The best beaches in Nha Trang: tourist reviews

Top 7 – the best beaches in Nha Trang: my review


The beaches of Nha Trang in Vietnam are considered the most popular among Russians. There are quite a few of them, but is it worth going anywhere else but the beach close to the hotel?

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Discussing with a friend, where to go to rest in February in Asia, we oscillated between Thailand (in which we have been three times) and Vietnam. We chose Nha Trang because it was more interesting, and the tour was reasonably priced.

We rented bikes and rode over seven (!) beaches in and around Nha Trang. I will tell you and show you all what we saw – where it’s better, where it is more beautiful, where there are fewer Chinese.


    The beaches in Nha Trang:
      – Central Beach – Dream Beach – Beach Club with a pool – Paragon – Froggy – Zoklet – distant and heavenly – Jungle Beach – secluded – Bai Zai – pretty – Pearl – for long-timers

Nha Trang Beach

Central beach in Nha Trang Traffic on the road to the Big Buddha.

Nha Trang Beach is the central beach and most famous among vacationers. Entrance to it is free.

In general, the beach as a beach. Sandy, wide, long, embankment stretches along it, sometimes turning into parkland.

  • What is important: Nha Trang Beach has not enough vegetation, do not count on the shade of palm trees. After 5pm, the sun goes behind the high-rise hotels.

First we went to the lotus building area, where the main entrance to the city beach is. The first impression is that you got to the Anapa coast: Russian-speaking tourists, lying close to each other; someone smokes right on the beach and listens to music from loudspeakers. Go to the left of Lotos along the park, and there are fewer people, and there is not as much trash (although the locals clean the beach every day).

We vacationed in February, and the sea was stormy every day (read about the season in Vietnam). The waves rose such that it was impossible to properly swim. But the sea temperature was at least +24 ° C … +26 ° C. Nha Trang Beach is crowded. However, if you come early in the morning, you can find silence and guaranteed calm sea.

The sand in Nha Trang Beach is coarse and hard. The beach is not suitable for jogging barefoot, as the sand chafes the feet. The beach varies everywhere: in the northern part, closer to the river Cai, it is flat and long. At Lotus – it erodes, and it becomes dangerous to swim because of the sharp barnacles and stones.

Although everyone sunbathes on towels, on Nha Trang Beach you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. During the 2021 season the cost is around 100,000-150,000 VND (300-450 rubles). We often haggled over half price!

Rarely, but there are taps to flush sand from the feet (such are usually installed in front of expensive hotels). Lunch went to a hipster restaurant-bar Happy Beach – liked the atmosphere, prices and photo zones. Would recommend checking it out!

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Dream Beach.

This is essentially an area with access to Central Beach, a sort of beach club or beach complex with paid admission.

Dream Beach is a salvation for tourists who are afraid of theft on the public beach (there are safes for valuables and security) or afraid of the sea because of the waves (the area has 4 pools for children and adults). Admission is VND150,000 per person.

We came here just out of curiosity. Immediately realized that this is the abode of Russian-speaking tourists: there are families with children, and men’s companies with beer, and parties with speakers at the pools. Such a local Antalya…

To Vietnam by yourself: how much does it cost?

The cost of a sun lounger with a towel starts at 50,000 dong. Since Dream Beach is part of the city beach, the sea here is no different. But the beach holiday in Nha Trang with children is better to spend here – you can find something to occupy the little ones, while parents sunbathe. Plus, it’s in the center, where all the hotels are.

Not far from Dream Beach we went to a brewery Louisiana. I suggest trying the locally brewed craft beer (it’s not Saigon, of course).

Paragon Beach

Paragon Beach (also called South Beach or South Beach) is atypical. It may not be among the “best beaches in Nha Trang” for me, but many people like it.

It seems that you got into some cove or even a pool, fenced off by a breakwater. This is the most accessible beach, where there are no waves, and which is close to the center of Nha Trang. The water here is calm even in a storm. But at the same time, it stagnates, as there is no traffic or flow.

Many families vacationing it on Paragon, renting houses or villas on the beach. The sand is similar to the bulk, such fine we have not met anywhere else. The entrance to the sea is gentle, but you can find sharp stones on the bottom and it smells like standing water, which we did not like most of all.

  • The big minus of the beach is the absence of any infrastructure. Of entertainment there is only a jet ski.

