The best beaches in Sochi and Adler

The best beaches in Sochi and Adler

The best beaches in Sochi

What is the best beach in the Sochi area? Made a selection of the most popular places according to tourist reviews. Hotels with their own beach, descriptions and photos. What to do on vacation with a child.

The beaches of Sochi – one of the favorite vacation spots among Russians and foreigners. It is here that guests of the resort come for water procedures and complete relaxation. In total the Russian resort has about 130 beach areas – 100 belong to hotels and resorts, and the remaining 30 are free urban areas. Where to go for a vacation with the whole family and which beaches in Sochi are the best?

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Beach vacations in Sochi

Sochi is a popular Russian resort with a century-old history. Each season, which lasts from June to October, here rests about one million people. The city attracts tourists with its developed infrastructure, monuments of culture and architecture, inexpensive beach holidays.

You can quickly get to the resort from the airport in Adler by Aeroexpress train, shuttle bus or cab. The bathing season traditionally opens in early May and closes not earlier than October.

The best beaches in Sochi (according to tourist reviews) are conditionally divided into three groups:

  • free with a minimum set of amenities;
  • closed, belonging to hotels and resorts;
  • Wild, which the tourist finds himself.

Map of the best beaches in Sochi and Adler

Imereti Beach

The famous Imereti beach is 4 km long and is located in the Adler district. It begins in the port of Imeretinskiy and ends only on the border with Abkhazia. One of the best beaches in Sochi and Adler is equipped with comfortable cabins for changing and has a wide pebble beach strip. There is an inexpensive rent of bicycles, catamarans, scooters and Segways. Near the beach working shops with a good selection of beach goods, souvenirs and food.

Demanding tourists are offered a paid VIP-zone with white sand. Imeretinsky helped to get into the category “The best beaches of Sochi” reviews of numerous tourists. Many guests of the resort note the excellent author’s cocktails from the bar and interesting DJ sets of local clubs. It is here that Comedy Club parties are held. 600 meters from its own beach is the hotel Imeretinsky (formerly Aivazovsky). Tourists can also stay at the Adriano Hotel.

Where is the best beach in Sochi?

(Photo: / Imeretinsky Coastal Quarter)

Riviera Beach

The popular beach “Riviera” is located near the amusement park of the same name. It features a wide beach strip with wooden ladders. There is a well-groomed square with exotic vegetation. There is also a lounge zone of the closed private beach of Zvezdny complex. It is considered one of the most popular vacation spots and is on the list of the best hotels in Sochi with its own beach.

Sophisticated tourists choose the beach “Riviera” for its fine pebbles, azure clean sea and beautiful promenade. Next to the municipal beach is the hotel Chebotarev.

Useful selection:

(Photo: / Riviera Gold)

Swallow’s Beach

The beach “Lastochka” tourists also rank among the best in Sochi and Adler. It is a popular recreation place with a beach strip of about 300 meters and free entrance. On the shore, guests of the resort are offered equipment rental, cafe and restaurant services. Fans of active recreation can ride scooters, go scuba diving, and fly a parachute. The whole coast is studded with fine pebbles, so it is perfect for recreation of children and adults.

Impeccable reviews among local hotels has “Forsage” 2 minutes from the beach. Excellent for a vacation and hotel “Empire” with convenient access to the municipal beach.

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Accommodation selection:

The best beaches for children in Sochi

(Photo: / Adler)

Albatross Beach

The best hotels in Sochi with its own beach are located near the beach “Albatross”. This is a favorite vacation spot among tourists and city residents. From the city infrastructure it is fenced off by a hillside. There is an inconvenient access and no parking, but always enough places for sun beds and umbrellas.

Dagomys troughs and tea plantation

Albatross got to the list of the best beaches in Sochi thanks to its small population, convenient location in the center, gently sloping bottom and mixture of gray sand and fine pebbles. Its length is 200 meters and width is more than 20 meters. Since there are rarely waves here, this place is great for vacations with children.

Entrance to Albatros is free and is available from 8am to 8pm. Next to the beach is the famous sanatorium “Belarus”. It has its own stretch of clean sandy and pebbly beach. You can also stay at the “Zapolyarye” sanatorium with private pebble beach.

Useful selection :

Best hotels in Sochi with a good beach

(Photo: / Apartment in the sanatorium “Belarus”)

Seaside Beach

The legendary Primorsky Beach (length 700 meters) is one of the most popular places for tourists. It belongs to the category of the best beaches of Sochi for children. Little tourists are sure to like the comfortable beach strip with fine pebbles, as well as a shallow entrance from the embankment to the sea. On the shore there are cabins for changing, free showers and toilets. Next to the Seaside beach during the whole season there is a medical center. Paid services include rent of beach equipment, mattresses, sun beds and deck chairs under a canopy.

