. How long is the beach season in Tenerife? Tourist reviews.

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Water and air temperatures. Tenerife is wrapped from north to south by the warm Canary Current, so the winter on the island is mild. The air temperature during the day is +17. +20°C during the day, and +14°C at night. The water temperature in the Atlantic Ocean is +19 ° C. You can take a dip, but no more than that!

Weather conditions. January is the coldest and wettest month in the Canary Islands. In the north of Tenerife, cool northeasterly trade winds blow, and it’s rainy here. The southern resorts are sunny – in January, there are only 5-6 days with precipitation.

Tourist reviews. At the beginning of the month in Tenerife come to celebrate the New Year. After the winter vacations, there are fewer holidaymakers. Tourists enjoy walking, going on excursions and surfing.


Water and Air Temperature. In late winter, the thermometer does not drop below +20°C during the day. Ocean water is still cool +19°C.

Weather conditions. The north of the island has 6-7 rainy days in February, while in the south – only 3-5. You can get a good tan in the resorts of Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje and Playa de las Américas.

Tourist reviews. Mild winter weather attracts to the Canary Islands all those who want to warm up in the sun and rest from severe frosts. According to vacationers, the low season in Tenerife has many advantages. On the island there are no crowds of tourists, agencies offer cheap tours, and hotels lure guests with good discounts.

What's the weather like in Tenerife?

Sunset over Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Photo: unsplash.com / @yonatakesphotos)

Water and air temperatures. In early spring, the sun burns more often, so the air warms up to +21. +23°С. Sea water temperature is the same as in winter, +19°C.

Weather conditions. In March, Tenerife is very beautiful, blooming flowers and trees. It rains a little – from 3 to 6 days per month. When the weather is clear, it is pleasant to sunbathe and walk along the coast.

Reviews of tourists. In the daytime it is already warm enough – you will need shorts, t-shirts, skirts and sundresses. In the evenings and early mornings it is still cool. Tourists are advised to put in the luggage pants, a warm sweater and a windbreaker. If you want to be in the mountains, be sure to take a jacket and sturdy trekking shoes.


Water and air temperatures. April is the start of spring in the Canary Islands. The air temperature in Tenerife is +22. +25°С. The sun has not yet warmed up the water, so the temperature in the Atlantic Ocean remains the same +19°C.

Weather conditions. Tenerife’s low season ends in April. The amount of precipitation is low. The days get longer, and the sun becomes more active. Do not do without sunscreen and sunglasses!

Reviews of tourists. Before the start of the beach season in Tenerife, the demand for tours increases. The cost of rooms in hotels also increases, so tourists prefer to rent accommodation in the private sector.

When to go on holiday to Tenerife

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Photo: Louis Bordes / flickr.com)

Water and air temperatures. Temperatures in May are +24°C during the day and +16°C at night. The sea water is warm up to +20°C.

Weather conditions. Tenerife is warm and sometimes even hot. The length of daylight hours varies from 13.2 to 13.8 hours. Humidity averages 64%. The likelihood of rain is higher at the beginning of the month. If vacation was in the last days of May, you can not take an umbrella!

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Tourist feedback. In late spring, the beach season opens in the Canary Islands, but the sea is still cold for swimming. The month of May is the best time for lovers of cultural tourism and recreation. Mount Mount Teide volcano. Go on a boat trip and watch whales swimming between Tenerife and La Gomera.

Water and air temperature. Daytime temperatures are +25. +27°С. Sometimes the thermometer rises to +30 ° C. At night, too, it is warm +18 ° C. The sea water is warm up to +21. +22°С.

Weather conditions. The heat in Tenerife is easily tolerated. Even at high temperatures, the air can feel fresh. Daylight hours reach a maximum of 13.9 hours. Resorts enjoy clear weather – for the month on the island is 22-24 cloudless days. No need to worry about the rain.

Tourist reviews. In June, the high season on Tenerife in full swing. This time is enjoyed by fans of beach holidays, water activities, excursions, parents with children and those involved in active tourism.

Water and air temperature. July in Tenerife is even warmer. The air temperature is +28. +30°С. Ocean water is heated to +22 ° C.

Weather conditions. Number of sunny days exceeds 29. The sky is covered with clouds only in the morning, but by noon they dissipate.

Tourist reviews. The beach season in Tenerife is very good! During the day, vacationers spend time on the beaches, go to restaurants, ride yachts, scuba diving, paragliding, rock climbing, sea fishing, and go on excursions. At night it’s +20°C, so it’s nice to take a walk by the sea in the evening, have fun at a nightclub or a disco.

