The Crimea or Turkey: where to have a rest in 2022. Our review

Crimea or Turkey: where to go in 2022?

Turkey and the Crimea have long had their loyal fans, choosing annually their sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches. However, there are tourists who have not yet decided on their preferences. Those who are faced with the choice of where to go to rest in the summer of 2022, we offer to read the information about two popular resort destinations.

Tour prices

The cost of tours depends on the class and location of hotel complexes, service, food and infrastructure. The table shows the approximate prices for summer tours to Turkish and Crimean hotels (adult accommodation with breakfasts for 10 nights and airfare from Moscow). For comparison we have chosen hotels on the beachfront in some of the most popular resorts (information from websites Teztour and Travelata).

Hotel class Crimea (cost, thous. rub.) Turkey (cost, thous. rub.)
Yalta Evpatoria Alushta Antalya Kemer Belek
3* 50-120 50-100 50-100 40-55 35-45 40
4* 120-220 110-160 110-160 50-90 55-75 45-70
5* 140-250 120-200 120-220 90-150 60-80 66-85

For your information! Because of the great demand for rooms in the Crimean 3-5* complexes at the moment it is difficult to find inexpensive options. To stay on the peninsula at a price of a 3-star Turkish hotel (35-45 thousand rubles) will be possible only in hotels located in small towns and among private individuals.


Simeiz coast | Photo by Vlad Lukyanenko

Airfares to Simferopol:

Prices to Antalya:

Beaches and the sea

Most tourists associate summer vacations with beach holidays. In Turkey the bathing season begins in early May when the water is warm to 20-22 ° C, and lasts until November, in Crimea period, allowing you to swim in the sea, shorter – from the last week of spring, when the water warms up to 17-18 ° C, until early October.

Turkish coasts are washed by four seas – the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Aegean and Marmara. The first two are most popular among holidaymakers. A large number of beaches in Turkey were awarded the “Blue Flag”, which indicates their perfect purity.

Depending on personal preferences, tourists can choose a pebbly coastal strip near Kemer and Kanaklami or covered with sand beach areas of Antalya, Alanya, Side and Belek. All areas will be well equipped: the Turkish beaches have well-developed infrastructure, so they can be on it from morning till night.

In terms of comfort beach holidays Crimea is inferior to Turkey. Within the popular resorts in the summer period is difficult to find free space, and tourists have to go to the sea in the early morning to take a comfortable place. Some prefer to rent a car, gaining access to more remote and therefore less crowded areas. The infrastructure of many beaches in the Crimea does not meet the European level: not everywhere there are toilets and cabins for changing, there are no cafes and other amenities.

Despite the lack of amenities, the Crimean coast has its own advantages. To vacation on the peninsula you can choose sandy beaches of Feodosia, Evpatoria and Alushta or Yalta shores covered with pebbles. Last surrounded by juniper and pine forests, making the air at the resorts of curative. In addition, the Crimea is washed by two seas – the Azov and Black, the first shallow and absolutely safe for bathing small children.

If we consider the Crimea and Turkey for recreation with children at sea, in May and October is better to go to the Turkish resorts, because the peninsula can present unpleasant weather surprises. In the beginning of the beach season the water in the Crimea is not warm enough, and in the autumn the wind often picks up strong waves. In terms of comfortable sandy beaches with gentle entrances to the sea, both areas are suitable for family holidays.

Anapa - the Crimea: how to reach

Materials on the topic:


According to the level of hotel service Crimea strongly lags behind Turkey. Certainly, there are decent complexes with well-developed infrastructure, “all-inclusive” meals and high-quality service on the peninsula, but the cost of living in them is high.

We recommend tourists with a limited budget to choose Turkish hotels and meals All inclusive. Even in three-star hotels vacationers have everything they need – beach with free sun loungers and umbrellas, at least one pool, every day meals, entertainment programs for adults and children. Paying the same money in the Crimea, travelers are limited to staying in a modest hotel and not always near the sea.

