The truth about Alushta. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

The truth about Alushta. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

For recreation with children recommend. Holidays in Alushta for 3 years in a row. And the purity of the sea and beaches no place that can compare with Alushta. We first year in the 2 rooms in the guest house with a pool “Prestige” on Shkolnaya Street, we liked it all. The price was 4500 per day, but since children from the pool did not want to go out we decided in 2021 and 2022 to rent housing without pool. We stayed in Nadezhda on Oktyabrskaya. In advance we agreed and spouse mistress met us at the airport in Simferopol and brought for 1500 p. Ri this plane was delayed.

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  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

Hello! On the map did not find gd Hope, please advise me of the contact information hostess! (Can e-mail Plan to vacation in September

Good afternoon, I too have not found any information on the internet about this guest house. If you can, send the phone number of the owners of the house. Rest we plan to rest in late August

Rest at More SPA & Resort 4 * beautifully, but the money is not worth it. Tour of Alushta for 80,000 rubles for two people. We decided to relax in the Crimea, for the first time. At the hotel did not save money, looking options from 7000 rubles per day hotels at least 4 *. In photos and reviews really liked More SPA & Resort 4 *. Very uncomfortable that to get to the Crimea is now possible only by train or bus, lose a lot of days, zh tickets are expensive.

The hotel has pluses. Beautiful, aesthetic and well-maintained, see my photos, all super instagramno! Beautiful rooms overlooking the sea and pine forest, clean air, warm pools. Nice spa center,

Cascade Good afternoon. I want to share information about my vacation in the Crimea. Very much looking forward to the trip. The mood was wonderful. We went to Alushta. We booked a place to stay in the Professor’s Corner, 7 Glazsritsky Street, Cascade. We were shown lodging, we went to change the money, on return, we were met by the hostess Anna with words of dissatisfaction: You have no conscience, I need to go swimming, and I’m waiting for you here. We were shocked, but it was nothing. The light in the yard at night is not turned on, if you turn it on, the owners immediately turn it off.

Buses in Sudak: overview

It is absolute crap, zero culture, I don’t even want to go to the Crimea. I read a lot of similar events there.

Do not be fooled by all the negative reviews. There are different people in different places. Holidays in August 2021, in three places for three days – everywhere you could meet nice people. The only thing in the Little Lighthouse drove up the price by 500 rubles more and said it was 3 months after booking. But we did not change anything, so as not to confuse the mood of the trip – we paid. But this is a problem in the bukin.

I don’t recommend it. Good day to all. Just arrived from Alushta. Lodging removed at K. Marks. 40. Grudinina Valentina.Odnoe advantage, to the beach 4-5 minutes walk. ALL. On this advantage end. Very depressing lack of daylight in the room. Windows were, but overlooked the blank wall of the neighboring building. (Master) Therefore, look out the window there is no possibility. All the time in the room light was on. This is not all the trouble. Dirt is present everywhere you can. The dampness in the room. The pillows are feather, damp, stinking sour. The bedding is shabby. A down blanket that is 40 years old. Stinky, damp and heavy. The walls in the shower room can not be touched. Dirty. The dishes are all chipped and dirty and old. The feeling that everything was taken from the dump and brought to the room, which I now rent to guests. The price in early June was 1500 rubles. I can imagine what the price will be in July and August. No way I advise to go to have a rest at this address. There lower down a lot of housing at a lower price.

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  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

Go on Uazike, do not regret it. I was at the waterfall yesterday, I reached the village of Generalskoe, there boy stopped, though very cultured, but said they would not pass, I have toyota rab 4, but I decided to try, to be honest barely out of the village left, returned to the guy, he told me either to walk around, or a jeep ride, well, I went to the jeep, Was very impressed with the road and really very broken, if you have not Uazik better not sue, drove us there and back for 1500 rubles, the driver was waiting for us for 3 hours, said that time we are not limited to that we and walked so long, to walk and really go a long way and jeeps are worn by, dust neprodukhnut, a waterfall is very beautiful all recommend.

Livadia Palace

All inclusive in Alushta: is the Crimea cracking at the seams? I will tell right away, if you’re too lazy to read the review – some hotels are cracking, although the season has not yet started. All impression of rest was spoiled by an overabundance of holiday-makers. Seriously this feeling that you are in an overcrowded bus.

We knew that it would be like this, but we decided to go because we saw an offer from Porto Mare Park hotel for the end of April: a romantic weekend. Three days – 22 000 rubles with a flight. Hotel 4 *, we thought that there would be no problems, but romance here and does not smell.

Alushta: tips for recreation.

For all who dream to visit the heart of the southern coast of Crimea – relevant information about Alushta. Learn the prices for holidays in 2022 and look reviews of holidaymakers. What do tourists think about the sea, beaches and entertainment? Is it worth going to the resort with children?

    – Alushta private sector. – Hotels with discounts in Alushta.


Impressions of Alushta

The seaside town is different from the pompous Yalta, the ancient Sudak and small Alupka. Alushta is loved for its picturesque landscapes and special microclimate. Thanks to the mountain winds that blow through the Kebit-bogaz and Angarsk pass, even in high summer on the coast fresh. According to tourist reviews, vacation in Alushta – a real salvation for anyone who can not stand the heat or wants to be treated in a mild warm climate.

Gagasa: “My blue dream – to have a small bungalow on the Black Sea in Alushta. It’s amazing in its location, where the humid sea air alternates several times a day with cool dry and crystal clear mountain air that smells of pine and juniper”.

Reviews of tourists about Alushta.

