The truth about Gurzuf. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Beaches Gurzuf – the most complete overview, marks on the map, photos, reviews, hotels near

Gurzuf – resort settlement, which is in special demand among tourists. This amazing town is full of surprises, highlights. There are them on the beaches, too. The resort has a lot of landscaped beach areas, however, as well as wild shores, some of which can only be reached by sea.

Recreation in Gurzuf.

City beach (Quay)

In Gurzuf there are several excellent beaches parallel to the Pushkin Quay. The interesting fact is that I mentioned above: the central beach is not intact. It consists of two parts, between which there is a paid resort shore. That is, at the beginning of the Embankment is one part, at the end – the other. Visiting the area is free, but additional fees are charged for certain services. Including for sun loungers, areas, and so on. On the beach there is a rental, water attractions, great cafes are also located nearby.

Important: in Gurzuf you will not find a sandy beach. At all – imported pebbles, not yet had time to “settle” on the shore. Therefore, before going to the sea is worth taking care of special shoes. At the central municipal beach is often unrest, provoked by passing boats (near the mooring).

Beaches Gurzuf

Gurzuf beaches


Between the branches of the city beach there are several paid territories. Separately want to emphasize Sputnik. The prices for the entrance are symbolic, the infrastructure is much better. Moreover, the sea and the coast are cleaner there. The reason is clear – there are far fewer people than on the central coast of Gurzuf. Mostly there are young people who prefer active recreation. For example, riding on jet skis and trikes. Very exciting activity.

If you are not particularly afraid of a large pebble, you can go to the fine pebble beaches, which belong to resorts and vacation homes: “White Sail”, “Ayu-Dag” (vacation home), “Pearl of the Crimea, and so on. In some areas, provided there are no holidaymakers, you can get in for free. Although some “figures” climb over the fence, pretending to be guests of resorts. Sometimes passes.

Beaches Gurzuf

Gurzuf beaches

Gurovskie Kameny Beach

Gurovskie stones became a paid beach area during the Soviet era. The entrance fee is relatively small. This place is special and is in high demand among the tourists. And it’s not just because of the luxuriously developed infrastructure, clean coastline and crystal clear sea water. Near “Gurovsky” there are natural landmarks of the region, the rocks: Adalary, Pushkinskaya and Shalyapinskaya. Special attention is paid to the underwater world. The water is so clean that even without special equipment you can catch funny fishes by hand. As for the amenities, there are more than enough: rental stations, toilets, showers, cafes and more. Everything you need for maximum comfort on the Black Sea coast.

Beaches Gurzuf

Gurzuf beaches

Gurzuf impressions

This romantic resort near the green Ayu-Dag Mountain is one of the most beautiful in the Crimea. As A.S. Pushkin wrote: “Happy land, where the waters sparkle”. It is impossible not to fall in love with Gurzuf! Gurzuf streets are heated by the summer sun. From the scorching rays save only the shade of houses and leaves of ornamental grapes. The holidays here are not cheap, but in Gurzuf are a lot of comfortable hotels.

inna-august: “I liked the village itself with its narrow streets squeezed between the houses. I walked around, choosing the most winding ones. The streets are stairs, you go down along one house and see the roof of the next one below.”

Prakon: “Surprisingly, my heart from visiting romantic Gurzuf did not flinch. In November, Gurzuf seemed uninteresting to me, somehow dull, limited and cramped.

Gurzuf reviews

The old streets of Gurzuf (Photo: Valeri Pizhanski /

Gurzuf rocks.

Gurzuf beach Gurovskie Kameny Gurzuf

One of the best quiet beaches, with breathtaking views of the Adalary cliffs. Was. Now there is full-scale construction going on there.

Despite the protests of local residents, the trees listed in the Red Book are cut down, and the beach itself is concreted.

According to the project, a well-appointed embankment and a new building of the sanatorium should appear there.

What are the sea and beaches in Gurzuf?

According to holidaymakers, the sea in Gurzuf is clean. At the water’s edge is medium to fine pebbles, and further, at shallow depths, there are large stones. It’s more comfortable to swim in rubber slippers! The coast is taken care of and the beaches are constantly sprinkled.