It is worth noting and amenities for families with children. In Turkey, especially in Alanya, there are many hotels with family rooms. The room has a large double bed and bunk bed for children. Room area is not less than 35 square meters, which is very convenient.

Do not forget about the entertainment on the territory, in Turkey there are amazing complexes with good water parks for their guests.

To the Crimean hotels, close to the Turkish level, include:

  • Bristol Hotel, located in the center of Yalta;
  • Riviera Sunrise Resort & Spa in Alushta;
  • Levant Eco Hotel, Yalta;
  • Palmira Palace in Kurpaty;
  • Rezidentsiya Krymskiy Briz (Parkovoye).

According to Tripadvisor reviews, all the complexes were rated high (4.5 points out of 5 and above). Holidaymakers mention a high level of service, varied menu and developed infrastructure.

Meals in Turkey

4 Star Hotel (Turkey, Kemer) | Photo by Aram Sabah

Where to eat well

One of the important components of leisure – food. Many tourists are wondering where to vacation in the Crimea or Turkey, to avoid the hassle of cooking or finding a cafe, but at the same time to eat delicious and high quality products.

Because of the popular system of “all inclusive” most travelers choose Turkish hotels, where guests are not only free of attachment to the time of eating, but there is a wide variety of dishes. An important feature is the availability of children’s menus in many hotels.

However, despite the range on offer tourists often have negative comments about the taste of meat products, sausages, cheese, as well as juices and local wine. In 3-star hotels you may not find fish on trays, and meat in its pure form is not often served. In addition, the declared children’s food concept does not always meet the expectations of parents, who try to find porridge, boiled vegetables and soups for children, but get French fries, pizza and hamburgers.

There is an abundance of olive oil on the tables of hotels of all levels:

  • olives;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • Rice, lentils, potatoes as a side dish;
  • pastries and sweets.

Note: The assortment of food in different Turkish complexes is very different and if one can serve once a week a turkey, in the other daily menu includes several kinds of meat and fish. We advise to give preference to the hotels of chain Papillon and Rixos.

Following the tourist demand, Crimean hotels tend to develop a buffet concept, but only some offer guests All Innservice. As a rule, the cost of tours with this type of food is high, so travelers prefer to choose accommodation with breakfasts. Lunch and dinner guests go to a cafe or canteen. The exception is the guests of budget sanatoriums, which serve a modest three meals a day.

Speaking about the taste characteristics of food, tourists are satisfied with meat and dairy products, as well as seasonal fruits. Crimean wine is also in demand.

Materials on the topic:

Prices for entertainment

Those who decide whether Crimea or Turkey, which is better for recreation, will need information about the cost of entertainment in the resorts.

Holidays in the Crimea with children - 2022. Best resorts and hotels

Many Turkish hotels offer an extensive animation program for both adults and children: a variety of master classes, sports, spa treatments, evening shows, disco and more. In addition to swimming pools on the territory of complexes placed water slides, sports and children’s playgrounds. Often tourists do not go beyond the hotel, which saves money on entertainment.

For active travelers the table shows the cost of Turkish entertainment.

Kind of Entertainment Cost in rubles
diving 3300-4100 for a day program including 2 dives
balloon flight in Cappadocia 13100
paraglider flight 9300
jeep safari 3000-4000
sea fishing 4500-6000
yacht trip from 2600
cable car ride up to Tahtaly 4500
Turkish night, including show and dinner from 2200
hammam 1500-2250
oceanarium from 3370
dolphinarium, water park from 2250
“Dinopark from 2250
“Discovery Park (amusement for children + zoo) 3700-4500

All prices are given per $1 = 75 rubles.

Service of the majority of Crimean hotels is limited to the provision of rooms and food, so vacationers have their own entertainment and children. However, compared to Turkey, the prices for entertainment on the peninsula differ democracy.