It is hard to imagine the best beaches in Sochi for children without water attractions. In this matter, “Primorsky” is no exception: there are inflatable bananas, slides, water bikes, riding on a yacht or a boat.

Near the beach “Seaside” is a hotel Garden Hills with convenient access to the beach. Tourists can also stay in Nairi complex with a good choice of hotel rooms.

Best Beaches in Sochi according to Traveller Reviews

(Photo: / Grand Hotel “Pearl”)

Beach “Iskra”

This sandy-pebbly beach (length 200 m) belongs to the sanatorium of the same name. The entrance to it is under the railroad tracks. There are no abrupt drops and steep descents. The beach “Iskra” is popular among tourists with children because of its comfortable entrance to the sea. Young travelers are offered an excellent choice of attractions, and adults – to rent inventory for outdoor activities.

You can stay at one of the best hotels Radisson Lazurnaya. The 4-star complex has its own fenced pebble beach. Also for recreation will suit the sanatorium “Iskra” with a private beach.

Best Beaches in Sochi

(Photo: / Guest House “LiDiAnna”)

Beach “Sputnik”

Among the best beaches of Sochi and Adler is the nudist beach “Sputnik”. It is located in Khostinsky district, namely in the neighborhood of Maly Akhun, 10 km from the city. Tourist infrastructure began to develop here only in 1995. Today one of the best beaches in Sochi offers refreshing cocktails and tasty snacks. For the convenience of the resort guests are offered paid sunbeds. Lovers of active recreation are waiting for water attractions.

Sputnik Beach’s coastline is 300 meters long and 30 meters wide. With the help of breakwaters it is divided into several parts – general, female and male, as well as the zone for minorities. Not far from the beach there is a famous sanatorium “Green Grove” with a private pebble beach.

Beaches Sochi

In Sochi there are about 130 beaches: public and private, paid and free, open and closed. They extend along the coast for more than 100 kilometers, and their coverage is almost all pebble.

Sochi has sandy beaches for recreation, but the sand there is either mixed with pebbles or it is brought and filled in artificially. However, pebble beaches have their own advantages: there is less litter accumulated, and the water near the shore does not become muddy.

Bathing in Sochi is possible from early June to early October. The warmest sea here in July and August – on average up to +28 C °. In September comes the velvet season.

We present you the rating of the best beaches in Sochi.

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We tell you about these beaches:


Type of beach: pebble.

Entrance: free.

Where is it located: Sochi, Riviera Lane, 5.

How to get there: take a bus 10, 17, 18, 23 or 30 to the stop “Park Riviera”. It will take you no more than 10 minutes on foot to the beach.

About the beach: “Riviera” is a free municipal beach in the center of Sochi. Its length is 300 meters, width about 50 meters. During the season there are always a lot of tourists here.

On the beach there are water attractions and entertainment, volleyball courts, children’s attractions. You can rent sun beds and umbrellas and have snacks at beach cafes.

Near “Riviera” there is the eponymous park of culture and leisure with green alleys, a Ferris wheel and a big dolphinarium in Sochi.

Imereti beach

Type of beach: sandy.

Entrance: for the guests of the main building of Imeretinsky hotel free of charge, for the guests of the apart-hotel 200 rubles, for everyone else 300 rubles.

Where is it: the village Sirius, near the Olympic Avenue.

How to get there: the bus stop Big Ice Palace is situated near the beach. There are buses 554 and 557 from Adler, 551 from the center of Sochi, 535 from Krasnaya Polyana. You can also go to the station “Olympic Village” by the train “Lastochka” and walk to the beach (about 30 minutes).

About the beach: belongs to the hotel “Imeretinskiy”, the shore is covered with soft bulk sand, but at the entrance to the sea – pebble, as well as the entire local coast.

As it is a hotel with its own beach, there is all infrastructure for the best recreation in Sochi: deckchairs, awnings, umbrellas, swimming pools, volleyball courts, play areas for children, cafe, bar, restaurant. Almost every summer evening arrange beach parties and show programs.

This sandy beach of Sochi is designed for 900 people, in the high season it is crowded.


Type of beach: sandy-pebbly.

Entrance: free.

Where is it located: 1 Bestuzheva St., Adler.

