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Nikolaevka: tips on rest.

In addition to the well-known Yalta and Evpatoria, there are real pearls in the Crimea. Read reviews about Nikolaev – the only seaside resort in the Simferopol region. What is the reason why this village is so attractive for tourists? Is it worth it to come here to rest in the summer of 2022?

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Impressions of Nikolaevka

Opinions about the resort on the west coast of Crimea are contradictory. Why do tourists love to vacation in Nikolaevka? Some admire the healthy climate, friendly residents, delicious fruit, clear sea and clean beaches. Others complain about the dull steppe landscapes, dust, strong winds and lack of entertainment.

In the Western Crimea, water problems, but locals boast that the taps are flowing great water from wells.

According to reviews, while vacationing in Nikolaevka you can buy fresh seafood and order an interesting excursion on a boat.

Cantabile: “Quite a large village of newly built low-rise mini-hotels. The area is fenced with a fence with entry points. The hotels are nice. Everywhere is clean, clean, no furniture is old. Many hotels have swimming pools.

Is it expensive to rest in Nikolaevka?

Lodging at the resort is budget-friendly. In summer 2022 a double room with private facilities in the yard is 500 rubles, and with a separate bathroom – 1000-1200 rubles. The food is one of the cheapest in the Crimea. According to reviews of holiday-makers, the average bill for two in an inexpensive dining room in Nikolaevka is 400-500 rubles. Learn how to withdraw money without commission in the Crimea.

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are still several convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Daily Chat. Don’t trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book lodging in the Crimea only on trustworthy services with real photos and reviews of tourists, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

Irina: “We decided on a family council because of the crisis to save some money. Nikolaevka – that’s what the doctor prescribed. There is no industry and pollution, cheap fruits and vegetables, shallow sea and steppe air without allergens.

Svetlana: “Went to rest in Nikolaevka for the first time. Relatively inexpensive for the Crimea! For a family recreation – just a godsend.

What sea and beaches in Nikolaevka

The coast near the village is mainly covered with rounded pebbles and small shells, but there is also a sandy-pebble beach. Set depths smoothly, and the sea is very clean, with a pleasant turquoise hue. Vacationers note that there is no algae in Nikolaevka. The resort is located on the shore of the open sea, so big waves here are often.

On the Central equipped beach there are free cabins for changing clothes. Sunbeds cost 200 rubles per day. In the season there are a lot of tourists, but there are always free places. Vacationers are invited to ride jet skis, catamarans, “bananas” and “tubers”.

In reviews tourists praise Wild beach Nikolaevka, where there are sections of sand. He is under the clay cliffs near the Coastal Street. The main minus – in several places sewage drains directly into the sea. In addition, after storms, small jellyfish appear in the water.

Maggot41: “A small pebble beach, resting quite a lot in the morning and in the afternoon. But in the evening the people are much less! The sun goes down directly into the sea, unlike the promoted resorts on the southern coast of Crimea.

Panorama of the beach in Nikolaevka

Rest with children in Nikolaevka

According to reviews of tourists in Nikolaevka work two markets and a lot of stores. Of entertainment for children there are only water attractions on the beach, a small amusement park and a game center on the second floor in the dining room. Children’s playgrounds are few. With the child older recommend to go to Saki, Evpatoria or Bakhchisarai.

Tatiana-mgupp: “In June I was in Nikolaevka with two children. We chose the guest house “Pearl” and did not regret it. The territory is green, a lot of flowers. We ate fruit! Rest was quiet, quiet, pleasant and inexpensive.

Interesting or boring at the resort.

Nikolaevka is not the most popular Crimean resort. Here go people who used to entertain themselves or just want to relax in silence. The main attraction of the village – St. Nicholas Church, which stands apart, behind the soccer field. Lovers of fun go to the evening gatherings in cafes and bars. Loud music there doesn’t stop till morning.

From the bus station of the resort you can easily get to other cities of Crimea. Many tourists go on their own to see the sights of Sevastopol, Balaklava, Simferopol and Evpatoria. According to reviews for 2021, for vacationers in Nikolaevka spend interesting excursions to Livadia Palace, Bakhchisarai, to the Swallow’s Nest and Nikita Botanical Garden.

Nikitsky Botanic Garden

Miniolla_mmm: “And what evening sunsets. This inexpressible beauty! What a joy to lie down on a blanket with your loved one, drinking a bottle of wine for two and eating Crimean grapes. Romance.”

Rest in Nikolaevka in the Crimea

The Swallow’s Nest is the most popular attraction of the Crimea, located in Gaspra. A long stairway leads to the palace.

