The 5 Best Restaurants in Belek

Belek – what to do, where to go and what to see?

Respectable Belek is expensive in everything, and this also applies to shopping. Each hotel has boutiques and souvenir shops. In the center of Belek there are a lot of jewelry and fur stores, stores with leather and textile goods, both local (LC Waikiki) and international brands. Popular stores with products for golf.

IMPORTANT: for shopping will not be superfluous to go to neighboring Antalya: there prices are up to 25% lower.

On Saturdays with 9 am 15 hours on the streets near the mosque is arranged bazaar, where they sell fresh fruits and vegetables and things. You can and should bargain here, although traders used to respectable holidaymakers Belek reluctant to bring down the price.

Bars – where to go?

As in the case of restaurants, most of the bars you go to are in the hotels, but there are also a few curious stand-alone spots:

  • Gardner’s Bar – an inexpensive British pub in the center of Belek serving traditional English fare. The hostess Kim and her daughter Lacey welcome guests. Open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. The average bill for a dinner for two is around 60 lira.
  • Players’ Lounge is an excellent bar with European snacks in Serik. Here you can play billiards and watch soccer matches. It is open from 11 am to 1 am. Drinks cost from 10 liras.

Clubs and nightlife

Actually the night club in Belek is one – Sos Disco , and the main part of its visitors are local Turks, so the tourist will not be very comfortable there. But excellent parties with shows and disco until an hour or two in the morning are held almost in all hotels.

Holidaymakers especially note the following:

  • Disco Lab in the hotel Adam & Eve . Pop music and electronic compositions, original interior and a huge dance floor. There are often theme parties.
  • Galeon Bar in Gloria Golf Resort . A bar with a big dance floor.
  • Club Insomnià at Gloria Serenity Hotel. A dancehall for RnB, House and Hip Hop lovers.

Extreme sports

Belek offers many extreme activities with check-out from the hotel. The most popular are:

  • Rafting at Keprülü Canyon – mentioned above. There is also an opportunity to go down the river in a canoe – from $20 per person.
  • Jeep safari – from $20 per person.
  • Mountaineering – also in the park Keprulu – from $ 30.
  • Water sports are represented in the hotels of Belek water skiing, walks on “bananas”, windsurfing, water bikes, diving, sailing. Cost varies.
  • Horseback riding is booked as a half-day excursion, costing $20-50.


Belek itself is not remarkable places for diving, but at the hotels there are centers, teaching diving for beginners, for example, at the RIU Kaya Belek. There you can also order tours with a trip to Antalya or Kas, where more than thirty dive sites.

Surfing and windsurfing

Almost all hotels on the coast have windsurfing facilities, including the Rixos Premium, Sueno Hotels Deluxe, Papillon Zeugma. However Belek is not the best place for these sports due to almost total absence of winds.

Food – what must try?

Belek, what to try - dolma, photo

Belek is famous for its chic restaurants of five-star hotels, offering both European and Mediterranean cuisine with seafood delicacies, and the local Turkish.

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The latter is worth tasting the traditional dishes:

  • “Dolma (stuffed cabbage rolls made of vine leaves)
  • “pirzolya (lamb on the bone)
  • “cherez tavugu (fried chicken)
  • “tandoor” (roasted lamb)
  • pilaf

For dessert the guests are offered oriental sweets: Turkish delight, baklava, almonds in sugar, sorbet. There are lots of street cafes in the streets of Belek where you can inexpensively try the famous Turkish kebab cooked on fire or coal, köfte or fried khamsa.

Recommended Cafes and Restaurants

Most of the restaurants in Belek are located in the hotels, but many of them serve not only guests on availability. In each case, you just need to approach and ask if you can have dinner.


Simply Caddie Beach Restaurant is a democratic option with a great serving of delicious Mediterranean and local Turkish cuisine. There are both steaks and seafood and a separate vegetarian menu.

The cost of dinner for two is about 100-120 liras. Open from 9:00 to 23:00. Located a hundred meters from Kadriye beach.