How to get there: the nearest bus stop is “Novy Century” shopping center on Lenin street. There are buses 88, 131, 509, 517, 532, 535, 550, 552, 554, 558, 560, and others. From the stop to the beach walk about 15 minutes.

About the beach: it is part of the entertainment complex “Mandarin” next to the river Mzymta. Everything here is decorated in style, and the service is at a high level: cafes, bars, restaurants, clubs.

At “Mandarin” you can rent a cozy beach bungalow under a beautiful thatched roof, rent a deck chair with an umbrella, ride a boat or scooter. Also on the beach are prepared volleyball courts and a windsurfing school. Nearby there is a luxurious modern outdoor pool.

Olympic Beach

Type of beach: pebble.

Entrance: free.

Location: Near the village Sirius, next to the Fisht Stadium.

How to get there: near the beach there is a stop “Fisht Stadium” and buses 535, 551, 554, 557 stop there. You may take the electric train “Lastochka” to the station “Imeretinsky resort” and go to the beach bypassing the Olympic facilities and “Sochi Park Hotel”.

About the beach: it is located in a small bay, so there are no strong winds, and breakwaters are not needed. The railroad is far away, and the water in this area is clean, because there are no sewage pipes nearby. The entrance to the sea is gentle, but the depth becomes noticeable very quickly.

You can go to the beach freely, and for an extra fee you can rent sun beds and umbrellas, ride “bananas” and catamarans, playgrounds for children.

Near the beach are coastal cafes and stores, the Olympic Park and landscaped embankment, on which often ride bicycles and rollerblades. There are hotels in the area with a pool and catering.

Beach Loo

Beach type: pebble and sand.

Entrance: free.

Where is it: 14 Luchezarnaya street, Sochi.

How to get there: by buses 75, 76, 77, 148, 149, 150, 151 (you can get off at the stop Lazurnaya or the Mountain Air Sanatorium). The road goes close to the shore, just a few meters to the beach. And at the station “Mountain Air” stops the electric trains, which run the entire section from Adler to Tuapse.

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About the beach: the beach in Loo is very long, more than 2 kilometers. The shore is covered with a mixture of sand and pebbles, the entrance to the water is smooth, near the coast – comfortable for children shallow water.

As at other free beaches of Sochi resort you can rent a sun bed and an umbrella, rest in a deck chair under a big awning, send your child to the attraction. Rental “bananas”, boats and catamarans are also available. In parallel with the shore stretches embankment, there are many cafes and restaurants.

Near the beach is a beautiful mountainous area, covered with green southern vegetation, as well as water park “AquaLoo”.


Type of beach: sandy-pebbly.

Entrance: free.

Where is it located: a neighborhood New Sochi, Polytechnicheskaya ul.

How to get there: take a minibus № 4 or № 7 and go to the bus stop “Sanatorium “Rus”, then go down to the beach along Polytechnicheskaya street (10-15 minutes).

About the beach: unlike many Sochi beaches, “Albatross” is not covered with pebbles, but with sand with a mixture of pebbles, and the sand has a dark tint. From strong waves protect breakwaters.

– easy entrance to the water;

– gradually increasing depth;

– Rental of deck chairs and umbrellas;

– Water entertainments (driving “bananas” and catamarans).

– Long and steep descent to the beach;

– small size (200 meters in length).

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Beach type: pebble and sand.

Entrance: free for guests of the hotel “Pearl”, for others paid. Prices 2022: 700 rubles on weekdays, 1000 rubles on weekends (children 5-10 years discount 50%, children under 5 years are free).

Where is it located: Sochi, st. Chernomorskaya, 11.

How to get there: you can get by bus №115 to the nearest to the beach stops – “Winter Theatre” and “Frunze Park”. Many more buses go along the Kurortny Avenue: if you get off at the stop “Teatralnaya” you will reach the beach in 10-15 minutes on foot.

About the beach: “Zhemchuzhina” is located on the closed territory of the hotel with the same name, so the beach is well equipped: cafes, bars, stores, terrace with sun beds, aerrarium, beach equipment rental points, surfers station.

The beach is about 300 meters long and can accommodate 2000 vacationers. The entrance to the sea is shallow, in shallow water, it is safe to let children. From waves protect breakwaters, and the large accumulation of tourists does not happen: yet it is a paid beach.

“Barracuda beach

Type of beach: pebble.

Entrance: free.

Where is it: Adler, ul. Alleynaya, 14v.

How to get there: you can get to the bus stop “Pension “Znanie” by buses 88, 105, 115, 517, 534, 550, 551, 552, 555, 560. The road along Alleynaya street leads to the beach (10 minutes walk).