The best beaches in Gurzuf are owned by sanatoriums and resorts. Allowed there only “his”. Municipal beaches are at the end and beginning of the embankment. In July and August, they are very crowded, so it’s always noisy.

In reviews about the beaches of Gurzuf vacationers note a good infrastructure. There are cafes and water attractions, jet skis, catamarans and boats for rent. Sun beds cost from 200 rubles.

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Many people are delighted with the small paid beach in the bay of Chekhov. Some tourists make arrangements with locals and take boats to the secluded beaches under Ayu-Dag Mountain.

Olya-la111: “The sea is clean, without algae and no blooms. The sea was mostly calm or small waves, only once the beach was closed because of a storm and strong wind.”

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Panorama of the beach “Pearl of the Crimea

Where is it located and how to get there?

On the shores of the Black Sea, between Yalta and Alushta, is a small resort village Gurzuf. The resort lies on a wide bay and is surrounded by rocky mountains. To the east, reaching far into the sea and protecting from strong winds, stands the majestic Bear Mountain, or Ayu-Dag. Cape Martyan looks at the guests from the west.

By plane .

Crimea has only one airport in Simferopol, from which you can get to Gurzuf by bus or cab.


There are several buses that go from Simferopol airport to Gurzuf during the holiday season. The traveling time is 2.5 hours. The bus station is located on the right side of the airport exit. Bus ticket office inside airport

You can get to Simferopol with transfers. Go to Simferopol – central bus station or Kurortnaya street, where buses also depart from, and change to a bus to Gurzuf. Journey time – 1,5 hours, the ticket 300 rubles.

The bus station in Sudak is located on 34, Gvardeiskaya Street.

  • Bus schedule and ticket sales Simferopol Gurzuf


After the opening of direct railway communication between the peninsula and the mainland on the new bridge, you can get by train from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

  1. From the Kazansky station in Moscow for 33 hours you can reach Simferopol.
  2. The train travels 43.5 hours from the Moscow Station in St. Petersburg to Sevastopol.

This route is not operated by Russian Railways, but by the private company Grand Service Express.

Tickets for the train to the Crimea are not sold on the website of Russian Railways. You can buy tickets through official agents –,

In Gurzuf is not a railway station, so reached the train to Simferopol, you will need to change to a bus.

Cab from Simferopol Airport

If you don’t want to mess with local bimbals in a run-down car, it is better to pre-book an official cab transfer.

The cost will be about 2000 rubles for a trip from the airport to any address in Gurzuf. You can book online.

Rest with children in Gurzuf

Ancient village with beautiful views and magnificent nature like families with children, but the resort is not considered a children’s. Gurzuf has a hilly landscape: the promenade is nice to walk along, but going up and down the steep streets with kids is a problem!

In reviews about vacationing in Gurzuf with children tourists write that it’s nice to swim at the beaches “Sharm” and “Jacot”. With the whole family go on a boat trip and visit the museum “Treasures of the Black Sea”. With school-age children climb to the top of Ayu-Dag and see the exotic plants in Nikitsky Botanical Garden.

Igor: “Thinking about where to go with the kids? Choose Gurzuf. It’s a fascinating and exciting place. I’ve visited several resorts on the peninsula, but such sensations as there has never been anywhere else.

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Entertainment in Gurzuf

Adalary cliffs (Photo:

Molodezhny Beach on the Pushkin Embankment

“Molodezhny” is the most popular free beach of Gurzuf. Stone steps lead to it. Be careful – the steps are very slippery.

From frequent walking 1000 feet, they are polished almost to a mirror shine. Just above the shore, along the entire beach runs the promenade. It is paved with marble tiles, which are washed every day, like the most common floor in the lobby. All the necessary infrastructure on the “Molodezhnoye” has:

  • sun lounger rentals;
  • wooden decking for easy mobility with strollers;
  • locker rooms;
  • toilets and showers;
  • rides.

Of the minuses: there are very, very many people. You won’t have time to take a place in the morning, and you’ll have to sunbathe standing up. The coast pebble, not wide, divided into sectors by breakwaters. Municipal authorities periodically sprinkle stones. Walking on the pebbles, not yet polished by water, is not always comfortable.

