Thailand in August 2022: weather, tour prices, reviews of holidays

Thailand in August ☂ all about the weather, tourist reviews and great tours

Conscientious tour operators honestly warn tourists that August in Thailand is the peak of the so-called rainy season. Despite this, many travelers go to the country of smiles at the end of summer and find a lot of positive things to do.

All-inclusive tours and stays

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Weather and sea temperature

Average air temperature in August:

  • Bangkok, Hua Hin city: +33°C , Pattaya: +32°C, , Phuket, Samet, Phi Phi Islands, Ko Chang: +31°C,
  • Chiang Rai: +30°C.

The water is heated to a comfortable +29 ° C in Krabi province, the islands of Phi Phi. Other resorts have slightly lower temperatures.

August is the peak of the humid season. It rains most heavily in the north and northwest of the country, where the monsoons have a big influence on the weather. Piercing winds can often blow and there is a risk of flooding in the capital. Despite this, many tourists say that the holiday in August was really good and the showers, passing almost imperceptibly, could not spoil it.

Beach Holiday

The average water temperature in August is +28 … 29 ° C, but when choosing a place to rest pay attention to factors such as the presence of waves, undercurrents, the nature of the tide, etc. August is low tide month, the sea moves away from the coast, so the beaches are very shallow, which is not conducive to comfortable bathing.

The eastern coast of the country is considered the most comfortable and safe place for a beach holiday. But in Phuket, where the monsoon winds and high waves can rage, often set prohibitive red flags.

Where to go: a comparison of resorts

The best places for beach lovers, families with children can call the province of Krabi or Samui. It’s a little cooler than the capital, and the amount of rainfall is relatively less. It is believed that August – one of the driest months on Koh Samui, the weather is favorable for a perfect beach holiday. In addition, the humidity is much lower than in other resorts (about 75%).

Your first time in Thailand: where to go and what you need to know

Bangkok in August is rainy and overcast. The rains are short but heavy. Experienced travelers do not advise to stay in the capital, but to visit it with excursions – a great idea!

Holidays in Pattaya in August attractive as possible low prices for goods and services, and therefore the resort is very popular with European tourists.

Phuket also welcomes its guests with high humidity and hot weather. There is still a chance of precipitation, but the rains most often fall at night or early in the morning, which does not interfere with recreation.

Current Prices

Prices at the end of summer are relatively low: it is much cheaper than in winter to go sightseeing, visit cultural and entertainment events, goods and services. The cost of tours is usually up to 40% lower than in the period from November to March.


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Since August is not the most popular month for tourists, hotels at this time reduce prices for accommodation. Cheapest stay in Pattaya, where the room rate in the hotel 2 * is from 490 baht, 3 * hotel rooms – from 460, 4 * – from 880, 5 * – from 2900.

Tourists with long vacation can safely consider such an option as rental of a private home. So, a one-bedroom house with a basic set of amenities will cost 8000-15000 baht per month, prices for houses with a higher comfort range from 15000 baht. Renting a small apartment in a tourist area costs from 12500 baht, but in the distance from the sea and tourist attractions – to a half or two times cheaper.

Entertainment and excursions

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One of the most popular activities in August is fishing . At this time in the waters of Phuket, you can catch tuna and barracuda, returning at this time to the shores of the country. Organized trips for anglers cost from 1,500 baht.

Other activities in August:

  • Excursions to waterfalls , which at this time are more picturesque than ever. For example, the cost of a tour to the waterfalls in the north of Phuket is about 6000 baht.
  • Visiting the flowering national parks and gardens – from 2000 baht, holiday parks – from 600. – From 800 baht.
  • Discovery tours – from 1400 baht.
  • Quite popular with holidaymakers evening programs: tranny show (450-1000 baht), Thai boxing (1500 baht), erotic shows (from 500 baht).
  • The cost of tours depends on the program, duration and other factors. For example, a tour of a crocodile farm will cost from 650 baht, the zoo – from 1500 baht, a trip to the monkey island – from 1500 baht.
  • Fans of shopping in August can rejoice – this is the time of the grand sale called “Amazing Thailand Grand Sale”. During which you can buy goods at discounts of up to 70%.
  • Very popular in the land of smiles massage, which is a hallmark of the state. The minimum price for the service – 200-300 baht.
When to go to Thailand? Weather by month. Holiday and Rainy Seasons.


One of the main expenses of the trip is food. Since in Thailand all-inclusive hotels are not very common, tourists have to spend more on food or cook on their own, if possible. There is a great advantage in this – the opportunity to appreciate the local culinary traditions on their own merits.

The cost of dinner in a cheap restaurant – from 200 baht . The lowest prices for food in macashnikh – mobile street kitchens and food courts in shopping malls. The minimum cost per meal in August – from 5 baht (kebabs).

Approximate prices in small cafes (in baht):

  • Noodles/rice with meat – from 50,
  • Tom Yam – from 60,
  • Soup with chicken – from 30,
  • Rice with shrimp – from 50.

What fruits are there in Thailand in August?

In the last summer month in Thailand, tourists have the opportunity to enjoy such seasonal fruits as pomelo (cost – from 24 Baht per piece), durian (from 55 Baht / kg), mangosteen (from 100 Baht / kg), longhorn, passion fruit and lychee.

Holidays in Thailand in August

Good or bad to rest in Thailand in August? Review of weather in Pattaya and Phuket, tourist reviews, tour prices in late summer 2022.

