The most beautiful and interesting places in the Crimea

20 most beautiful places of Crimea

The Crimean Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. And thanks to the construction of a grandiose bridge across the Kerch Strait, getting to its wonders and sights has become easier. If you are planning your first trip to the “peninsula that came home”, or have already been there on vacation, but want to see something new and interesting, we suggest the most beautiful places of Crimea . The list was compiled taking into account the reviews of tourists on review sites, as well as recommendations from travel agencies.

Uchansu Falls

The name of the largest waterfall of the peninsula in Turkic means “flying water”. There is a beautiful legend that a beautiful girl was turned into a waterfall, who, becoming a rushing stream, helped her loved ones to get rid of drought. In the summer months the waterfall is not particularly impressive, but during the melting snow in Yalta Yaila, it fully justifies its name.

Swallow’s Nest

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions, placed on a lot of postcards and photos, dedicated to the Crimea. The castle is in Neo-Gothic style and is built on the steep Aurora Cliff. There is a wishing tree and viewing platforms near it, and there are art exhibitions inside the castle.

Valley of Ghosts

This mysterious place is full of bizarrely shaped rocks. Some of them look like people and animals, others look like objects or fantastic creatures. At sunrise and sunset, the figures seem to come to life and change their shape, color, and even form due to the play of light and shadows.


You can admire the beautiful sights from the picturesque Ai-Petri Mountain. You can get to the top of the mountain with the help of the cableway Miskhor-Ai-Petri, and then you can go back down through the most beautiful Taraktashsky path that leads straight to Yalta.

Livadia Palace

The former summer residence of Nicholas II as a meeting place for Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill. In this palace took place the Yalta conference of 1945, where were solved the issues of the post-war order. Currently thematic exhibitions are held in the palace, and there are two permanent exhibitions: one devoted to the Romanov family, and the other – to the Crimean Conference of leaders of the anti-Hitler coalition.

Karadag Reserve

When visiting this natural monument, tourists are only allowed to be accompanied by staff of the reserve, and to move along the special ecological trails. Many flora and fauna species of the Karadag Reserve are listed in the Red Book. During the four-hour tour you can admire the unusual rock formations (the “King and Queen,” “Ivan the Robber,” “Golden Gate,” etc.), numerous bays and the enchanting beauty of the Black Sea.

Marble Cave

One of the Crimea’s most beautiful sights is divided into several halls, each having its own unique appearance. Beautiful crystals, sintered columns, openwork tubs and pools, and other wonders of this treasury of the mountain king make the Marble Cave a must-see in the Crimea. Only dress warmer, because in the underground chambers of the temperature does not rise above 8 degrees Celsius.

Massandra Palace

The construction of this palace took a long time – from 1881 to 1902. However, it was not destined to become at least a temporary home for the first persons of the Russian Empire, the last Russian autocrat preferred Livadia Palace. Nowadays Massandra palace attracts tourists with its beautiful park and park zone.

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Lake Panagia

Near the village Zelenogorye in the gorge is the clearest deep-water lake Panagia whose waters have an emerald tint. They reflect the mountain peaks that surround the lake. In the neighborhood of Panagia are Arpatskie cascades of waterfalls.

Swan Islands

In the reserve with the beautiful name in summer there are up to 5 thousand swans and up to 250 species of migratory birds. Seagulls, ducks, cormorants, gray and white herons and other birds inhabit six islands stretching along the Black Sea coast of the Karkinit Gulf.

Jur-Jur Waterfall

Jur-Jur is not comparable with the highest waterfalls in the world by size, but it is the most full-flowing and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Crimea. Per second, he throws out up to 270 liters of water. It is better to admire this miracle of nature in the distance, he not only makes a noise, but also “throws” the stones that fly down with the water.

Tauric Chersonesos

In the 5th century BC one of the main historical monuments of the Crimea was an important Greek settlement. Now you can visit Tauric Chersonesos on your own or with a guide who will tell you about Greek customs, traditions and legends.

Cape Chameleon

This cape got its name because it changes color depending on the time of day and weather. It consists of clay shale, which reflects the light in different ways.

Bakalskaya Spit

This landscape park is located near the village Steregushche – one of the most inexpensive places to rest in the Crimea. There are no equipped beaches on the territory of the spit, but there are “wild” beaches with pleasant yellow sand. It is a perfect place for walking and relaxing.