When's the bathing season on Tenerife?

Tenerife (Photo: unsplash.com / @vorosbenisop)


Water and air temperatures. During the daytime in Tenerife, the thermometer rises to +29°C or higher. During the night, the air temperature reaches +21°C. Ocean water is warm +23 ° C. Tourists enjoy swimming, snorkeling and diving.

Weather conditions. In late summer, the Canary Islands are sunny. During the month, there are only 3 rainy days. Fresh winds from the ocean alleviate the heat, so the island is visited by those who for health reasons it is difficult to rest in the resorts of Europe.

Tourist reviews. If you don’t know when it’s best to go to Tenerife with children, choose August. One of the hottest months of the year is perfect for beach activities and interesting excursions. Take the whole family to Loro Park, the ostrich farm and the attractions of Siam Park.


Water and air temperature. The weather in September in the Canaries is heavenly. The air temperature is +28°C and the water in the Atlantic Ocean reaches a maximum of +23. +24°C. In shallow waters and in small bays it is even warmer.

Weather conditions. Daylight hours fall to 11.9 hours, but there is still plenty of warmth. The weather is clear. In September, there are only 3 rainy days, the amount of precipitation does not exceed 50 mm, and the winds are small.

Tourist reviews. When the Mediterranean resorts are in the velvet season, the Canary Islands begin an influx of tourists. The warm sea water beckons like a magnet! According to vacationers, the high season in Tenerife has only two disadvantages – too many people and exorbitant prices.

How much is the air and water temperature in Tenerife?

Beach Benijo on Tenerife (Photo: Gouldy99 / flickr.com)


Water and air temperature. Vacationers enjoy mild and warm autumn. The air temperature is +26 ° C. The water in the ocean is still warm +23 ° C.

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Weather conditions. During the month there are no more than 5 rainy days. All the rest of the time the sun shines. There are no strong winds yet.

What tourists say. In October, the high season in Tenerife continues. During the vacations, it’s nice to sunbathe, swim in the sea, walk and explore the picturesque corners of the island. If you are travelling with children, it is advisable to book a room at a hotel with a heated pool.


Water and air temperatures. In late fall in the Canary Islands, the temperature cools to +23° C. +25° C. Ocean water temperature is +22°C. Swim at your pleasure!

Weather conditions. Fewer sunny days in November. The sky is often covered with clouds and it becomes windy. Compared to September, the rainfall is the same – 4-5 days per month.

Reviews of tourists. In Tenerife is the holiday season for fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing. Most fans of riding the waves gather in the coastal town of El Medano. Wind speeds of up to 25 m/sec.

How is the weather in Tenerife in Spain?

Tenerife (Photo: unsplash.com / @faustogarmen)


Water and air temperatures. In the first month of winter, the weather in Tenerife is warm. The air temperature is +23°C and the sea water is +22°C.

Weather conditions. Green and fresh December in the Canary Islands is a joy to behold! Rows of date palms and verdant hillsides light up the sun. Humidity is a high 75% and the number of rainy days increases to six.

Tourist Reviews. December is a great time for excursions. Visit colorful medieval villages, see the sights of the island’s capital, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and climb volcano Teide. It is already covered in snow and looks very picturesque.

When to visit Tenerife

The largest of the Canary Islands has a warm subtropical climate. There is no abrupt change of seasons on Tenerife. During the year, the temperature varies from +15 ° C to +30 ° C. Winters are mild, and summers are moderately hot. In the south and west coast is always a little warmer. During the cold months, the sea water temperature does not drop below 19 ° C, so holidaymakers swim all year round.

Thanks to the sea winds, there is no excessive humidity on the island, and the summer heat is easier to bear. This is ideal for holidays with children, elderly travelers and tourists who suffer from diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

Tenerife beach season lasts from May to October. In the first half of autumn, the water in the Atlantic Ocean warms up to +23. +24 ° C, so the peak tourist season in Tenerife is not in summer, and in September and October.

The most comfortable holiday in Tenerife: The weather by months

Tenerife is a wonderful island in the Canary archipelago, where you want to be all the time. Tenerife has a mild climate, characterized by minimal annual average temperature fluctuations, and it is considered to be the most preferable for people of all ages. This is one of the resorts in Europe, where the bathing season lasts 6 months, and just bask in the sun by the ocean all year round. To see how comfortable it is to live in the Canaries, let’s see what the weather in Tenerife by month.