Average level

  • Ocean’s Fish Greek is an excellent restaurant in the Maxx Royal Hotel. The main part of the menu is seafood. Open from 12:00 to 00:00. The average bill for a dinner for two is more than 200 liras.
  • Spice Garden Restaurant offers Indian, Asian, and Baltic cuisine. The price for a hot meal starts at 40 liras. Open from 11:00 to 1:00. Located in the central area of Belek.


  • Le Jardin is a French restaurant at Gloria Serenity Resort Hotel. The average bill for a dinner for two is from 250 liras. Open by appointment from 18:00 to 23:00.
  • L’amante is another French restaurant at Rixos Premium Belek Hotel. Visitors are won over by the rich and varied menu and the polite service. The price tag is high: from 60 liras for a main course. The restaurant is open only by appointment from 12:00 to 00:00.
  • Deniz Restaurant is located in the city center. It features a varied menu with an excellent choice of fresh local seafood. Average bill for a dinner for two will start from 200 liras, the price for seafood is 60-100 liras. Open from 9:00 to 23:00.

Local Holidays

Both in and around Belek itself, there are many colorful events that will be of interest to travelers.

The highlights are:

  • Bridge TV Need for Fest, one of the largest Russian music festivals held abroad. Many stars of domestic show business come.
  • Ironman is an event of interest to sports fans. It is a triathlon race which includes a swim in the Mediterranean Sea, a cycling stage and a running distance of 20 kilometers.
  • International Jazz Festival in the ancient city of Aspendos nearby in June and July. The event takes place in a grandiose ancient amphitheater.
  • An opera and ballet festival is organized in the same building towards the end of summer.
  • International Belek Salsa Festival in late May is a dance festival dedicated to salsa. It is free to attend at Adora Resort Hotel.
  • Oriental dreams – Oriental dance festival held in February at Spice Hotel & Spa. The program includes master classes, contests, and concerts.

Churches and temples – which ones are worth visiting?

The main active mosque of Belek is perhaps the only noticeable landmark directly in the city. It is located in the center, next to the square and the fountain.

Important: you can visit for free, as long as you wear the appropriate clothes: shoulders covered, covered head for women, pants or long skirts.

Interesting museums

There are no museums in Belek itself, but at the same distance from the resort there are 2 interesting museums:

  • Antalya Archaeological Museum near the Old Town. Entrance ticket will cost $8. The museum is open from 9:00 to 19:00.
  • The Museum of Side near the historic center. Ticket price is $2.50. In the summertime works from 9 am to 19 pm.
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Tourist streets

Two tourist walking areas are located in the center of Belek and in Kadriye. Cafes and restaurants, boutiques, stores, and souvenir shops are concentrated here.

Routes to neighboring towns

Since there are no significant attractions in Belek itself, trips to neighboring towns are very popular, especially since the resort is located midway from Antalya to Side, and getting to other places is not so tedious.

Either route will take you to Serik first – about 8 liras per dolmush.

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A trip to Side will take about an hour by cab and about two by dolmush. The historical center is a must-see, as well as the museum of Side.

A cab will cost about 160 liras, a dolmus to Serik from Manavgat 16 liras + from Manavgat to Side 7 liras.

To Antalya

The Turkish metropolis Antalya is worth visiting for its Old City, archaeological museum, zoo, oceanarium and shopping malls.

In terms of price and travel time, it is about the same as the trip to Side.

To Kemer

To Kemer the trip will take twice as long: the distance between the resorts is 90 km. There is a large water park, as well as notable pebble beaches with azure sea.

In general, there are no major attractions, for which it would be worth a special trip, especially the cab will cost 240 lira.


Alanya is a small but beautiful city with museums and interesting architecture, which may be of interest to the experienced traveler. It is located 100 km from Belek, which is about an hour and a half by cab.

The trip will cost about 250 lira.

Excursion to Pamukkale and Ephesus

This is a two-day, fairly tedious (more than 1,000 km round trip), but very exciting and popular tour to visit the two most famous sights of the country – Pamukkale and Ephesus.

The trip costs about $ 100.

Souvenirs – what to bring as a gift?

The most popular souvenirs are standard for Turkish resorts: oriental sweets, pottery, hookahs, coffee makers, traditional tea glasses.