When to go

Nikolaevka is situated 40 km to the west of the Crimean capital. The climate in the village is influenced by the Black Sea and vast steppes. You can swim as early as the end of May. According to tourist reviews, in summer in Nikolaevka a lot of sun, hot and dry. It rains rarely. Beach season lasts until late September. In early autumn, those who can not stand the summer heat come to the village.

AllaN85: “Do not save on air conditioning, during the day it can be very stuffy.

SmILeTu: “As the residents say, at the end of August only the local population stays there. If you want to relax and at the same time to minimize the number of tourists, a great reason to come there in September.”

Reviews about Nikolaevka: draw conclusions

Crimean resort is suitable for a family vacation by the sea in the summer of 2022. Plus Nikolaevka, according to reviews tourists – it’s relatively low housing prices and products, decent infrastructure and spacious beaches.

Do not wait for special aesthetics of the streets of the village. Most of the vacation you will have to walk along the high concrete fences and dusty curbs. But if the joy is only a beach holiday and beautiful sunsets at sea, these deficiencies can easily close your eyes.

Crimea, Nikolaevka – reviews

While fresh memories, decided to write a review of Nikolaev. We vacationed with the family in September 2018 for 2 weeks.

For me and my husband, it was the first joint trip to the Russian south. Before the euro rose to 80 rubles, the Crimea became “ours”, and we had a child, we had time to go to Vietnam, the UAE, Cyprus, Egypt, Turkey. After that we have a lot to compare, and the comparison is not in favor of Nikolaevka. Prior to this trip, I was in the Crimea with my parents in 2004, 2005 years in Feodosia, Alushta respectively. And my husband was in Evpatoria, just with my parents in the distant 1996. We agreed in the opinion that the Crimea as if time has no power over it. It seemed to me that I went back for 13 years.

Why did you choose Nikolaevka? And we did not choose, just our friends planned a trip to this place, well, and we for the company decided for them.

Nikolaevka is a city-type village 40 km from Simferopol on the Black Sea coast.

Information from Wikipedia:

In Nikolaevka there is 1 avenue, 35 streets and 8 lanes.

That’s true, for walks there is one route, which for two weeks can bore everyone.

Rest in Nikolaevka suits unpretentious tourists who need the sea in the first place.

Sea is clean, after the storm there are jellyfish, but very little. Beaches pebble, it is better to take special slippers for swimming to be easier to come in and go out of water.Zachod in the sea abrupt, quickly begins depth. With small children not very convenient. On the beach of the options for entertainment there is food, constantly flashing local merchants corn, beer, fish, pastries, and recreation – skating on a banana, a boat.

In Nikolaevka there is an old and new market, the prices for tourists are clearly different. There are stores, there is easier to navigate, there are price tags.

There are different cafes, we have for 2 weeks eating in the dining room Khatynka. There’s a varied menu and reasonable prices.

The main plus Nikolaevka this budget, have spent a relatively small amount compared with if you go somewhere abroad.


Often were there, but the impressions are contradictory. The first day or two you enjoy the sea, a vacation, change of conditions, the third day you want something else, a change of landscape, and he, the landscape has become boring. In Ukraine there were a lot of people resting, there was no place to spit, the prices were lower than in other resorts, so it suited, the low price, now the people is less, and prices have risen … and the sea, it always after dinner storm and the mud rose.

New hotels in Crimea - 2022

Rested in Nikolaevka with children in early September 2018, the choice was made on the basis of the read reviews that for children this is the best place. Accommodated in the cottage “Eve” (base Skif) regarding accommodation and food (cafe in the cottage Inigma) all corresponded to the photos and descriptions to these components of our holiday claims are not, except of course the prices! The beach is a very small coastal area with pebbles (stones), on which free space was not even in September days, I do not know what to do there in the season.

