The truth about Sevastopol. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022

Sevastopol: tips for vacations

The most “Russian” city of Crimea has always had a special status. If you want to know what people think about Sevastopol and whether it is worth to go there with children, read Russian reviews. We also tell you about the prices in 2022.

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Impressions of Sevastopol.

Modern Sevastopol is different from what the city was a few years ago. Here appeared construction sites. Streets and buildings are trying to ennoble, and infrastructure to adjust to the needs of tourists. Some people like Sevastopol at first sight, while others see a lot of unresolved problems. The railroad and bus stations are located far away from each other. Because it doesn’t rain much in summer, the streets are dusty.

PonchikSimka: “Sevastopol is a kind people, beautiful architecture, a large number of cultural attractions, conveniently solved transport problem. The disadvantages are negligible.

Is it expensive to rest in Sevastopol?

In the high season the prices are high, but the housing in Sevastopol is not the most expensive in the Crimea. In the summer of 2022 a decent double room can be found for 2000-3000 rubles per day. Fare in the buses or, as the locals say, topikami costs 20 rubles. A cab from Sevastopol to Inkerman is 500-600 rubles.

Because of the sanctions in the Crimea it is difficult to find an accommodation, but there are still a few convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Svoboda. Don’t trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book lodging in the Crimea only on trustworthy services with real photos and reviews of tourists, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

Meals in cafes and restaurants are not cheap. Usually tourists are saved by fast food, but in the Crimea the prices for street food are too high. Find out how to withdraw money in the Crimea without paying a commission fee.

Valery: “Prices: Higher than in Moscow by 1.5 / 2 times. This applies to markets / supermarkets / local stores”.

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Tourist feedback about Sevastopol

Monument to sunken ships near the Primorsky Boulevard.

What is the sea and the beaches in Sevastopol?

Beaches are not the strongest point of Sevastopol. In the official sources write that there are more than 35, but in reality comfortable places to rest by the sea is much less. We do not consider any descent to the water with piles of stones or a part of the coast covered with concrete to be a beach, right?

In general there are no beaches in the center of the town – it is a long way to get to all of them. So if you want a classic beach holiday, then you need to go to another resort or settle not in the center of the city, but, for example, in Lyubimovka.

In reviews, tourists note that on the sandy beaches of Sevastopol is comfortable to go to sea, but the water is muddy, and a lot of people. On wild rocky beaches the sea is transparent, but because of the sharp rocks swimming is possible only with special shoes.

Comfortable beaches of Sevastopol, according to reviews of tourists:

  • Omega beach in the Round Bay;
  • Tolstyak beach in Radiogorka;
  • Sunny beach in the park Akhmatova;
  • Sandy beach;
  • Beach in Victory Park.

Locals swim in less crowded places – in Cossack Bay (Kazachka), on Helicopter Bay (near the helicopter plant), in Kamyshovaya Bay and near the Chersonese lighthouse. However, there are no conveniences there! Because of the sewage the beach Omega is considered the dirtiest.

The beach Uchkuevka, which is located in the northern suburbs of Sevastopol, and Lyubimovka have good reviews. Rent a deck chair and an umbrella from the sun there costs 150 rubles, and a beach table – 100 rubles.

Annyska89: “Most of all I like the beach “Uchkuevka” is that here very thoughtfully laid wooden walkways on the sand. When the sand is red-hot to the limit, it’s very unpleasant to walk on it.

Panorama of the beach in Lyubimovka

Rest with children in Sevastopol

Sebastopol is a great place for a vacation with kids. In Sevastopol there are a lot of stores where they sell baby food and formula. You can rent an apartment or an apartment with a kitchen. In the season it is not difficult to find a babysitter.

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In reviews of Sevastopol tourists are advised to visit the water park “Zurbagan” and go with children to the attractions in the parks “Lukomorye” and “Komsomolsky”. Children will be interested in the dolphinarium, the Institute of Marine Biology – Aquarium, Panorama and the memorial complex on Sapun Hill.

Irina: “We were pleased with the playgrounds near the beaches. Prices are reasonable and there are no unnecessary temptations for children. Everything is fine.

Rest in Sevastopol

On the beach “Uchkuevka” very nice sand and no sharp stones.

Interesting or boring at the resort

The seaside town is good for fans of gastronomic tourism. Prices are not the lowest, but in many places you can try deliciously cooked mussels and Black Sea fish, and in the markets to buy seasonal fruits and berries. In reviews about rest in Sevastopol in 2021 tourists are advised to be sure to taste the Crimean wines.

It is pleasant to walk around the city on foot. From the Grafskaya Wharf you can walk along Primorsky Boulevard and admire the city from the Historic Boulevard! If you like biking, keep in mind that the city lies in the hills. There are many descents and ascents in and around Sevastopol. Go on an excursion to Chersonese, Balaclava, Cape Fiolent, the southern coast of Crimea, Evpatoria and Bakhchisaray.

annalubarceva672: “There are a lot of military and historical places – museums, monuments and temples. The city is filled with resort atmosphere – beaches, sea walks, cafes and restaurants. And what mountains at the entrance, even breathtaking! The monastery in Inkerman is located directly in the mountain. Balaklava – a very beautiful place.

Cape Grape – one of the most beautiful and cleanest places near Sevastopol. It is not easy to get down to the beach, but the water is so clear! These are the landscapes you will see if you come to the cave town Chufut Qale in Bakhchisaray.

