The best beaches in Rhodes and hotels by the sea

Top 10 Beaches in Rhodes

Rhodes is considered to be the most fertile and interesting island for travel in Greece. Every tourist will find a favorite, a paradise and an activity to his liking. Of course, the main reason why tourists flock to the Greek shores is the beaches of Rhodes. The main feature of the island is the mild climate and comfortable weather. The number of sunny days a year reaches three hundred.

The Beach of Rhodes

General information about Rhodes beaches

Rhodes is part of the Dodecanese archipelago, however, it is singled out separately because of its impressive area. The northern part of Rhodes is a lively place with lively tourist resorts and nightclubs. Those who like calm and measured rest choose the southern part of the island in Greece.

Rhodes Town Beach

There are plenty of beaches in Rhodes, because the length of the coastline is 220 km. It is difficult to single out the best – there are crowded and lively, also there are wild. All Rhodes beaches in Greece differ in length and width of the coastline.

Beaches in Rhodes are commonly divided into eastern and western. The main flow of tourists goes to the east coast – here the sea is warmer, there is almost no wind and waves. The sea on the west coast is cooler, there is wind and waves. Here come fans of water sports.

Good to know! Hot weather is easier to endure in the western resorts of Rhodes, and at the end of the beach season here you can find hotels with very attractive prices for accommodation.

Romantics and lovers of natural beauty believe that the best beaches of Rhodes are in the western part of the island. Here are the most beautiful sunsets, where you can walk and enjoy the grandeur of the cliffs, the azure water and the dense, green vegetation.

  • The rates on the beaches of Rhodes are almost the same, the entrance fee is paid only at Kallithea Thermae;
  • Rental of 2 sun beds and an umbrella will cost 10 euros;
  • The air temperature in May is +20 degrees, by August the air warms up to +28 degrees, and in October it drops to +24 degrees;
  • The best months to travel – May, June and September;
  • The area of the island is 78 by 38 km, so, living anywhere in Rhodes, you can visit all the beaches, for this you can rent a car or use public transport.

Useful to know! Sandy beaches in Rhodes are rare, most of the coast is covered with pebbles.

The beach in St. Paul’s Bay

The beach is located near the town of Lindos, near the rock, on top of which rises the Acropolis. The atmosphere of the almost entirely bay disposes to a pleasant pastime – comfortable deck chairs and umbrellas, crystal clear water, there are showers. There is a sandy shore, gentle descent into the sea, convenient for families with children.

St. Paul's Cove

The beach is considered quite crowded, so on weekends it is difficult to park the car, as buses with tourists and locals come here. Because of the large influx of people in the high season, they do not always have time to thoroughly clean here, so you can find inorganic trash even in the water. In any case, travelers recommend snorkeling on the beach – there is a lot to see.

On Paralia Agios Pavlos there are several cafes, the prices are higher than the average on the island, but the views and atmosphere are worth it.


Lindos beach

The main beach of Lindos is on the other side of the rock with the Acropolis (see map at the end of the article). In the list of Rhodes beaches for holidays with children Lindos is considered one of the best. The sandy shore, shallow sea depths create ideal conditions for a family trip to Greece.

There is practically no wind and waves, on the beach there are sunbeds and umbrellas, there is a parking lot for cars, there are cafes and many children’s attractions.

The beaches of Lindos and St. Paul Bay are connected to each other and can be reached by catamaran to the neighboring shore. The only thing that can cloud the experience is the road to the beach, you have to walk up and down the hill and in the summer it’s quite tiring.


Agathi Beach

The beach is located 38km from Rhodes town and near the resort of Haraki, next to the road from Rhodes to Lindos (marked on the map below). The way from the capital of the island takes about an hour by bus, but you can also rent a car or take a cab. The place is included in the list of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes. The beach is surrounded by rocks and in some places there is a pine forest. Agathi provides the best conditions for family holidays with children in Greece – the sea is warm and calm, the water is clear and the descent is gentle.