The sea was calm for 2 days out of the 14 days we spent there. Market – the prices are higher than in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. The canteens – the prices are just cosmic, and it is impossible to eat. With weather was not lucky very much therefore it was necessary to think how it is possible to spend the leisure time and have decided to leave to Bakhchisarai………………. Cab and cab drivers – it generally turned out saaaaaaamoe sad, having agreed in a place where they offer various excursions and departures with a young lady Svetlana us very quickly offered a car on which we quickly enough have reached the park of miniatures (there by the way very well both children and adults very much liked), The driver began to say that we have enough 2 hours, so as not to be tied to the time we said that we need more time and we will call for 20 minutes, then agreed to give him half the amount, which consisted of the services offered by Svetlana, tour of the park Miniatures departure at 16. 00 arrival back at 22 hours the cost of 800 rubles. Arriving at the park, we naturally paid the entrance to the park, had a great time and decided to go to a cafe a few minutes from the park, and reported to the driver. A short time after the call the driver came running into the cafe and made a scandal that we tricked him, tricked, shouted, threatened, and all this was happening with the children and women (unfortunately traveled without men). A call to Svetlana cleared up that we were deceived to put it mildly, it was in her opinion not an excursion as tickets that we have not prescribed (and we that in fact every day order tours and know the whole process), but the price tag listed in the brochures in our case was the price for a cab, and one way because going back with an absolutely inadequate and aggressive man we found it unacceptable (we had three children), the driver – Akim tel. 978-742-86-91, if you are offered this cab, I advise you at least think twice.

The nice waitress from cafe “Pushkin” called us a cab and we quickly and without problems got back for 1150 rubles, rather than 2400 rubles, that’s such a service employees offer tours.

In September no velvet season, besides that rains and storm warning, and simply a cold, yes such that outside we went in sweatshirts, suits, jackets, and two days in general was not to go out as rain poured practically without a stop. And as the storm warning, the Internet did not work and the light was turned off and if in Nikolaevka no light, then no water. For ourselves have made the decision that we will not go to the Crimea any more, it is expensive, no service, to look nothing, the prices are mad.


Clean sea, near market, reasonable prices for products, very warm, fresh air, clean beaches, super!

In fact absence of roads, covered with crushed stone or other stones.Beaches very small seaside zone is almost built up.

Holidays in boarding house “Polymer” very much liked. Feeding on killing – you eat on a full stomach. The pure sea, near market. There is where as to descend-rest:cafe, restaurants, night clubs etc.

Good time to all!

We flew to the Crimea in August 2015. The decision was absolutely spontaneous, before it was planned to go to Sochi.

The place of rest in the Crimea we have chosen the settlement Nikolaevka, recreation center “SKIF”, well, the place of our dwelling was called “SKIF 46”.

I’ll start with the airport in Simferopol, released us from the plane, pushed us into a stuffy bus and carried (And we are still naive, full of joy from the sun, after a gloomy St. Petersburg, believe that quickly get things and go to your destination),We found the conveyor belt with our plane number…and had a fascinating two hour wait for suitcases (thank goodness we did). We booked our own transfer, we thought it would not wait for us, The man was patient (although he said he was going to leave), Another 15 minutes we walked to the car as he parked in a courtyard (almost died while his suitcase dragged). Yay we’re in the car! Along the way a man told us a lot of interesting things about the peninsula and about what changes for the better at them began after the return of the Crimea to Russia. Here we are!

Creepy Crimea: 7 Reasons Not to Rest

Heat in the afternoon in August there certainly terrible, but it even pleases) Very many people come in cars (the most part from Moscow, judging by numbers), therefore in territory of base it is necessary to move accurately, now and then someone tries to crush / bypass / honk). At the base there is a lot of unfinished construction, many cafes and canteens. To a beach to us it was 5 minutes of slow walk, a beach very narrow. If you go left – you’ll find a pebble beach … if you go right – you’ll find a sandy-pebble beach)). If you’re going to sunbathe on a towel (and not on a deckchair, which give there in rent for money), it’s better to come early, to take the stones heavier (without them you risk not to find your towel with things on the spot). The sea is beautiful, not so shabby as in Sochi or Anapa.

About base territory there is a small market (chebureks on it to take disastrously not advise =( not will poison, but also is not tasty at all). Vegetables/fruits tasty through time, we have found for ourselves the woman at which was tasty almost always (but pair times and it has failed). Note to melon lovers. Aromaticity in no way reflected in the taste, so do not take a lot of on the principle of “fragrant means delicious!” . I do not know how it is, but three times stumbled upon insanely delicious-smelling, but totally bland melons (and took two of these home, upset (if you exit the market on the opposite side and go forward along the road to the fork, then right will be a big market and a few cafes with a pretty decent meal, left the pharmacy and a million more cafes. Sushi almost everywhere is tasteless and wildly expensive. The waiters (where there are of course) do not try at all, as a tip of 7-10% of the order is already included in the bill.

In the area there are about 3-4 pieces of women sitting on the floor and a couple of them are waiting for us.)

