The 16 Best Cappadocia Cave Hotels with Balloon View

Cave hotels in Cappadocia and their cons.

All about the famous cave hotels in Cappadocia! A list of the best and inexpensive ones we chose for our trip. Find out who shouldn’t stay in cave hotels.


What are cave hotels

Cappadocia is known not only for its unique landscapes, but also for its unusual cave hotels. Everyone who goes to Cappadocia strives to live in such an accommodation, because it is romantic and original. There are few cave hotels in the world!

Cave hotels are hotels in the rocks or fairy chimneys. Fairy chimneys are the fabulous conical remains of soft tuff in which the locals used to live. Other names are hoodoos or peribajalars.

As far as I understood, almost all hotels are only partially in the rocks – they have both cave and conventional rooms, built on top of the cave or finished next to it. There are regular hotels with cave styling. Only by photo it is not easy to understand, where is the real cave hotel – even the word cave in the name does not guarantee authenticity!

It would seem that the cave is something dark and unpleasant, how to live in it? But modern rock hotels are very comfortable and well thought out: there is a bathroom, ventilation, lighting, Wi-Fi. And what interiors they have! Once you see a picture of a good cave hotel, you will fall in love forever with these smooth lines of tuff, soft mysterious light, colorful carpets and interior details: lamps, vases, amphorae, paintings.

Expensive cave hotels are often tiered and have a pleasant area with a restaurant, swimming pool and terrace, where you can watch the flight of balloons.

These are the “fairy chimneys,” the tufaceous remnants in which the locals hollowed out their dwellings and churches. Some remnants are now prestigious hotels. This is what a traditional cave room looks like. Photo: Zara Cave Hotel / Cave rooms in the rocks with a private terrace or balcony.

How much does it cost to stay

In the old days the people settled in the caves of Cappadocia out of despair, nowadays, people from all over the world come here for the chance to live in such accommodations. Oh, if only the former occupants of these cave houses knew what fabulous money modern cranks extort for such an experience! How many lambs, how much oil and grain could be bought for the sums paid by tourists for one week of their stay in the caves!

Room capacity of the cave hotels is very limited, so the prices in the season are pretty high – from 40 € per day, but on average about 100 € per day. But so much for an all-inclusive holiday in a very good spots by the sea. Prices depend on the season, and it is cheaper in winter. However, there are good and inexpensive cave hotels – I’ll write about them below.

Remember that Cappadocia is super popular. Book a hotel on Hotelluk or Yandex.Travel a few months or six months before your trip. Find out in advance when Ramadan and Uraza Bayram are in Turkey – it’s hard to find a hotel at that time.

Cappadocia Rock Hotels

The view from the observation deck in Goreme of the cave hotels. They are beautifully illuminated at night and resemble fireflies.

The 9 Best Cave Hotels in Cappadocia

I chose cave hotels in Cappadocia, which tourists consider the best. Many have a terrace with a view of the orbs. The hotels have great reviews and a high rating – above 9.4 out of 10 on Bookings. They mostly cost $70 to $110 a night depending on the room category, but there are more expensive hotels as well. Almost all of them are in Göreme .

Sultan Cave Suites. This is the most famous cave hotel in Cappadocia with the best view of the balloons. More than half of the Instagram photos are taken on its terrace. :) You need to book at least six months in advance!

Zara Cave Hotel. A beautiful cave hotel in Göreme with a terrace and a view of balloons no worse than the Sultan Cave.

Kelebek Special Cave Hotel & Spa. Hotel in Goreme charms with views, swimming pool and rooms right in the “fairy chimneys” – fairy chimneys.

Arif Cave Hotel. Hotel with panoramic views and cozy rooms in fairy chimneys with balconies.

Sato Cave Hotel. Cave rooms with an unusual for Cappadocia modern design.

Cappadocia Cave Lodge. Beautiful air-conditioned cave and stone rooms, bright view terrace. This hotel has a maximum rating of 10 out of 10.

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Luvi Cave Hotel. Stylish hotel with an instagram terrace.