Kind of Entertainment Cost in rubles
banana from 400
knickers from 700
quad bike from 1500
waterpark 850-1400
flyboard 2500-3000
jet ski from 2000
parasailing from 3000
paraglider flight 2500-3000 (from the top of Ai-Petri – 8000)
horseback trip 700-800
jeep safari from 1500
boat ride 500-600
Cableway ride up to Ai-Petri 400
park of lions Taigan 1000
dolphinarium, water park from 800
oceanarium 300-700

Prices for excursions

Crimea and Turkey are rich in historical, architectural and natural sights. Since the Crimean peninsula is characterized by small size, most of them are within 1-2 hours drive from any resort. Availability and low cost makes sightseeing vacation in the Crimea attractive to all categories of tourists, even traveling with small children.

Most of the Turkish sights are concentrated in the capital or in remote places away from the resorts, so one tour can take 1-2 days (the cost of such tours is much higher than trips to the Crimea). If the most popular places of the peninsula can be seen on a rented car in one trip, in Turkey to do it will not work. Nevertheless, Russian tourists, being in a foreign country will be interesting to get acquainted with its history, culture and natural features. Below are the prices for major tours.

Name Cost in rubles
Turkey $1=75 rubles. Istanbul sightseeing (2 days) 15000-16000
Pamukkale 4500
Cappadocia (2 days) from 9300
The ancient cities of Demre and Mira, as well as the sunken city near the island of Kekova. 4100
Ruins of Aspendos and Kursunlu National Park 3700
Antalya/Alanya/Side (sightseeing tours) 2600/1850/3350
island of turtles 4500
Crimea Yevpatoria/Yalta (sightseeing) 3300/3700
off-road vehicle tour on Chatyr-Dag 2500
Palace tour 850-3900
Ascent on Ai-Petri 1100
natural objects of Alushta 2000
Bakhchisaray and Khan Palace 3400

What to see

Those who are interested in Crimea or Turkey, where to go to diversify the rest on the coast sightseeing, we advise to use your budget. Get acquainted with the Turkish neighborhoods will require a large financial investment, while you can travel around the peninsula by renting a car without significant financial outlay.

For tourists who have decided not to leave the Russian borders, we recommend that you include the following in the list of must-see sites:

  • Mount Ai-Petri with the nearby caves Geofizicheskaya, Yalta and Trehglazka (Ledyanaya);
  • Cave Kizil-Koba;
  • The castle on the rock “Swallow’s Nest” and the famous palaces: Vorontsov, Livadia, Massandra and Khan;
  • The pink lake Sasyk-Sivash;
  • Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall;
  • The ruins of the ancient Tauric Chersonese;
  • Svyato-Uspensky cave monastery;
  • The Grand Canyon with the suspension bridge (can be visited in August-September);
  • Cufut Qale (cave city);
  • Nikitsky Botanic Garden and Paradise Park;
  • The Genoese fortress in Sudak.
Crimea in the winter 2021-2022. Holidays in December, January, February

Those who choose to vacation in Turkey, we advise to begin acquaintance with the inspection of its main attractions. These include:

  • The Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Cathedral and the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul;
  • Bosphorus;
  • Pamukkale Thermal Baths and Cleopatra Pool;
  • Damlatas Cave;
  • Düden Waterfalls;
  • Cappadocia with its unusual landscapes and underground cities;
  • Ancient Troy and Ephesus;
  • Side (old town);
  • the fortress of Alanya;
  • Lycian tombs.

The Crimea or Turkey – where to go?

The answer to the question of where to go to rest in 2022 – in Turkey or the Crimea, depends on several factors – the season of the trip, the travel goals and financial capabilities.

  • In spring and mid-autumn preference is better to give Turkey, where the water at this time is warm enough, especially worth looking towards the Aegean Sea.
  • If the purpose of the trip is to warm up in the sun and swim budget, we advise to choose Turkish hotels with the concept of “all inclusive”. Good options are in the villages of Kirish and Chamyuva.
  • Active travelers with a modest budget is better suited vacation in the Crimea (subject to rent a car).
  • Holidays with small children is more comfortable in Turkey, but to cope with emergencies (eg, deteriorating health) is easier in their country. In turn in the Crimea, we advise to look for lodging closer to hospitals, as on vacation with a child you will often visit her.