On the territory sits 3-4 pieces of women with different tours, you can pick up what you like ( and the market still sitting … on this you can not worry shorter)

The salon / barber shop on the territory, took a risk to make manicure … Fingers were sick for another 3 days, cuticle these 3 days, too, all grew back, the shorter I stayed with cuts and things that came with, do not advise.

Hotel 3* (If you can call it that)Skif 46…well cheap of course and you can live, but provided not noisy neighbors (from the second week of our vacation, settled a bunch of guys that we heard in his room at any time of day…even at 7 am…even at 1 am…even at 1 am. The staff at the hotel were amazingly beautiful and the staff was amazingly beautiful. The lady who came as a maid ignored the “Do not disturb” sign and got in the room and the lock was broken (which is why she flew in despite the key being in the lock on the inside. ). Room cleaning by the way also on the plate. Wei fae in the room (on the second floor) can forget, catching it in extremely strange poses, jumping around the room, at the reception all the couches are full of people with gadgets.

The territory itself pleasant, bushes, kitties, the sea…but frankly, that there to photograph I have not found…almost nothing remarkable. Therefore I attach a pair of photos from excursion and a photo of a magnet with a kind of Nikolaevka.

On rest in the Russian Crimea there were very dual memoirs. On the one hand the sea near, pure, super weather. But the quality of service for the same money in the same Sochi is much higher, at least it seemed to me so (was there only before the Olympics).

The next five years I will not go to the Crimea. There are at me more interesting plans) BUT! If you are going all day to lie on a beach and couple of times to go on excursion, to eat delicious fruit/vegetables and more to you it is not necessary, that safely can go to Nikolaevka).

What to see in Yalta: 34 best sights

I hope my review was to you though somehow useful, if there are any questions, write! I will definitely try to answer them!

If you are planning a vacation in the Crimea, then bypass the resort village Nikolaevka.

We decided in August 2017 to go on vacation, and I do not know why I wanted it in the Crimea.Since it was our first foray at sea, and even with the whole family, I decided to turn to a tour operator.

At my request, I received a huge number of proposals throughout the Crimea.

The first main criterion was the fact that, from the airport in Simferopol to Nikolaevka was only 40 kilometers … And we are with two small children and it was needed.

The second is the budget, the prices seemed to us very reasonable.

Well, based on these two factors, we decided to stop in Nikolaevka.

While we got to the village, along the roads, there were many destroyed buildings, not well-groomed fields, probably there recently passed the apocalypse. Well, okay, got there.

As in Nikolaevka? A lot of different cafes, no big bars, a park with entertainment for kids. Every 150-200 meters stood stalls that sold tours.

Market- on it you can find everything: cosmetics, crockery, souvenirs, spices, vegetables, fruits, clothes, in general there is everything.

A park with entertainments – opens about 20:00, my children by this time were already tired, but we nevertheless there were carousels, a laughing room, a trampoline and something – something on which my boys already had no strength.

The dining rooms, cafe – the prices are very even acceptable, the dinner for 4 persons at us turned out for 600 rubles: two sets of dinners and children or two soups, or potatoes with a sausage, rolls to kids, I think, it is very good.

The beach is a small pebble with sand, there is a place to change clothes, a few containers for trash.But the beach, quite dirty, in some places does not smell nice toilet.Holidaymakers bury cigarette butts in the stones, garbage-not a pleasant sight.

Our rest rescued excursions on which we constantly went.

I do not advise anyone to go there, it is better to pay extra and find a better place.


Excellent for a holiday with children, clean sea, economically.

Nikolaevka village a great option for a family vacation in the Crimea This resort is located 40 km from Simferopol and Evpatoria. Nikolaevka reached an unusual climatic zone and combines both steppe climate and sea conditions. The village has many different comfortable hotels. Vacationers can stay both in them and in the private sector. All for a comfortable vacation is within walking distance. Beaches, both landscaped and wild, stores, historical sites. The cost of food, drinks, cafes and services are affordable in Nikolaevka, if we compare the resorts in the southern part of the island. This resort differs in its frequency, scents of nature, wonderful beaches and not fussy life. In the village you can visit the tennis court, play pool, go to the movies, sing karaoke, dance at discos or rent a catamaran. At 30 km. from the village is located aqua park of the European type. You can easily get to Sevastopol and Simferopol, which would be familiar with the historical sights of these cities. On the waterfront many bars and restaurants. In them you can relax and drink a cup of coffee. Sea in Nikolaevka is not deep and therefore warms up very quickly. Here you can also buy drinks and various flavors. You can also spend your vacation in the private sector. Here you can choose from small hotels and cottages. The cost of living varies. It all depends on the service. I recommend it.


