The truth about Miskhor. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Miskhor – Tourist reviews

Reviews about Miskhor, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and what you didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Russia) as a place for family or youth recreation. The main attractions and entertainment, what is famous city Miskhore. Tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

The most vivid memory of Miskhor is the night sea. Moonbeams reflected on the swaying waves, the silence around. It seems that you’re alone in the world, and no one else. An excuse to feel like a princess :-)

To my shame I confess, I took a spitfire to rest. Something to book in advance? Yeah alright, on the spot I will orient. This is certainly not a bad approach, but in the future I will not do so again. That’s like half a day off my vacation.

The most romantic place Miskhora – beach mermaid. I thought that the statue of Little Mermaid is only in Denmark, it turned out that we have their own. With a child in his arms.

Also from the sculptures, very memorable is Ali-Baba, peeping at the girl. True, I did not remember such a moment in the tale, but let’s not pick on it.

The only downside – from the souvenir tents just can’t breathe. I have no idea where they find so many customers, but the view and the overall atmosphere they spoil.

To get to excursions not far. From classics – Nikitsky botanical garden, or, as it is affectionately called here, Nikita. I especially recommend, from there many excursions to Miskhor return by sea, at the same time and swim on the boat. You will see from the sea all the most important things in the Crimea.

In Miskhor there are aromas of cypresses everywhere, greenery everywhere. It’s warm and nice – and you don’t want to make a fuss, you want to sit down and stop the moment. Life here is quiet and measured, all walk, rejoice. I cooked my own food and bought it in local stores. More expensive than at home, but that’s the resort.

Miskhor once was fashionable place for the rest of privileged citizens of our country. In imperial times, the nobility and other prominent representatives of the elite, and in Soviet times, the political bosses, academics and military. Now Miskhor is not so elite, and we can say that in many respects and remained at the level of years 80-ies. The best thing here is the view of Mount Ai-Petri, because it is very close to this place.

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  • A large number of sanatoriums and hotels located in the area. Although most still gives the impression of “sovk”, but a sufficient choice and some kind of competition. If you want you can find a sanatorium, which used to be the home of some Count, and in Soviet times, turned into a health resort. So at least in a beautiful place with history you can live.
  • It is convenient to rest here with children, in my opinion. Because health resorts mean proper and healthy food, which will be prepared for you several times a day. Plus, there are often evening entertainment programs, so that young travelers will not be bored.
  • In Miskhor there is an excellent park with a large number of conifers. Walk and breathe the warm cedar air – what can be better? For me, it’s a great anti-stress and spa treatment in one bottle.
  • And another nice bonus for families with children – not far from Miskhora there is a water park, where you can have fun and adults, and kids. So no one will remain sad. I love water parks, and I think it’s a great way to release all the accumulated negative inside.

So if now you choose a place for vacation in which it will be comfortable to have a rest for your family – take a closer look at Miskhor. And here for youth rest, I wouldn’t choose it. But this is my personal opinion, and not the fact that it is correct. Just based on a feeling!

Miskhor is my love since childhood!

With Miskhor my childhood memories of the Crimea begins. Or rather, first there was a train compartment, then the long road in the bus. At the bus stop, while I was admiring the unfamiliar greenery and mountains, my mother was talking to the women around her and was telling them something. Then one of them led our family up the road.

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We climbed for a long time, my father was heroically dragging a huge suitcase until we reached the upper street. Only the slopes of Ai-Petri were higher. The question of food my father decided, having agreed with the dining room neighboring resort, and the beach we went to Mermaid.

For three years in a row we went to this summer Miskhor fairy tale. Obligatory rituals was to sit by the fountain with fishes in the Miskhor Park, walk past Arza and Ali Baba, eat wild blackberries. Most of all attracted sitting in the water Mermaid (I was not allowed to swim to her) and the figure of Ali Baba, looking out from behind a rock. I did manage to get behind the sculpture! Turns out the outlaw is only a bust, there is no continuation behind the rock.

I could come back to Miskhor myself only at the beginning of the millenia. From the former greatness remained Miskhor Park, an alley created by Naryshkin, the old fountain with Arzy and Ali Baba and the Mermaid near the beach of the same name. By the way, this fountain, created before the revolution by an Estonian sculptor, together with the Mermaid was intended for the Yusupov estate. But it so happened that the figures have decorated the embankment of Miskhor. The pre-revolutionary mermaid has not survived, it and another copy were carried away by the sea. And there is a third version of the sculpture standing in the water.

This group was not made according to Andersen’s fairy tale, as many vacationers think, but depicted the local legend about the stolen girl Arzy. This is her with a pitcher at the fountain (by the way, there was no water in it any more in my memory), and she after captivity in the image of the Mermaid.

Will be in Miskhor – be sure to walk through the park (do not forget to explore the branching paths) and admire this beauty. But this is not all the sights of the southern resort. While resting in Miskhor you can climb the cable car to Ai-Petri.

And Miskhor is one of the warmest resorts of Crimea, bathing season may last until the end of October.

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Miskhor: tips on vacation

The green village between the mountains and the sea is the most southern and picturesque place in the Crimea. Learn what reviews leave tourists about rest Miskhor. How much do accommodation and meals cost in the summer of 2022 and why parents with children like the resort.

    – Private sector Miskhor. – Hotels and hotels in Miskhor.


Impressions of Miskhor.