Entrance to the area is free. But you’ll have to pay for using everything else, for example, rent of a beach chair costs 150 – 200 rubles, toilet – 20 rubles. Rental of equipment is open until 19-20 hours, you can stay at the seaside all day long. If you want just to walk along the seafront, have a snack in cafe and have a swim in between – “Molodezhny” is what you need.

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When it is better to go

In reviews for 2022 tourists write that it is more comfortable to rest in Gurzuf in May and June or September. At the beginning and end of the season, there are few resorts, and the prices are reasonable. In July and August in the Crimea is quite hot, the beaches of the resort is overcrowded.

If you come in the off-season, you will encounter a “sleepy kingdom.” In the magnificent Gurzuf Park you will not be able to get there. In the cold season at the Pushkin Museum excursions are scheduled – several times a day.

Alina Medvedok: “At the end of May the weather reminds more of summer than spring. There are no rains, excessive coolness and cold winds. The days become sunny and cloudless. The temperature reaches +21°C by midday. It is neither cold nor hot. It’s just right for long walks.

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Gurzuf reviews

A fountain in Gurzuf (Photo: Valeri Pizhanski /

Gurzufsky sanatorium beach

Gurzuf sanatorium beach

Pebble beach, clean. We can say it is in its original form, as there are no facilities, but there is a guard that works in the summer months, so the beach can only access vacationers sanatorium of the same name.

In general, according to the Water Code of the Russian Federation, the beaches must be public throughout. But, unfortunately, not all hotels and guest houses are not aware of this, so the presence of fences and checkpoints are still not uncommon in Gurzuf.

Types of beach areas

Although the area of the town is not very large, the beach areas in these places are quite large.

The beaches of Gurzuf are divided into three types: free public beaches with good improvement and the availability of even in the high summer season free places, well-equipped paid beaches belonging to the boarding houses and resorts, beaches, placed near the children’s camp “Artek”.

Gurzuf beaches

Beach DOC Pearl Beach

On Sanatornaya Street, which runs near the coast of Gurzuf, there is a beach DOC Pearl Coast. And if you just break away on vacation, be sure to visit this little paradise, emotions and impressions will be the best.

To get to the beach you can take a minibus with a sign “Pearl Coast”, a nice walk or take a car along the M18 highway to Gurzuf, then turn to Gurzuf highway, drive to the intersection with Sanatorium and turn to the coast. And here you will meet a well-equipped beach with sun beds, umbrellas, awnings, cabins, showers, all conceivable equipment for skiing, flying, swimming and diving!

Melkogalnyy podsyp is maintained in ideal cleanliness, there are trash garbage cans, cafes and tiny restaurants with amazingly delicious cuisine. By the way, it is absolutely inexpensive, apparently, because the total cost in a tidy sum. But this is the south! And travelers are willing to pay for high-class service, courtesy, attention of staff and cleanliness – all this you will find on the beach Pearl Beach.

Beach rented by Cafe “Priboy”.

But this beach is beautiful – gentle, pebbly, wide, clean and well equipped. There are changing cabins, fresh showers, deck chairs, wooden walkways, decking, umbrellas for rent, inflatable mattresses and other things. Right on the beach there is a wonderful cafe “Surf” which pleases its guests with good and easy food, romantic music and pleasant atmosphere. Entrance to the beach is completely free. Right on the beach there is an open cafe area with tables and umbrellas, so you can enjoy your beach vacation with a glass of wine. The second floor cafe room above the beach will offer more coziness, shade and coolness.

What kind of place is this?

Gurzuf is the neighbor of Partenit resort between, to which the Bear, the size of a mountain, came to drink the Black Sea. The trick did not work, the sea remained in place, but to get from Gurzuf to Partenit now, harder than in the Crimea hitchhiking to catch.

The resort is located on a steep slope, on which the rivers Avunda and Suuk-Su run down, as well as physically fit tourists.

In Gurzuf wonderful beaches, excellent embankment and incomparable views. For the sake of this you can live here and enjoy it. But otherwise, there is a lot to work on and strive for.

Gurzuf is covered by the world-famous Artek camp and several health resorts. They decided that the approaches to the sea belong to them, and the rest is just a beautiful picture from the balcony.

