The Dominican Republic for $1000 for two: Day 5. Auto-trip begins

How to fly cheap to the Dominican Republic

Holidays in the Dominican Republic is not traditionally associated with the most budget and commonly available resort. Experienced amateurs of this resort already know the details of recreation and some secrets that will tell you how to get a cheap flight to the Dominican Republic. In this article we want to share with you useful tips, because if you look only at the ticket price, you can already exclude the option of such an expensive trip. But luckily that’s not always the case. There are a number of ways to make your vacation enjoyable, not only for your soul, but also for your wallet.

Cheapest tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscow

How to choose the perfect time to fly to the Dominican Republic

Most Russian tourists don’t know when it’s cheap to fly to the Dominican Republic. Period, when you can fly to this paradise on the budget is the beginning of April and it lasts until September. The tour includes:

  • flight (with fuel surcharge);
  • lodging;
  • transfer;
  • medical insurance;
  • meals of your choice.

Therefore, the cheapest tours to the Dominican Republic from Moscow should be looked for during this period. Their price will range from 69 thousand to 80 thousand rubles for two people for 5 days. This price is not a bait for tourists, and it has a logical explanation. The fact is that during this period there are not many tourists, because of the beginning of the rainy season in these areas. The tourist peak is in the dry season, from December to March.

But if you go in the rainy season, it does not mean that the vacation can be put a cross, on the contrary, the strong tropical heat will fall, and the sea will be warm. Even if the weather forecasters threaten you with bad weather, don’t worry, tropical rain is very different from our rainfall.

The longest downpour in the Dominican Republic lasts less than 20 minutes. So only if this point stops you from saving money on your vacation, it is an unfounded concern.

How to get to the Dominican Republic?

The cheapest way to get to the Dominican Republic is to fly with a travel agent. They often use a system of discounts. But if you still decided to get to your destination on your own, then there are a number of tips how to get to the Dominican Republic cheaper flight.

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In order not to waste money, plan your vacation in advance, regularly monitor the hot tours and special offers from airlines. Buying tickets 40 days before departure, you can save at least 20% of the cost of travel. The airlines will raise ticket prices many times two weeks before departure.

Do not put off buying a return ticket for a long time. Reasonably priced plane tickets go quickly as hotcakes. But remember the subtlety, the cheaper the ticket, the more difficulties may arise in its exchange or refund. If you are traveling with more than three people, buy a block of seats at once, it will cost much more.

Before buying a ticket consider the route, if your arrival point is the northern part of the Dominican Republic, then flying even with a connection through the United States will cost you less than flying across Europe.

When is the cheapest time to go to the Dominican Republic?

Saving on a connecting flight

The only direct flights to the Dominican Republic are charter flights. The price ranges from 35,000 to 70,000 rubles. So, speaking of savings, there is no other choice but to give preference to a flight with a connection. There are several options to buy a ticket with a connection and stay in the plus:

  1. Buy the cheapest ticket to New York, look ahead from there to the Dominican Republic, it might make sense to linger for a couple of days in the heart of America. Sometimes renting an apartment is times cheaper than buying an expensive ticket for a flight without a long wait. The only disadvantage of this flight is the need for a transit visa; Price to New York – 14000 rubles, New York – Punta Cana – 9200. The total is 23200.
  2. Flying through London is also not a bad idea. But it is a good idea if you have planned your trip well in advance. The ticket price from Moscow to London is 9000 rubles if you booked at an early stage (57-60 days before departure). In London, you will change to a flight to Punta Cana. Such a flight will cost you many times less, even than the direct flight.
  3. A flight through Madrid can help you have a cheaper vacation if you are flying with Aeroflot. You can fly from Madrid to Punta Cana on PullmanturAir.
On your own to the Dominican Republic - 2022. My travel review

How to fly cheap to the Dominican Republic

To sum it all up, if you follow our tips, it will help you save significantly on your trip.

  1. Seasonality. The period that you choose to travel should coincide with the absence of holidays in the country, various carnivals.
  2. Do not rush to buy tickets on the first available flight. Wait until the airline Delta Air Lines starts selling tickets. Usually they have the cheapest tickets on sale.
  3. Early booking will help you save on your ticket purchase.
  4. The best time to arrive in Punta Cana is in the evening.
  5. The chosen day of arrival also play an important role when buying a ticket, look also the distance from the point of arrival to the destination airport. Remember, the shorter the distance, the lower the cost of the ticket. Flights on Saturday are more expensive than on weekdays.

