The truth about Gaspra. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Gaspra: tips on vacations

Chic corner of the Crimea with subtropical nature – is it not a dream? Collected reviews of holidaymakers for 2021 about the resort Gaspra. Is it possible to rest in a popular village on the Southern coast of Crimea in the summer of 2022 and not to go broke?

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Impressions of Gaspra

Gaspra is a beautiful view of the mountains and the sea, clean air and a large park. A picturesque Crimean resort has been falling in love for over a century. It is no coincidence that Emperor Nicholas II, eminent princes and writers liked to rest here.

Modern Gaspra lies on the terraces. The first line from the sea is occupied by sanatoriums of Lower Gaspra. Located above are guest houses and the private sector, and at the top of the village is spread out, where the locals live – the Upper Gaspra. Near the beaches there is a 500 meters long seafront of the resort.

Olga Meduza: “I’ve got the most impressions: nature, clean air, plenty of coniferous plants, excursions to any taste.

E Falcon: “Gaspra is located in the mountains, and the sea is below. It’s very hard to crawl up in the heat. It’s not just a staircase of two or three steps, and a very steep climb. The elderly, families with children and just physically unprepared people such loads are not easy.

Tourist reviews about Gaspra.

A view of Ai-Petri Mountains from Gaspra. Photo: Vadyuhin /

Is it expensive to rest in Gaspra?

Prices for accommodations are lower than in Yalta, but higher than in the Krasnodar region resorts. It’s quite logical as it is necessary to pay for the pleasure of living on the Southern coast of the Crimea! In summer 2022 you can rent a studio apartment or a room in the guest house in Gaspra for 1500 rubles per day. A double room in a budget hotel costs 2000-2500 rubles.

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are still a few convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private housing on the daily basis. Do not trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book accommodation in the Crimea only with reliable services with real photos and tourists reviews, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

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The prices in the cafes and restaurants Gaspra, according to reviews of tourists, almost Moscow. For this reason, many vacationers rent a house with a kitchen and cook yourself. Groceries are cheaper in stores that are farther from the sea.

E lillio: “We were in early June, and the prices were the same as for us, everything is acceptable.

E Falcon: “You can use the services of the cable car, which belongs to the sanatorium “Marat”. The fare is free for Marat residents. If you are not from there, you will ride in a double cabin from the bottom up for 250 rubles per person. Let’s say a family of three. Each time for this pleasure would have to shell out 750 rubles. My budget can’t bear such daily expenses.

What is the sea and beaches in Gaspra?

Tourists always say that the sea in Gaspra is clean. Especially clear the water is in the morning hours. Jellyfish swim up to the shore rarely. The depth increases gradually, so it’s safe with small children.

The beaches are mostly pebbly, with small rounded stones. There are beaches with medicinal dark sand. Pay attention that to go down by elevators and funiculars to the beaches, which belong to hotels and sanatoriums, free of charge can only for guests.

There is a steep staircase leading to the sea. It is all in the shade, so in the heat to go down is not so difficult, but do not forget that back to the village still have to go up! Can you imagine how it is difficult for elderly tourists and families with small children?

Oryolgrad: “Quay – that’s a loud word. There’s a small, reclaimed from the mountains, section over the sea. There are benches and chairs to sit on, music is playing. Isn’t it enough for a small village? About the beaches you can say that there are none – the sections divided by piers”.

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Panorama of the beach “Sosnovaya Roscha” in Gaspra.

Rest with children in Gaspra

According to reviews, Gaspra suits everyone who wants to take a child to the warm sea. At this resort there are no mosquitoes, so you can safely walk with children in the fresh air and sleep with open windows.

During a vacation in Gaspra ride a cable car, go to the contact zoo “Little Farm” and enjoy a flight on a tightrope in “Skypark” near Swallow’s Nest.

With small children, vacationers are advised to settle closer to the sea, so as not to suffer because of the constant ascents and descents.

Leech: “We decided to relax for a week in September, but I think we were wrong! The Crimea is still very far from comfortable and convenient place to rest, and certainly with small children, so in general there is nothing to do! The mountains and hills, to go down and up to the sea – just a problem, especially in the heat.

Tourist reviews about Gaspra.

Swallow’s Nest (Photo: ԿարինեՄարգարյան /

Interesting or boring at the resort

A calm and quiet resort is a dream destination for anyone who wants to relax in the summer of 2022 without noisy parties and discos. If you want entertainment, you can go to Yalta. Travel by bus costs 43 rubles. But you should be aware that during the high season the public transport on the Southern coast of Crimea is jammed.

During the vacation in Gaspra tourists go to the Swallow’s Nest, walk in the park near the palace of Haraks, along the Sunny Path and go for a boat ride along the South Coast. Popular excursions around – to the palace of Countess Panina, on Ai-Petri, Massandra, Livadia and the Vorontsov Palace.

elena22zx: “Currently, the palace of Countess Panina is in disrepair. The main facade is still more or less, but the south side is in complete disrepair. The windows are knocked out, wooden frames and doors are rotten, everything is scribbled and covered with garbage. The park next to the palace also looks neglected and abandoned. It is a sad spectacle.

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Tourist Reviews of Gaspra

Vorontsov Palace in Alupka

When it is better to go

Like many parts of Crimea, Gaspra is an all-season resort. When it’s cold, people come here for medical treatment, to breathe in the mountain and sea air, and to walk through parks and juniper groves.