Additionally I want to share unique hotels in Uchhisar :

Museum Hotel 5*. It is the most expensive and beautiful hotel in Cappadocia – a night there costs from 40,000 rubles. It is the only hotel in Turkey and belongs to the prestigious Relais & Chateaux hotel chain. The boutique hotel rooms are decorated with antiques, and some have taps with white and red wine. A terrace overlooking the orbs, a pool, spa, jacuzzi and all the other trappings of a great vacation in Cappadocia come with it.

Karlık Evi Hotel – Special Category 4*. It’s more of a stone hotel with stylization, but I couldn’t miss it – it has amazing rooms with balloon views and suites with glass roofs!

Cappadocia Cave Hotels

The terrace photo of the Sultan Cave Suites hotel is the most shared on Instagram. Photo:

The 7 best cheap cave hotels

We chose these hotels for ourselves. We chose relatively inexpensive but beautiful cave rooms with high ratings and good reviews, a private lockable bathroom, a window and free parking. These hotels have both inexpensive, easier rooms and beautiful higher priced suites.

Ada Cave Suites. We wanted to book this hotel, but ended up choosing a different one. There is a terrace with a view of the orbs, and rooms to suit all tastes – stone, classic, and cave. The reviews are all great.

Harman Cave Hotel. This hotel won over with a stunning room in fairy chimneys, but it is quite expensive and also claustrophobic. The family room with columns is very nice. Almost all the rooms are air conditioned! The views from the terrace to the balloons are delightful.

Village Cave House Hotel. Hotel in the “fairy chimneys” with cool balconies overlooking the valley. Rooms are both the most cave-like (junior suite) and closer to stone, with large windows.

Local Cave House Hotel. The hotel is surrounded by seven “fairy chimneys”-very beautiful! Traditional cave rooms in Anatolian style: with carpets, mosaics, wooden furniture, lamps and other decorative elements. Rooms with air conditioning.

Aren Cave Hotel and Art Gallery. A small and soulful family hotel with cozy rooms. Nothing to complain about!

Amber Cave Suites. Beautiful cave rooms, and some (junior suite and family suite) have large windows. There is air conditioning.

Medusa Cave Hotel. Nice minimalist cave rooms, no Ottoman luxury. There is a terrace.

Amber Cave Suites Hotel. The Local Cave House Hotel has a very beautiful area – it is surrounded by “fairy chimneys”. Photo:

Review of our hotel

We like to treat ourselves to unusual and cool accommodations, so we couldn’t pass it up. We searched a lot on Hotelluk and found a hotel with a nice cave room for a reasonable price – Kaya Konak Cave Hotel. You should take the Superior Two Bedroom Suite or Junior Suite, because the rest of the rooms are just stone.

The room won us over at first sight – it was beautiful in the photo, but in reality was even cooler. It has a well thought out interior, a lot of details and nice soft light, similar to the one that used to be provided by oil lamps. So the atmosphere is an “A” grade. Of course, Jacuzzi and TV a thousand years ago was not in every cave, but modern man can not survive without them, so we forgive.

However, it was not without a couple or three spoonfuls of tar. Read about the disadvantages of cave hotels below.

By the way, the hotel has no outdoor terrace for photo shoots, which is why the price is so low. And we had an unpleasant incident with this hotel, so we can not recommend it. On the last day during breakfast 300 liras disappeared from the table in our room, and we suspect the staff. As our VKontakte subscribers told us, this kind of thing is not uncommon in Cappadocia, so be careful.

The bedroom in the cave suite at our Kaya Konak Cave Hotel. The living room in our suite. Bathroom.

Disadvantages of cave hotels

Cave hotels are beautiful and unusual, but not everything is smooth. Let me tell you about the nuances we encountered in our stay. Because of these disadvantages, I would not re-settle in the rock hotel. I think these disadvantages are not in all hotels, but you can face it.

The main disadvantage for me is the dampness and humidity . We had a two room cave suite on the first floor and the only window overlooked the courtyard. When we first entered the room, we felt the air was stale and damp, even though the dehumidifier was running all the time. The dampness made the bedding damp and cold, and I slept in my sweater.

