The truth about Kerch. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

The truth about Kerch. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

No one is forgotten. Were with my grandson (10 years old) in June 2021. Excursion heavy, even now tears come over, very informative. My grandson was impressed. We were very worried when we found out that the Adzhimushkay quarries were flooded that same year. The Soviet soldiers, civilians, children, and so much went through, and then their graves were flooded. I would also like to advise the organizers of the excursion to say that it is desirable to take children’s toys with you. Everything we saw in the quarries will remain forever in our hearts and memory. A low bow to the Soviet soldiers and the whole generation. Thank you and forgive us.

Very awful vacation in Kerch base “Gulf” Very BAD. It seems that the Crimea since 2014 “Ours”, you come to the godforsaken land. There is no communication, no bank to withdraw money too. With fresh water is tense, the local asked where you can dial fresh water for household needs, they looked at us as if we were fools. Wanted to fill in the public toilet tap, we almost got nailed, some woman came running, yelled and chased us out. Were in Kerch offered us accommodation in the recreation center “Gulf”, 65 G Petrova Street. When booking a cottage,

Very informative! Fortress with a very interesting history. Excellent tour! Liked the whole family. Reached by car on the old road (which recommended Yandex), we do not recommend)). Went out on the new road, which is now under construction.

On the rare amateur. It is hot. Tedious. Uninteresting. Expensive. To get to the fortress. It’s a quest. There are no roads. Signposts are uninformative. Fortress is not involved in any hostilities, I personally am not interested. In general, more suitable for people associated with architecture. Students as a textbook for building defensive structures.

Going by bus to the Crimea

All in order.

The access roads are disgusting (in some places even in a jeep scary to get through). Explicit road signs to the fortress no, and those that are even more misleading. Navigators (neither Yandex, nor Google) do not know the way to the Kerch Fortress. To be exact, Google knows some road, but you can use it only if you do not regret to lose the bottom of the car on the way to the fortress.

So, the road difficulties you all

The person who wrote this review clearly had a bad day. Everyone knows that the same facts can be described from at least three different angles: extremely negative (as in this case), extremely positive and neutral. The facts described have their place, but not to the same extent. You can take photos and videos of everything, but only the guide is asked not to take photos. And this requirement you will hear on any excursion. Do not leave the route due to the fact that not all areas are checked by sappers, and this is an elementary safety. The road to the fortress is certainly not the highway, but you can pass by most ordinary cars. The territory of the fortress is cleared and ennobled by the very employees of the fortress and every time you visit the fortress you can see how it has changed for the better. There is information about millions of investments, but are there really millions? And about the main thing. The territory of the fortress is very large, the declared 1.5 hours of excursion for 300 rubles usually go almost into two. To compare with other tours in the Crimea 300-400, or even 500 rubles. for 35-55 min. Very well preserved most of the objects. And as other visitors have written a huge historical and cultural value of this unique object. Be in the fortress periodically since 2010 to date.

Holidays in the Crimea in the summer of 2022. What the weather and whether to go

Kerch: tips on vacation

In Kerch there is no resort status, but tourists do not bypass this city. Read reviews of holidays in Kerch in 2021 and 2022. Find out what vacationers think about the sea and beaches in eastern Crimea and whether you should go there with children.

    – The Private Sector in Kerch. – Hotels and hotels in Kerch.


Impressions of Kerch

Kerch is a beautiful city with a rich history and interesting sights, but when you get there, you get the impression of being in the past. All note that the dilapidated buildings and old roads immediately catch the eye.

Probably life by the sea relaxes you, that’s why people in Kerch are unhurried. There are a lot of walnuts growing in the streets. The ripe fruits fall to the ground, and no one collects them.

In the area of the private sector there are a lot of dogs who guard houses and bark at every passerby – walking in the evenings is not comfortable at all!

SVK45: “In Kerch I liked that you can visit two seas at once. In the morning to swim in the Sea of Azov, and in the evening, having moved to another part of the city, to swim in the Black Sea.”

Reviews about rest in Kerch.

A view of the archeological area from Mount Mithridates.

Is it expensive to vacation in Kerch?

Accommodation is cheaper than on average in the Crimea. In summer 2022 double rooms in budget hotels and apartments at private individuals cost from 1500 rubles a day. Prices in public catering are lower than in Yalta. According to tourists, it’s convenient to rent an apartment with a kitchen and cook by yourself – the quality of products is good. It’s cheaper to buy on the wholesale market. How to withdraw money without commission in the Crimea?

