The best resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea

Turkish resorts on the Black Sea

Turkish Black Sea resorts

Russian and Western European tourists have long been well known resting places on the Anatolian coast. By popularity resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea is still inferior to them, although the length of the coastline (1595 km) is much longer than the Mediterranean coast, the length of just over 720 km. Mostly local residents and Turks from other regions of the country rest here. However, foreign tourists, though not in such large numbers as on the Turkish Riviera, also often become guests of the Black Sea resorts.

The advantages of rest at the Black Sea resorts

The Turkish authorities and private entrepreneurs are reluctant to invest in the development of infrastructure of the Black Sea resorts. There are no huge hotel complexes, entertainment centers, dolphinariums, crowded nightclubs and water parks. The season lasts no more than four months.

Therefore, more profitable investments are considered resorts, located on the shores of two other seas: the Aegean and Mediterranean. Here the season lasts half a year or even longer. However, rest at the resorts of Turkey, located on the Black Sea, will please tourists with several significant advantages:

  • in these places there is no exhausting heat;
  • in the summer months, the water warms up to a comfortable range – from + 20.8 to + 26.5; air – from + 23.1 to + 28.5;
  • a wide choice of excursions to sacred and historical-cultural sites;
  • high waves in coastal waters – a rare phenomenon;
  • thanks to the Pontic Ridge, which stretches for 976 km parallel to the coast, the resorts are protected from cold air currents;
  • Affordable prices for services and products, even in high season.

Tourists should be aware of the disadvantages typical of most Black Sea resorts in Turkey. Hotel staff often speaks little Russian. This also applies to other areas of service, including cabs. The “all-inclusive” system, which was beloved by Russians, is practically uncommon in local hotels.

Attitudes here are more conservative than in the Mediterranean resorts. That is why Russian and Western European tourists should not wear too open clothes outside the hotels and beach areas. The list of the most popular resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea is quite long:

  • Sinop;
  • Amasra;
  • Trabzon;
  • Samsun;
  • Abana;
  • Rize;
  • Inebolu;
  • Giresun;
  • Ordu;
  • Zonguldak.



This compact city of just over 38,000 inhabitants is considered one of the most interesting for tourists interested in history. The local Archaeological Museum has thousands of valuable exhibits about the period when Sinop was dominated by the Greeks and Romans.

Tourists enjoy strolling through the sparsely populated streets of the central quarters, where many old houses have been preserved. The main decoration of the city are the remains of the medieval fortress. After climbing up to the spacious observation deck of the Clock Tower, spa guests spend a long time looking at the picturesque surroundings. Local beaches are more like wild ones. Three of them are equipped with everything you need for comfortable and pleasant pastime:

  1. Karakum – will surprise vacationers with dark, almost black sand;
  2. Akliman is located near the pine forest;
  3. Kumsal – covered with fine light brown sand.

The city has a relaxed atmosphere. There are no traffic lights, cars and tourists. In local restaurants – Kale Burc, Saray, Teyzenin Yeri, Deniz Sinema and others – you can taste dishes of national cuisine.



A compact resort with a population of 7,000 inhabitants, Amasra is interesting with its nature, old town and fish restaurants. The most landscaped sandy beaches of Amasra are in the Great Bay. The sea here during the summer months is calm and warm.

In the old town, located on Boztepe, a rocky island, are the ruins of a massive antique fortress.

One of the most interesting historical monuments of the city is the bridge, built in the Roman era. Among the local restaurants there are several places that serve excellent fish dishes: Nur Taverna, Liman, Han and Cesmi Cihan. For history and culture lovers the city has two museums: the Ethnographic Museum and the Archaeological Museum.

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A large port with a population of almost 600,000 inhabitants, Samsun is one of the most ancient Turkish cities. Samsun was founded about nine centuries ago. But in the city almost none of the ancient buildings have survived. Tourists have a great interest in several sites in Samsun:

  • Roman mosaics collected at the local Museum of Ethnography and Archaeology;
  • sculptural and wax depictions of Amazons – mythical warriors – in Bati Park;
  • Bandirma, a reconstructed ship from the early 20th century;
  • the remains of Pontic tombs;
  • ornithological park, where you can watch rare birds for hours.