Important: At the time of writing, those returning from Turkey need to take two PCR tests for coronavirus. Since the average cost of each is 1800-2800 rubles, you should add 3600-5600 rubles to the cost of travel for one person.

Journey to the Crimea and Turkey allows you to devote time to beach vacation or combine it with sightseeing. Both directions are suitable for all categories of tourists, from young people and couples to the elderly. The decision about the choice of resort depends on personal ideas about recreation and the associated costs.

How to save money on a trip? Working tiphacks!

  • We recommend searching for the best hotel prices on ROOMGURU . The search engine searches among all the hotel databases on the internet, even from giants like Booking, and compares prices. If you like to use your smartphone, the Lodging Search app is a must. It’s very convenient to open your options upon arrival and book immediately.
  • Advantageous to insure your health and life while traveling will help service TRIPINSURANCE, the search engine shows the results of all major insurance companies. You need to choose only the most favourable option, but we advise you not to save on your health!
  • Airfare? We advise you to use AVIASALES, it is still the no.1 search engine among independent travelers.

My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I have experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, about which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

The Crimea or Turkey: what is better for recreation

Honestly compare popular vacation spots by the sea and decide where it is better.

I have been many times in the Crimea and Turkey, and both places are dear to my heart. However, if we judge objectively, where is better to go on vacation? Definitely in Turkey. At first glance resorts are similar, but Turkey wins almost all criteria, and the Crimea is still far away from it. Let’s compare them according to different parameters.


Tour prices

You’ll be surprised, but to relax in a good hotel in the Crimea is more expensive than in Turkey. At first glance, the prices of tours in hotels 3*, 4* and 5* do not differ much. But in the Crimea is high probability to get unpleasant impressions from 5-star hotels, and in Turkey to have a rest in a good “three” is almost like a “five”. We advise to read hotel reviews carefully when booking a tour and not to be enticed by the beautiful photos! Learn how to buy a tour cheaper.

Top 10 Hotels in Crimea with a Heated Pool

Look for tours at the best price on Level.Travel and Travellata sites – they are convenient and reliable services, we buy tours only there.

We flew in the high season from Moscow to Kemer for 33600 rubles. We lived 7 days in a quiet and modest apart-hotel with a pool, without meals. For such conditions it is not expensive, but there were tours and for 21000 rubles with meals in large hotel complexes.

In the table below I have given prices for tours to the Crimea and Turkey for a week with a flight from Moscow in the summer of 2022. Through the slash – all-inclusive prices.

Category Crimea Turkey
1* (without *) from 25000 / from 48000 from 54000 / from 56000
2* from 29000 / from 47000 from 47000 / from 55000
3* from 300000 / from 53000 from 46000 / from 47000
4* from 43000 / from 80000 from 50000 / from 50000
5* from 180000 / from 185000 from 60000 / from 60000

Beach recreation

Beaches in the Crimea and Turkey are different: sandy, pebbly, sandy-pebbly, stony. Almost all are free – with rare exceptions. But in Turkey the sea and beaches are certainly much better than the Crimean. There are cleaner and more beautiful, and public beaches are very well-appointed and thought-out: changing rooms, showers, toilets, wooden walkways, a lot of deck chairs and umbrellas. There are no rusty armature on the beach and disintegrating concrete breakwaters with obscene graffiti. There is all for beautiful and comfortable beach rest! Plus the underwater world – the Black Sea in this plan strongly loses.

On a resort infrastructure the Crimea also loses – almost everywhere shines through sovok, and somewhere and looks nakedly. One is glad – gradually the peninsula is being equipped! Read our guide on the Crimean resorts to choose the right one.

Where to go on vacation Crimea or Turkey

Cinematic beach in Antalya. In terms of landscaping and beauty the beaches and the sea in Turkey are better than in the Crimea!


If on vacation for you the main thing – a good hotel with excellent service and animation, you’d better go to Turkey, not the Crimea.