About the beach: “Barracuda is part of the municipal beach “Chkalovsky”. On the seashore there are fine and medium pebbles, the entrance to the water is flat and the waves are successfully fought with breakwaters.

The main advantages of the beach:

– good infrastructure: rent of sun beds and deckchairs, cafes, stores;

– a large set of water attractions: rides, boating and “banana”;

– old Soviet-era buildings next to the beach.

Dolphin” beach in Lazarevskoye

Type of beach: pebble.

Entrance: free.

Where is it: Lazarevskoe, Lazarev street, 208.

How to get there: the nearest bus stop is “Store №38”. Buses 68, 71, 80, 159, 161, 162 go there.

About the beach: is covered with fine and medium pebbles, the length of the beach is 250 meters, width 25-30 meters. Is located a bit far from the center of Lazarevskoe, but in high season there are always a lot of tourists who have decided to relax on the Black Sea.

Infrastructure at the “Dolphin” is decent: protective awnings, rent chairs and umbrellas, water attractions, cafes and snack bars, jet skis and catamarans rental.

“Velvet Seasons.

Type of beach: pebble.

Entrance: free.

Where is it: the village Sirius, Tsimlyanskaya street.

How to get there: the nearest bus stop is “Ekaterininsky Kvartal”. From the center of Sochi you can get there by bus 550, from Adler – 554 and 557, from Rosa Khutor – 535e.

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About the beach: “Velvet Seasons” is part of the city-hotel of the same name between the Olympic Park and the Abkhazian border. Here is an open sea, without breakwaters, with a gentle entrance to the water – however, the depth grows quickly.

Entrance to the beach is free, you must pay only for services: rental of umbrellas and deck chairs, catamarans and surfboards. There is a parking fee for those traveling by car.

The beach stretches for about 500 meters: it’s crowded areas, and quieter places. From the shore you can see the Olympic venues, there is a promenade with cafes and stores nearby.


Beach type: pebble and sand.

Entrance: free.

Where is it located: 102 Prosveshchenie Street, Adler.

How to get there: the beach is near Lenin street, where many buses go: 88, 131, 140, 509, 517, 535, 550, 552, 557, 560, 571 and others. Get off at the stop “Cosmos” or “Southern Vzmore”: to the beach will be a 10-15 minute walk. To avoid driving far away, we advise you to rent an apartment in Adler.

About the beach: “Ogonyok” is quite long by Sochi standards – about 1 kilometer. The coast here is fine pebble, there are also sandy strips. The entrance to the sea is smooth, the depth increases gradually.

The beach is well prepared for recreation: the list of services includes renting deck chairs and umbrellas, renting gazebos and bungalows, riding “bananas”, catamarans and scooters. You can go down to the water by wooden decking.

Near the beach there are several cafes. However, in the same area is the Adler airport: periodically you can hear the noise of planes.

Type of beach: pebble.

Entrance: free.

Where is it located: Sochi, Primorskaya street, 3.

How to get there: take bus 115 to the stop “Festivalny Concert Hall” and go down to the beach (not more than 5 minutes). Also any of the many buses that go along the Kurortny avenue (the stop “Organ Hall”) will do.

About the beach: it is located in the center of Sochi, near the famous Sea Station. The length of the beach is about 350 meters, it is very popular, and even in autumn in Sochi there are a lot of holidaymakers here, and even more so in summer.

At the “Mayak” are installed breakwaters, so the sea here is relatively calm. All amenities and entertainment are present: sun beds, umbrellas, catamarans, “bananas”, water skis.

Since the beach is located in the center of the city, there is everything here: stores, cafes, restaurants, clubs, landscaped promenade area. Recently, “Lighthouse” was thoroughly reconstructed, and now it is considered an eco-beach.

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Type of beach: sandy-pebbly.

Entrance: to the pebble section is free, to the section with gravel sand – for free for the guests of the hotel Radisson, for others 2500 rubles.

Where is it: the village Sirius, 65 years of Victory street, 50.

How to get there: the nearest bus stop is called “Starobryadsky street”. There are buses: 535E, 550, 551, 554, 557. The train “Lastochka” (station “Imeretinsky resort”) will also do.

About the beach: it belongs to the neighboring hotel “Radisson”, so in terms of cleanliness and service it is ideal, and there is no shouting of vendors who sell treats.

This beautiful beach has a gentle entrance to the water, no breakwaters and the seabed near the shore is regularly cleaned. Sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent, and playgrounds for children. Nearby are many cafes, restaurants and burger houses.

