The best sandy beaches in Side. Our review and photos. Hotels 5* by the sea

The 8 main beaches in Side

See the beaches of Side and choose the best! I have talked about the features of the main beaches of the resort and for each one I have chosen all-inclusive first line hotels with high ratings and good reviews.


What are the beaches in Side

Side is a good place for pure hotel relaxation. Sleepy villages with hotels more like small towns, with great beaches and calm sea. The entrance to the sea is shallow almost everywhere, and quite a long stretch of shallow water, so it is good to have a rest with small children in Side. If this is a description of your ideal vacation, then read more about rest in Side.

In Side itself there are two beaches – East and West. However, there are many more beaches in the villages near Side. Immediately I will say that all beaches are sandy and more or less the same. The differences are minimal, but they are there. I found them with difficulty, spending an obscene amount of time. So let’s see how they differ.

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West Beach

West Beach is very touristy and overcrowded. It has all the components of a classic Turkish vacation: a lot of hotels, cafes, stores, clubs, callers and water entertainment. Along it stretches a long promenade, and the whole coast dotted with hotel and restaurant beds. Changing rooms, showers, and toilets are also available. Learn which sandy beaches in Turkey are the best.

The sandy Western beach is considered the most shallow and shallow in Side. On it, there are areas where a hundred meters from the shore depth does not exceed 40-50 cm! So it is better to have a rest with the kids here. Learn more about rest with children in Side.

The western beach, as the name suggests, is located to the west of the Old City. If you live in Side Center, you will reach it on foot. If you live in the villages, you can get there by cab or by dolmush.

Do you like Western Beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1st line hotels:

Reviews about Side vacations

Side’s West Beach is the busiest and busiest.

Eastern Beach

The Eastern beach is sparse and quiet because it is divided between several hotels. There are several cafes and bars, changing rooms, showers, toilets, sun loungers and umbrellas. It is free, you can rest on your towel.

The beach is wide, with coarse bright yellow sand. The sea near the East Beach is shallow, but the deep places start much closer to the shore than on the West Beach. The entrance to the sea is comfortable, but in some places there are areas of finely rounded pebbles. Closer to the Old Town you can find stones at the bottom.

The beach can be reached on foot, by dolmusha, cab and hotel shuttles.

Do you like East Beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1st line hotels:

Kumköy Beach

Kumköy is one of the best sandy beaches in Side by many criteria. It is wide and sandy, has a good infrastructure and is just 3 kilometres from Side city center, you can walk to it in 20-30 minutes along the beach promenade or you can take a cab or dolmush.

Kumkoy is considered a youth resort for active tourists, although there are plenty of family hotels on the beach.

Do you like Kumkoy beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1st line hotels:

Çolaklı Beach

Cholakli is an ideal village and beach for families. It is quiet and peaceful, with a promenade, a zoo and a lot of good hotels on the first line. And, of course, a wide sandy beach with shallow entrance and shallow water.

But many people may find it boring in Cholakli – all entertainments are in Side, which is 13,5 km away. You can reach the resort by dolmush for 20 minutes.

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Do you like Colakli beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1st line hotels:

Sorgun Beach.

According to tourist reviews, Sorgun is not only excellent sandy beaches with a gentle entrance and shallow water, but also beautiful nature. Sorgun attracts tourists with its pine forests, palm trees growing along the coast, orange trees and flowering bushes. It is quiet, because in the village there are no nightclubs and bars. Sorgun mostly choose parents with children and those who love silence.

The settlement is just 2 km from the center of Side, you can even walk.

Do you like Sorgun beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1 line hotels:

Titreyengöl Beach

We vacationed in this area at the Bosphorus Sorgun Hotel 5*. Read our review of the hotel. The area is good: quiet, peaceful and picturesque, because near the river Manavgat flows and the pine forest murmurs. The beach is wide, long, with golden brown sand. The only drawback – the entrance to the water is not as gentle as on other beaches.

Infrastructure is minimal, all the entertainment is only in the hotels. The beach is located quite far away, and you can get there by dolmush or cab.

Do you like Titrayengöl beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1st line hotels:

Kızılot Beach

Kızılot, or Kızılot, is a beach for those looking for maximum peace and solitude. Kızılot is the most secluded beach of all the villages in Side, 20 km away. It is one of the smallest villages in Kizilot, which has just started to develop and there is no nightlife, no clubs, there are not so many hotels at the moment. When we were driving from Alanya to Side, we drove past Kizilot and noticed the huge hotels on both sides of the highway, which seemed deserted.