Vorontsov Palace

The Crimea has some of the most beautiful palaces in Russia. And one of them is the Vorontsov Palace, which bears the name of its customer – Count M.S. Vorontsov. The building is unique in its mix of Indo-Moorish and English Tudor architectural styles. The palace is surrounded by a large and well-groomed park and in the building is a museum with a pompous interior.

Yalta embankment

Chekhov and Esenin used to walk along this mile long embankment. Yalta embankment is richly ‘flavored’ with greenery, and combines modern chic and elegant antiquity. On its territory there are bars, restaurants, hotels, children’s amusement park, as well as swimming pools Roffe, built in the late 19th century.

Balaklava Bay

This is the main attraction of the small resort town of Balaklava. The bay is little visible from the sea, the winding fairway protects it from strong waves, and the steep cliffs – from the wind. The best way to view the scenery of Balaklava Bay is by boat, skiff or climbing to the fortress Cembalo – it offers a spectacular view of the sea expanses.

Lavender Fields

While lavender is considered the hallmark of French Provence, the Crimea is no less beautiful lavender fields. You can see them on both sides of the road Simferopol-Sudak, on Cape Tarkhankut and near Alushta, near the village of Lavender.

Cape Fiolent

The main feature of this piece of land, formed by volcanic rocks, are the intricately shaped rocks and clear sea with emerald green water. To the east of the cape is Jasper beach, to which there is a ladder with 800 steps.

Baidar valley.

This huge hollow, situated on the southeast of the peninsula, is surrounded on all sides by green mountains. Many rivers flow into the valley and form small waterfalls. In the middle of the valley there is Chernorechenskaya water reservoir – the biggest in the Crimea. Baidar valley grows a lot of rare plants, and for its pleasant mild climate, it received the unofficial title of the “Crimean Switzerland”.

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Top 10 my favorite places in the Crimea, which we visited

There is not much time left before the New Year 2018, in this regard, I congratulate everyone with the upcoming holidays, I wish you interesting travels and amazing discoveries in the new year, health to you and your iron horses, clear skies overhead and smooth roads under the wheels! In anticipation of new adventures and travels decided to make a list of places in the Crimea, which blows my mind from the beauty. Let’s dream a little about the summer, maybe someone will use these points on the map, and someone just enjoys watching the already familiar species. In Crimea we have been more than once, we saw a lot of interesting things, but not everything! I have written about our journey in great detail, and now present your list – TOP10, what was remembered most of all personally to ME :) So, here we go…

1. Novyi Svet Village

Novy Svit village (44.829671, 34.914622) we like the peaceful nature, location, turquoise bays, delicious food. We also rented a 3+2 in it. The beach village is very beautiful, on both sides of the towering mountains of Eagle and Falcon. In origin Falcon and its neighboring mountains are ancient coral reefs that rose from the receding sea. Here you can stroll along the trail Golitsyn and swim in all three bays for all tastes and colors in the literal sense of the word.

2. Cape Fiolent

Here you can find almost wild beaches of incredible beauty located at Cape Fiolent (44.502689, 33.48619) . Cape Fiolent is located on the south of the Heracleian Peninsula and marks the westernmost point of the main ridge of Crimean Mountains. Once there was an ancient volcano that extinguished in times immemorial. As a result of relentless wave work over hundreds of thousands of years, and due to sea level rise, the volcano was partially destroyed, but its remnants can still be seen on Cape Fiolent.

The grandiose cliff of Fiolent and the picturesque coastal cliffs are formed by volcanic tuff and petrified lava flows. Cape Fiolent is a landscape reserve of the unique nature of Crimea. Beautiful majestic rocks, piles of stones, put their green algae-covered backs of the transparent clear water, grottos, niches, bizarre figures of weathering, spectacular views – all this attracts a lot of tourists and leads to a slow but inevitable building Cape Fiolent neighborhood: (More about this wonderful place can be found in my posts: – Fiolent – Land of the Gods or 800 steps to happiness – Crimean Kaleidoscope 2017. Emerald beaches of Cape Fiolent

3. Wild beaches of the Azov Sea

The so-called General’s beaches of the eastern coast of Crimea. These picturesque bays are located on the territory of Karalar landscape park. Everywhere are signs that access to the sea is restricted or prohibited, so be careful. But no one prohibits walking and swimming! You have to go to the Azov Sea to the village Golden (45.426854, 36.078999). Then turn right off the rural road on a hill and climb gently over the rocks to reach a fairly passable dirt track. We drive along the rocky seashore, pausing from time to time to choose a secluded bay that we liked.

