The route on the Crimea: a great journey

The route of the big trip: top sights of the Crimea worth visiting first

A correspondent of “Krasnodarskiye Izvestia” went on a trip to the Crimea and told what to see at the resort.

I confess that many times I have not even reached the peninsula, and stopped in very comfortable places Kuban – well, I love the Krasnodar Territory! For example, on the way to the Crimea you can stay for a long time in Taman. This is one of those corners of the region, which is famous not only for its rich history, but also abundant vineyards, sunny beaches of the Black and Azov Seas, healing springs and seaports, and is also very hospitable people. It is not for nothing that our Kuban writer Viktor Likhonosov has dedicated so many pages to this place. And my heart will always be closer to my native land. And this time I almost forgot where I was going…

It’s a stone’s throw from antiquity.

We begin our journey with the hero city of Kerch. It is one of the oldest cities in the world. Along with ancient monuments you can visit the site of ancient settlement Panticapeum on Mount Mithridates, the Tsar and Melek-Chesmenskiy barrows, Demeter crypt and monuments in the Lapidarium.

If you are not a fan of antiquities, then you will definitely enjoy the sandy and shell beaches. In addition, in Kerch there is an amazing Koyash Lake in the Opuksky Nature Reserve. This lake is unique because during the active evaporation the water in it takes on a pink color. This does not usually happen until May. Just during the tourist season in the Crimea you can admire the red-pink color. In the spring the lake is full enough, so its color is not too bright.

A cave city covered with legends

We continue our journey. Our next stop is Cufut Qale. This is one of the most interesting monuments of the Crimea. It is only three kilometers from the Bakhchisarai Palace, which makes it one of the most visited tourist attractions on the peninsula.

Upon reaching the designated place, we met with our guide, Vasily Kuznetsov, who told us that the cave town supposedly emerged in the V – VI centuries as a Byzantine fortification.

– Many writers and artists, among them Ivan Kramskoy, came to be inspired by the unique architecture, which merged with the non-handmade cave labyrinths,

– noted Vasily Kuznetsov.

Our attention, like that of other tourists, was immediately attracted by the numerous rooms, corridors, passages, halls, casemates carved in the rocks. Not without reason Cufut Qale is called the “cave town”. And indeed, the numerous ramified passages and passages one can wander for a very long time.

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In addition to the unique rocks and labyrinths, the cave town is filled with different legends. One of them was shared with us by a local resident, Alexander Petrenko, about the miraculous rescue of the inhabitants of Cufut Qale:

– According to legend, the Golden Horde Khan Tokhtamysh, a descendant of Tukai-Timur, lived in the cave city. He was a strong man, but his heart knew neither pity nor love. One day he saw a girl, Janyke, near his harem. She was an orphan and asked people for help. Khan took pity on the child and called her daughter. One day the city was besieged by evil enemies, and it dragged on for many months. The townspeople did not have a single drop of water, and many died of thirst. Then a shepherd boy, Ali, came to the girl to show her the place in the cave where there was a spring of water. The entrance to the cave was very narrow, and only Janike could get in. All night long the girl would take water from the spring, and the boy would carry it to the city well. When the residents of Cufut Qale saw the well filled with water in the morning, they were glad, because it was their salvation. Next to the water was lying dead Dzhanyke and a shepherd boy. The girl’s heart failed, and her sworn father, Khan Tokhtamysh, wept with grief. In memory of her, Khan built a mausoleum, which still stands in the cave city – tells our traveler. – Right from under the wall of the mausoleum made its way to the light of a pistachio tree, and, as the locals say, it is more than 500 years old. They say it sprouted through the stones, with its roots right into the girl’s grave, and so she was reborn as a tree.

As is usually the case, in connection with the legend, a ritual arose around the tree: embrace the pistachio and make a cherished wish. Of course, we did not miss the opportunity to hug it either. Miracle or not, my wish came true.

The Cross Rock

Continuing our fascinating journey through the Crimea, we reached the cave monastery Kachi-Kalon. It consists of five grottoes. However, today four caves are open for tourists, because the last one was badly damaged by a landslide.

The cave monastery is located on the right bank of the vast Kacha Valley. From afar, the majestic rock massif reminds one of a ship looming over a high tide. On the “nose” of this “ship” one can see a specific natural formation – a cross of mountain cracks. Hence, perhaps, the name, which means “Cross Rock”.

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Photo: Elena Sizen, “Krasnodarskiye Izvestiya

One of the attractions of the cave monastery is the Church of the Great Martyr Anastasia, which is decorated with beads on the inside. Its decoration is more reminiscent of Hindu or Buddhist motifs than Christian ones. Every detail is made of beads, beads, pebbles and smalt. And none of them is repeated twice.