As soon as you get away from the seafront, you’ll realize that Gurzuf is very “cool”, with chaotic development, expensive in season, but so attractive! It has a soul, which you can feel, but only not in season…

General Information about Gurzuf

Administratively Gurzuf is an urban-type settlement in the Russian resort region of “Big Yalta”. It is located 11 km north-east of Yalta, in the mouth of the river Avunda on the south-eastern coast of Crimea. The population of the village is about 10 thousand people. The territory of Gurzuf can be conditionally divided into four parts:

  • “Artek”, owning 300 hectares of land from Ayu-Dag to the outskirts of the settlement from the east;
  • The embankment and the health resorts located on it;
  • old Gurzuf – a residential area located in the lower, seaside part of the settlement;
  • The “new” Gurzuf – neighborhoods of the city, built multistory buildings in the second half of the last century.
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Gurzuf is a small village. To walk through all its streets, two hours will suffice. Most of the population lives in the “new” Gurzuf. The houses here began to be built in the mid-60s, and the architecture corresponds to the simplified style of the time. The old part of the city keeps its medieval color in its narrow streets: pre-revolutionary houses, alleys, nooks and crannies…

Here is the main street of the village – Leningradskaya. The central square of the village – the famous “pyatachok” – you can not bypass it – all the roads to the sea go through it. On Leningradskaya Street there is a police station, an apartment building and many stores. Part of Gurzuf, which is located below this street, is the unofficial name of “Chekhovka” – near the former home of Chekhov and Chekhov Bay. A quiet, cozy village. But has it always been so?

Beach children’s health .

Beach at the health center Pearl Beach

Is sand and pebble. Located at a distance of 12 km from the city of Yalta in the village Gurzuf in a fabulous bay picturesque view. The beach has a walking embankment, a length of 400 meters and is located 600 meters from the recreation center.


To get here from the railway station of Simferopol by bus to the children’s . The ticket costs 100 rubles.

What is on the beach

To enter the beach is forbidden, it is only for vacationers of the children’s center. In addition, the coast is closed with a barn lock of impressive size. It is landscaped with minimal Spartan equipment, so as not to spoil the vacationing children. There are shade guards, fresh showers and cabins for changing. Guides and educators are provided with wooden deck chairs. Children swim under the supervision of lifeguard instructors in the fenced area, they are taught to swim by experienced instructors.

Beach Pearl Beach

A medical station is open 24 hours a day, rescue service and doctors are on duty. The beach is equipped with shade protection, fresh showers and cabins for changing clothes. So on the one hand this beach is not intended for tourists and only for children of the health center. However, it is attractive with a comfortable entrance to the water and azure color of the sea.

Review: Svetlana, Donetsk “The beach has all the conditions for a child to rest. My kid had no illness for a year after staying in Pearl beach! The beach is very safe and comfortable. Thanks to all the educators and instructors.

The truth about Gurzuf Crimea: the pros and cons, reviews of holidaymakers, tips

Looking at the beautiful pictures in magazines and take your word for it reviews in the spirit of “there’s such a nature, and what nights there,” you can go at least to the edge of the world, not that in the Crimea.

Let’s talk about the resort Gurzuf Crimea reviews holidaymakers, about which the network is bracing new pearls and fables.

Gurzuf is a complex resort, and despite the fact that it is one of my top five favorite resorts in Crimea, it is not a conscious love. After all, no one from Chekhov’s entourage could understand why he bought a shack in Gurzuf on the cliff for big money.

Dismantle Gurzuf for components, because you can get stuck so that the Crimea and no longer want to go.

More about Gurzuf here:

Chaliapin Rock

What kind of place is this?

Gurzuf is the neighbor of Partenit resort between, to which the Bear, the size of a mountain, came to drink the Black Sea. The trick did not work, the sea remained in place, but to get from Gurzuf to Partenit now, harder than in the Crimea hitchhiking to catch.

The resort is located on a steep slope, on which the rivers Avunda and Suuk-Su run down, as well as physically fit tourists.

In Gurzuf wonderful beaches, excellent embankment and incomparable views. For the sake of this you can live here and enjoy it. But otherwise, there is a lot to work on and strive for.