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I was uncomfortable living in a cavernous room because of my breathing problems and mold allergies, and the first night I didn’t sleep at all – I sat by the window, catching some airflow at least. I have no claustrophobia, but because of the stuffiness and stuffy air I had panic attacks. In general, the experience of living in a cave hotel was traumatic for me – long after eviction I had nightmares, as if I was locked in a cave.

Perhaps not all cave hotels are damp – I advise you to read the reviews, especially the negative ones. Look carefully at the room photos: are there windows, is the bathroom separated by a door from the room, does the room not face the courtyard.

If you also have trouble breathing or are claustrophobic, I advise to book stone hotels. They are just styled like a cave, and everything there should be good with ventilation and heating! Also in Cappadocia there are regular European-type hotels.

The second big disadvantage is the long heating of the water. So wanted to take a shower after a hike, but it took forever to get hot water – and even after that it was not hot. And how to use the hot tub without hot water, pray tell! Perhaps water problems don’t exist in expensive hotels.

The third disadvantage is the tuff . All the caves are hollowed out in soft tuff, which constantly crumbles, even if you do not touch it. The things we had to hide in a suitcase so that we would not have to clean them from the tuff in the morning. However, this did not bother us.

The fourth point is non-critical – our cave did not have mobile network reception, and we had to go outside.

The fifth point – the designer miscarriages. Beautiful, but completely uncomfortable solutions. For example, often the bedroom is in the back of the room where there are no windows, and the bathroom is next to the bed – hello, high humidity! Sometimes the toilet is not fenced in any way or separated by a curtain or glass. Not everyone can go to the bathroom in front of a partner or children. :)

The Fairy Chimney room at Harman Cave hotel charms with its mysterious cave semi-darkness and dim lighting, but it’s almost windowless. I would not recommend this room for claustrophobia sufferers. Photo: The bathtub is not the best option in a damp cave room. Photo: Hotel Sato Cave /

Best Cappadocia hotels with cave balloon views and a pool: 22 top and 16 inexpensive

Can’t decide where to stay in Cappadocia? Then save our selection of the best hotels in Cappadocia, both for the most demanding and affordable for the average tourist. Let’s tell you about the best cave hotels and hotels with a view of the orbs. All hotels were chosen on the basis of popularity, availability of a large number of reviews with high ratings, convenient location, availability of some interesting chips, photo locations and viewing terraces for observation of the balls.

Hotel Prices in Cappadocia

There are many hotels in Cappadocia for all tastes and wallets, there are the usual standard hotels, but the most popular are hotels in the cave. These rooms are cut into a real rock, each room is unique and unlike any other. Also popular are hotels with stone rooms, stylized as a cave.

In general, the prices for hotels in Cappadocia are as follows:

  • Hostels – from $11 for two beds in a shared room, there are even cave hostels.
  • Modest budget rooms in regular hotels: from $20 for a double room.
  • Regular apartments start at $25.
  • Simple hotels with stone rooms – from $ 25, the options more interesting, where rooms, stylized as a cave – from $ 35.
  • Cave hotel in Cappadocia starts at $50.
  • Popular hotels with beautiful viewing platforms – from $ 70.
  • The best hotels in Cappadocia with a view of the balls, with a terrace – from $120.

You have to understand that room rates are highly dependent on seasonality. During the high season, prices for popular options go up. In low season there are often promotions, discounts and various seasonal offers.

Source photo:Hans /73716/ (Pixabay License)

The best hotels in Cappadocia with balloon views

The best hotels in Cappadocia are not cheap and should be booked in advance, especially during high season. Places fly out very quickly, despite the high cost of living. These hotels have the best location, often on high ground with beautiful views of the city, large terraces to watch the balloons fly, colorful and unique design of each room and some of the hotels have pools and spas. These hotels have very high ratings and lots of rave reviews from tourists. And these hotels are just one continuous beautiful photolocation, so bright pictures from the vacation are guaranteed, so everything is of the highest order.

