The truth about Koktebel. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Koktebel: tips on rest

Koktebel – once a romantic village in the southeast of Crimea, now – a popular resort. Collected reviews on vacation in Koktebel. Learn whether it is expensive to rest in 2022 and whether it is convenient in Koktebel with children.

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Impressions of Koktebel.

The picturesque resort lies at the foot of the ancient volcano Karadag, 20 km from Feodosia. Since the beginning of the last century poets, writers and artists have come here. Mountain chains around, clean air and good beaches please parents with children. In reviews about resting tourists called Koktebel nice place to relax and body, and soul!

Pon4ita: “Koktebel liked it. A quiet and cozy village, the nature is chic, the air is clean, the sea is warm, the availability of wild beaches pleased. To tell the truth, the prices in a season are rather high, but as a whole good memories.

Maria: “Came for a week, but even that was enough for us to have a great time. Beaches are clean, the sea is nearby, it is possible to walk on foot. A lot of places to eat with reasonable prices.

Reviews about rest in Koktebel

The extinct volcano Karadag at sunset. On the trails of the reserve can only be walked with a guide.

Is it expensive to rest in Koktebel?

According to reviews of holidaymakers, the prices for housing in Koktebel are lower than in Yalta. In a high season of 2022 a double room in a guest house costs 800-1500 rubles, and in hotel 3* – 1500-3000 rubles. Look at how much a trip to the Crimea costs.

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are still a few convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on the daily. Do not trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Rent an accommodation in the Crimea only on trustworthy services with real photos and tourists reviews, so as not to get a pig in a poke.

Dinner per person in the dining room costs 300-400 rubles, and dinner in a restaurant – 600-800 rubles. The public transportation is inexpensive. To Feodosiya you will get on a minibus for 30 rubles, and to other popular resorts – for 100-300 rubles. A cab to Feodosia costs 500 rubles. Learn how to withdraw money without commission in the Crimea.

Sega 76: “Before, in Ukraine, everything was much cheaper, 200 USD was enough for me for 2 weeks, and now 500 USD is not enough. But the infrastructure is no comparison. Now (under Russia) everything is much nicer.

Rest in Koktebel

Our friends on the beach “Primorye” in Koktebel

What sea and beaches in Koktebel

The beaches of the resort are pebbly, but the bottom of the sea is sandy. According to reviews from tourists, many went to the Central beach of Koktebel. Bathing and sunbathing there is not advised! The owners of local cafes drain the sewage directly into the sea, so the water at the beach smells bad and is dangerous to health.

Choose for beach rest other, more pure places! On the beach “Priboy” a coarse pebble, there is a cafe fast food and rental deckchairs. On Malta beach – a lot of water entertainments and the diving center. The beach “New Koktebel” is made of concrete platform. There are always few people on it. The best beach in the vicinity of the resort is “Silent Bay”. This coast is loved for its luxurious views, fine sand and clean sea.

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Iranov86: “The beach is made of small smooth stones. It’s a pleasure to walk without shoes, and a great massage. Often better than just a sandy beach (feet always clean). The impression is extremely positive.”

Prices in Koktebel

So looks the beach in Koktebel

Rest with children in Koktebele

In Koktebel a good beach vacation for children. Entrance to the water is almost everywhere flat. Problems are only on beaches with concrete platforms – there in the sea descend on steps, and the depth at once big.

In addition to beach attractions, popular museum of nature Karadag, dolphinarium and water park, a Ferris wheel and an unusual bird park “Dinoteriya. According to reviews, during a vacation with children in Koktebel tourists go with the whole family to Feodosia, Sudak, the lion park “Taigan” in Yalta, Nikita Botanical Garden, Bakhchisarai and the cave towns of Crimea.

Inna: “We come here for the first time, clean fresh air, beautiful nature, warm sea, a lot of entertainment for children and adults. Good service, a lot of places to eat with children.

Tourist reviews for Koktebel

Salt Lake Barakol. When it dries up, you get this interesting crust. You can walk or even drive on it.

Interesting or bored at the resort

On responses of tourists, boredom and Koktebel simply incompatible! From the resort village is nice to go on a boat ride. Boats take vacationers to the foot of the volcano Karadag, picturesque rock “Golden Gate” and to swim in the open sea. Tourists like windsurfing and horseback riding tours.