The best restaurants and cafes in Belek, where you can eat well

We have reviewed all of Belek’s restaurants and have chosen the best in our opinion! Check out the reviews of each restaurant, cafe or bar + interesting menu items, photos, prices and reviews!

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Belek is not comparable in size to such resort “cogs” as Antalya or even Alanya. The seaside village is small, which is reflected in its map of gastronomic establishments. There are few places where you can go for a good meal. Most specialize in national cuisine, luring guests with kebabs and mezes. But even here, among the restaurants, bars and taverns there are corners with their own unique character, the owners of which have staked on the originality of the concept.

It is a mistake to think that you can eat exclusively cheap in Belek. Prices for food, even in modest establishments in the resort-style overpriced.

The check for dinner for two is not less than 60-70 TL. And for wealthy travelers is where to turn around. The village boasts restaurants for special occasions, for which inexpensive is not an acceptable word.

As for culinary peculiarities, in this corner of Turkey have rooted lentil soup, rice soup with mint, the locals love and soup from several species of fish. In general the seafood is very scarce here, you will hardly ever come across an establishment specialized on seafood. Proprietary bean salads, mashed chickpeas, pates based on chicken and prunes – in stores and cafes at every step.

To make it easier for the guests of Belek to navigate in the gastronomic map of the resort, we have prepared a rating of the best restaurants. It turned out to be modest, but each “hero” is worthy of attention of any traveler. There are always a lot of people in them.

Elite Ocakbasi

The convenient location is the main advantage of this cozy cafe: it is located in the center of the village. The interior is a mix of several stylistic trends, but clearly visible are national motifs. Sofas and low tables are placed near them – so oriental. Turkish melodies add more atmosphere to the place.

You can have a delicious meal here. National cuisine in all its variety. On the menu there are pide, chorba, lahmajun and kebabs. Guests enjoy ordering the popular lentil soup. The main dishes are accompanied by salads, side dishes, and sauces. There are also dishes based on recipes of European chefs: pasta, mushroom soup and pizza.

Orders are taken quickly and before you get bored the dishes are already steaming and exuding appetizing aromas on the table.

Prices: The average bill for a single person is 22-25 TL (for example, you can get a pizza with salad and drink tea or ayran for this price).

Espresso Shop

The name hints that the Espresso Shop is ready for you to eat after a long day of shopping. And it is true: right in the epicenter of commerce it is nice to relax with a cup of coffee. Espresso Shop also specializes in breakfast.

In addition to fragrant coffee drinks, teas and lemonades the gastronomic list offers a number of delicious cakes, homemade pastries and delicate desserts. Chocolate muffins and crispy toasts with toppings are especially praised.

Relaxed music adds bonuses, and bright furniture and walls of rich hues lift the mood.

Prices: coffee from 5 to 8 TL, pastries start at 4 TL.

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Masala Zone Indian

The Masala Zone Indian offers some of the best curries in Belek and everyone who loves Indian food knows it.

The food on offer is endless and the fish and other creatures of the sea are among the finest. The fish dishes are accompanied by the traditional rice. The lunch is served with soup of the day, every day it changes – once mushroom, once chicken, once tomato.

It is worthy of respect that the owners did not pull the wool over your eyes, and immediately invited one of the high quality Indian chefs to work here. Therefore, the traditions of the country of elephants were fully respected. However, as it often happens in Turkey, kebabs and steaks have perfectly lived up to the curry.

You can go here with children as well. No child will go hungry – the owners have provided a children’s menu. The kids won’t get bored, because cheerful animators are at their service.

Prices: Curry costs 18-20 TL. Soup of the day is 15 TL, kebab 39 TL, bife 42 TL. Prices for the kids’ menu are: nuggets 25 TL, spaghetti bolognese 20 TL, breaded chicken 30 TL.

Al Abir Live Lebanon

This gorgeous Lebanese restaurant captivates with its beauty of decor and grandeur. Guests are welcomed into the enormous room, hung with twinkling chandeliers and furnished in oriental chic. In the evening, the lighting on the terrace and the tower opposite sets the scene. “Al Abir is a mix of innovation, elegance and tradition, including its food.