During the vacation at the private beach “Radisson” you can play volleyball, ride catamarans and sap-boards, rent a bike, take a walk along the landscaped waterfront. A half-an-hour walk from the beach is Sochi Park and Olympic Park.


Beach type: pebble and sand.

Entrance: free.

Location: 25 Prosveshchenie Street, Adler.

How to get there: get to the bus stop “Southern Vzmorye” (buses 88, 131, 509, 517, 532, 534, 535, 550, 554, 558, 559, 560, 571). To the beach 10-15 minutes on foot.

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About the beach: it is quite wide and about 1 kilometer long. So even if there are a lot of vacationers, there is always room.

Along the whole shore at “Chaika” there are wave-cutters and there is all necessary infrastructure for having a rest: food, benches and shops. At this inexpensive and long beach you can rent a deck chair and go to neighborhood cafes, which fill the nearby embankment.

Aquatic entertainment at “Chaika” are catamarans, scooters, boats and “bananas”. You can walk in the direction of the river Mzymta, to the modern entertainment center “Mandarin”.


Beach type: pebble and sand.

Entrance: free.

Where is it: 19, Primorskaya street, Sochi.

How to get there: take bus 115 to the stop “Winter Theatre” (100 meters from the beach). Another variant is the stop “Teatralnaya” on the Kurortny prospect. It will take longer to get there, but all the main city buses go there.

About the beach: located in the Central District of Sochi, near the Winter Theater. The beach stretches for about 700 meters, it is surrounded by Seaside Park with rich southern vegetation. The entrance to the sea is comfortable, the shore is covered with breakwaters, you can rest with children.

The main services and facilities at Seaside Beach:

– rental of bungalows and swings;

– Ride on boats and “bananas”;

– Many cafes, bars and restaurants on the waterfront.

Other options:

Sochi beaches for holidays with children

1. “Riviera. Located in the center of Sochi, no need to go far. At the “Riviera” a lot of water attractions, which are suitable for children, and nearby there is a green park with a dolphinarium.

2. Seaside Beach. Also located in the center of the resort. Clean sea and a good beach, gentle entrance to the water, children’s attractions and playgrounds.

Olympic beach. Shallow water near the shore, no strong winds, playgrounds and mini-pools, children’s animators work on the beach.

4. “Swallow”. Free beach in Mamayka neighborhood. The coast has clean air, because there are relict forests in this area near Sochi. The entrance to the sea is gentle, there are playgrounds for children.

5. “Dolphin”. Beach in Lazarevskoe, with a smooth entrance to the sea and shallow depth for dozens of meters from the shore. For the child there are trampolines and children’s water slides.

6. “Svetlyachok”. The beach is small, but clean and cozy, with a fine pebble surface. A place for a relaxing family vacation.

7. “Transparent”. Well-equipped beach in the village of Loo. Children here frolic in shallow water and large inflatable attractions.

8. The beach of Dagomys. It is situated far from the center of Sochi, that is why there are not many tourists here. It is one of the best beaches of Sochi for children – a smooth surface of gravel, gently sloping entrance to the sea, clear water, children’s pools.

Other beaches in Sochi

In the central part of the resort there are a few more beaches: “Sunny”, “Zvezdny”, “Red”, “Circus”, the beach named after Maurice Thorez, the beach of the complex “Delmar”, the beach of the sanatorium “Zarya”, the beach “Spark” in Vardane village. And in Adler pay attention to the beaches of “Coral”, “Southern”, “Southern-2” and “Rosa Khutor” near the stadium “Fisht”.

Also note the beaches of “Azure Coast” sanatorium in Golovinka neighborhood, “Kuba” and “Santa Barbara” beaches in Mamayka and a quiet “Star” beach in the 73rd kilometer. There is a nudist beach between Uch-Dere and Dagomys.

If you don’t particularly like large pebble and shell sections, there is an alternative: the beaches “Rusalka”, “Svetlyachok”, “Sputnik”, “Krasny Sturm” and the beach of sanatorium “Zapolyarye” are covered with fine pebbles in Sochi. We also advise Imeretinsky beach, “Swissotel Resort Sochi Kamelia” in Bytkha, “Albatross” and “Volna” are Sochi resorts with a sandy beach. Just in case, we recommend a separate article about the sandy beaches of the Crimea.

If you are looking for where the best beach in Sochi, the best reviews of tourists – at “Riviera”, “Lastochka”, “Mayak”, the beaches of the hotel “Radisson”, settlements Loo and Dagomys.

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