View of Tenerife

Despite the fact that the island has a relatively small size, the climate there changes markedly as you move through the territory from south to north. In the southern part, the weather is drier and hotter, which is where you can enjoy a beach holiday all year round. In the north of the island, too, the climate is mild, although not so warm, especially in winter.

And now consider in more detail, by month, the climate of Tenerife and the temperature of the water in the Atlantic Ocean off its coasts.

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Winter in Tenerife: Warm and little precipitation

Mild winter climate invariably attracts resorts of the Canary archipelago for those who want to bask in the sun and spend time on the warm coast. Swimming in the waters of the Atlantic is unlikely, but you can certainly go surfing, sightseeing, climbing to the snowy peak of Teide or just go for a walk.

Tenerife weather in December

If we talk about the winter weather in the Canaries and Tenerife by months, then about December we can say this: nature pleases with bright green hues, sunshine and freshness.

The average daytime air temperature in December is +18 … +21 °С, at night it is about +15 °С. Water is kept at a temperature of +20.5 ° C.

The number of sunny days is impressive: 25. It rains only 2 days per month, while the humidity is quite high – 75%.

January is considered the coldest month in the Canaries.

January weather in Tenerife

In the northern part of Tenerife, the cold north-easterly winds blow, the weather is rainy, but the sun is very present quite often: more than half of the month. The weather is good in the southern resorts: 22 sunny days in the month, precipitation may not be more than 5-6 days.

The temperature in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in January is +17 … +20°C during the day and +14°C at night. In the south, in particular the resort of Playa de las Americas, it is usually warmer – about +21 ° C during the day.

Atlantic Ocean waters are heated to +19 … +20 ° C. You can take a dip, but for a long time to swim in water of this temperature is unlikely to want.

If you compare January and February, the weather in Tenerife and the temperature of the ocean near its shores is almost the same.

Tenerife weather in February

On the northern side of the island there are 3-4 rainy days, while in the south – only 2. Sunny weather in February usually lasts for 15-19 days.

In the last winter month, the thermometer does not fall below +18 ° C during the day and at night stays on average at +13 ° C.

Anyone who wants to take a bath should be prepared that the water in the Atlantic is quite cool – about +19 ° C. A good solution is to book accommodation in those hotels that have their own heated pools.

Spring – time to observe the local nature

Flowers in Tenerife

A brief description of spring in the Canary Islands is lush colours and intense aromas in perfect weather. Spring is a good time to get out and about in Tenerife, with excursions such as climbing to the summit of Mount Teide or sailing out on the ocean to watch whales.

Let’s see how the water temperature and weather in Tenerife changes by month in the spring.

Tenerife weather in March

Beginning in March, the weather conditions in Tenerife begin to change little by little. During the day, the temperature often exceeds +20°C, which means that you can already wear light dresses, shorts and T-shirts. In the evenings and early mornings it’s still pretty fresh, so a warm sweater and a thin jacket are definitely needed.

In March the number of sunny days already increases to 21, and cloudy and rainy, on the contrary, decreases to 1.

The water in the ocean remains the same temperature: +19°C. In general, the water is just as invigorating as in the winter months.

Tenerife weather in April

With the month of April, the weather in Tenerife and all the Canary Islands comes truly spring-like and warm. April is the time of transition from the low season to the high, beach season.

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The average daytime temperature is +21°C, though often the thermometer reads +24°C. The average night-time temperature is still low, about +14°C.

The days are getting longer and the sun is getting brighter. There are 22 sunny days in the month.

Water in the Atlantic Ocean is not yet warm, and its temperature stays the same, that is, +19 ° C.

The amount of precipitation is quite small. Rains are mainly in the northern part of Tenerife, and they are always short-lived.

Tenerife weather in May

In the last month of spring in the Canaries, the beach season is already considered open.

The average temperature in May is: +24 ° C during the day, +16 ° C at night. Duration of daylight hours increases, as well as the number of sunny days: there are 25.

The number of days when it rains is reduced to almost zero, although at the beginning of the month the probability of precipitation is a little higher. The humidity is about 64%.

As for the water in the Atlantic off the coast of Tenerife, it is on average +19°C, and in some places +21°C.

Summer is the time of high season in the Canaries

Beach in Tenerife

Summer is extremely comfortable to live in Tenerife: pleasant weather without the exhausting heat, and the water is not fresh milk, but also not cold. In the summer, it attracts fans of beach and outdoor activities, lovers of eco-tours and water fun.