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The Cafe on Agati Beach

Campers can use free toilets, showers and cabins for changing clothes. There is no shade on the beach, so during the day, in the heat, it is better to use an umbrella or go to a cafe or tavern.

Agathi is a favorite destination of sports enthusiasts in Greece. Here are the best conditions for surfing, water skiing and motorcycling, soccer, volleyball and tennis, there are water attractions, you can buy a tour of the sea. To rent a sun lounger by the water, the beach must arrive early in the morning.

Tsambika or Tsambika

Tsambika beach in Rhodes is considered the best and most luxurious beach. It stretches on the east coast and covers quite a large area. The beach is surrounded by rocks, which fence it off from the outside world. This is a very beautiful place, which is considered one of the best for a holiday with children. The descent into the sea is gentle, smooth, and the depth is not very large.

A view of Tsambika beach

Image: Tsambika beach (Rhodes) on the map of Greece

Tsambika Beach

The main point of reference on the way to the beach is the town of Archengolis, which is located half way between Rhodes and Lindos (about 26km from the capital). There is a serpentine road leading to the beach from the highway.

There is free parking next to the beach, and a regular bus service from Rhodes, the capital city. On the shore you can find all kinds of outdoor activities – water skiing, diving, amusement rides. You can grab a bite to eat at the tavern. Only the sun beds and umbrellas on the beach are chargeable, while the rest of the facilities are free.


The beach is located in the picturesque grove of Kalifei, it is a cozy beach with sun loungers, umbrellas, clean water, but many tourists call Oasis the most unusual beach of Rhodes. Its difference is that it is located entirely on the rocks. Sun loungers are set on a flat rocky platform and directly on the rocky slopes. The cafe and disco are also arranged in the rock. It feels like you are on the moon.

Oasis Beach, Rhodes

Useful information! The rocky seabed is great for snorkeling. You can find privacy in a small chapel with icons. In the evenings they organize discos here, so it gets noisy.

The Rock Cafe

The main area of the beach is stony, but a little to the side there is a small sandy area. The crystal clear water, the easy access to the water, the lack of waves and wind – in a word, this is another best beach on the Rhodes map, which disposes to a relaxing holiday.


The beach is located in the small resort town of Pefkos or Pefki. The nearest town is Lindos, located 2 km away, the distance to the capital of Rhodes is 56 km.

Plakia Beach

The beach can be visited all day and offers comfortable conditions for tourists – beds, umbrellas, cafes and taverns. The water in the sea is clean, the descent is quite gentle and smooth.

Good to know! On the beach, tourists can catch their own fish and at a nearby cafe from it will prepare a delicious dish.

The sandy beach of Plakia

Vacationers here are few, at the bottom there are stones. You can rent equipment for underwater hunting, but it is important not to swim over the buoys. In contrast to the main beach of Pefkos, Plakia beach has a wide variety of marine life. The beach has sandy beach and you can find small pebbles and shingle at the beach. Given that the beach is remote from the resorts, the beach chairs are free at any time of year.


Genadi is a small resort town in Greece, located on the south-east of the island, at a distance of 64 km from the capital of Greece, and 18 km from the resort of Lindos. The town is about half a kilometer from the sea. Today it is a popular resort, which has preserved the atmosphere and flavor of traditional Greece. On its territory there are many hotels, comfortable apartments, developed infrastructure.

Gennadi Beach Gennadi Beach Cafe

The main pride of Gennadi is the beach – sandy, with small inclusions of small pebbles. This place in Greece is undoubtedly one of the best beaches in Rhodes. The shoreline is long, so there are not sunbeds and umbrellas in the whole area. There are also tavernas and cafes on the beach. In addition to the comfortable coastline on Gennadi are quite a lot of attractions, it is nice to just walk through the ancient streets and enjoy the traditional Greek cuisine. You can also visit the olive press, the temple of John the Theologian, a colorful building where the police station is located.