In early August, a spectacular show Crimea Fire Fest is held at Koktebel Aquapark. The “fire” festival begins at 8 pm and lasts for 3 hours. Tourists are amazed by stunts, which are performed by street artists!

Near the sea in Koktebel is equipped with embankment with cafes, bars and restaurants. During the day here you can shop and eat delicious food. In the evening on the waterfront staging a loud disco, and on the beaches – foam parties. The resort holds an annual jazz festival and an In vino veritas wine festival.

Marina: “There are a lot of entertainments, both for adults and children. None of us got bored. My husband and I went diving and explored the underwater world. Kids loved it in the water park, in the pavilion with reptiles and butterflies, and we rode on a camel there too.

Tourist reviews for Koktebel

On such ships from Koktebel go excursions to the Golden Gate and for a walk along Karadag

When it is better to go

Bathing season begins in late May and lasts until October. According to tourist reviews, in July and August in Koktebel hot weather. If you can not stand the heat, come to the resort in June and September.

Milana Poptsova: “The last month of summer is very hot, so most visitors spend time on the beach. The Black Sea is quite refreshing in this heat, even though the sea water is quite warm +26 ° C.”

Oper24: “I came to Koktebel in February, in winter. <. >Walking along the deserted embankment, you enjoy the silence, the absence of crowds, the noise of the surf. At this time of year your eye is delighted with the blue sky, bright sunshine, green pine trees and, of course, the first flowers.

Tourist reviews for Koktebel

So looks the village.

Reviews about Koktebel: make conclusions.

Rest in Koktebel in the summer of 2022 will please tourists who are not waiting from the Crimea luxury service and super entertainment. According to reviews for 2021, the service in the village is still only developing and in many ways inferior to Turkey and tropical islands. However, the disadvantages of the resort more than compensate for the beautiful nature, warm climate and clean sea.

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Koktebel, Crimea – review

Koktebel in June 2022. Is it worth to go? Pros and cons. What to see near? A lot of photos

Hello all! My trip to the Crimea in 2022 was spontaneous, but very successful.

In Koktebel I got only because my acquaintances live there. I went to them and did not rent lodging. Once a long time ago I was in Koktebel, but it did not impress me. Now I’ve changed my mind.

How to get there? The year 2022 turned out to be difficult in every way and there is no air travel to the Crimea.

You can get there by train and car/bus. I was going from Rostov-on-Don. The trip from our city is quite fast and not expensive. The train ticket came out about 2 rubles, 10 hours on the road.

I got to Vladislavovka (it is possible up to Feodosiya), there from 1000 rubles a cab to Koktebel (in the way 25-10 minutes). It is possible to call in advance a cab, to ask number of the driver to be quiet. But the station is full of cars, in any case you can leave. But about the prices do not know.

Lodging. The choice is big enough. I lived at my friends’ place, but absolutely everything is rented. It is possible to book a hotel with a pool, you can rent a room from private individuals. It is possible with a view on mountains and an almond garden behind a window, and it is possible in the center with noisy cafes. For all tastes and colors.

Of all that I saw, I liked the cottage village of Dim-1 and Dim-2. With pools, near the sea, embankment and vineyards)).

The settlement is small. There is a central street with active traffic (Lenin), there is a promenade.

And there are quiet streets to the houses. There is a wine factory “Koktebel”, so you can see a few vineyards on the slopes.

In general, the city itself is very unremarkable. There is a church, cafes on the waterfront, one large supermarket and many private small stores.

There is a market, a few sanatoriums, which have lost their former glory and a small alley, which is called a “park”.

A lot of souvenir stores, but everything in them is not interesting. This is what it was like 15 years ago. Everything is the same. What that boring magnets, mugs, shells, plastic toys.

Koktebel itself and places around very famous and iconic for the Crimea. But the village is in a derelict condition.

As far as I know (according to local people), positive changes have started in terms of sewage treatment plants. Earlier in Koktebel not bathed, because the water in the sea had a smell of sewage. Now I did not notice anything similar.

Part of the embankment is broken, waiting for repair. It is planned for 2024. In general work in Koktebel very much.