Cafe, to have breakfast, we found only a decent distance from Paragon. I will not recommend it, the prices were overpriced and the food is no better than in the city. How to get there? Paragon is a little further than the cable car to Wynperl. It is about 20-30 minutes by bike. You can also get to the beach by cab or by bus #4, the stop is a 10-15 minute walk.

Zooclet beach (Doc Let Beach).

Zoquet Beach Nha Trang street food - French hotdog

On the second day we took our bikes and drove to the farthest from Nha Trang and the most heavenly (by the reviews) beach Zoquelet. And on the way to look at the waterfalls Bajo – remember the location, worth a visit. The drive to the beach took about 1 hour. Beware, there is a toll road.

You can also get to the beach by bus #3 for 30,000 dong (90 rubles). Zoklet beach – or Doklet – from afar reminded us of Bounty ads: white fine sand, calm clear sea, palm trees and coconuts (which sell for 10,000 dong).

Almost everyone passes through the free entrance to the beach. A lot of Chinese, Russians hang out here, you can get a sun lounger for 80,000 VND (235 rubles). And also – a lot of garbage that does not fit into the picture of “bounty”.

So be aware that in Zoklet you can get and for a fee of 30,000 VND per adult and 15,000 VND per child. The fee goes for cleanliness, for showers and changing rooms. Note that the ticket is checked! We were not deterred even by the local cost of sun loungers – 150,000 VND, so we did not want to swim among the trash in the free area.

The infrastructure is represented by seafood cafes, stalls with coconuts and ice-cream. I recommend to visit U Tan café (called so on googlemaps), it has less people and better price – 70 000-90 000 VND for a complex dinner.

The water in Zoklet is warmer than Nha Trang Beach. The sea entrance is shallow and long, there are no strong waves. There are no sharp stones on the bottom, only small corals on the shore, so Zoklet is ideal for a holiday with children. However, there are not many hotels around.

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Jungle Beach

Jungle Beach Nha Trang

Photo taken from

A friend and her guide on a bike. Locals eat Pho soup.

If about the beaches in Nha Trang reviews of tourists are not always positive, but the beaches in the surrounding area – much better. Probably because they are freer and cleaner (they say that some beaches do not take Chinese tourists!). I’ll tell you about one of them.

On the way back from Zoleta we stopped at Jungle Beach. Please note that it is paid – the entrance costs 50,000 VND per person. We did not want to swim, but we looked around the beach, and here are my conclusions on it.

  • The beach is really wild, there are not many tourists even in the high season.
  • The entrance to the sea is gentle; sometimes there are waves, and then the sea go surfers.
  • We also noticed a couple of snorkelers – at the bottom there are big stones with algae and fish around.
  • From the shore you can see that the water is clean.

There is a separate area with sun beds for extra pay, the rest of the beach has no infrastructure.

How to get there? I don’t recommend going that far just for a swim in Jungle Beach, but as a stopover after the Bajo Falls is fine. The beach is located on the peninsula Heo, 60 kilometers from Nha Trang. Public transportation does not go here, so you can only get here by bicycle or cab.

Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai beach

Get away from the bustling Nha Trang and feel like Robinson Crusoe on the wild and scenic Bai Zai Beach (or Bai Dai as the locals call it). Let me tell you right away that this is the only beach of all, to which we have returned more than once.

How to get there? It’s about 20 kilometers south and you can get there by bike (follow the signs), by cab or by bus #18. If you take the bus, be sure to tell the driver to stop at Bai Zai, otherwise he will just pass you. The bus ride from downtown Nha Trang takes about 20 minutes.

The beach itself is divided into:

  • The left side with the infrastructure
  • and the right, where there is nothing but garbage from the sea.

Bai Zai is considered “wild”, so entry is free. All infrastructure is only at the beginning of Bai Zai (left side): cafes with cheap prices, deck chairs with umbrellas for 50,000 dong, free toilets, showers for 20,000 dong and ice cream vendors. Also has its own parking for bikes, for which we paid 5000 VND.

The sea is quieter and cleaner than Nha Trang Beach, the entrance is flat and long. For surfers this is, in my opinion, the best beach for surfing on a board, but in winter when the big wave (for beginners: an hour lesson with a Russian-speaking instructor costs $ 50).

Bai Zai stretches for 15 kilometers in length, so a dense concentration of vacationers is not found, except only near a cafe in high season.

Pearl Beach

Pearl Beach in Nha Trang

Pearl Beach

Photo taken from

Pearl Beach is popular, but… it seemed a little too artificial to us and not worth the time and money (60 kilometers from Nha Trang). Entrance fee – 50,000 VND per person. Why Pearl? Probably because of the white sand shimmering in the sun. Plus, there are quite a few chunks of limestone cliffs, which adds to the strangeness.