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And then we get to the next hill, and we see the next picture. Tiredness recedes when the eyes open up the incredible beauty of the Crimean beaches. There are countless beaches in these parts, for every taste and size. To some you can get only by descending the steep slopes. The interesting thing – behind us surrounded the sandy-red steppe, heat and arid climate, but it was worth approaching the sea – there below lay dozens of bays quite small and larger with a completely tropical landscape.

4. The golden beaches of the Black Sea

Moving from the village Beregovoj you must drive on the road Kerch Peninsula and turn right – 45.275971, 36.099855. Wild beaches of the Black Sea with golden sand of frayed seashells are near the Opuksky reserve. So, we turn off the highway and go through the villages of Marfovka, Ptashkino, Marievka. Then Borisovka village (45.096841, 36.223977) – the main trick – here the asphalt ends and there are a lot of dirt roads in different directions. You have to choose the right one not to run into a barrier with a gamekeeper :)

If you are lucky with the weather, you’ll see (if you’re lucky with the weather) tender, calm sea, full calm, and snow-white clouds in the sky. The soft sand is so gentle and warm. Water in the sea is very warm and clear. Here really is very cool in the sunny and windless weather. From here you can see the rocks-ships made of reef limestone, as much as 4 kilometers from the shore!

The sea blue, clean as a teardrop water, fine golden sand of frayed shells, a moderate climate, dry air, light breeze, bringing the scent of steppe grasses – all this creates a feeling of comfort and serenity. The bottom of the beach is flat and gently enters the sea, in shallow water is convenient for small children to swim. Very nice and no soul around for many kilometers.

5. Pink lake Koyashskoe.

Koyash salt lake (45.063244, 36.174013) is located just next to the golden beaches described above. It is separated from the Black Sea by a thin strip of land. The ethereal scenery of the lake is mesmerizing! The air is heated and swaying on the horizon, the unusual shade of water and dry cracked soil – all this creates a sense of unreality. The Koyash Lake, a natural wonder of the Crimea, plays with the incredible color palette of its water surface and possesses several unique features. It is the saltiest on the Crimean peninsula, and it is rich in healing muds.

We walk on the snow-white salt as if it were snow, and it crunches under your feet like that :) The farther you go to the center of the lake, the wetter it becomes, and pink salty water appears in your footsteps. What is interesting, the shade of water in the lake is constantly changing depending on the light. And the smell of this body of water is very pleasant! In the shade the lake is pale pink, and when the sun looks out of the clouds – it becomes a rich coral shade. More photos and information can be found at the link Crimean Kaleidoscope 2017. The unearthly pink lake

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6. Ai-Petri Mountain

Once upon a time, we went to the Crimea by train and the first time we got to Ai-Petri ( 44.451622, 34.059991 ) with a tour, we had a small time slot to walk around it. And this time we went up on our own by cable car, leaving our Elephant at the bottom.

From the top there are stunning views of the coastal villages Alupka, Koreiz and Gaspra. From here you can see how the turquoise smooth surface of the sea turns smoothly into the same boundless sky. Above there was still a cafe with a very tasty cuisine “Height” if I am not mistaken, then it stood on a precipice above the abyss. Now the whole territory of the reserve cleared away, judging by the information.

Worth to visit at least once at sunrise or sunset, walk to the famous peaks of Ai-Petri with a suspension bridge at an altitude of 1234 meters. The views are kryshesnosirnye, clouds are literally floating under your feet. True, a lot of people, but you can still abstract and feel the greatness of nature, to dream.

7. Snow-white rock of Ak-Kaya.

Once on our way back from our first trip to the Crimea after joining Russia, we visited the most beautiful array of the outer ridge of the Crimean mountains. It is located inside the peninsula, near the town of Belogorsk. And we are talking about the majestic and very beautiful rock Ak-Kaya, located near the village of White Rock (45.105219, 34.624106). It is located in the center of the steppe Crimea, in Belogorskiy area and is visible directly from the highway.