Cheaper to fly to the Dominican Republic

Comfortable airlines

But cheap doesn’t mean bad. Speaking of long flights, tourists think of the comfort of the flight and the food during transportation. Experienced travelers who know the value of comfort and money are confident that by choosing the above options for a budget flight, they can get high quality service.

There are 4 meals a day on board of the flight on the route Moscow – London – Punta Cana, as well as numerous snacks capable of satisfying the sense of hunger. Small screens are installed in the back of the seats to make the 12-hour trip unnoticeable. The plane’s exposure to the turbulence typical of a flight across the Atlantic Ocean is also practically unnoticeable.

The Dominican Republic for $1000 for two: Day 5. Auto-trip begins

How we rented a car in the Dominican Republic and drove across the country from south to north to the Samaná Peninsula. A navigation error for which we paid the price in time and nerves.

So much for the end of a life of satiety! After 20 days (16 on the cruise and 4 in the Dominican Republic) of living the all-inclusive lifestyle, it was time to return to the harsh reality.

The 7 best all-inclusive 5-star hotels in Punta Cana

We ate two last breakfasts (not out of greed, but to save time, so we wouldn’t have to look for lunch), put our backpacks on our backs, and left the hotel to go on our adventures.

We took a shuttle to meet them. After changing three shuttles, we did the almost impossible thing of getting from the resort area to La Romana airport by public transportation, bypassing the dodgy cab drivers. Instead of $30, we spent less than $3. Bless you, cab mafia!

Rent a car in the Dominican Republic

We got a car at La Romana airport.

There was a Kia Rio automatic waiting for us at the airport. Renting a car in the Dominican Republic is not cheap. But there is a workaround! The secret is simple – it is necessary to take a car not in popular tourist cities, and on the sidelines. For example, the cost of renting a car at the airport of La Romana is quite low: only $ 27 a day. For comparison, the price at our hotel was from $ 60, and in Punta Cana even more expensive. Unfortunately, I missed my booking and the prices for my dates went up – I ended up paying $170 for 4 days, and could have gotten away with $110. The moral is simple: always book tickets, hotels and cars 2-3 months before a trip, don’t procrastinate!

I found the lowest prices for rental cars in the Dominican Republic on There I booked it.

Rent a car in the Dominican Republic

Our rental car.

We get in the car, fill up 10 gallons to a full tank and go, travel!

Our destination is the Samaná Peninsula in the north of the country. We’ve been to the Caribbean Sea, and now the long, deserted Atlantic beaches, rainforests, and waterfalls are waiting for us. We drive to the farthest village Las Galeras. It is almost 300 km away. There are only five light hours left, we can’t delay. Let’s go!

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in January 2022. Weather and temperature

Hike Dominican Republic

Beer ads and a half-empty highway between Santo Domingo and Punta Cana.

At first it was fine. We were flying 110 km/h on a great unencumbered highway with the air conditioner and music. It felt so good that we relaxed. Relaxed and skipped the right exit. And that’s when the shit kicked in.

We found ourselves in a big city, which is a real hell for a motorist. I hope this is where all the badass drivers end up when they die. I’m a careful driver, but I guess I did something wrong once, so I ended up here, but not for long.

Hike Dominican Republic

Hell of a traffic jam.

So we’re in the anthill. We’re going in three lanes on a narrow street, with oncoming traffic coming from all directions: from left, right, and across (!), wild trucks trying to squeeze through, bikes clinging to the sides, beggars and peddlers knocking at windows, honking from behind, shifting from the front, cutting in from the side. Whereas ordinary city driving in Russia is 2D, in Dominican anthills it’s 5D. How glad I am that I have an automatic here – at least a little easier! All this fun stretched for 1.5 hours – it cost us dearly to make a mistake in the navigation.

Then we were back on the highway and life got back on track – we were driving along a great highway and admiring the scenery of the central part of the island.

Hike Dominican Republic

A perfect road through the center of the country.

However, the last 90 km of Saman we drove through endless villages: heavy traffic, mopeds, pedestrians, shuttles, trucks, scary potholes and high speed bumps. On the way we had a pizza, and it was after dark. Tomorrow we will walk along the wild beaches – I hope they were worth it.

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