Please note: the beach is currently in disrepair (but according to recent reviews, being renovated).

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We stayed on the beach only 30 minutes during which we were able to rent a deck chair for 100,000 VND, go for a ride on the swings in the sea, walk along the bridges and watch the crowds of Chinese tourists who come for pictures at sunset. There is nothing else to do there, there is no infrastructure (except cafes and hotel). We were sad because of the lack of showers, as it took us an hour or more to get to the hotel in Nha Trang.

There are no buses to Pearl Beach – it’s a fenced-in little cove, after all. To get there you have to take a bike (look for Yen Bay Resort point on googlemaps). But I honestly advise not to spend money and time for this beach.

What is the best beach in Nha Trang?

In my opinion, a universal option among the beaches in Nha Trang for recreation is Bai Zai beach. It will suit families with children because of the good entrance to the sea, and fun lovers because of the opportunity to ride the surf, and just those who prefer a quiet holiday. Yes, there is trash in the sand and a lot of tourists in high season. But it’s FREE, there’s all the infrastructure, and you can hide in the shade of the trees on the beach. And also an awesome view of the mountains with the jungle behind.

Other beaches in Nha Trang have not impressed us so much – but that does not mean they are bad. Nha Trang Beach, for example, is a standard city beach, wide and long. Here, too, you can find a place. We stayed at the 4* Ivy Hotel not far from it.

The cost of tours in Nha Trang – 2021

Granny cooks herbs for sale.

If we look at the high season, which will now come in late February-March 2021, then:

– The cost of tours in Nha Trang starts from 95 000 rubles for 10 days for two.

– Stays in higher level hotels, 4 and 5 stars, from 110 000 rubles for the same period and the structure.

You can find out the prices for tours with departure from your city and choose a hotel online – at aggregators. They collect offers from all leading tour operators directly:

We found our tour just on aggregators. And I especially like Level.Travel for its handy feature – the hotel map. If the location is important to me, I click on the map to the area/district I like, and look at hotels only in that area. It also shows me everything that is (or isn’t) useful – cafes, stores, pharmacies.

In 2021, there is a chance to get on the “great sale” tours to Nha Trang in December – when the tickets are given for next to nothing (60 000-70 000 rubles for two), and people are buying. And in place literally freezes, because it is the off-season, and the sea is admired only from a distance, because the waves. To go or not – you decide:)

Tourist reviews of the beaches in Nha Trang

Nha Trang tourists. The Chinese in Long Son.

The beaches of Nha Trang have different reviews from tourists. For some, too crowded, some do not like the waves. But in most cases are rated as “good”:

– Too big waves that do not let you go into the sea, you can not swim with children (but this is true for the period from December to February, the season in Nha Trang begins in March). There is litter both in the sand and in the water. Infrastructure is not established everywhere.

+ The water is always warm, including after the storm. The sand is fine and pleasant, the beaches are wide. Even near the most remote beach you can find a cafe.

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I compared the beaches of Nha Trang with the beaches of Thailand and I can say that for me, Vietnam wins this battle. Here you don’t have to go to distant islands for white sand and clear sea. It’s right in the middle of the resort. Plus, I realized that the beaches of Nha Trang differ from north to south: up there are more wild and deserted places, and in the south there are a lot of Chinese.

In general, Nha Trang is quite a developed Vietnamese resort. It is not so spoiled by tourists, so the prices are lower. A lot of entertainment for holidaymakers with both families and friends.

What to do in Nha Trang?

Great White Buddha. rice paddies

If you can take a bike, take it! Nha Trang is a very interesting city and outside the center. You can:

  • see all its beaches and choose the best one for you,
  • Visit the White Buddha of Long Son Pagoda,
  • appreciate Ponagar Towers,
  • climb to the 3rd level of Bajo Waterfall, which I advise you to go to everyone,
  • to see the rice fields and ordinary life of local Vietnamese.

And if a bike is not an option for you, then walk around Nha Trang on foot is also interesting, just longer. “Feet” and on buses you can visit all the night markets of the resort, go to the railroad area, where the Vietnamese live (we often walked to the supermarket Big C and hit the street cafes, the prices are lower and the soup is tasty) and have fun in the amusement park Vinpearl.