Useful information! The beach of Gennadi has been awarded with the Blue Flag. The symbol of purity and quality is a confirmation that the beach is among the best in Rhodes.

  • The length of the coastline is several kilometers, you can drive up to the shore via Gennadi, as well as by the signs on the highway;
  • the depth increases sharply, literally one meter from the shore;
  • The water is clear, there are almost never any waves or wind.
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Paralia Antoni Kouin

Paralia Antoni Kouin beach

The beach is located near Faliraki in a picturesque cove surrounded by small rocks. It is reachable by car within 6-7 minutes from the village or on foot within 40 minutes. There is free parking nearby and you have to walk a bit further up the stairs. The beach is named after the actor who performed the sirtaki dance.

Anthony Quinn Beach is quite small, but very beautiful, which is why it is so loved by travelers. It is covered with fine pebbles, in the water are large stones, they are always visible due to the clearest transparent water. The natural shade is scarce, to be placed under a tree, you must come to the beach early in the morning. As a last resort, you can rent a deck chair with an umbrella, but even they are always available.

Anthony Quinn Beach, top view

This beach in Rhodes has showers (under the stairs), there are no changing booths, and the toilet is available at the cafe at the beginning of the stairs. Here you can also order cocktails and snacks and dine with a beautiful view of the bay of Greece. Excursion boats often arrive at the bay, making the place even more atmospheric.

Traganou Beach

Traounou Beach

If you prefer silence, tranquility and solitude, the beach will please you and leave only positive emotions. The only fact that may overshadow the rest – to the coast a bit to get to. The beach is located 10 minutes drive from the resort village Falikari. The length of the coastline is 2km and the number of visitors is not more than half a hundred. From the parking lot, you need to turn left and you will find yourself in a picturesque place, surrounded by rocks and caves. There is a manhole in one of the caves that leads to the sea. Judging by the photos of Rhodes beaches in Greece, Traganou is by right considered the most picturesque.

Sunbeds and umbrellas

The water in the sea is calm, there are almost no waves and no wind, you can consider the fish. Loungers, umbrellas and toilets are only near the cafe, but this fact can not spoil the impression of one of the best vacation spots in Rhodes. Unlike the main beach of Falikari, which is not very deep and has a shallow descent to the sea, here you will find a deep and steep descent to the sea.

Good to know! The sea bottom is covered with pebbles, so it is better to bring slippers for swimming.


The beach is located 2km south of Lindos town and north of Kyotari. Glistra is exclusively a beach holiday destination in Greece. There are no hotels, so you can’t stay overnight on the beach.

Glistra Beach

The beach is sandy and the sea is shallow, so the water gets warm quickly and the descent is smooth, which certainly makes it the best beach for a holiday with children. Near the sea there are sun beds, umbrellas, cabins for changing clothes. Near the coastal strip is a pine forest, where it is nice to relax in the shade.

You can get there by bus, car or cab, but there is no parking next to the beach, the vehicles are left right on the sand. Buses leave from Lindos, Kiotari and Gennadi.

The beaches of Rhodes can become your favorite vacation spot, everyone will find his own piece of paradise on the island, where he will want to return again.

All the beaches of Rhodes, described on the page, are marked on the map.

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The best beaches in Rhodes and hotels by the sea

Beautiful beaches in Rhodes

Where are the best beaches in Rhodes? Which ones are good for vacationing with kids and which ones are good for water sports? All-inclusive 2, 3, 4 and 5 star hotels on the first line and close to the beaches. It’s all in our picks! Bonus: a map of the main beaches of Rhodes in Russian.

The coastline of the island is 251 km long, so it is easy to find a beach to your liking. On the west Rhodes is washed by the Aegean Sea, so loved by surfers and water sports enthusiasts, and on the east by the calm Mediterranean Sea, where families with children usually spend their holidays. Beaches on the west coast are mostly pebbly, and the east – sand.