The Demerdzhi massif is located near Alushta. It is especially beautiful in cloudy weather, when the mountains are covered with fog.

How to book a hotel/lodging in the Crimea by yourself in 2022

Is it expensive to rest in Alushta

Prices for accommodation in Alushta are lower than in Yalta. In the summer of 2022, apartments, rooms in guest houses and private hotels cost 1500-4000 rubles, and full board in hotels 4* – 14600-15000 rubles per day. According to reviews of holidaymakers, food is expensive, and the prices of products are not much inferior to those in Moscow.

The Crimea is difficult to find an accommodation because of the sanctions, but there are still a few convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Souvenir. Don’t trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book accommodation in the Crimea only with reliable services with real photos and tourists reviews, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

Public transportation is quite budget-friendly. Travel by trolley buses and buses costs 15-20 rubles. If you call a cab through the dispatcher, the road to any district and the nearest suburbs of Alushta will cost within 150 rubles. According to reviews from tourists, only for travel from Alushta to the mountain roads, local cab drivers charge more. Learn how to withdraw money in the Crimea without commission.

Valentinapav1976: “At the expense of products: you can buy everything your soul desires. But do not expect low prices, even on fruits, which seem to be in great abundance here.


What sea and beaches in Alushta

Alushta is a beach resort. The strip of pebble and sandy-pebbly beaches stretches for 80 km. They are free, but deckchairs and umbrellas cost 100-150 rubles per person. Some of them have free showers and cabins for changing.

The beaches are not wide, and in the season quite a lot of people.

If you like to sunbathe on sand, come on beaches in area of the Professorial corner. The sea water is clean everywhere. Not the most transparent in the Crimea, yet Alushta is a city, but tourists are happy.

Holidays in the Crimea with children - 2022. Best resorts and hotels

UTKONOS-IK: “The sea is unusually clean, especially compared to other domestic beaches. Even at a distance of 2 meters from the shore you can see jellyfish swimming by through the water column.”

Panorama of the beach in Alushta.

Rest with children in Alushta

In Crimea, a lot of sun and drier air than the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. The climate in Alushta is ideal for babies, so the resort is popular with parents with children. In 4 * hotels have shallow pools, you will be offered babysitting services, special menus, cribs and playpens.

According to reviews from tourists, during the holidays in Alushta with your child there is always somewhere to go. Spend the whole family at the entertainment center “Halloween”, Park Miniatures of sights of the Crimea, the exhibition of tropical butterflies, dolphinarium, Alushta Aquarium-Terrarium and Aquapark “Almond Grove”!

Tatiana582897: “Of the small minuses, what we did not like was the presence of stray dogs and cats. My child noticed it himself, and even said that the attraction of Alushta are dogs and cats.”

Reviews about rest in Alushta

From Alushta is convenient to visit nearby attractions: for example, go to Ai-Petri.

Interesting or boring at the resort

The city offers a lot of entertainment for adults. According to reviews of holidaymakers, diving, boat trips, riding “bananas” and catamarans are popular in Alushta.

Fans of active recreation walks on horses, travel in the mountains on quad bikes, go to the waterfall Dzhur-Jur, caves Chater-Dag and the Valley of Ghosts in Demerdzhi. Fans of sightseeing tours go to the medieval fortress Fun, the Grand Canyon of Crimea, Swallow’s Nest, Nikita Botanical Garden and the famous Crimean palaces. Connoisseurs of Crimean wines enjoy spending time in the tasting room at the plant “Tavrida”.

Know-it-all: “Every day at 5 p.m. there is a free city tour. From the monument to Pushkin. Next to the Ferris wheel and the seahorse is the meeting place of Smile. Guide shows memorable places, including where the shooting took place the movie “The Caucasian Captive.

Rest in Alushta

Massif Demerdzhi

Best tours

We advise not to buy excursions in street agencies at the resort, because there is a high probability of getting a mediocre trip and spoil the experience. It is better to use a special service to find a great tour – Tripster. There is a large selection of programs with real reviews of tourists – so you book only interesting and high-quality excursion. And they often have discounts! We use only this service when we travel.

How much does a trip to the Crimea cost - 2022. Tour prices with flight

When it is better to go

Alushta is located in the center of the southern coast of Crimea – the warmest place on the peninsula, but because of the winds there is no exhausting heat, as in Yalta. The swimming season lasts from June to early October. In early summer the water in the sea is already warm +21 … +23 ° C, but, according to reports, in Alushta there are “low”. So they call the cold currents or runs warm water when the sea temperature drops to +14 … +16 ° C.

If you want to have a good rest on the beach and save money come to the resort during the velvet season – in September. Alushta resorts are open all year round, because climatotherapy and mineral water treatment is available in both summer and winter. Most precipitation is from October to February.

Veronikam76: “We went in July for 8 days. The sea is cool, clean. One day we saw jellyfish, even touched them. Storms were 3 times, they stopped by the evening.

Rest in Alushta


Reviews about Alushta: make conclusions.

Large resort is suitable for everyone who wants to spend a vacation in the city – for families with children, youth companies and elderly travelers. In Alushta is convenient to get from the airport of Simferopol, and from Alushta itself it is easy to get to any point of interest of the southern coast of Crimea. The climate here is milder than in other resorts.

According to reviews from vacationers, the main disadvantage of Alushta is a large number of holidaymakers in the summer season. Communal services do not always cope with garbage removal. Many do not like the low level of service. On free beaches there are no showers and cabins for changing clothes. Rest for unpretentious tourists!

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