Ak-Kaya admired probably all those who passed through the valley of the river Biyuk-Karasu. Almost 100-meter steep precipice of limestone rises on the conic base of white marl, cut by deep ravines. Having enjoyed this unimaginable view from below, we continue our way along the cliff, skirting its walls along the perimeter. Like an impregnable fortress Ak-Kaya mountain rises, nearer it is even more beautiful. You can see all the layers of ancient rock, which was formed millions of years ago.

The height of the White Cliff reaches 325 meters, so if you come to her feet and look up, it seems infinitely high. From a distance Ak-Kaya looks perfectly flat, but in fact it is filled with many rapids and ledges. But we effortlessly, gently climb up the gentle slope of the mountain road to the plateau of the cliff. Behind us the Crimean steppe of perfectly flat surface, but ahead – hop! and a sharp drop down. The views are amazing! Read more about this rock here Ak-Kaya – The Wild West in the middle of the Crimea.

8. Balaklava bay

Balaklava in the Crimea is an area of Sevastopol, the history of which is more than two and a half thousand years. This land holds the secrets of civilizations, and many times it was decided the fate of entire nations. Each of the nationalities who live on this land, left their mark on it. The Genoese – the fortress Cembalo, the Turks – the name of the bay, and the British – the embankment and buildings. The exact coordinates of the bay – 44.499439, 33.600469. The first thing that struck me was the incredibly rich emerald color of the water. Absolutely port-sea landscape: boats, snow-white yachts, piers, bright lifeguards, colorful flags everywhere.

The Uchan-Su Waterfall in Yalta

On one side we were surrounded by the vast sea with distant shores, and the emerald bay with a well-kept waterfront with yachts moored to it was perfectly visible on the other side. On the slopes blossomed fragrant grasses and shrubs, and seagulls soared in the sky.

At the exit of the bay is the rock fortress Krepostnaya with the ruins of the fortress Cembalo. On the opposite coast – the mountain Tavros, inside which there is a former underground plant for submarines, now a museum. Learn more here Sunny Balaklava – an emerald net of history.

9. Ordzhonikidze settlement

Until the late 90s the village ( 44.957605, 35.359331 ) was considered “closed” for free entry due to the work on its territory of military factories. Therefore, the tourism business was in its infancy for a long time and began to develop only recently. But the nature here is very unusual and resembles a lunar landscape.

This quiet village is located in the southeastern part of the Crimean peninsula located on the Cape Kiik-Atlama. There are no major traffic routes, so it is very quiet and not crowded. The purest sea air and unusual landscapes. We reach the very edge of the cape and meet an automatic gate of the closed territory with a barrier. In the distance we see an amazingly beautiful bay and some dilapidated buildings. As it turned out, it is a former Soviet object – the secret plant “Gidropribor”. It’s a pity such a bay is lost for nothing. But if you want, you can get through it.

On the other side of the view point we can see incredible beauty panorama with a small beach and reserved Kara-Dag on the horizon. Emerald-colored sea, milky rocky mountains – all this creates a wonderful and unique landscapes in Ordzhonikidze. Read more about the settlement of the Crimean Kaleidoscope 2017. Car rally on the South Coast, the lunar landscapes of Ordzhonikidze and golden beaches of Feodosia

10. Demerdzhi Mountains and Lake Panagia

I want to split this place between these two locations. Probably because I was not fully on top of Demerdzhi Mountain, but just walked around the bottom. But I saw the panorama from the top at sunset in the photos of other travelers! And I really want to get there again. The height reaches 1,356 meters in some places. Interesting this place is that on the slopes of the Southern Demerdzhi are bizarre piles of rocks – the Valley of Ghosts. Sometimes, looking closely, you can distinguish the figures of fabulous statues, or faces, or mysterious creatures. To get there is not difficult – from Alushta branch of the highway to the village Luchistoe (44.742650, 34.401672).

You can leave a car at the foot of the mountains, and themselves potpapat up – so we did. And of course enjoy the views of the bizarre mountains. The second place of interest is Lake Panagia (44.875808, 34.720969), near the village of Zelenogorye. The lake has an emerald color of water. It is about an hour’s drive (60 km) from Demerdzhi.

Directly above the lake rises the beautiful mountain Muyedzin-Kaya, and from the east pendent peaks of Chok-Sary-Kaya. Located 290 meters above sea level in a picturesque gorge. Optimum time to visit it is late spring, when green foliage. Details, as always, at the link .

I hope that this little review will help you decide on interesting places to travel in the Crimea, good luck and have a great upcoming holidays, friends!

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