The chefs here intend to surprise everyone who enters the restaurant for the first time. Even though the Lebanese cuisine is quite similar to the Turkish one. The main secret lies in using different spices and spicy herbs that give dishes a special and unique taste.

Waiters will offer you delicious hummus, juicy grilled lamb, royal prawns in cream sauce, fattoush salad. Fragrant hookah with a glass of wine is the end of the meal. Younger guests will not refuse mashed potato soup and fries.

Aperitifs are unusual for European gourmets snacks: raw nuts, pea or nut paste. Visitors are also entertained in oriental style – belly dance performed by sultry beauties.

Prices: Bear in mind that the bill corresponds to the place. A dinner for two will cost 250-300 TL.

Sophisticatedly designed gourmet restaurant with an underwater aquarium filled with live Mediterranean inhabitants. It is impossible to take your eyes off the sharks, rays and all kinds of tropical fish. Elegance in every detail, from the grand chandeliers, glass partitions and smooth lines of leather sofas. Everything here disposes to relaxation, even the music selected accordingly.

The concept of the kitchen is defined by the name and interior. Of course, you can have delicious seafood here!

Every morning fresh octopus, oysters, squids, shrimps, etc. arrive to the tables of cooks. You can also make sashimi and rolls from fish. All dishes are perfectly cooked, not a single one will leave you indifferent, visitors share in their reviews. There is a good selection of collectible and house wines.

Prices: You will have to pay 220-300 TL for lunch or dinner for two. The price includes not only the main fish dishes, but also side dishes and a couple of glasses of wine.

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Istanbul is a colorful place that offers traditional meat specialties. And not only. Istanbul is one of the most famous cafes of the resort, because in addition to national cuisine it offers dishes from all over the world. The cooks are real virtuosos.

The institution has no equal in Belek on steaks, pastas and soups. Plus the service is at the highest level.

The menu is rich with all kinds of meat, salads and desserts, the most popular in Europe. There are even fries and a dozen of sauces. Visitors are treated to wonderful caprese, grilled meat mixes, burgers, garlic shrimp, and homemade potato chips.

Most guests are seated on the outdoor terrace, where there is a casual, friendly atmosphere. On Wednesdays, karaoke kicks off the party.

Prices: The bill for two with a bottle of good wine is about 120-130 TL – not expensive for Turkey, especially as the portions are big.


The small restaurant with local culinary delights and international touches has a high rating. People loved it for the generosity of the delicious offerings, the impeccable skills of the kitchen staff, and the fact that you can eat quite cheaply.

This charming and tranquil establishment is built practically over the water, away from the noisy center.

What can you eat? Actually, the menu is very diverse. There are wonderful mezes, grilled meat and delicious oriental desserts. Seafood is a separate topic: only fresh fish and other inhabitants of underwater kingdom are on the table. Flavored honey, by the way, from own apiary is served to lush pastry. As an appetizer we serve baked bread and cheese, and in the morning we have delicious Turkish breakfast. The dishes are decorated as real works of art. A good drinks bar.

Beware of spicy food, spices are not spared, so check with waiters the composition. Otherwise you will have to “breathe the fire” for half a day for sure.

Prices: a plate of calamari in breaded coat is 50 TL, kebab – 42-45 TL, tuna salad – 22 TL, “Caesar” – 28 TL. A bottle of pomegranate wine costs 90 TL. A full breakfast costs 18 TL.


Fans of food with an Italian accent flock to the family-run Pinokyo Café. If you’re one of them, it’s worth a visit. Although in this seemingly European corner there is a distinctly Turkish flavor.

The guests are welcomed by charming and friendly hosts from Austria. They invite you to take a seat inside the restaurant or outdoors. If it gets hot, you will be provided with a fan.

The menu is not large, but the food here is very delicious. The schnitzel melts in your mouth, the salads are made of fresh crunchy vegetables, spaghetti are made according to all Italian rules as well as lasagna. A pleasant surprise awaits those with a sweet tooth: desserts and ice cream to suit every taste. With such a menu it’s no problem to feed a child.

Prices: meat lasagna is priced at 28 TL and vegetarian at 25 TL. Carbonara costs 23 TL, pesto 20 TL, and an ice cream scoop 5 TL.

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