You can also visit the church of St. Sophia, the remains of fortifications, the old cemetery, a pottery workshop and tarpans, where the monks made wine.

Today on the cliffs of the cave town of Kachi-Kalon you can often meet fans of basezhajumping – risky parachute jumps. Accelerating, the daredevils fly straight into the abyss, and after a few moments, opening the parachute, land in the wide valley of Kachi. We did not take the risk, but who knows, maybe next time…

The Place of Baptism of Russia

Next on the itinerary is Sevastopol. To be honest, this is my favorite city in the Crimea. It takes a lot of time to see all of its attractions. We started on our way from Malakhov Mound, a tactically important height on the ship’s side of Sevastopol that became world famous during the Crimean War. Then we went to the ancient and mysterious Chersonese. The museum-reserve will be especially appreciated by history lovers, because it was here, according to chronicles, Prince Vladimir took the baptism of Rus. But for me the main highlight of Sevastopol was Cape Fiolent – almost untouched by man territory. That is why the local landscapes are particularly picturesque. Just imagine, it was formed about 160 million years ago, after a massive volcanic eruption, and frozen lava flows can be observed even today.

This is not the end of the adventure. We will continue to tell our readers about the places worth visiting.

Big trip across the Crimea.

Big trip in the Crimea.

Autumn is a special time to hike through the Crimean mountains, because at this time of year drops the summer heat, but it is still warm, mountain streams, waterfalls, rivers seem to come to life, becoming a fascinating spectacle, and the green colors of the mountains, added to the red and yellow shades! In Autumn, the Crimea as if a rest from the stormy and busy, hot summer, but it remains so friendly and disposing to explore their own beauty. In this case, in the Crimea there are a lot of places that are not just taking its natural beauty, but with a rich history and even a kind of mystical aura. In this tour we will visit some of these places and attractions, here are a few curious facts about them: The name of the canyon “Uzundzha” means “long” or “long river”. And if you visit the canyon in the summer, the name is not very true, but it is in the autumn you can fully appreciate the accuracy of the name, as the river turns into a real mountain beauty, fast and full-flowing. There are also interesting archeological monuments in Uzundzha: the Skel Menhirs. They date back to the 3rd-2nd millennium BC. The analogue of Skel Menhirs is Stonehenge in England – only in contrast to Stonehenge, Skel Menhirs were not dismantled and not reconstructed. They stand in their historic places and are the oldest in Southern and Eastern Europe.

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Hiking schedule for the 2022 season*.

May 2022. June 2022. September 2022. October 2022. November 2022
30.04 – 06.05 07.05 – 13.05 30.04 – 06.05 14.05 – 20.05 21.05 – 27.05 28.05 – 03.06 04.06 – 10.06 11.06 – 17.06 18.06 – 24.06 25.06 – 01.07 03.09 – 09.09 10.09 – 16.09 17.09 – 23.09 24.09 – 30.09 01.10 – 07.10 08.10 – 14.10 15.10 – 21.10 22.10 – 28.10 05.11 – 11.11 12.11 – 18.11 19.11 – 25.11 26.11 – 02.12

* – the number of people in parentheses is in the group.

Chernorechensky Canyon.jpg Kushkaya.jpg Crimea trail.jpg Shaitan merdven.jpg

Trekking program in the Crimea for 7 days

Transfer to the settlement of Sokolinoye. The goal for today is to go through the Big Crimean Canyon. The peculiarity of the campaign on the Big Crimean Canyon is that it should go all through and out of it during the daylight hours. To camp in the canyon itself is categorically impossible, and, in fact, there is nowhere. The first part of the hike will pass through accessible hiking trails. As a rule, at any time of year there are a lot of tourists here. This part is characterized by well-maintained paths, stairs, bridges, and signs. It is easy and quick to walk. Over the bathtub Youth begins so-called “wild” part of the Crimean Canyon. This is actually the canyon itself. In the narrowest place, the width of the canyon reaches about 1.5 meters. If there is a lot of water, the transition through the canyon will be complicated by deep baths, which should either be ford or bypass the rocky trails.

Approximately by 5 p.m. the group comes out to the waterfall Silver Streams . Making camp, cooking dinner, sleeping.

Second day of the trip is dedicated to Uzundzha Canyon. In the morning getting up, cooking breakfast, hygiene procedures.

Walking tour to Lake Uzunji. This is the coldest lake in the Crimea. Thrill seekers can swim in it.