The seaside village between Gaspra and Simeiz lies on mountain slopes, which are covered with pines, cedars, cypresses and luxurious subtropical plants. Holidays love Miskhor for its magnificent views of the high Crimean yailas and the Black Sea. Ai-Petri Mountain’s panorama opens from every part of the resort. Everyone who comes here is amazed by picturesque landscapes and clean air.

IRVEL: “In September I visited the Crimea for the first time, in Miskhor. Positive impressions, the Crimea is very beautiful, the nature of Greece rests.

Is it expensive to relax in Miskhor.

According to reviews, the prices for housing in Miskhor are lower than in Yalta, but higher than in the Eastern and Western Crimea. In summer 2022 you can rent an apartment or a double room in the guest house for 1200-1800 rubles. But you should reserve the budget variants a couple of months before the trip. So you should check the prices for a trip to the Crimea.

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are still a few convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Daily Chat. Do not trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book accommodation in the Crimea only with reliable services with real photos and tourists reviews, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

There are a lot of cafes and canteens. In establishments that are closer to the beaches, the average bill for two is 900 rubles. Portions are large. During a vacation in Miskhor, try the fish on the grill and the Black Sea mussels in cream sauce!

The bus to Simferopol airport costs 350 rubles. Prices for local buses and minibuses are low – 15-30 rubles.

Margarita: “We were passing through for a couple of days, the impressions remained good! Beautiful architecture, picturesque nature, clean and warm sea. Reasonable prices for accommodation and food, a wide variety of dishes. Highly recommended.

Crimea in the spring of 2022. Rest in March, April and May

Rest in Miskhor in Koreiz.

View of Ai-Petri from Miskhor Park (Photo: Alexostrov /

What is the sea and beaches in Miskhor

The sea at the resort is clean. Almost the entire first line is occupied by health resorts. They have well maintained beaches where anyone can get for a fee of 150-200 rubles. The beaches have clean toilets, awnings, showers with fresh water and sun beds.

The town beach “Rusalka” is divided into three parts by piers. It is free, but narrow and not clean. During the holidays in Miskhor you can rent flippers, mattresses and inflatable wheels, go on a boat ride and fishing.

To all the beaches vacationers go down through the green Miskhor Park. Keep in mind that at night it is poorly lit.

Milicamilica: “Just back from Miskhor. Impressions are twofold. Beautiful, fabulous nature and then dirt. A lot of fenced areas, which makes the rest on the beach uncomfortable. But you can always for 150 rubles to agree with the guard of the sanatorium beach and relax in more comfortable conditions”.

Panorama of Miskhor beach

Rest with children in Miskhor.

As in Simeiz, the relief in Miskhor is mountainous. Tourists who stayed in both resorts consider Miskhor to be more convenient for recreation with children. On the beach of the sanatorium “Ai-Petri” there is a playground for children. Parents speak well of the beach of the sanatorium “Belorussia” – clean shore and not large round pebbles, on which children are comfortable to walk barefoot.

olinova82: “We also went to the zoo “Fairy Tale” near Yalta, 10 km from Miskhor. I highly recommend visiting with children.”

Visitor Reviews for Miskhora

The elevator to Mount Ai-Petri.

Interesting or boring at the resort

Cafes with live music and nightlife look for on the waterfront. If you want to sleep peacefully, rent away from the sea! Tourists like walking through the large and green Miskhor Park. There are several cafes open, they sell tours, there’s a shooting gallery and air hockey. During the day there are street musicians playing in the park.

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Not far from Miskhor a lot of attractions, which is easy to get on their own, without excursions. If you get tired of the beach and the sea, go to Yalta, the observation deck in Koreiz, climb the cable car to Ai-Petri and visit the famous palaces of the Southern coast of Crimea: Vorontsov, Yusupovsky, Livadia, Swallow’s Nest, Dulber.

According to reviews from vacationers, Miskhor is something to do lovers of outdoor activities. Skydiving, rock climbing, horseback riding tours, roopjumping and ATV safaris are very popular with tourists.

dvorikcvetov58: “I chose the place so that everything was close! Palaces <. >Within walking distance. The funicular to Ai-Petri, too. To Yalta 30 minutes by local bus number 132 or 102. To Balaclava and Sevastopol an hour by car.

lenyonok86: “Conflicting impressions from the cable car. On the one hand, it’s beautiful and breathtaking. But the unreal queue to this ropeway. We stood for about 30 minutes. Very tiring.

Visitor Reviews in Miskhor in the Crimea

Swallow’s Nest (Photo: ԿարինեՄարգարյան /

When it’s better to go

Miskhor is considered one of the warmest places in Crimea. The high wall of Crimean mountains, Black sea and subtropical greenery create the special microclimate. Miskhor sanatoriums take holidaymakers all year round.

Swim in the sea begin in May, but up to a comfortable temperature sea water warms up in mid-June. Peak tourist season is in July and August. According to reviews, a very good weather in Miskhor in the velvet season. In early September the air is warm as summer +28 … +30 ° C, and the water in the Black Sea +22 … +24 ° C. Beach season ends in the first decade of October.

Marianna Khovalkina: “In April, holidays were without weather surprises. Seaside resort has met with moderate heat, refreshing wind and cloudless sky. It’s a calendar spring.

Leisure reviews in Miskhora

Miskhor (Photo: Leo713th /

Miskhor reviews: drawing conclusions

Miskhor is good for active tourists, fans of excursions and families with children. This resort will suit those who want to live near Yalta, but in a cheaper and quieter place. If you put up with the high prices and ignore the small flaws, rest in Miskhor in the summer of 2022 will be quite comfortable!

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