Beach season starts in May and lasts until October. Most tourists are in July and August. In September, the velvet season, the flow of tourists decreases and prices become lower.

Anastasia: “We went on holidays in May. We liked it very much. The sea is still very cold at that time, but we still went down to the beach for a walk. We rested on the steps, enjoyed the beautiful view and breathed in the fresh air.

Tourist reviews about Gaspra.

The beach season starts in May and lasts until October. Photo: scaliger /

Reviews about Gaspra: making conclusions

The warm sea, the bright Crimean sun and fresh air help to improve health and rest from the problems that have accumulated at work. According to tourist reviews for 2021, almost everyone returns from Gaspra with good health and full of strength.

The resort is mountainous! Be prepared for good physical exertion. There are not many entertainments on the spot. You’ll have to get to everything interesting by public transport, cab or with excursions.

Gaspra – rest and prices in 2022

Gaspra - recreation and prices in 2022

Gaspra is one of the most beautiful seaside resorts located between Koreiz and Kourpaty. On Krymea.Ru you will learn why in 2022 it is necessary to choose a rest in Gaspra, how to save on rest in Gaspra and to spend less at reservation of rooms in hotels, sanatoria or a private sector. I will tell you what to visit in Gaspra and surroundings on your own and with children – on foot or by car. Read in the review on Krymea.Ru what beaches there are at the resort and what is the infrastructure of hotels and hotels Gaspra.

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Marat Hotel Gaspra with Swimming Pool

Climate and weather in Gaspra: water temperature in the sea

Summer is the most comfortable time for recreation in Gaspra. In June the water temperature in the sea reaches a comfortable plus 22 degrees, and the air warms up to 25-27 degrees during the day.

Summer view from the restaurant Elena on the Swallow's Nest and the sea in Gaspra resort

The most comfortable months for recreation and swimming – July and August. During these days the water in the Black Sea gets up to + 25 – 27 degrees. In Gaspra bathing season lasts from late May to mid-October.

the beaches of the resort Parus in Gaspra photo no tourists

In winter the temperature stays above 0. And you can comfortably come to the Crimea to relax in Gaspra silence and peace, to see the snow-capped mountains, walk through the Crimean sights, which are free of tourists.

Prices for vacations in Gaspra 2022 in hotels and inns

Prices for holidays in Gaspra in 2022 are highly dependent on the place of accommodation, the remoteness of the sea and the chosen conditions of rest. Including the cost of payment for the room affect:

  • room size;
  • Whether meals are included in the cost of living,
  • whether the hotel has a pool and its own beach.

Gaspra hotels and rooms

Here I will compare the prices for vacations in the hotels of Gaspra in 2022 for a family with a child and for a couple.

Period Prices for a family with a kid Prices for a couple
May Holidays 3800 rubles/day 3100 rubles per day
July and August 4,500 rubles/day 3600 rubles/day
Velvet season (September and early October) 4000 rubles/day 3500 rubles/day

Book Your Rest in Gaspra via Ostrovok

What to see on vacation in Gaspra

Gaspra is a wonderful place on the Southern coast of Crimea. Gaspra has a lot of attractions and places of interest that attract thousands of tourists each year.

Swallow's Nest Gaspra Crimea photo

  1. Gaspra features Swallow’s Nest Castle, which is the most popular sightseeing place of interest of Crimea. You can take pictures against the background of Swallow’s Nest with the sea, Yalta, and the Bear Mountain in the background. Inside there is an exhibition of photographers and artists. You should only visit it to escape from the summer heat. Near the Swallow’s Nest you can buy many souvenirs and magnets for inflated prices.
  2. Estate Haraks – the palace was built for the Romanov family, and now is a sanatorium. While vacationing in Gaspra, you can walk in the park and look at the architecture of the palace, which features a beautiful red roof, reminiscent of the views of Prague.

Gaspra palace and park - what to see in Gaspra on vacation with children

Park Sanatorium and Palace Dulber - interesting places in Gaspra and surroundings

palace of countess panina - that's what is worth seeing in Gaspra

. In fact it is located in the neighboring village Miskhor. Using the cable car you can walk in the Crimean mountains, admire the views of Gaspra, Yalta from a height of 1200 meters, look at the equipped caves and prongs Ai-Petri.

cableway to the mountain Ay-petri what to visit in Gaspra with children

which beaches to visit in Gaspra

Entertainments and excursions in Gaspra

If you are planning to spend a week or two or more in Gaspra, then I advise to pay attention to excursions in the Crimea. You can go to the mountains, do rock climbing, abseiling, scuba diving, ride a quad bike in the woods over Gaspra, or make horseback riding. You can book an excursion for any taste here on Tripster.

Vacationers in Gaspra recommend taking a boat trip to the Swallow’s Nest on the way from Miskhor to Livadia and further to Yalta, Nikita and Gurzuf. During the tour from the boat you can see the resorts of the South Coast of Crimea from an unusual perspective. Look at the main mountain of Crimea – Ai-Petri and the mountains above Yalta from an unusual perspective.

yacht and the sea on the background of the rock sail near Gaspra summer photo

The price for the tour is not high and is approximately 300 rubles. The cost of the walk depends on the distance of the route. So it’s better to choose the longest walk to Yalta and then return by sea or by bus or cab.

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