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The third day is dedicated to the exit from the Uzundzha Canyon and the descent to the Baidar Valley.

Walking tour to the tourist spot Shaitan-Merdven. If desired, if there is a cafe, you can have lunch in a civilized environment.

Fourth day of the hike Ascent to Baydarsky pass. Visiting the Church of the Resurrection (Foros). Overnight at the forester. Bath (6km).

Early rise. Breakfast Passing over the bay Laspi, we’ll visit the cliffs Ilyas-Kai and mysterious Tyshlar (Temple of the Sun). (12km) Through g.Kush-Kaya exit to the observation deck of Cape Aya, descending to the wild beaches Ayazma tract. Camping by the sea (18km).

Transfer to Balaklava. Walking on the waterfront, visiting the ruins of the ancient Genoese fortress Cembalo. Sea walk on a skiff (if weather will allow).

Departure group home: someone on a private car, someone by plane from Simferopol, someone on our bus.

The cost of a large hike in the Crimea with a transfer from Simferopol.

Group (number of people) 14 15 16 17 18 19
Price per person 14500 14500 14500 14500 14500 14500
Group (number of people) Price per person
14 14500
15 14500
16 14500
17 14500
18 14500
19 14500

The cost of a hike in the Crimean Mountains with a transfer from Perm

Group (number of people) 15 16 17 18
Price per person 26000 26000 26000 26000
Group (number of people) Price per person
15 26000
16 26000
17 26000
18 26000

If you have your own team (ie, already in a group) and you want to make an individual request for a convenient date for you, then write to us or call us and we will make you an individual calculation.

The price for the walking tour in the Crimea includes.

  1. Transfer from Simferopol to Sokolinoe village by bus.
  2. Guide services
  3. Satellite communication en route (tracker Iridium 360 RockStar).
  4. Renting of necessary camping equipment: sleeping bags, foamers, gas burners, tents, axe, campfire equipment, boilers.
  5. Food service along the route (pokovnaya raspredeleniya). Please note that the price does not include meals on the road (by bus) and meals in the cafe along the route.
  6. Transfer to Balaclava at the end of the hike
  7. Transfer from Balaclava to Simferopol at the end of the tour.

Additional services during the tour

  1. Organization of parking for cars in the village of Sokolinoe, Kolhoznoe, etc.
  2. Organization of additional transfers en route (the list is sent in advance and agreed upon)
  3. Hotel reservations in Yalta
  4. Rest in a cottage or recreation center with any cultural program.
  5. You can change the terms and the itinerary of the tour
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As you might guess the name “Shaitan-Merdven” should have something in common with something otherworldly and you are absolutely right. Shaitan-Merdven or Devil’s Staircase is one of the first passes that people mastered on the Crimean peninsula. The name “devil” he deserved because of its complexity, but fear not, the name is more than obsolete and the pass itself is not so terrible, even vice versa. In the summertime tourists and tourists constantly walk the trail, but in the spring and autumn on the trail, mostly walk the Crimeans. In late fall and early spring these places become less passable, due to heavy rains and melting snow, but out of every crevice or precipice, tears or mountain stream or waterfall. The beauty is indescribable. Translated from Tatar, “kush-kaya” means “bird mountain. A total of six peaks on the peninsula have such a name. This is due to the fact that all the mountains are very similar to each other and it is difficult to single out one feature that gives the name to the top. But if there are regular flocks of birds circling above one of them, the name suggests itself. This is how twin names appear. Kush-Kaya owes its natural beauty and majesty, as well as its unique rock, to its maritime origin, originally it was a reef formed 150 million years ago. In its surroundings were filmed a lot of movies. The Grand Canyon of the Crimea is one of the most interesting and visited attractions of the Crimean peninsula. Among hiking trails, the Grand Canyon – is one of the first places, you can visit: the mountain streams and lakes, extreme suspension road, baths of youth, waterfalls and beautiful, environmentally friendly, mountain trails. It is noteworthy that if you look at the Big Crimean Canyon from the top observation deck on the Sosnovy Utyos, you can see almost the entire gorge, resembling a huge mythical beast. Another plus to the sum of the mysterious, enigmatic but undeniably beautiful nature of the Crimean mountains. A few kilometers from the rich, beautiful wild beaches, Laspi Bay in the mountains is one of the most mystical and mysterious places of the Crimean peninsula – the Temple of the Sun. According to some legends, the temple was built by giants, as Crimean guides say: once it was a mountain, but from an overabundance of inner strength, it opened like a flower.

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