It all depends on your preferences: some people like big beaches with good infrastructure and entertainment nearby, and some like small, secluded and quiet places, wild beaches.

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Choose interesting author tours in Rhodes on Sputnik and Tripster sites. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Beaches of Rhodes:

Map of Rhodes beaches in Russian

When the beach season begins

The beach holiday in Rhodes starts in May, when the sea temperature becomes comfortable for swimming, and closes in October. Are you heading to the island in high summer? Then be prepared for the heat. We advise to rest in the Aegean Sea in summer, where there are more winds – it is easier to endure the heat. And if you plan to vacation with children, choose the Velvet season.

Rhodes beach for relaxation

(Photo: kirkandmimi /

Anthony Quinn Bay

Among the beaches you must visit is Anthony Quinn Bay, around 4km from Faliraki village and 15km from Rhodes Town. It is named after the American actor who has vacationed here. The beach is surrounded by rocks and pine trees and is popular with couples in love. The water is clear and warm, and the rocks protect from the wind. The infrastructure is well developed: there are sun loungers, changing places, showers and taverns.

To get to the bay from Rhodes town, you can take a cab, a rental car or a bus to Ladiko, Faliraki or Lindos. By bus is cheap, but long. Another option to get to the bay is by boat. If you snorkel, you can see the fish in the water.

Lodging near Anthony Quinn Bay (distance to the beach):

  • Steves Studios (2.2 km);
  • Moscha Hotel (1.9 km);
  • Olga Studios (3 km);
  • Kastri Boutique Beach (3.5 km).

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

If you have a driver’s license, rent a car. A rental is good for those traveling as a family, especially with young children. Check out our tips on renting a car abroad.

Rhodes Island Beach

(Photo: Savvas-Savvaidis / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Cape Prasonisi

We also advise you to visit Prasonisi Cape (translated as “green island”) – it is called the kiss of two seas. Why is it interesting? In this place, the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea merge. Because of the different density, temperature and degree of salinity of the water, this boundary is clearly visible. Lovers of scenic views and fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing will love this beach. At the Cape you can rent water sports equipment.

Prasonisi is 90 km from Rhodes and the easiest way to get there is by car. Also from the capital of the island there are buses. The trip takes about 3 hours. Check the timetable for departure and arrival times. Another option to get to Prasonisi is to book a tour that includes a visit to the Cape.

The 5* hotels near Prasonissi Cape are Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort & Villas and Villa Stamos and Plimmiri Beach Villas .

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Here is a video about 29 amazing beaches in Rhodes

The best sandy beach

(Photo: Michael Zero Mayer / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Mandraki Harbor and Rhodes City Beach (Mandraki Port)

Visit the Mandraki harbor in Rhodes, it is believed that the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, stood here. Today you can see only a deer and a stag standing opposite each other at the entrance of the harbor. Not far from it is also the beach of Rhodes, popular with tourists.

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It is a sandy-pebbly beach with a comfortable infrastructure: you can rent sun loungers, there are toilets, showers, places for changing and a cafe.

The beach is located in the city of Rhodes itself. If you are not planning to live in the capital of the island, you must first get to Rhodes by public transport (the stop is near the port of Mandraki), by rented car or by cab. The cost depends on the distance. From the harbor you can go on a boat trip or to a neighboring island.

Hotels near Mandraki Harbor:

Budget Hotel – 4 Brothers.

4 Star Hotel – Ibiscus Hotel.

5 star hotels – Mitsis Grand Hotel, Bellevue Suites.

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Sandy Beach in Rhodes

(Photo: Manolis_D /

Agia Agathi.

Looking for a quiet place to relax with your family or just want to spend the day in silence? Then you’ve come to Agia Agathi beach (which translates to “bright purity”). Here the sand is golden, the water is clear and the area is well-developed, and the entrance to the sea is shallow. The place will appeal to those who love scuba diving.