Nutrition. The basic part of cafe is on quay. From what I tried and liked it – dining- pizzeria “Lozhka”. There is always a crowd of people. The pizza is not the most delicious, but as a dining room is great. I couldn’t find any alternatives to “Spoon”. The other diners lose out in terms of price, taste, and choice.

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We did not go to restaurants, only to one, which is on a pontoon. It is called “Karaoke club”. But they don’t really sing karaoke there. Very nice place near water with tasty cuisine.

What I did not like in the Crimea, is that the service is not there. When you come in the institution, you can not approach for 20 minutes, then forget about you, then do not clean the plate, do not bring the bill, etc. In this case, they include service in the bill)). And it’s not just in Koktebel, almost everywhere in the Crimea.

In some institutions there is no alcohol and allowed to bring their own from the store. In Ordzhonikidze in any institution could not drink wine.

Money. Bring cash with you. Or take it out at an ATM on the spot. ATMs are local. I had a Tinkov card, so I withdrew without a fee. I think some banks may charge a withdrawal fee.

Cards are accepted in chain supermarkets, in some restaurants. And even then not very willingly. In other places, either transfer or cash.

Communications. Very advised to clarify this point in advance with your operator. As far as I know, normal communication in the Crimea has MTS, all others take a very large fee for the Crimea. Therefore, if communication is important, it is best to take an MTS SIM card and connect the service for the Crimea.

In my case, Tele2 only worked for calls, the Internet was gone. I was offered a local SIM card for 600 p. For one week was too much.

The contingent of holidaymakers is very diverse. Catch the eye artists, guitarists, singers, and just holidaymakers for life)). I called them “hippies,” but I don’t know their philosophy of life. They walk around barefoot, they drink, they sing, they raise money at gigs.

I was in the “off season” for the Crimea and listened to a lot of indignation from the locals about it.

Because of the cancellation of planes in June, the beaches were half-empty. And, as I understand it, it is local and from the nearest regions. The beaches were half-empty. And outside of town, on the wild beaches, no one at all. Locals say that usually there is not crowded.

Beaches in Koktebel is not the most well-kept. Even to compare with the Sochi coast or Feodosija, they lose. There are sun beds, but the cost did not learn. There are changing rooms. Toilets are not available, there are no paths, no awnings. There is a shower only on one beach, about a dining room “the Spoon” (an ideal place all the same).

Beaches pebble, stones large and very painful for feet. A step into the sea – 3 steps on stones and begins sand.

There is a local attraction – a nudist beach. He directly in the city, if to go on the embankment FROM Kara-Dag. He nothing fenced, you can admire it directly from the embankment, or from neighboring beaches.

On it there are umbrellas and sun beds, a lot of people with children. In general the nudist beaches in district it is a lot, but they behind a city and wild.

What to look in Koktebel?

Koktebel itself is not a lot of attractions, but they are).

1. hill Junge. This is not a hill, and a crypt where the family of the founder of the city – Edouard Junge is buried. Honestly, when I climbed this hill (small, 10-15 meters), I did not know that people were buried there. The crypt stone is very inconspicuous and many people do not pay attention to it.

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2. Voloshin’s house. It is on the embankment, very nice from the outside. Inside was not. Voloshin himself is buried on the mountain nearby – Kuchuk Yenishar. About it a little later.

3. Plant “Koktebel” – too was not, but on a site there is a schedule with excursions, it is possible to go.

4. Dolphinarium, the water park. I do not like it, but people go to the other cities here.

Well, in general, that’s all, maybe about what I do not know.

What to look near Koktebel?

That for what I came, was not in Koktebel, and in the neighborhood. I will tell about the cool places to walk to, or to get by bus / cab within an hour.

1. Mountain Kuchuk-Yenishar, the one with Voloshin’s grave. This mountain is perfectly visible from almost anywhere in Koktebel. She is on the opposite side of the Kara Dag. It is possible to go along the quay to the Junge hill, and then along the beach to the beginning of the wild beach. Then 2 steep rises and you are at the foot of the mountain) From there begins a nature reserve and a hiking trail.

You can turn into the Quiet Bay, or climb the mountain. We went there and there.

The ascent is steep, but feasible to almost anyone. Saw a girl in sandals, saw children. It was hard and scary for me. But it is feasible for any healthy person.

On the mountain overlooking Koktebel, a chic view of Cape Chameleon, a view of the quiet bay and the chic valley with vineyards.