Simferopol Airport: how to get there

Gurzuf is covered by the world-famous Artek camp and several health resorts. They decided that the approaches to the sea belong to them, and the rest is just a beautiful picture from the balcony.

As soon as you get away from the seafront, you’ll realize that Gurzuf is very “cool”, with chaotic development, expensive in season, but so attractive! It has a soul, which you can feel, but only not in season…

The view of Gurzuf is unforgettable

The 3 pillars of a well-deserved vacation

For whom is the resort: for lucky owners of sanatorium vouchers, bright kids who got a ticket to the “Artek” and long-term admirers of Gurzuf. Children, young people and owners of weak calf muscles and breathing apparatus have nothing to do here.

How much is it: in the season is expensive. Similar requests from the owners I met only in Foros. With proper experience and compromise with habits it is possible to reduce expenses to a sane level. Not in season I recommend the sanatorium “Gurzufsky”. Where a room with kormezhkoy for 2 costs from 3600 rubles.

Why to go here: to bathe and only to bathe. There is a delightful sea and pebble beaches. To admire the views, to visit the houses-museums of classics, to go hiking, to meet old age and to watch trees growing.

    – guidebook – guidebook

What's inside the guide

Testimonials from vacationers

But enough of the generalities. Let’s pay attention to the details: lodging, food, transportation accessibility and entertainment. Let’s go!

The Road to Gurzuf

Gurzuf is within Yalta’s sight, but it’s not that easy to get here. Buses and trolleybuses whizzing by on the highway, and the local buses from Yalta and Alushta morally and physically tired. There are also boat trips, though not cheap.

Great: a beautiful serpentine to the sea and opens incredible scenery. Several descents from the highway, which allows you not to loop in the lower part of the village, which is not passable. Its own bus station, where the intercity buses come.

Do not like: serpentine from the highway 4 km. The option to get off at the highway and wait for a hitchhiker strains. Local buses are old and without conditioners, and in a season please crowds of passengers, aspiring to crush you about a handrail.

South Coast Highway does not pay attention to the resort, and direct flights on the fingers to count. Therefore, it is easiest to get by cab or rent a car.

Down the road to Gurzuf

Moving around the resort

The coastal part of Gurzuf reliably fenced off from visitors with a concrete fence Artek and forged fenceb resorts. To access the water is used area Dacha Korovin. This is a narrow neck of the bottle, as 90% of residents of Gurzuf go to the sea here. The remaining 10% use the descent closer to the sanatorium “Sputnik”.

It’s great: the old town surprises with its chaotic and cute buildings, and the preserved paving stones make the picture even more colorful. Walking along the promenade is a must. In summer they let electric cars along the sea and don’t let cars in.

I did not like it: the paving stones in some places are polished to a shine and slip, there are no sidewalks, which makes the neighborhood of people and cars scandalous. You have to walk a lot, and on stairs and mountain trails. Traffic jams and swearing at junctions keep motorists busy.

Responsibly take the choice of residence in the village, so that a few days do not wipe your heels in blood and not to discourage children from the love of the sea.

Along the streets of Gurzuf


Houses for rent in Gurzuf are represented as shacks in retro style as well as modern apartments with floor-to-ceiling windows. The best place to live in sanatoriums: no slides, no pans, but the sea and the chic parks.

Great: You can rent an excellent modern apartment on the mountain or a wooden saklja on Chekhov or Leningradskaya Street. Similar colorful housing can be found only in Yalta or Bakhchisaray.

Do not like it: the summer prices for authentic accommodation with the conditions of the student dormitory, but 2 steps from the sea reach the level of “yes you are crazy”. Modern housing is at a distance of “I’m not going to get there” from the sea. Moreover, to go back up the hill.

In Crimea, especially in Gurzuf, you need to understand the difference between “300 m to the sea” and “300 m to the beach”. Somewhere there is simply no approach to the water, and somewhere the owners measure the distance as birds fly, but not on the road for people.

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Gurzuf old pedestrian street


There are a lot of options for staying hungry in Gurzuf. You should not get stuck on one option. You have to try and search.