The beach is located at Haraki village, 38km from Rhodes. The best way to get there is to rent a car.

We found several apartment hotels in Haraki:

  • Alia Studios;
  • Paul’s Garden Studios;
  • Maria Studios and Apartments;
  • Jack’s Rooms.

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

A useful selection:

Tsambika Beach

If it is the sandy beaches of Rhodes that appeal to you, then you will also like Tsambika beach, which has a view from the mountain of the same name. Not far from Tsambika you will find the monastery of Our Lady of Tsambika. There is a legend about it: the shrine helps women who want children to get pregnant.

Families with children will enjoy the quiet and peaceful beach with a smooth entrance to the sea. There is a good infrastructure.

To get there, you can take a cab, a rental car or public transport: from Rhodes town by bus to Lindos and Gennadi with a stop on demand.

Close to the sandy beach and the famous sights of Rhodes, there is a wide choice of hotels, including all-inclusive.

The hotels are 1, 2 stars:

  • Pension Annoula (3 km away);
  • Anthula Sun (3.2 km);
  • Tsambika Sun Hotel (3.9 km).

3, 4 star hotels :

  • Kolymbia Star (1.8 km);
  • Delfinia Resort (2.5 km).

5 star hotels :

  • Sentido Port Royal Villas & Spa (adults only) (3.3 km);
  • Mistral Hotel (3.1 km).

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Great Rhodes beach for relaxing

(Photo: klausi56 / / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

Kolimbia Beach

Lovers of relaxing holidays will love the sand and pebble beach of Kolimbia on the Mediterranean coast. It is located 25 kilometers south of Rhodes, near the valley of Seven Springs and Lindos. Here you can find sun beds and umbrellas, lunch in a cafe, rent a boat and enjoy the view of Tzambikou.

You can get to Colimbia beach by cab, by rented car or by bus. Public transportation is available from Rhodes or Lindos, but check with the local bus lines for details.

Hotels near Kolimbia Beach:

3, 4 star hotels :

  • Fantasy Hotel;
  • Delfinia Resort;
  • Alfa Hotel;
  • Kolymbia Star.

5 star hotels :

  • Sentido Port Royal Villas & Spa (adults only);
  • Mistral Hotel.

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

A video about the stunning nature of Rhodes

Sandy beach in Rhodes

(Photo: lesleylou1 / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

Lindos Beach and Saint Paul Bay

If you like sandy beaches with clear, azure-colored water, head to Lindos. From this beach of Rhodes you have an excellent view of the town with its typical white-washed houses and the ancient acropolis of Lindos.

Nearby you will find a small heart-shaped St. Paul’s Bay, the water in which is also azure blue. At both beaches you can rent sun loungers and parasols.

From Lindos, you can walk to the beach. If you drive from Rhodes, which is around 56km from Lindos, you can get to the beach by bus, car or boat. The boat leaves from the bay of Mandraki.

Hotels near Lindos:

Budget hotels : St. Paul’s Fedra, Xenones Lindos.

3, 4 star hotels :

  • Lindos Athena;
  • Yota Beach;
  • Lindos White Hotel & Suites;
  • Lindian Jewel Hotel and Villas.
The 10 best all-inclusive 4-5 star hotels in Rhodes

5 star hotels : Mitsis Lindos Memories Resort & Spa.

Still not far from Lindos is the sandy and sparsely populated beach of Kalatos. Nearby is the five-star Atrium Palace Thalasso Spa Resort And Villas.

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Sandy beach near Lindos

(Photo: gee_leonard1 / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Faliraki Beach.

One of the best beaches of Rhodes is located in Faliraki, a popular seaside resort and tourist center loved by young people. The beach is about 5 km long. Infrastructure, water activities, cafes and restaurants – everything is as it should be. Closer to night, the clubs and bars start working. Near the beach is a large water park. There is also a nudist beach.

