The best beaches in Marmaris: descriptions, hotels, reviews

The best beaches in and around Marmaris – all the details

The resort of Marmaris, located on the Aegean Sea coast in Turkey, has long been beloved by travel-savvy tourists. It is a perfect place for relaxing on the beach and enjoying the beautiful scenery. The beaches of Marmaris are heterogeneous in their characteristics, but they all have two things in common – clear waters and scenic beauty.

The beach in Marmaris, Turkey

Today the resort has five most noteworthy places, which are worth a visit to the city. Some of them are convenient in terms of infrastructure and location, while others attracted by its quiet atmosphere and sparseness. From our article you will learn which beaches are in the center of Marmaris and which are remote from the resort, and you can explore their main features.


Icmeler beach

One of the best beaches of Marmaris in Turkey is located 10 km from the city in the small resort village of Icmeler and attracts, above all, its picturesque location: it is located in a bay surrounded by mountains and overlooking an island. To get here you can rent a car and leave it near the parking lot, or take a local shuttle bus from Marmaris in 10 minutes.

The coastline is wide enough to reach length of just over 1 km. The equipped beach zone opposite the hotels and restaurants occupies a part of the beach, the rest is a public space, where you can lie on your towel. Icmeler is mostly covered with fine sand, but you can also find small pebbles on entering the water. The sea is calm, the entrance to it is flat and gentle, some parts of the bottom are sandy, others are pebbly. It is quite safe and comfortable coast for recreation with children. The water in the bay is clean and clear, the coast is regularly cleaned.

Rest on Icmeler beach

Icmeler beach in Marmaris is equipped with everything you need – sun loungers and umbrellas, restrooms, showers with fresh water and changing rooms. The cost to rent a deck chair for the day is $5 (less in low season) and you can sit on a deck chair for free near some cafes and restaurants, if you order a drink. Ichmelere provides a free zone for relaxation.

The beach is very well-developed, with a chain of cafes, stores, bars, and the best hotels in town. There are various kinds of entertainment for an extra fee, such as boat rentals, jet skiing, boat rides and much more. In the evening there is live music in the establishments.

In general, Icmeler is a clean, cozy and comfortable beach, which we definitely recommend to visit on vacation in Turkey in Marmaris.

Siteler (İncekum)

Beach Siteler

If you wonder what beaches of Marmaris in Turkey are worthy of attention, we advise you to get acquainted with a place called Siteler. This area is located 23 km to the north of the center of Marmaris and is famous for its clear waters and purity. The total length of the beach is more than 2 km. The main part of holidaymakers are the hotel guests who live nearby, so the beach is always crowded. Coast coverage is pebbly, consists mainly of fine pebbles, here and there you can find sandy islands. Going into the water is smooth, so it is quite suitable for children.

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Rest on Siteler Beach

It is worth bearing in mind that this area is characterized by cold currents, so even in the height of summer the water can be quite cool. This beach in Marmaris, the reviews about which only confirm its status as one of the best in the resort, can be conditionally divided into two parts: the free zone and the hotel area. The free zone is less well-groomed and lacks sunbeds and showers, but the hotel area is ready to provide all the amenities for a fee. To use the sunbeds, toilets and changing rooms, you must order at one of the coastal cafes.

In general, the beach Siteler in Turkey is quiet and peaceful and suitable for a comfortable, measured rest.

On a side note! An hour’s drive from Marmaris is an interesting town of Mugla, which is worth visiting at least with a tour. Detailed information about it is collected in this article.

Central Beach in Marmaris

Central beach in Marmaris

One of the most crowded beaches of Marmaris in Turkey, which is more than 1 km long, is located in the heart of the resort. On the coast there is a free of charge area and equipped areas with paid services. The terrain is heterogeneous and consists of sand or pebbles in different parts, so the beach in Maramaris can be classified as a sandy-pebbly beach. It has a narrow shore and at the entrance to the sea you have to go through a strip of pebbles, so you should buy special shoes for comfortable swimming.

Getting into the water at Central Beach in Marmaris

The way to the sea is fairly smooth, but the water itself is muddy. If you walk a little further from the yacht port closer to the restaurants, you will find a more secluded and clean beach. In general, this beach is suitable for recreation with kids. Showers, toilets and sun loungers can be found only in the area with cafes and restaurants, and to use them you need to make an order at the institution. On the territory there is an opportunity to buy a yacht tour and do water sports.

Amos Beach

Amos Beach

This secluded but very picturesque place is located 24 km south of the popular resort. The beach of Marmaris in Turkey is more suitable for a secluded holiday, because of its remoteness from the city is not crowded. A small piece of coastline, stretching no more than 200 meters, hidden behind the rocky hills and lush greenery. Its distinctive feature is the crystal clear waters, in which numerous sea creatures are clearly visible. Amos Beach is Blue Flag certified for its grooming and safety.