The advantage of the city is considered the proximity to the airport, which makes the resort more accessible to tourists. Turks, Scandinavians and Britons prevail among holidaymakers. Due to the proximity of the harbor, local beaches are not clean. The most well-kept of them is Gençlik Kampi.



Since its early years – it dates back to the 8th century BC – Trabzon has played the role of a commercial center. Today, it is a major port city and resort with several pebbly beaches that are especially crowded in July and August.

Visitors to Trabzon go shopping in the stores and boutiques of Varbalia Atapark and Forum Trabzon. In the evenings, visitors fill the spacious halls of Gecekondu, a large dance club. Among the sites of most interest to foreign tourists are several places:

  • The Hagia Sophia, a former Christian temple turned into a museum;
  • mosques: Chashry, Fatih, Ortahysyr, Gulbahar Hatun;
  • Monasteries: Kaymakli, Panagheia Sumela, Theoskepastos;
  • The churches of Saints: Anna, Mary and Eugene;
  • The remains of a strong fortress wall, commonly called Trabzon Castle.

Great choice of places to rest

Almost all resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea are suitable for a relaxing pastime. Tourists looking for solitude and romantic flavor should go to Zonguldak, Abana or Inebolu. Ordu is known for its many bays. The city holds an annual festival of hazelnuts. Rize will surprise you with unusually clean mountain air.

Sandy beaches of Giresun are surrounded by green hills, preventing the penetration of cold air masses into the resort. The main thing that unites these and previously mentioned resorts – is the friendliness of people, a variety of local cuisine, a wide variety of beaches and the beauty of the Black Sea nature.

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The best resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea


Attractions .

Of the four seas that lap the shores of Turkey, the Black Sea and its coast are the least promoted in terms of tourism. However, the nature here is beautiful in a special way, and the beaches are sandy throughout. The weather can be compared with Sochi or Crimean. The Black sea coast is considered by the government as one of the promising areas for development of tourism infrastructure and construction. Read more on ResortTurkey.

Black Sea coast in Turkey


Turkey occupies more than a third of the entire coastline of the Black Sea. It is almost 1,600 kilometers long. The rocky cliffs and beaches of Turkey begin at the border with Georgia in Asia, and ends in Europe at the border with Bulgaria.

In the early first millennium of our era, the Black Sea coast was colonized by the Greeks. Many half-destroyed fortresses that served as a defense for cities have been preserved. The Byzantine Empire left behind palaces, temples, some of which were rebuilt into mosques after the settlement of Turkic tribes.

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Black Sea resorts of Turkey are not as popular as the Mediterranean coast of the country. And yet Russian tourists who have ventured to go here, note the low prices and a good level of service.

Climate and weather


On the coast of subtropical climate is moderately warm with cool wet winter and warm, but not too hot summer. The north winds in the eastern part are blocked by the Caucasus mountains, so January-February is warmer here than in the central part. But the Caucasian foothills have much more precipitation in winter.

Average winter temperatures are about 5-7 ° C, occasionally falling, but there is no frost. In summer the air is heated to an average of 22-24 ° C. On particularly hot days the temperature may rise to 35 ° C.

The humidity on the coast is high, but varies by region. West of Amasra is considerably drier, with less rainfall throughout the year.

The beach season begins in late May. Good weather stands almost until November. September and October is the velvet season. The sea keeps warm, but the beaches are already empty and the evenings become cool.



Along the coast and within the districts, the population travels by buses and ferries by sea. International ferries connect the Turkish cities of Istanbul, Trabzon, Sinop with Crimea (Yalta) and Trabzon, Samsun with the Krasnodar Territory (Sochi).

The nearest airports are in Istanbul, Ankara and Samsun.

Resort Cities


Overview of the best resorts in Turkey on the Black Sea begins at the western edge of the Bosphorus Strait.


The small town stands on a mountain plateau. The precipitous shore towards the strait flattens out a bit and turns into a wide sandy beach stretching for several kilometers. It is a place where the inhabitants of Istanbul come to spend a weekend or a summer cottage. The beaches are well-maintained, cafes open in the summer under light awnings and in the open air, and umbrellas and sun loungers are rented.