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Great family hotel in the center of Göreme, stylish rooms with antique furniture, cool terrace with sofas and cushions for photos with balloons in the background. The rooms even have a coffee machine.

  • The Cave Room. ~ $180 with breakfast (with a discount, you can snag a room in the $100 range)
  • Rating – 9.6 (over 400 positive reviews).

Perhaps the most touted cave hotel in Cappadocia, where all the bloggers strive. Located on top of Aydinli Hill, which offers a beautiful panorama of the surrounding area. The hotel’s highlight is the instagram observation deck with one of the best views of the balloons. Located in the heart of Gereme. Beautiful interior, stylish rooms carved into the rock with large windows and antique furniture. Coming to this hotel, you feel like a hero of some oriental fairy tale.

  • Cave room – $170 with breakfast
  • Rated 8.8 (based on over 1200 good reviews)

Located on the outskirts of the village of Chavushin, the rooms are spacious with fireplaces and seating areas, and some rooms even have a hammam and whirlpool tub. There is also an outdoor terrace with beautiful views of the valleys as well as Chavushin and Uchhisar castles.

  • The Cave Suite is $170 with breakfast (with discounts also available for $95).
  • Rating – 9.3 (almost 600 good reviews)

Cool tiered hotel in Göreme, beautiful architecture and panoramic views from the terrace. The hotel has many beautiful locations for photos and lots of places to relax.

  • Stone room, stylized like a cave – 160$ with breakfast (but with discounts you can get it for 80$)
  • Rating – 9.4 (based on over 1200 good reviews)

Cool cave hotel with a stylish design. Some of the rooms are in natural caves, but there are also simple Ottoman and Greek style cave rooms. The hotel is on several levels with transitions in rock niches, and there is a beautiful open view terrace overlooking the orbs in oriental style.

  • The cave room is $150 with breakfast (with discounted rates available for $100)
  • Rating – 8.8 (almost 2,000 reviews)

Beautiful hotel with instagram viewpoints in downtown Göreme. The hotel has many beautiful photo areas, 4 terraces, from the top terrace one of the best views of Göreme and the orbs. The rooms are beautifully decorated with different little things.

  • Cave room – $135 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.7 (~ 400 positive reviews)

New stylish hotel in Göreme with an instagram terrace and bar. The receptionist helps take beautiful balloon pics.

  • Deluxe room is $130 with breakfast (with a discount you can also book for $100)
  • Rating – 9.9 (more than 130 excellent reviews).

In the photo: Hotels in Goreme in the spotlight. Photo source: SashSegal/1773474/ (Pixabay License)

A cave hotel on a hillside in the heart of Göreme with beautiful views of the surroundings. In addition to comfort and coziness, tourists are attracted to the rooms by the large bathtub. The hotel is not new, but is popular.

  • Standard room, styled as a cave – $120 with breakfast (with discounts and sometimes for $ 95)
  • Rating – 9.7 (more than 1000 good reviews)

New hotel in Gerem with a beautiful view terrace in oriental style with pillows and carpets. Delicious breakfasts and great reviews. There are stone and cave rooms.

  • Stone room – $120 with breakfast.
  • Cave room – $180 with breakfast.
  • Rating – 9.5 (already about 60 positive reviews)

Family hotel in Göreme on high ground with a large and very nice Turkish style terrace and panoramic views of the orbs.

  • Cave room – $120 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.0 (based on more than 600 reviews)

A small boutique hotel in the center of Göreme with exquisite cave rooms and beautiful grounds. Built inside the “magic chimneys”. Some rooms have living rooms with a fireplace. There is a beautiful instagram terrace for photos in front of the orbs.

  • Cave Room – $120 with breakfast
  • Rating – 8.7 (almost 600 reviews)
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A small but very cozy hotel in the center of Guereme. Spacious rooms and open panoramic terrace with pillows for photos.