Prepare to eat , sleep, languish on the beach. Everything. Visit the beer bar “3 gudgeon” Yuzhnaya st. 1a. Pilaf, any kebabs! From Suren.

Frequently on the part of Evpatoria along the coast in the afternoon begins to carry something, similar to sewerage (as in Sochi). Standing emergency piers, to get on them to fish is impossible. Around guards and fences. You want to pass – 100 p. security.

Be vigilant at the markets with sellers of local Chacha and “wine”, as well as with pastries such as cheburek. Eat everything with charcoal tablets. There is no “Soviet” power, no one to turn to. Everything is occupied by rich Russians.


Raw, attitude to people

10.08.2017 We spent 1 night “at Igor Ivanovich” on Bobirya street Nikolayevka, Simferopol district. Damp, dumpster, fridge full to the brim with food-answered you will find a place. The wife of the owner of Natasha for one day stipulated my grandson that not there sits in the wrong place on the Internet. And he replied that the room does not have a signal and sat quietly in the kitchen. We are the ones paying money for all the amenities, wi-fi. Unhelpful hosts, namely the owner’s wife, the owner does not know about it, she licks it all up. Wanted to rip off money for 2 nights, and we lived 1 night, said that she works as a teacher in Simferopol, that’s teachers. To the sea 1000metrov somewhere, too have deceived, at night have met at station and have taken that did not see anything. They say that they write reviews themselves, instead of holidaymakers, that all at them excellent. I write in fairness, as they deserve.

Holidays in the Crimea in July 2022. Weather and prices

I am a native Krymchanka (Simferopol), so the rest in Nikolaevka know firsthand, the first thing I can say is that this village.with very low and affordable prices.ot Simferopol not different nor on food nor on alcohol but the fruit is even cheaper due to the fact that the locals grow them mostly themselves! If you go with children I advise to stop in the private sector away from the center, near the local CDC (from the center of 5-7 minutes) to the sea 5 minutes because the center is very loud music almost all night.Youth may well arrange the center (Lenin Street) There and the sea and disco and the lunopark and bars! Which by the way at each step! there is a drugstore, ATM (only in the Energy) What I like Nikolaevka is the fact that the city is 20 minutes. by car) and the nightlife is boiling.But what about the sea it leaves much to be desired in the first July August it is already very dirty! For example in that year came to bathe and the beach is not. his completely covered with water!!! There was a strong storm. with children on the beach be more careful, literally, in that year from collapse of the soil killed a married couple from Russia. that is why to settle down or closer to water or in the middle! On a beach very much entertainments, it and trampolines and katamorany and a pallet on a parachute and a жаба and photo services and even sale of tickets for evening shows and representations and concerts!prices by the way too accessible.много много gladdened possibility to visit excursions in other cities of Crimea.choise very big it and sebastopol and yalta and коктебель and масандра. for 200 hryvnia you can be taken by bus to Nikita Botanical Garden, then Yalta, the boat to the swallow’s nest and back to the Nikolaevka. prices for housing in the private sector in 2011 in the area of 50-70 hryvnia per person per day.Vesku with the railway station can be by bus (Marshal Zhukova, Dubky) STOP Heroes of Stalingrad and just there are about 10 buses to Nikolaevka, departure every 15 minutes, tickets payable locally to the driver.

Somehow very beautifully write here about Nikolaevka … I too am not spoiled abroad and each time arriving in Crimea I understand that to the European level far, but to Nikolaevka does not pull absolutely repeatedly … From pluses it as marked, inexpensive habitation and a food. I had a rest with the daughter 6 years in.To habitation (a room in the private house) we have paid something 110 c.u. for 2 for 10 days.Water, toilet and kitchen in the street, but it is normal.The owner, certainly, well done. And the village (( (Dogs, dirt, fruit sell frequently directly on the carriageway … A pair of children at us in the house have borne poisoning (it seems simply having ingested sea water).To a beach was far and we always were on “galerka”, almost not on steps of stone, places closer to the sea borrowed or from boarding houses (simply brought at 6 am a covering) or for paid sun beds.

Sea too leaves much to be desired, for children the coast abrupt:a pair meters and with a head it is possible to leave. Water is frequently dirty, and not only seaweed, etc., and but also butts, linings, pardon, float.

I would not call this holiday youthful, boring … and excursions a little close.

But who’s looking for something))))


In my opinion are absent.

In this village the beaches are disgusting, high prices, stores are one on one, and there is no talk, a lot of people and away from civilization. I do not advise to rest there.

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