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are a few convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Daily Chat. Don’t trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book accommodation in Crimea only on reliable services with real photos and reviews of tourists, not to get a pig in a poke.

Single ticket to the Crimea 2021: price, how to buy, reviews

Daniil12011994: “The prices aren’t very high. The fare around the city is 15 rubles for a large bus and 17 rubles for a small one. If you want to go to the nearest village, the price can be about 30 rubles.”

Rest in Kerch

Cape Zyuk (Photo: Kurgus /

What sea and beaches in Kerch

Kerch has two whole seas – the Black Sea and the Azov Sea. For beach vacation it is better to settle in Arshintsevo . It is a quiet green area in a 15-20 minute drive from the center.

According to the reviews, Kerch has beaches for every taste: pebbly “Yenikale” and “7 winds”, sandy – Geroyevskoe, Arshintsevo, Generalskie, spit and lighthouse. To tell the truth, there are few beaches equipped for normal rest – City sandy beach, “Moskovsky”, “Molodezhny” and “Na Smorzhevskogo”. Here you can rent sun beds, toilets and water entertainment.

Holidaymakers do not recommend the beach “Turtle” (“Chacha”). It is unpleasant to swim there, because near the shore the bottom is covered with silt.

tusic99: “The farther from the center, the better the beach”.

Panorama of Kerch city beach

Rest with children in Kerch

Kerch is not a children’s resort, but parents with children come here to rest. There are no major entertainment centers, only attractions in the parks. Tourists advise to go with a child to the ostrich farm “Exotic”, on Adzhimushkay quarries, Tsar’s mound and Cape Zyuk.

According to reviews, holidays in Kerch with small children can be uncomfortable. The city is almost always windy, and after sunset it can be chilly.

yarchi: “My son has cerebral palsy and asthma. He breathes better here and he feels much better by the sea, nothing hurts.”

vera_mvv: “The royal mound has been compared to the tomb of Agamemnon or the treasury of Atreus in Mycenae. There is a small museum nearby, and it displays artifacts found during excavations. I advise everyone to visit here.”

Holidays with Kids in Alushta 2022 - 7 Best Hotels

Rest in Kerch

A girl on the beach in Kerch. Photo: Mari1Photo /

Interesting or boring at the resort

Kerch is one of the oldest cities in Crimea. The settlement appeared on the peninsula back in ancient times. Archaeologists have discovered a lot of interesting artifacts in the city and its surroundings.

According to reviews for 2021, during the holidays in Kerch should see the exhibits of the Museum of Oceanography and Fisheries, History and Archaeology Museum, to visit the Melek-Chesmensky mound, Kerch Fortress, Fort Totleben and fortress Yenikale.

Lovers of outdoor activities will also find something to do in Kerch. Tourists enjoy sailing boats and yachts, go kiting and surfing. If you like hiking, go to the mud volcano Jau-Tepe!

Kolos3267: “Those looking for clubbing entertainment in Kerch, you go further, at least in Feodosia. Here with it rather mediocre”.

Tatiana: “Was in Adzhimushkay quarries. All dilapidated and outdated. It feels like everything was thrown to other museums. Nowadays such museums use an interactive approach. You can take shots from a newsreel or a feature film. It is meager and poor”.

Traveler Reviews for Kerch

Yenikale Fortress is beautiful and not at all visited by tourists.

When is the best time to go

Kerch is located in the very east of Crimea. The local climate is influenced by two seas and the winds that blow from the Crimean mountains and the Caucasus. According to tourist reviews, winter in Kerch is mild, but windy. Especially capricious weather is in February.

Beach season begins in mid-May and lasts until early October. Want to capture the highest temperatures and the warmest sea, come in July, August or September!

All difficulties were more than compensated by wonderful weather, tender warm sea, from which children got out only to have dinner and late at night to go for a walk.

Weather in Kerch

May in Kerch is beautiful: the grass is still green, poppies and trees are in bloom.

Livadia Palace

What do you think of Kerch?

In the past, everyone who got to the Crimea, tried to visit Kerch, but times have changed. Today, tourists are more willing to go to cities and towns that offer a good beach vacation and more modern infrastructure.

Kerch attracts only by its historical sites and relatively low prices for housing. This city is frozen at the end of the last century. If that doesn’t bother you – welcome to a vacation in Kerch in 2022!

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