  • Stone room – $120 with breakfast.
  • Cave room – $130 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.1 (over 500 positive ratings)

A small cozy family hotel in the center of Göreme with a beautiful interior. There are cave and cave style rooms. There are 3 terraces, one of them is stylized in oriental style and is perfect for photos on the background of the balls.

  • The cave style room is $117 with breakfast.
  • Cave room – $149 with breakfast (with discounts you can get it for $80).
  • Rating – 9.5 (more than 300 positive reviews)

Insanely beautiful hotel in Uchhisar with stunning views of the Pigeon Valley. All rooms are individually decorated, the suites have a private terrace with panoramic views. The hotel has a restaurant and bar.

  • Cave room – $180 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.2 (almost 500 positive reviews)


Best Cappadocia Hotels with a Pool

This selection includes hotels that, in addition to beautiful panoramic terraces, also have swimming pools, so they deserve special attention.

The most expensive hotel of Cappadocia is located in Uchhisar. The hotel has an insanely beautiful interior in the Ottoman style, a unique design of the cave rooms, vintage decor, antique artifacts. In a word – a real museum. Infrastructure at the level – there is a spa, swimming pool and Jacuzzi, well, of course, a beautiful viewing terrace with a great view of the balls. The hotel even has its own garden, where they grow fruit and live peacocks.

  • Deluxe Room – $555 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.0 (more than 300 reviews)

Hotel in Uchhisar, with rooms styled like a cave. The hotel is surrounded by picturesque hills, so the panorama of the surrounding area is great. The hotel has a beautiful green area, two pools and a yoga room, all designed for relaxation.

  • Panoramic room – $140 with breakfast.
  • Rating – 9.6 (over 100 satisfied reviews)

Cool cave hotel in the heart of Göreme, the hotel rooms are located right in the famous rock formations, called “fairy chimneys” (fairy chimneys), there are even rooms with private balconies. There is an outdoor pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and the hotel has beautiful views of the surrounding area. Guests are accommodated in spacious suites with fireplaces.

  • Cave Junior Suite – $180 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.5 (over 700 reviews)

Beautiful multi-level hotel with an observation deck, with balloons flying right overhead in the morning. Carved into the rock between natural “fairy fireplaces”. There is a spa, outdoor and indoor pools on site. Old artifacts are used in the interiors, which gives the hotel a special charm.

  • Cave Suite – $130 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.0 (~ 800 positive reviews)

A hotel in Guereme surrounded by “fairy chimneys.” There is an outdoor pool and terrace with a beautiful view, you can even see the starting point for ballooning. Freshly squeezed juices are served for breakfast.

  • Cave Room – $95 with breakfast.
  • Rating – 9.4 (over 600 reviews)

A small, cozy hotel with a pool in Guereme, you can see the orbs from the rooftop terrace.

  • Standard room, styled as a cave – $75 (discounted $60)
  • Rating – 9.5 (almost 1.5 thousand excellent reviews)

A cozy hotel in Gerem with a small swimming pool on the roof and an observation deck in the oriental style.

  • Standard room, styled as a cave – $65 with breakfast (with a discount it can be about $50)
  • Rating – 9.2 (more than 1000 reviews)

Cozy hotel in Uchhisar. The hotel has a beautiful view of Uchhisar castle and the valley of pigeons. There is a small pool on the grounds.

  • Standard room – $120 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.3 (more than 700 reviews)

Photo source: alexman89 /5642319 / (Pixabay License)

Best hotels with balloon views under $100

This selection also includes hotels with very high ratings, beautiful interiors, and cavernous rooms, but at a more affordable price point.

A small country-style hotel in Göreme with spacious rooms and a nice outdoor terrace to watch the balls. The rooms have high ceilings and are decorated with wood. The hotel has two oriental style pavilions for beautiful photos, which are very popular with bloggers and fans of colorful content.

  • Standard room with stone walls – $100 (with discounts it can be $70)
  • Rating – 9.4 (over 800 reviews)

Relatively new hotel with spacious rooms with private bath. There is a small photo area for beautiful photos in front of balloons.