As of May 1, 2022, Thailand is fully open to vaccinated tourists (“Sputnik V” is recognized). From now on, only unvaccinated persons need to have a PCR test before departure. In addition, all tourists must buy insurance and obtain ThailandPass. Tour from Moscow now costs from 120,000 ₽ for two people for 7 nights. Here are the optional prices for stays and flights. Information on flights and other aspects of holidays in Thailand may not be up to date now, check with official resources. Check the list of open countries.

August is considered an unfavorable time to vacation in Thailand. The weather in August is not too happy: the rainy season continues, and there are significantly more gloomy days than sunny. But tourists in this unpopular period and manages to have a great vacation on the sandy beaches of Thailand. In addition August is the low tourist season in Thailand, and prices for all services are reduced.

Bangkok Airports: How to get downtown

We created an overview of the weather in Thailand in August by looking at two of the country’s most popular resorts, Pattaya and Phuket. In addition, we have collected reviews and tips from tourists, as well as find out what you can do at this time in Thailand. Separately we consider the prices of tours to Thailand for August.

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If you’re planning to fly to Thailand on your own, you’ll find it useful to study our tips on how to find cheap airline tickets.


Holidays in Phuket in August

Weather in Phuket in August

It is very warm during the day +31. +32 ° C, at night the temperature decreases slightly to +28 ° C. It is humid and sweltering. It rains a little less in August than in June and July, the precipitation level for this month is 170 mm.

The weather in Thailand in August is still unpredictable. It usually rains at night and for a few hours during the day. They become protracted when a cyclone arrives on the island. Sometimes there are so-called windows, when dry days occur several days in a row. If you are lucky, such a dry period may last a whole week or even longer.

Monsoons continue to operate, provoking high waves and dangerous undercurrents. According to reviews, for swimming suitable beaches Nai Yang and Panwa, there are minor waves, while most other beaches on the island periodically display a red flag warning that you can not swim in the sea.

What to do in Phuket

Holidays in Thailand in August is as diverse as the other months. Shopping, sea and river walks, trips to temples, farms, zoos and plantations – these are the main activities of tourists during the summer. In the evening, tourists go to bars and restaurants, watch eccentric shows at local nightclubs.

Thailand in Spring - 2022. Weather in March, April and May

In addition to traditional beach activities in Phuket, you can go fishing. At this time, whole swarms of tuna come to local shores, and to catch a fish several meters long – it’s a real adventure for a true fisherman.

According to reviews, tours of nearby islands are popular, most tourists visit the islands of Phi Phi, Phang Nga Bay and the province of Krabi. But such trips can be made only in good weather – in a storm to go out to sea in small boats is dangerous. The same can be said about snorkeling and diving – they are possible only in good weather.

Thailand weather in August

(Photo: DEZALB /

Holidays in August in Pattaya

Weather in Pattaya

In August in Pattaya, the amount of rainfall is much less than in Phuket, just over 90 mm per month. Daytime +31 ° C, nighttime +28 ° C, sea +29 ° C. Almost half of August is cloudy, with no more than ten sunny days per month. Winds blow, but with less force compared with the two previous summer months. In general, the weather in Thailand in August allows you to fully relax and sunbathe, because the sun shines even through the clouds.

What to do in Pattaya

According to reviews, August in Thailand – not the most suitable month for swimming: the water is often muddy, it floats sand and algae. Therefore, most tourists have fun, visiting farms with exotic animals, botanical gardens with orchids and various show programs. Some go to taste the exotic Thai cuisine or just relax somewhere in the center of bustling Pattaya.

In August, Thailand celebrates the Queen on her birthday. The main events are held in the capital, but the resort of Phuket and Pattaya are not behind: the ceremony is a bright entourage and accompanied by the obligatory evening fireworks. The end of the month is the Seafood Festival, where the best chefs prepare their intricate dishes right before the eyes of the gathered audience.

Thailand's Wild Animals: Dangerous and Not

tours to thailand in august

(Photo: judithscharnowski /

Tour prices in Thailand in August 2022

Tours at the best price we are looking for on the service Travelata and similar.

Your trip to Thailand in August 2022 (Phuket) with a flight from Moscow costs from 55 thousand rubles (7 nights for two). In Pattaya – a little cheaper. All Inclusive tours start at 90 thousand rubles. And tours to Thailand from St. Petersburg in August are a bit more expensive – from 65 thousand rubles for two people. “All-inclusive” tours start at 100 thousand rubles.

It is best to fly to Thailand on a last minute tour or to book in advance – so you can save significantly. To get a cheap tour, read our article on how to buy a last minute tour.

The actual prices of tours in Phuket, Pattaya and other resorts in Thailand with flight from your city, you can find in the form below.

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Tips and reviews

As tourists write in their reviews, August – quite a good month for a holiday in Pattaya. It rains rarely, the weather is nice, so you can have a good rest, while significantly saving money on the tour.

Tricky sun often hides behind the clouds, which makes careless tourists think that it ceased to be so active. But in Thailand, and in cloudy weather you can get really sunburned, so special protective equipment and a hat just need to be.

August is not suitable for recreation with children in Thailand – the sea is rough, plus a strong undercurrent, in addition, in the water there are a lot of creatures that are a danger to humans, such as jellyfish. For bathing should choose beaches surrounded by rocks or reefs, then there is a high probability that the waves there will be quieter, and the bathing – a pleasant and safe.

And, of course, before your trip to Thailand do not forget about the insurance and first aid kit of the tourist – so it’s safer and more secure. Travel insurance →

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