There are not so many good hotels in the Crimea, and the ones you have are expensive. At the same time the service is not as good as in Turkey, the tourists complain. Here they just started to practice “all-inclusive” with buffet service in 4* and 5* hotels. With sanatoriums and resorts all is sad – they often carry out only cosmetic repairs, and the price tag at that is high.

But the Crimea has an advantage: unlike Turkey, there are not only 4* and 5* hotels, but also guest houses, villas, 3* hotels and even a private sector in the first line. If you do not care about the stardom of the hotel and service, you can have a relatively inexpensive vacation by the sea!

In the case of Turkish hotels in general everything is fine, but choose complexes younger, double-check the cheap rooms and carefully read the negative reviews.

Useful services for self-booking accommodation:

    – The world’s most popular hotel booking service. – compare prices of hotels and guest houses on different services. – Houses and apartments for rent in Crimea from individuals.

Where to have a rest in Turkey or the Crimea

Our small hotel in Kemer. No compatriots, animation and discos.

On this point Turkey is also ahead of the Crimea – “all inclusive” with a wide range of dishes and alcohol won the stomach of more than one Russian. For the lazy beach holiday, where tourists move mainly by the route “room – restaurant – pool – bar” this, of course, is ideal.

Livadia Palace

Even if you like an active holiday and have chosen a hotel without meals, the problems with food in the Turkish resorts will not be – at least at every step there are kebab shops! Plus this way you will try a lot of national dishes. For example, we just lived in Kemer on a tour without food and did not suffer at all. Learn what to try from the food in Turkey.

And in the Crimea, hotels with meals a little, but a lot of dining rooms, cafes and restaurants. Cuisine varies from the Crimean Tatar to Japanese. However, the quality of food and prices do not correspond, unlike Turkey. To feed children is not a problem, there are supermarkets where you can buy baby food.

Where to have a rest in Turkey or the Crimea

We believe that all inclusive is a crime against the national cuisine of Turkey.

Prices for entertainment

Prices for holidays in Turkey and the Crimea are almost the same. Water parks cost $25-30, and tickets to the dolphinarium cost about $14-16. Up to $ 40 cost yachting without diving, and $ 60-70 per hour with diving.

In Turkey, there are a variety of tours – from simple sightseeing to extreme tours. Prices start at $50. Tourists usually have popular walks on a ship. In the Crimea, too, there is no shortage of tours – the embankments are full of beggars.

Look at the example of Kemer, how much it costs to rest in the resorts of Turkey.

Nature and attractions

In my opinion, the nature of the Crimea and coastal Turkey are very similar – so I do not even know where to go. In the Crimea, I admire the nature of the South Coast, Novy Svet and the distant Tarkhankut. And in Turkey I liked the neighborhood of Kemer and the Prince’s Islands, also I want to go to Cappadocia and Pamukkale. There are a lot of excursions, and it is not a problem to see everything on your own. We have the same interesting time – by car or bike we explore the surroundings.

As for history and culture, all the sights of the Crimea is covered only by Istanbul – be sure to go there! Especially since it is quite inexpensive.

The amphitheater in Fazelis, near Kemer. We came here by bus, but many tourists come to the ancient city on “pirate” ships as part of the tour. The beach “Bounty” at Cape Vineyard near Sevastopol. I can not believe that such beauty is in the Crimea!

Where is better – in the Crimea or in Turkey?

If you want a lazy holiday and excellent service at a low price, go to Turkey. There will also be comfortable for families with children, especially if you take an all-inclusive meal.

We advise to go to the Crimea on your own and actively explore the peninsula – there are so many beautiful and unusual places! Another pluses of the Crimea is the absence of the language barrier and the ability to get on any transport. But going to the peninsula for a beautiful vacation in an expensive hotel is a dubious idea. It is better to wait until the level of service rises.

Concerning the question of where it is cheaper – in the Crimea or Turkey: the classical beach rest in comfortable conditions in Turkey is cheaper. Both on tour and on your own. But if you are unpretentious in terms of conditions in the Crimea will be cheaper. See how much we spend on vacation in the Crimea.

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Where to have a rest in Turkey or the Crimea

A picturesque bay in ancient Phaselis.

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