At the very top, at Voloshin’s tomb, a terrible wind blew, which tore the phone out of my hands. We could not stay there for long. People bring stones to the grave from the beach, as Voloshin willed.

2. Cape Chameleon. This cape, which is also visible from any point of Koktebel. To walk to it half an hour from the city, or 10 minutes by cab. Chameleon is destroyed, crumbling, and in the next 100 years will disappear.

You can go to him, but we did not go, because at that time had already died after Kuchuk Yenishar.

3. silent bay. Just next to the Cape Chameleon, or rather the next bay after him – the quiet.

Ideal beach with sand. No sun beds, but you can rent a gazebo, put a tent. The beach is wild, but nice and very large. By car passage is paid. On foot for free). The beach is completely sandy, in contrast to Koktebel.

If you go to the end of the quiet bay, behind a small mountain there is another beach. It was almost empty, except for some guys with some kayaks.

We saw the beach when we climbed the mountain that separates the two bays. The views here are amazing, I highly recommend this place to visit.

4. Feodosia. You can take a bus or a cab. You can find the bus schedule on Yandex. Feodosia is in 20 minutes, the city is big, with parks, squares, local attractions in the form of a fortress, with a large wide embankment and gorgeous beaches.

In Feodosia, for me, the beaches seemed the most comfortable. There is sand and pebbles. There are very shallow, as in Anapa, there are deep.

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The city, too, is interesting, there is where to walk. On Feodosiya it is safely possible to lay down one day.

5. Orginikidze. The neighboring settlement with Koktebel. Earlier was closed military city, because of the military plant. Now the plant is closed, but like, go there excursions.

To get there for 400 p by cab from Koktebel. The ride takes 15 minutes.

Town is not a tourist town, it’s evident at once. Panel multistory buildings, narrow quay, literally a new decent hotel. The beaches are also excellent, sand, well equipped, but a narrow strip of beach itself.

Here, too, there is an opportunity to get to the wild beaches. There is an observation deck on a mountain in the side of Koktebel, from there you can go down to the beach, and behind another mountain it seems there are nudist beaches.

6. Kara-Dag is an extinct volcano and it is a protected territory. You can see it from the water. From the waterfront ships that pass along Kara-Dag to the golden gate (a natural symbol of Crimea). But I do not recommend the ships. Only if you do not have the strength to walk. There are a lot of people, the pleasure is not so much. Plus the views from the water, not as views from above.

Well and you can go on the reserve! As part of a group necessarily, with a guide. The beginning of the route in the village of Kurortnoe. There is a biological station and, they say, a very steep sea for swimming.

From Koktebel 101 bus for 30 rubles will take you to the resort. The groups go at 9 am and 14 every day. It is better to see in advance the schedule on the site.

The cost of 600 r per person. The road for 3-3.5 hours. It is possible to return in Koktebel, or Kurortnoe. A rise difficult for me, but children quietly passed ahead of adults.

Views here are magic. We see the coast to the mountain Bear (Partenit).

You can see the golden gate and the ships around.

Visible Koktebel Bay, Tikhaya and all the way to Ordzhonikidze.

Underfoot blue volcanic rock.

Bottom line. I think that the Crimea is not about beach vacation. To go to the sea in the Crimea makes no sense. Turkey here is not and never will be.

  • Bad service;
  • Poor infrastructure;
  • Difficulties with communication and payment cards;
  • Very expensive everything. Prices are like in Moscow, and it is not clear what you pay for;
  • Sometimes violent holidaymakers))

For me, the Crimea is about nature, about the sea and the mountains. Ideally, I would advise to come by car and, starting from Kerch, stop at such wild but stunning places.

But if without a car, then choose one location to stop and drive around different locations. Koktebel (neighborhood) for me was very beautiful, no less than the South Coast.

  • Very different nature: there are plains, fields, hills, mountains;
  • There is something to see in the cities. A lot of literary places, fortresses, museums, mansions and villas;
  • Variety of beaches: sandy, stone, equipped, wild, for nudists and for conservatives;
  • Tasty local food: cheese, wine, seafood.

Koktebel is highly recommended as a location to view the southeast of Crimea. An ideal place to capture all the beautiful places, walk in the mountains, to swim in the different sea.

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