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At a cafe on Amos Beach

Amos surface consists of fine gray pebbles, the water access is easy. Not far from the coast is a miniature zoo, so this beach is ideal for families with small children. Each vacationer has the opportunity to rent deck chairs and umbrellas (cost $5). There are toilets, changing rooms and showers on site. A small restaurant is open on the shore, where you can enjoy fresh seafood dishes and national pastries.

In general, Amos in Turkey – a quiet, comfortable and picturesque place, as evidenced by the photos of this beach in Marmaris.


Turunç, located 20 km south of the resort center, is a beautiful bay with clear sea waters surrounded by hilly mountains covered with lush greenery. Its coastline is about 0.6 km long. It is a quiet area, surrounded by mountainous terrain, where you can rest unhurriedly from the bustle of the city. Because Turunç is remote from the resort, there is not a large concentration of tourists. It can be reached from Marmaris either by dolmush or water cab.

Turunç Beach, Turkey

The beach of Turunç in Marmaris consists of pebbles and sand, the entrance to the sea is uneven, at the bottom there may be large stones. Since the beach is surrounded by mountains, there is almost no wind and with it the waves. Turunç in Turkey is a safe and environmentally friendly area, as evidenced by the assignment of the Blue Flag. The beach is suitable for families with children.

Holidays on Turunç Beach

Part of the territory belongs to the hotels, which for a fee holidaymakers rent chairs with umbrellas and enjoy facilities such as showers, cabins for changing clothes and toilets. Along the beach stretch stores, cafes and restaurants, there is a marina, where you can book a boat tour. In general, the beach is more suitable for a relaxing holiday surrounded by pristine nature, so do not look for any modern entertainment here.

All the described beaches of Marmaris, as well as its main attractions are marked on the map in Russian.


To understand how unique the nature of Marmaris in Turkey is, it is enough to look at the photos of its beaches. Every traveler will be able to find a piece of coast for himself here, whether it is a noisy and full of entertainment coast or a secluded corner surrounded by mountains. The beaches of Marmaris delight you with clear sea and a great opportunity to observe its inhabitants. So do not hesitate to visit this resort and get ready to get a lot of positive emotions.

Video: Icmeler beach, views of Marmaris from the air, the atmosphere of the resort and useful tips for travelers.

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Marmaris is located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, see the map. I live in Mugla, so I know better. Do not deceive people.

The best beaches in Marmaris

Marmaris sandy beaches

Where to have a rest in Marmaris? Popular beaches resort with a detailed description, map in Russian, tourists reviews and photos. A selection of the best all-inclusive hotels on the first line with its own beaches.


Beach Recreation in Marmaris

The bay in which the Turkish resort of Marmaris is spread out is very spacious. It has a size of 8 km by 3.5 km, so that tourists have a wide choice of places to relax by the sea. The entrance to the bay closes the island, so strong waves and storms rarely reach the shores. Marmaris’ wide sandy and pebbly beaches stretch from the central part of the resort to the suburban village of Icmeler. The best of them have been awarded the Blue Flag.

Private and public beaches . Almost all beaches of Marmaris belong to 4-5* all-inclusive hotels on the first line of the sea. Travelers staying in apartments or small hotels with a pool can always sunbathe on the sandy municipal beaches.

Infrastructure . Some tourists like beaches with good infrastructure and entertainment. Others like to spend the day on a secluded wild shore. Lovers of secluded areas usually go to the small sandy-pebbly beaches, located 1-1,5 km north of Icmeler – they are considered the best in Marmaris.

Mores . Although Turkey is a Muslim country, Marmaris is known as a youth and party place. Mores at this resort are quite liberal, and no one condemns topless sunbathers on the beaches of Marmaris.

Marmaris Beaches

The beach in Karacja, Marmaris. Photo: Haluk Comertel / / CC BY 3.0.

Central city beach

The free municipal beach of Marmaris stretches near the Ataturk Monument. It is covered with sand and separated by a promenade from the rest of the city. The water entrance is shallow and consists of a mixture of fine pebbles and sand, so no special shoes for swimming are required.

There are lifeguards on duty at the city beach all the time. Like on the other beaches of Marmaris, there are toilets and cabins for changing. If you want to lie on a beach chair and take advantage of a sun umbrella, you have to order something from a cafe. The central beach becomes the most crowded in Marmaris during the peak tourist season, so the sea water and the shore are not very clean.

Tourists who stay in the center of the resort, it is convenient to get to the municipal beach on foot. Those who live in remote areas, can get to the beach on shuttle buses – dolmushas. The dolmus from Siteler to the center is turquoise, from Armutalan – blue, from Icmeler – orange, from Yalandzhi boaz – pink, and from Beldibi – brown. Depending on the distance the fare for an adult is 2-2.5 liras.