100 years ago there was a fishing village on this site. Part of the population is still engaged in fishing. The local cuisine includes various fish delicacies.

On a high rock stands a lighthouse, the main attraction of the resort, its task is to help navigate ships sailing to the Bosphorus. The lighthouse building is accessible to the public. At the entrance sell souvenirs, organized a mini-museum.

Schiele is a growing city. Residents of Istanbul build houses on its outskirts, expanding tourism. Entertainment is still few, there is no nightlife at all. For a walk you can choose one of the squares. The recreation areas are beautifully decorated with flowerbeds, neat lawns, beautifully lined paths. The surroundings of Schiele attract the beauty of the landscape. There are many grottos and caves in the rocks, and the mountains are covered with a dense forest.

On an island rock a few hundred meters from the shore stands a recently restored watchtower. You can see it only from a distance. The cliff sides are too steep. The port area is closed by a concrete dam. In the summer season for tourists open a cafe on the boats moored to the pier.



The town is the administrative center of the eponymous ila, built on the plateau of the mountain. Zonguldak has been known since the 19th century as an industrial center with the largest deposits of hard coal and metallurgy. Today the city is developing as a resort and tourist destination.

Attractions in the vicinity:

  • Chitdere Nature Reserve;
  • Caves: Kyzylelma with a depth of over 6 km, Gekgel with waterfalls and lakes, the Hell’s mouth, where according to legend Hercules fought;
  • lakes, waterfalls, and mountain rivers;
  • ancient settlements.

In the city the tourist will also have a lot to see:

  • Khalil Bek Mosque and Gazi Suleiman Pasha;
  • Ali Baba’s monastery, Kalealti;
  • Tash Minaret.

Active recreation is practiced in the mountains: rappelling on mountain rivers, trekking.

The coastal area is occupied by a port, but there is a promenade for walks. Tourists sunbathe and swim on the beaches in Amasra, Alapla, and Kopuz.

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A picturesque port town nestled on the mountain slopes of the Pontic Mountains. The resort is popular with the locals for a reason. The beautiful landscape and sandy public beaches dispose to comfortable beach rest, unhurried walks among greenery and steep cliffs.

The territory of the city is not large. Peninsula, on which it is located, limited by precipitous peaks of the south. The mountain ledges are so steep in some places that it prevents the descent to the sea. Hotels on these slopes offer their guests their own swimming pools.

The only beach is available in the bay on the east side. The way to the shore is blocked by two piers, so the water near the beach is always calm. Whole families come to relax. You can swim from the rocks in the western cove or from a large pier, but it is not very pleasant to walk on the bottom because of the large boulders.

The whole town is perfectly visible from the platform, arranged higher up the slope from the road to the administrative center of Bartin. It becomes clear why in the second millennium BC the peninsula was chosen to build a defense fortress. The natural cliffs and steep cliffs prevented the enemy from getting close to the outpost.

The age of the city suggests a rich historical past. There are preserved walls of the old Genoese fortress, stone houses and foundations of rough masonry, on which the elevated floors. Behind the fortress wall in the old town at the top of the peninsula is the Old Church – Mosque Eski Kilise. In its place was a Byzantine church of the 9th century, rebuilt in the 15th century. Another mosque, Kilise Camii, on the site of a 12th century church stands at the other end of the street.

On the slopes of the Pontic Mountains near the town of Rize, Turkish tea is grown. The region provides aromatic products for the country and exports them abroad. In the city, tea is sold everywhere and is served in restaurants and cafes. Turks began to cultivate tea in the early 20th century, following the example of the Krasnodar region.

Near the coastline rise out of the sea two islands. With the Big Peninsula is connected by an arch bridge. Krolichy is further away and uninhabited.

Vacationers and locals love to gather in a cafe on the waterfront, drinking Turkish tea, to spend time with family. There is also a summer theater, a small bazaar, which is famous for its rich selection of spices. On a boat with a tent it is good to cross the bay, discovering the spectacular scenery from the sea.