And fans of nightlife and parties, I advise to go to Vertical Sky Bar or Skylight ruftop bars and see the panorama of Nha Trang at night. Memories to last a lifetime!

Beaches in Nha Trang on the map

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The best beaches in Nha Trang: tourist reviews

Beach Bai Dai

Bai Dai (Bai Dai) beach in Nha Trang is located in the vicinity of this resort, it is considered one of the most popular exactly for passive beach holidays. Recreational infrastructure of the beach here is not very well developed, so on active recreation you can forget.

Van Pong Bay Beach

The beach in Van Phong Bay will not be the closest point to Nha Trang if you are accommodated at this resort. But besides the beaches of the city is definitely worth going for a sunbathing and swimming in Van Phong Bay – one of the most picturesque in all of Vietnam.

Zoquelet Beach

Located on the coast of the South China Sea, about 50 km north of the resort of Nha Trang, Zooclet Beach is the perfect beach for sunbathing. The length of the beach strip is about 6 km. The fringes of the beach are not suitable for swimming and recreation they are occupied by fishing boats and littered, accordingly, the entrance fee is not charged here.

Hon-Mun Island Beach

The picturesque island of Hon Mun is only 11 kilometers away from Nha Trang, traveling south from the South Port. This island deserves special attention of tourists, as it is a marine reserve and the best place for diving in the South China Sea.

Paragon Hotel Beach

The Paragon Hotel 3*’s beach is considered a luxury beach in Nha Trang. It is located on the territory of the three-star hotel, but the entrance here is open not only to its guests. The main advantage of the beach is an excellent infrastructure and proximity to all points of the city.

Hotels in Nha Trang with its own beach: 3, 4, 5 stars

Central City Beach in Nha Trang

The central beach in Nha Trang has a length of 7 km, but despite its impressive length, it is crowded with vacationers in the high season. By the way, it is worth noting that the beach season in Vietnam does not exactly coincide with the summer months.

Nha Trang is considered one of the most popular and best resorts in Vietnam, it attracts thousands of tourists every year. About this city and say so directly – “the beach capital of Vietnam”, which means that this place is worth going just for a beach holiday. In this case, the pastime on the beaches of Nha Trang can be anything: as a traditional beach relaxation, and more active pursuits. To spend time on the beaches can be not only during the day but at night – the best discos and parties in Vietnam under the open sky are organized just in Nha Trang.

All the beaches in Nha Trang are amazingly picturesque. It seems as if the tropical greenery, azure water and snow-white sand came from an advertising image. However, you can see it all here in person. In the center of the resort there are beaches with the most developed infrastructure. Vacationers here are much more, but the service is at a decent level. Moreover, it is convenient to get here from any point of the city. Beaches are quieter outside of town – you can enjoy solitude in the bosom of a beautiful nature.

About Nha Trang and say so directly – “the beach capital of Vietnam,” which means that this is worthy to go just for a beach holiday.

The bay, which is located in Nha Trang, is number 29 in the list of the most beautiful bays of the world. Nha Trang city beach area stretches for 7 kilometers, and the entire coastline is entirely covered with snow-white sand of tiny particles of shells. Exactly because of the seashells, which are a kind of natural filter, the water on the shore is very clean and clear.

At a closer look fragments of shells – colored and very bright, but on the beach itself the sand seems white.

Many people think the beaches in Nha Trang are not too clean, but this is only true for the beaches outside the city, for wild beaches, where no one monitors the cleanliness, and even then, provided that these beaches are visited by many people. Most tourists still prefer the central beaches, well equipped and cleaned every morning.

All beaches are municipal, the entrance to most beaches is free, but to rent a deck chair or umbrella you have to pay a certain amount. Each beach is equipped with showers and toilets, lots of changing rooms, lifeguard towers and medical center. In short, everything is done here for a comfortable and convenient tourist vacation.

Along the beach area of Nha Trang stretched boulevard of tall coconut palms – in their shadow you can take cover from the scorching sun.

Some of the beaches, those located on the islands, belong to the hotels (such as Ana Mandara Beach Resort 5 * or Sofitel), the rest are under the authority of the city authorities. The beach of the Paragon Hotel is accessible to holidaymakers “from the street”, the entrance is free, but you will need to pay extra for sunbeds. Among the municipal beaches, pay attention to the Central City Beach – it is the most crowded in the high season, the beach “Bai-Dai” 15 km long and the beach of Vanphong Bay. If you’re into wild beaches, head to Monkey Island or Jungle Beach.

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