Despite the desolation, according to the reviews of tourists, the beach has all the infrastructure for recreation – of course, the hotel. The beach is sandy and pebble, but for children’s recreation is not too suitable, because there are boulders, slabs and precipitous places. With children it is better to bathe in Cholakly, Sorgun, on the West beach.

Are you interested in Kizilot beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1 line hotels:

Kizilot Beach Panorama

Kızılağaç Beach

Kızılağaç is a typical quiet village, where all life and entertainment goes on behind the high walls of big hotels. On the beach, however, there is always water fun. It is very quiet here, because there are no discos and clubs.

The beach is sandy, but with an admixture of pebbles in the surf zone. Be careful with children: as in neighboring Kizilot, the bottom can abruptly break.

Do you like Kizilagach beach? For a great vacation, come to these all-inclusive 1-line hotels:

Top 10 5* hotels in Side (Turkey) with a large picturesque area


The territory of Voyage Sorgun Hotel 5* is large and very sensibly arranged: rich greenery of well-kept lawns and lush palms, clear blue of the large swimming pools, cool shade of canopies over the cafe tables, dynamic lines of water slides, straight piers, protruding into the sea azure. All this helps to feel the fullness of recreation at the hotel. Besides, guests are offered recreation on the beach, rewarded with a Blue Flag prize, and a wide range of services – from a variety of menus in thematic restaurants and bars, sensuality of the spa center and concerts of pop stars to entertainment programs for children and adults. There is a separate package for the newlyweds. The rooms are decorated in a laconic but self-sufficient style, the choice of categories is enough to make you feel comfortable. There are both standard rooms and bungalows.

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Otium Family Eco Club 5*


The nature of Turkey deserves no less admiration than the climate. Those who would prefer to spend their vacation surrounded by “scenic” views, smelling the mountains, sea and warmed trees will be captivated by the Otium Eco Club Side 5*, which is located seven kilometers from Side. Here, surrounded by greenery, the hotel comfortably stretches, inviting families with children and without children to spend their vacations. On a large area found room for a whole children’s world with an amusement park, play areas under the shade, a pool in the shade, and, of course, a children’s club with groups of different ages; pools (including slides), an amphitheater with evening shows, restaurants and bars (by the way, in Kids World there are cooking surprises for kids), a spa center. The undoubted advantage of Otium Eco Club Side 5* is a wide range of rooms, as well as villas, which are ideal for families and those who value privacy.

VONRESORT Golden Beach 5*


If you like a dynamic vacation with a quick change of impressions, pay attention to VONRESORT Golden Beach 5* – a hotel with a lot of entertainment and a variety of areas on its territory. So, here is an active zone with an impressive water park (13 slides for different age groups), with its own snack bar, with pools, where aqua-aerobics is held, you can have a lot of fun. But there is also a quieter zone, which also has swimming pools, as well as a spa with massage, hammam, and all kinds of care procedures. In VONRESORT Golden Beach 5* there is a mini club for kids, where they not only have fun, but also learn something new. Adults are offered a wide choice of water activities. A nice variety is provided by a good choice of bars and restaurants. Another feature of VONRESORT Golden Beach 5* is the availability of a kitchenette and refrigerator in rooms of all categories.

Kaya Side 5*.

Sometimes the best view in the window is the view of the forest and the quiet river. Yes, yes, the river. But we want to see the sea too, and not only through the window, but with all senses to enjoy it. Certainly we need a beach, too. Preferably a big one, not just to come and lie in a chaise lounge, but also to walk by the water’s edge. As the genie in an Oriental fairy tale would say – the wish is granted. Kaya Side Hotel 5* is surrounded by the sea, river and greenery. The territory is large and well maintained. Kaya Side 5* has a lot to offer: two adult pools and children’s pool with aqua-park, beach of impressive size. Themed restaurants and bars, fitness and spa with massage and sauna let you relax, and the presence of two children’s clubs by age, children’s restaurant and animation will allow even the parents of the most active children just a little rest.