Great: in the center there are a couple of dining rooms, cafes with beautiful views and delicious oriental cuisine. In many places you can see the menu in front of the entrance. The portions are often large and hearty.

Holidays in the Crimea in August 2022. Weather and prices

Do not like: in many places inadequate prices, especially on the waterfront. Not everywhere you pay by card. The flow of the waiters does not give you a reason to nadeyutsya on good service. It is possible to dine with rudeness!

I recommend not to experiment in a cafe with Oriental cuisine and order their national dishes. My personal choice is café “easel” and “Pleasant Date”.

Dubai Restaurant


Gurzuf is a pretty decent resort with a population of almost 10,000 people and has everything you need for self-sufficiency. This is not Utes, Livadia or Gaspra. I would not worry about access to the benefits of humanity.

Great: there is a hospital, polyclinic, market, confectionery, supermarket, church, stadium and even the bank RNKB. Everywhere is pedestrian accessibility. There are interesting places to visit, which can safely spend 3 days.

Don’t like: a few children’s playgrounds, no public parks, problems with local transport and ubiquitous steps. It will not be easy for moms with strollers and the elderly. The promenade is quite narrow, when all the tourist bohemia comes out on it by evening.

You can live and cook for yourself without problems, you can also buy all the necessary household goods and souvenirs. For more opportunities you will need your own car.

Cafe Ratatur, Merhaba and Molebert

Sea and Beaches

I described the situation with the beaches in a separate article. In principle, there are enough of them even minus the sanatorium and the camp. The beach line stretches for almost 1 km. If you do not have enough space, go in the direction of the sanatorium “Sputnik”.

It’s great: medium shingle, clean sea, wide shoreline, inexpensive sun loungers and a wide variety of beaches. At the beginning and end of the promenade there are toilets, and in some places there are cabins for changing and even showers.

Do not like: in the center of the embankment sanatorium beaches, quite a lot of people in the season, the pebbles are quite coarse for small children.

But in general, the beaches of Gurzuf is one of its big pluses. The general picture is positive and on all length of quay there are no thrown or frankly rusty constructions.

Pebbles on Gurzuf beaches

Attractions and entertainment

There are not so much, but their real more than in neighboring Partenit and Utes. However, to get to the same Nikitsky-Botanical Garden by public transport seems to be a problem.

It is healthy: the whole 3 interesting houses-museums, mountain the Bear and a Red stone, 2 historical parks and possibility to go to sea adventure though on a kayak, though on water skis, though with scuba diving.

I don’t like it: in a couple of days the attractions end, and there is no free or cheap entertainment. A lot of interesting places beyond the fence of the camp and sanatoriums. Expensive excursions in the Crimea.

If you come in a season, the emphasis will have to do on bathing. Not in a season there is an opportunity to look at the local and neighboring attractions. But here you either need not make Napoleonic plans, or use the services of cab drivers.

View of Adalary

We are here for an hour.

So, you know from the background information that parking is an ass here and driving along the waterfront or in the old town area is not realistic. I’ve tried it. Do you know how to drive in reverse through the narrow streets?

Basically, it’s like stopping by the resort for a day to look around and move on:

  1. Ditch the car away from the waterfront. There are 3 variants: near the bus terminal or near the stadium (in the worst season), near the fence of “Gurzufsky” sanatorium, near the store “Pud”. Paid parking at the Gurzufsky checkpoint (from the north) 200 rubles per day.
  2. Throw the car and move to the embankment. The 1st stop near the fountain and “Tavern”. You can walk to Uspenskiy cathedral, then dive to Chekhov street, leading to the museum.
  3. Back on the square and down the steps to the cottage of Konstantin Korovin . After the survey continue to descend and you are on the embankment. On the left the sea, right park sanatorium “Gurzufsky” and further sanatorium “Pushkino” with the same name museum.
  4. In plenty of walking we are going back. Lunch and dinner can be eaten in a cafe “easel” or restaurant “Meraba” on the waterfront.

Monument to cat Murka in Gurzuf

That’s how it is Gurzuf. Someone loves it, and in joy and sorrow, and someone calls his entire vacation a mistake. You decide. But the kitty Musya will be waiting for you in the same place in any case)

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