  • Cave room – $100 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.5 (almost 500 positive reviews)
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This family-friendly cave hotel is located in Guereme right in the middle of the “fairy chimneys.” There are both stone rooms and beautiful cave rooms. Good views from the terrace.

  • Cave room – $100 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.3 (over 300 satisfied reviews)

The hotel is located in the center of Göreme on top of a hill, so from the open terraces of the hotel there is a great view of the surroundings and orbs, there are beautiful photo areas. Stylish rooms, the feeling of being in a medieval castle.

  • Cave Room – $95 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.3 (over 1000 reviews)

Hotel in Guereme in an old 19th century stone building, nice and atmospheric rooms, good viewpoint. Some rooms have fireplaces.

  • The cavernous room is $95 with breakfast (with discounted rates there are also available for $70).
  • Rating – 9.5 (over 500 ratings)

Beautiful hotel in the center of Göreme, the hotel has 5 terraces with balloon views, there are even swings, delicious breakfasts.

  • Room styled as a cave – $95 with breakfast (with a discount you can get it for $60)
  • Rating – 9.2 (over 1000 satisfied reviews)

This is a new oriental style hotel with great cave rooms and a cool atmosphere. Some rooms have a hammam with jacuzzi. There is a terrace for balloon watching.

  • Cave style room – $95 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.7 (almost 100 good reviews already)

A small but very cozy and beautiful family hotel in Gerem with comfortable spacious rooms. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. There is a terrace with a beautiful view.

  • Cave room – $ 90 with breakfast.
  • Rating – 9.7 (over 800 reviews)

Great hotel on the mountain, some of the rooms are cavernous and carved into the rock and some are finished. Panoramic 360 degree views of Göreme from the roof, great views of the orbs.

  • Cave room – $85 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.0 (over 400 reviews)

Stylish, modern cozy hotel with cave rooms. There are 2 terraces for balloon watching.

  • Cave room is $70 with breakfast.
  • Rating – 9.8 (almost 100 good reviews)

A family-run hotel in Guereme, located on an elevated site next to the “fairy chimneys.” Rooms are simple but spacious, with a beautiful view from the terrace.

  • Cave room – $ 70 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.1 (over 500 reviews)

Best Budget Cave Hotels

In this selection we have tried to include inexpensive yet cool options with high reviews. As a rule, these are small family hotels with a homely atmosphere. The cavernous rooms in such hotels are certainly simpler, but still extremely comfortable. Some options have pretty good viewing terraces on the spheres.

A beautiful and affordable hotel, there are both cave rooms and regular rooms. Beautiful observation deck overlooking the orbs.

  • Cave room is $60 with breakfast.
  • Rating – 9.1 (over 2 thousand reviews)

A small but very soulful hotel on high ground in Gerem with panoramic views, nice cave rooms in “fairy chimneys” with balconies. The hotel has a cozy, family atmosphere and tasty breakfasts.

  • Cave Room – $60 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.7 (over 800 reviews)

Relatively new, very nice and cozy cave hotel in the center of Gereme with only 9 rooms. Super welcoming hosts, delicious breakfasts, there is a terrace with a side view of the orbs. We stayed at this hotel and were delighted. Read also our review about the hotel.

  • Cave Room – $50 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.4 (more than 100 positive reviews).

A small family hotel in a stone mansion with a terrace, the hotel has only 11 rooms.

  • Room styled as a cave is $45 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.1 (over 300 reviews).

A small nice hotel in Gerem, there is a large terrace with tables and swings, cozy stylized rooms.

  • Room, styled as a cave – $ 40 with breakfast
  • Rating – 9.2 (more than 160 reviews)


Pictured: the grounds of the Adelya Cave hotel where we stayed.

This concludes our selection of the best hotels in Cappadocia. If you already visited Cappadocia, please tell us in comments where you stayed, what hotels you liked and what would you recommend to your friends. If you liked the article and it was useful, share it in social networks, and subscribe to updates of the blog not to miss the release of new useful articles.

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Have a comfortable hotel and amazing views in Cappadocia

Sincerely, Margarita

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