Starlight Resort Hotel 5*

Starlight Resort Hotel 5* is a part of the hotel complex with a large territory, which pleases not only with its size, but also with its harmonious design and logical zoning. In addition to traditional palm trees, there are absolutely gorgeous bougainvilleas, agaves, many flowers and a variety of shrubs and trees, which creates the atmosphere of a real garden of paradise. Blue “lakes” of pools, the brightness of the water park – all this complements and shades the beauty of local well-kept flora. If you choose not rooms in the main building, and the cabins-bungalows, you can feel like a resident of Eden. However, the rooms are not inferior in terms of comfort bungalows. In addition, the Starlight Resort Hotel 5 * is a fairly large beach. All necessary for quality recreation – spa center and thalassotherapy, amphitheater with evening shows, mini-club, restaurants of different directions with appropriate design, the hotel also has.

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Sueno Hotels Beach 5*

The territory of Sueno Hotels Beach 5* is a wonderful example of landscape design. All opportunities given by the Turkish coast were used to their maximum. There is a beautiful pier, which gives a magnificent view, a beach awarded with a Blue Flag, swimming pools (particularly good pool with a grotto) of different sizes and configurations, and green gardens. There is a place and a lunapark, a large game area Game Land with rides and games (services are paid), and spa. Note another interesting feature of Sueno Hotels Beach 5*: in addition to rooms in the large building, guests are offered villas near the lake – all options are worthy of attention and enjoy almost a homely atmosphere. And, of course, the hotel has a decent selection of restaurants and bars, an entertainment program for young and big guests.

Selectum Family Resort Side 5*

Hotel Silence Beach Resort 5* will suit those who like an active holiday. There are several pools, including a pool for active swimming, water park with slides of different heights, Lunapark with all kinds of entertainment, children’s club. And that’s not all what Silence Beach Resort 5* has to offer. The beach with a pier, where you can sunbathe in the shadow of umbrellas, deserves special attention. In the evening the pier is a nice place for quiet walks. The hotel has many categories of rooms. A good room in the house at the lake – they have direct access to the pool, which creates a pleasant sense of privacy. And, of course, on such a large territory found a place for a variety of restaurants and bars of various orientations. There is even its own pastry shop with bright desserts and coffee.

Club Hotel Turan Prince World 5*

Club Hotel Turan Prince World 5* is a hotel, on the territory of which there is room for everything that tourists come to the Turkish coastline – a water park with different slides, an amusement park, which will certainly please children, a mini-zoo and playgrounds. On the beach for children, by the way, equipped with a play area in the shade, which is sometimes very helpful. Of course, the Club Hotel Turan Prince World 5 * has swimming pools and theme restaurants a la carte, and bars, and everything else, without which it is difficult to imagine a holiday in Side. Accommodation options at Club Hotel Turan Prince World 5* are many, there are family rooms, suites, standards, villas and rooms for people with disabilities too.

Lyra Resort & Spa 5*

Lyra Resort & Spa 5* is great, but if you’re a fan of privacy, this hotel will give a welcome feeling. Thanks to the large territory and its reasonable organization does not create a feeling of crowding. It is green, the sea breathes freshly, and umbrellas are opened on the beach, near the pools and on the beautiful large pier to protect you from the heat. Guests are accommodated in Lyra Resort & Spa 5* either in the main building or in villas, both of which are comfortable, quiet, bright and cozy. Villas are situated away from the main building and have their own swimming pool. It’s very convenient: if you want peace and quiet you don’t have to go far away from the “house”, and if your heart desires fun, entertainment, shows and delicacies from any restaurant or bar (and there are plenty of them) you may go for a walk.

Horus Paradise Luxury Resort 5*

Another hotel with lush green and lovingly landscaped grounds is Horus Paradise Luxury Resort 5*. Walking along the paths through a garden full of flowers and trees is such a pleasure, giving rest to the head, that it can hardly be compared with it. Well, except the rest on a comfortable beach. Or swimming in one of the many pools (for adults – their own, for kids, shallow, their own, there is a whirlpool, and slides, and even a pool with a waterfall). Or a trip to a restaurant – a choice of Mexican, Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean, or sitting in a bar (there are also many – there is a vitamin, and disco, and hookah bar, too, by the way, there is). You can still join the daytime activities, have fun in the evening. And you can even stay in the room, the interiors also dispose to rest.

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