At a small pier right in the water on wooden platforms are tables of a fish restaurant. They know how to cook here. Service, according to the reviews of tourists, is also excellent.



A modest-sized town lies among the scenic mountains. The main entertainment for the few tourists are beaches, walks among the greenery and excursions. Holiday in the city come in families. The shallow sandy beaches in Inebolu are safe for children to swim.

The best beaches are:

  • Inebolu Sahil;
  • Boyranalti Beach;
  • Inebolu Boiranalti Sahil.
  • Kizilkara Sahil.
  • Oguz Atai House;
  • Nezihe Battal Museum;
  • City Museum;
  • Yahyapash Mosque, Khoja Yasemin Hanim, Awara mahale;
  • old mansions.

Inebolu hotels are located closer to the sea. Prices are moderate, and breakfast is included.



A small resort town in the mud of Kastamonu stretches along the coast for 11 km. For the beaches, sandy throughout, and untouched nature and tourists come here. The resort takes in mainly the inhabitants of the country, foreigners are less likely to drop in here. Near the administrative center of Kastamonu is Ylgaz national park and the ski center with the same name.

Once there was an outpost of the Greek colony. There are architectural monuments of Hellenistic times and later. The city has a lot to show to tourists.

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The city was founded on the site of the Greek colony. Legend has it that it was founded by Autolycus from Jason’s team. Tourists can see that the history of Sinop goes back more than a century.

  • The walls of the fortress of the 2nd century and beyond;
  • the 1st century mosque of Alayedin;
  • prison-museum on the territory of the fortress;
  • an ethnographic museum in a mansion from Ottoman times;
  • churches from the Byzantine era.

The city is also known as the birthplace of the Greek philosopher Diogenes. In 2006, a monument was erected to him in a narrow part of the peninsula. To fully explore the perimeter of the peninsula, a bicycle ride will suffice. From the highest point near the precipitous coast there is a panoramic view of the city and the sea.

Sinop can offer accommodation in hotels and inns. There are several equipped sandy beaches Akliman, Karakum, Kumsal and wild areas.



Samsun covers almost 30 km of coastal area. The area at the mouth of the Kizilirmak River is a vast valley. The first settlements by the sea appeared in the Neolithic Era. The urban settlement was founded by the Greeks more than two thousand years ago. The rivers and gorges served as transportation arteries between the coast and the center of Anatolia. During Byzantine rule the town became an important port.

Equipped beaches have comfortable gentle slopes into the sea, but most are located outside the city limits. Hotels are mainly of category 2 and 3.

Samsun is a modern city. Since 2015, it has been purposefully developing as a resort, but it remains the center of the tobacco industry.

Historical and natural attractions of Samsun:

  • Hot thermal springs;
  • Kaledorugu Kavak and Dündar Tepe hills with traces of prehistoric civilizations;
  • Ethnographic and Archaeological Museum;
  • Mosques of the 11th-14th centuries and later;
  • Amazon village;
  • an ornithological park in the Kyzylirmak delta;
  • waterfalls near the cave Tekkekeya, in which traces of ancient people were found.

You can explore the city, taking a sightseeing tour, or you can walk through the old center and see the preserved history in the bridges, mosques and tombs.

On Mount Akdag in December and March are open ski slopes. In summer the slopes offer a beautiful panorama of the city and its surroundings.

Samsun has its own airport, Charshamba. From Russia there are connecting flights from Krasnodar, St. Petersburg and Moscow. You can take a bus in Istanbul, the trip takes 6 hours. From Sochi, there is a ferry to Samsun.



A small resort in the province of Ordu hospitably welcomes guests. For a small town the tourist infrastructure is quite developed. Many small hotels and large hotels and campsites offer tourists their services. In the restaurants there are not only Turkish, but also European cuisine.

The history of the city goes back to the first century B.C., but there are almost no architectural evidences or archeological monuments.

What is worth visiting:

  • The ruins of Bolaman Castle;
  • Mineral springs in the vicinity of the town;
  • The rock of Kingirt with its caves;
  • Gaga forest lake.

Tourists love the city for its beautiful mountain scenery and spacious sandy beaches. You can go fishing on a fishing boat. The cliffs have good conditions for diving.