You can get to Faliraki by cab, by rented car or by public transport from Rhodes town.

Hotels near the beach in Faliraki:

Budget Hotels :

  • Moscha Hotel (350 m);
  • Olga Studios (60m);
  • Beach Break (on the beach).

4 Star Hotel: Esperos Palace (on the beachfront).

5 star hotels: Sentido Apollo Blue (on the beach).

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Rhodes hotels on the best beach

(Photo: jon crel / / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

Afandou Beach.

Love the long, expansive beaches? Afandou village has a wide sandy beach with a few pebbles in between. Minus – the shore has relief features, so the seabed with precipitates.

On this beach tourists surfing, diving and other water sports. You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers. Nearby is the largest golf course in Rhodes.

The sandy beach of Afandou village is located 5km from Faliraki and 22km from Rhodes town. You can get there by cab, car or bus. The bus leaves from the bus station in the old part of the island capital.

Hotels near the beach of Afandou:

3 star hotel : Rodos Star Hotel.

5 Star Hotel : Afandou Bay Resort Suites.

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Best Beaches in Rhodes

Afandou beach. Photo: Am_Wolna /

Stegna Beach

A sandy and pebbly beach with clear water and a view of the mountainous area is at Stegna, near Archangelos. The entrance to the sea is gentle. The beach has umbrellas and sun loungers for rent, free changing rooms and showers. The beach is convenient for water sports.

The easiest way to get to Stegna is by rental car or cab.

Hotels near Stegna Beach:

Budget Hotels :

  • George’s Studios;
  • Stegna Bay Apartment;
  • Mediterraneo;
  • Mediterraneo Apartments.

Hotel 3 stars :

  • Delfini Beach Hotel (on the shore of Stegna Bay).

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Best Beaches in Rhodes

Stegna Beach. Photo: Manfred Werner (Tsui) / / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Kallithea Beach

The beach in the village of Kallithea is sandy and pebbly. There is a traditional set: sun loungers, umbrellas, water sports. The water is clean. Not far from the beach there is a cafe. Kalifea is known for its thermal baths and hot springs.

The beach is located 8 km from Rhodes town, so you can get there by bus, cab or rented car.

Hotels near the beach in Kalifa:

3, 4 star hotels :

  • Grecotel Rhodos Royal (on the beach);
  • Amada Colossos Ultra All Inclusive Resort;
  • Eden Roc Resort Hotel.

5 star hotels :

  • Rodos Palladium Leisure & Wellness (on the beach);
  • Elysium Resort & Spa (near the beach);
  • Mitsis Alila Resort & Spa (private beach).

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Sand and pebble beach in Rhodes

(Photo: kishjar / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Ixia Beach

If you prefer the choppy Aegean Sea, head to Ixia. It is one of the best beaches of Rhodes for windsurfing and other water sports. There are cafes nearby and the infrastructure is well developed. You can get from the island’s capital to Ixia by bus, rental car, or cab.

Hotels near Ixia:

3, 4 star hotels :

  • Oceanis Hotel (50m away);
  • Sirene Beach Hotel (near the beach in the Kritika area).

5 star hotels :

  • Amathus Beach Hotel Rhodes (50 m);
  • Sheraton Rhodes Resort;
  • Olympic Palace Hotel;
  • Ixian All Suites by Sentido (adults only);
  • Sentido Ixian Grand (adults only).

Look for tours to these and other Rhodes hotels on Travelate.

Rhodes beach for water sports

(Photo: Paul Stephenson / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Ialyssos Beach.

This is another beach on the Aegean Sea that will appeal to surfers and fans of other water and sailing sports. The beach is sandy and pebbly. Here you will find all the necessary infrastructure, cafes and bars. Of the disadvantages – at the bottom can occur sharp stones, so be careful when swimming.

Ialissos is located 5km from the airport of Diagoras. You can get there by public transport, by car or by cab.

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