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Along the city beach on the first line are the most popular hotels. Halici Hotel, Sunprime Beachfront, Marmaris Beach Hotel and some other Marmaris hotels are all-inclusive and have their own beaches.

Best Beaches of Marmaris

Cruise ship in the port of Marmaris. Photo: ragingwire / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

Siteler Beach.

The popular Siteler Beach is located in the southwestern part of the resort. The water in this area of Marmaris is very clear and can be seen down to the bottom. Siteler has an excellent beach infrastructure and is covered in fine, dark colored pebbles. It is equipped with showers, changing rooms and toilets.

Many tourists come here with their own towels and sunbathe all day. The free part of Siteler beach has the same rules as the central beach: to use the sun loungers, you need to order at a local cafe.

There are warning posters along the coast for safety. Tourists are asked not to jump into the sea from piers and concrete platforms, not to leave children alone near the water, not to bathe immediately after a long sunburn and in a state of intoxication, and throw garbage in the containers.

From the central part of the resort area to the beach Siteler arrive by cab or shuttle bus. A line of 4-5* hotels stretches along the beachfront. D-Resort Grand Azur Marmaris, Pasa Beach Hotel, Golden Rock Beach and Cettia Beach Resort have the best and most well-kept private beach areas in Marmaris.

Citteler beach panorama

Icmeler Beach

The best beach of Marmaris is near Icmeler village, 8 km away from the central part of the Turkish resort. Icmeler stretches along the shallow bay, which is divided by the sand spit Kiz Kumu. In Turkish its name means “maiden’s sand”. Kyz-Kumu was formed by underwater currents, but tourists love the legend that the long sand spit was poured by a princess fleeing from pirates.

The coastal strip consists of a mixture of pebbles and sand, the entrance to the water is flat and in many places covered with fine sand. The sea in Ichmelere is very clear. At the southern end of the beach there is a pier where tourist boats and private yachts are moored.

Sun loungers on this beach in Marmaris are free, so they try to occupy them from the morning. You do not need to pay for the use of showers and changing rooms either.

The area around Icmeler is popular with divers. In the warm season, many come here to snorkel and see the fragments of ancient amphorae lying on the seabed. One of the popular dive clubs operates not far from Yazih rock. Nearby there are dive sites with diving depths from 3 to 30m.

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There are shuttle buses and cabs from the center of Marmaris to Icmeler. A series of cafes and snack bars line the village’s beach, and behind them are the hotels. The following Marmaris hotels have their own equipped beaches: Elite World Marmaris Hotel, Letoile Beach Hotel, Mirage World Hotel, and Fortuna Beach Hotel.

Tourist reviews on Marmaris Beaches

Beach in Icmeler. Photo: kov09 /

Cleopatra Beach

One of the best and most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Marmaris is considered Cleopatra Beach. It is located on the island of Sedir in the Gulf of Gökova, which lies 15 km north of the central part of the resort. The picturesque bay is covered with snow-white sand, and the clearest sea water has an amazingly beautiful aquamarine hue. Parents with small children love the sandy beach in Sedira, as the entrance to the sea is shallow and the water is very warm.

According to legend, the Roman Emperor Mark Anthony gave the small island to the beautiful Cleopatra, and the sand was brought here from Tunisia. The white sand is unique in structure and looks like the tiniest pearls or beads. On the island you can see the picturesque ruins of the Roman amphitheater.

Cleopatra Beach is declared a nature reserve and has a special protective status. It is forbidden to wear shoes, lie on beach towels, smoke and use plastic bags with snacks. There are monetary fines for breaking the rules. Entrance to Cleopatra Beach is chargeable and costs 10 liras.

To go to Sedir Island, you can buy a day tour in Marmaris. To get there on your own, you go from the city to the coastal village of Çamli and there hire a boat to the island. Near Cleopatra Beach is the only hotel Cleopatra Camli Motel . The other hotels are located in Marmaris itself.

Marmaris Beaches

Cleopatra beach. Photo: Semih Ekinci / / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Video Cleopatra Beach in Marmaris

Beach season

Marmaris lies north of the cities of the Turkish Riviera. Formally, the beach season here begins in June and ends in October. During this time the resort has a beach infrastructure, restaurants and cafes are open and all entertainment is available. Find out what are the best restaurants in Marmaris.

Swimming actually starts earlier on the beaches of Marmaris – in the first decade of May, when the water gets up to +20 … +21 ° C. By the middle of June the temperature of sea water reaches +24 ° C, and in the beginning of August it rises to +26 … +28 ° C and becomes like steamed milk. The last fans of sea bathing can be seen on the beaches of Marmaris in late November.

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