Where to have a rest in the Crimea in the summer of 2022

When to go

The swimming season in Sevastopol starts in the second half of May and lasts until October. In July the thermometer rarely rises above +31 … +32 ° C, and in August it can be too hot. Last year the temperature reached +38 … +39 ° C.

During the holidays in Sevastopol in 2021 tourists mentioned an unpleasant feature of summer weather in the Crimea. When the water in the Black Sea warms up to +24 ° C, there are outbreaks of infections.

Missglory: “The best time to visit Sevastopol is from mid-June to early August. Before that the sea is not yet warm enough for swimming, especially with children, it may be cool, but in August it’s very hot.

Karina Stepanova: “How warm is it in Sevastopol in August? It is comfortable to walk through the streets of the city only in the early morning and late evening, when the temperature does not exceed +21 ° C. During the day it is steadily hot here. But during the day it is steadily hot.

Rest in Sevastopol

The beach at Cape Vinogradny.

Reviews about Sevastopol: drawing conclusions

The Crimean resort city is suitable for those who like to combine beach holidays with excursions. If you want to spend more time by the sea, then for a vacation in the summer of 2022 we advise to choose a resort village near Sevastopol.

From Sevastopol is very convenient to travel around: we advise to see Balaclava, Bakhchisaray, Cape Fiolent and Vinogradny.

According to the reviews, the rest with its own transport in Sevastopol is not very convenient. On the highways and downtown roads are good, and in the yards and on the outskirts – solid bumps. Parking lots are scarce. Sometimes you have to walk several blocks from the left car to the house. In summer, the bypass road is often jammed.

Prices in Sevastopol

Sevastopol is popular at any time of year. Even in the cold winter, unlike other places on the peninsula, there is no sense that the city is asleep. Meanwhile, as in all Crimean resorts, prices in Sevastopol “take off” in the summer season. From June to September housing costs at least 30 percent higher.

Crimea in the spring of 2022. Rest in March, April and May

With the start of the school year, tourists leave. This period is considered the most profitable for travel. The weather is warm until the end of October, and prices in Sevastopol are gradually decreasing.

Throughout the year, tour groups come to Sevastopol to see the sights: mostly military and historical sites. The cost of tickets for them does not change depending on the season, adjusted only the time of visit.

Let’s choose an average option, without extra expenses, for a family of three, and calculate how much a vacation in Sevastopol will cost in 2022.

Renting a house

Prices for apartments in Sevastopol in the summer of 2022 start from 1500 rubles per day. Hotels, of course, are more expensive. “Improved standard” costs from 3900 rubles per day. In the low season, boutique hotels offer “deluxe” rooms for 4500-5500 rubles per night.

In the northern part of the city the rent rate is a little bit cheaper than in the southern part. A standard room here can be found in the low season from 1500 rubles, in the high season – for 1800-2400 rubles.

The most budget variant is the hostels that offer a place to stay for 400-500 rubles per day.

Choose the best accommodation in Sevastopol

Hotel Aquamarine Resort & SPA


The most important thing during the vacation is to recover and get new impressions. And to have a real rest you want to be comfortable. The decoration of a hotel room, the attitude of the staff to the guest, the cuisine in restaurants, and entertainment all play a role. In the five-star hotel Aquamarine Resort & SPA in Sevastopol has everything provided. It is nice to come here for a romantic holiday for two or with the whole family – the kids will definitely find something to occupy! And this is a paradise for fans of healthy lifestyles, so that you can relax with benefits.

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Rest camp “YASNO”.


To read a book on the beach or to do yoga in a pine forest, to enjoy the view of the sea or vineyards directly from the room, to arrange a SPA day in a Russian bath on firewood and in a massage room or to gather with friends at a campfire in a specially equipped for this purpose – here you can do everything. Recreation base is suitable for organization of retreats, festivals and trainings, as well as for family vacations. The guests appreciate the Scandinavian-style interior, different meals, from a buffet to a vegan menu, activities for adults and children, and most importantly, the privacy and incredible scenery. That’s why people come back here and recommend it to their friends.


In summer, you can enjoy fresh fruits in Sevastopol. Photo: Anna SADOVNIKOVA, “KP”-Krym

The most worthy cafes and restaurants, where you can get a delicious meal in a beautiful setting on the beach, are located in Artbukhta. A cup of coffee here costs 100 rubles, a salad “Caesar” classical – 320 rubles, “Caesar” with tiger shrimps – 380 rubles, exotic soups like “Tom Yam” – 320-380 rubles, fish and seafood dishes – 420-460 rubles, meat dishes – 360-520 rubles, pasta – 360 rubles, rolls – 280-320 rubles. A glass of wine from Crimean producers costs 80-150 rubles and you must order a dish of local cuisine to it.

Breakfast in a cafe on the average costs 250-300 rubles. It includes an omelet or scrambled eggs with ham, a light salad and coffee. For dinner you can order soup, salad, and a drink for 500-600 rubles. A dinner with a glass of wine costs about 1000 rubles.

If you want to save money, there are canteens, where a good meal with the first course, the second course and compote costs 200-250 rubles. If you are going to cook yourself, renting an apartment or a room with a kitchen, the food basket per person per day can be estimated at 180-200 rubles.

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