How does the summer weather vary by month in Tenerife?

Tenerife weather in June

June is the peak of the high season in Tenerife.

The temperatures rise to +18 … +20°C at night and +25 … +27°C during the daytime, though sometimes the thermometer rises to +30°C. In the northern part of the island the daytime temperature is +24 ° C and night-time temperature is +17 ° C. But the heat in the Canaries is easy to bear, because the air is always fresh.

Daylight hours are at their highest, at 13.9 hours, during the first month of summer. In addition, the weather is almost always clear and sunny: 25-27 days of cloudless days.

June is the driest month in the resort islands. The average rainfall for this period is 12.8 mm.

The water temperature in Tenerife increases: on average it’s +22°C. But since the water is not too warm, families who go on holiday with children, it makes sense to rent a hotel room with a heated pool.

Tenerife weather in July

In mid-summer, the weather in Tenerife is even warmer than in the previous month. Not surprisingly, the bathing season becomes really massive. By the way, it is at this time for recreation by the ocean comes a lot of families with children.

The daytime air temperature on the coast reaches +28 … +30 ° C. Given that the water in the ocean at this time is already warm to +22 ° C, it is clear that for sunbathing and swimming this time is ideal. The warm night weather (+20°C) allows for nice walks by the water, having fun at night discos.

The sunny days are incredibly full: 29-30, i.e. practically the whole month. The sky is often overcast with clouds only in the morning, but by the afternoon they are happily gone. There may be a maximum of 1 day when it rains in this month.

Tenerife weather in August

August is the warmest month on the resort island and the peak of the high holiday season. This period is great for beach time.

The daytime temperature of the last summer month is close to +30 ° C, although the average for the entire island remains at +26 ° C. At night, the average temperature is +21°C. This heat is much easier to bear, thanks to fresh winds blowing from the ocean.

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August in the Canaries is usually sunny: 23-25 days of cloudless weather and only 3 days with rain.

If you compare the summer months, the water temperature in Tenerife reaches its highest point in August: +23 ° C.

Autumn is the time of the velvet season.

Tenerife's beaches

Although the climate in Tenerife, and not characterized by any “extremes”, but there is still a time of year when it is most convenient to combine the most different types of recreation.

What water in the ocean, and what air temperature in Tenerife in the months of autumn?

Tenerife weather in September

Velvet season in the Canaries is marked by another influx of vacationers. As noted by many tourists, this season has only two drawbacks: too many people and too high prices.

The weather at the beginning of autumn is almost similar to August and is quite heavenly. The temperatures are around +28 ° C. The water temperature reaches the highest annual levels of +23 … +24 ° C, and in small, quiet bays it is even higher.

Duration of daylight hours reduces to 11,9-12,7 hours, but the weather is mostly clear: the sky remains cloudless for 21 days.

At the beginning of autumn there are only 3 days with rain, precipitation is 45-50 mm, it can be a little windy.

Tenerife weather in October

Almost all of October in Tenerife lasts Velvet season, and the end of the active bathing season occurs towards the end of the month.

Daytime temperature gradually acquires values of +26 … +22°C, night +18 … +19°C.

Ocean water in this month is the warmest, for example, +23 ° C in the area of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In October, the number of rainy days already increases to 5, precipitation is 68-80 mm. The sun shines brightly for 17 days, there are no strong winds yet.

In November, the air temperature in the Canary archipelago gradually decreases, approaching an average of +22°C. The water in the ocean remains warm: +21 … +22 ° C, in Candelaria the temperature is even slightly higher.

Compared to September, the rainfall is the same (68-81 mm), but there are more rainy days: 6-8. Accordingly, the sky is more often covered with clouds, it becomes windy.

The last weeks of autumn in Tenerife is the time of holidays for those who like windsurfing and kitesurfing. Many people who want to ride the waves come to the coastal town El Medano, where wind speeds often reach 25 m/sec.

Conclusion: When to go to Tenerife

Black sand beach

Holidays in Tenerife weather by month allows all year round, the main thing is to define for yourself exactly what exactly the rest should be. Whether it will be lying on the beach, doing water sports, walking around the city or eco-hikes to explore the local scenery, will depend not only on the choice of time to go, but also the choice of the part of the island, where to go. For those who prefer to spend time on the beaches, it is better to choose resorts in the south of Tenerife, especially during the winter. The north of the island, known for its much richer scenery, is better for those who count on an extensive program of excursions and sporting vacations.

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