A popular resort on the eastern part of the coast stands out for its developed tourist infrastructure. Accommodation can be found from budget class to luxury. Sandy beaches are convenient for relaxing and spending free time in entertainment – there are bars and restaurants not only in the city itself, but also by the beaches.

The mountains, covered with mixed forests, create a special microclimate. In addition, there is a lot of farmland in the neighborhood of Giresun. Turks grow berries, fruits and nuts. The country is a major supplier of these products to the world markets.

The city was founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC. At that time it was called Kerasus. In the Middle Ages, a fortress was built and the city became second in importance after Trabzon in the Trapezundian Empire. With the fall of Constantinople the land became part of the Ottoman Empire.

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What remains of Giresun are:

  • The walls of the defensive fortress and its central tower;
  • The castle from the 2nd century BC;
  • Giresun Island with the ruins of an Amazon sanctuary;
  • Old Ottoman houses.

The City Museum, housed in the 18th-century basilica of Gogor, has a rich collection of artifacts. In May, a festival takes place in the small village of Aksu not far from Giresun. For tourists it is curious about the traditions that locals have inherited from their distant ancestors.



The city on the east coast was once the capital of the Empire of Trebizond and was called Trebizond. The port city experienced periods of prosperity, an attack by the Goths and a gradual decline. As a resort, Trabzon is not very actively developing. Its main advantages are the lack of crowds of tourists and a large number of historical sites.

  • Late Byzantine cathedral of Ayia Sofia;
  • Trabzon Castle;
  • mosques;
  • tea factory;
  • city fort;
  • “Russian market”;
  • The rock monastery of Panagia Sumela at 50 km from the town of Machka;
  • Tulbahar Tomb.

The beaches of Trabzon are well-maintained, but the bottom is stony, rocky in places. Buoys mark the injury-prone areas. It is not very comfortable to swim with children. However, there is a lot of entertainment and all the necessary infrastructure.

Hotels in the city for every taste, from inexpensive to 5 *. The cheapest hotels are in the port area. The city is good for shopping. In the markets and stores the prices will please you, and so will the variety.

You can get to Trabzon by sea, by bus or plane. The airport takes local flights.


The city stretches along the coast. From the mountains it is pressed to the sea by the Lasistian Ridge. The main source of income for the local population is the cultivation of plantations. Tobacco, kiwi, and nuts are grown on the slopes of the mountains, but the main industry is tea. The city sells tea at every turn, and it is difficult for a tourist to leave without buying it.

Rize, like most coastal towns of the Black Sea is remarkable for centuries of history. There are preserved monuments – witnesses of civilizations, which left a trace in the formation of the city:

  • Rize fortress of the 4th century;
  • ethnographic museum;
  • a seaside mosque made of white stone;
  • Gulbahar Mosque of Ottoman times;
  • Maiden Tower.

No less interesting in the vicinity of Rize. Along the mountain rivers supporters of active recreation go down in kayaks. Among the mountains there are many hiking trails, popular are the plateau Elevit and Chagirankaya. From the southern outskirts of the city begins Kachkar National Park. Among the peaks with a height of about 3 km there are ice lakes. The ice layer on the surface does not melt even in summer.

The town’s beaches are divided into those belonging to hotels with full infrastructure and wild. All sections are sandy and pebbly, the bottom is gentle, pleasant for swimming with children.

Turkey’s best resorts on the Black Sea are popular so far only among residents of the country. The maritime climate with warm summers and mild winters is favorable for recreation, the nature of the coast is very beautiful and this provides an incentive for development. In addition, the Black Sea coast is not as hot as the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, and thus the trip will not require strength for acclimatization.

Undeveloped infrastructure is a minus conditionally, because everything you need for recreation is – hotels, though not the level of “all inclusive”, but quite decent. Staff in hotels and restaurants are not spoiled with tips, waiters are polite. In the pluses of the resorts can include clean mountain air, a quiet atmosphere without the excitement and the crowd, that is excellent conditions for ecotourism. Share your experiences of visiting the Black Sea coast of Turkey on ResortTurkey.

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