The Truth about Solnechnogorskiy . Leisure reviews 2022

Sanatorium Solnechnogorsky FGBU SKK Podmoskovje of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Were here in the summer of the family, we lived in the new renovated buildings! Clean, neat, friendly staff! Meals to death every time all to eat was not possible. we thanked the cooks and waitresses. I will remember the pool, different baths, competent doctors. and a bed with a non-contact massage. It was great!) Thank you for your hospitality! We will definitely come again as soon as possible.

We had a wonderful stay! Very nice area, better than the one in Zvenigorod Kom sanatorium, though it is advertised as “Russian Switzerland”, very friendly and knowledgeable doctors, good service in the dining room. The food varied and was not bored during the entire period. However: have hidden in the woods a sculpture of a bear with cubs, not bad it would be taken out on an alley, and little historical description of the sanatorium, which 100 years. The sanatorium and liked it.

The service is excellent. The staff is respectful, only on you. The food is delightful. Rooms clean, daily cleaning and linen change in a timely manner. The area was just wonderful and improved on a daily basis. We had a great pool and we would recommend it. Cleanliness and order are of the utmost importance.

Period of stay from July 5, 21 days. Treatment: a strong medical base, 2-storey building treatment rooms, a wide variety of procedures, staff-professional, polite. Territory during the stay changes for the better, began to mow the grass and cut down what should have been cut down a long time ago. At the lake the beach area is neglected, sun beds are locked, during our stay in sanatorium in the lake of sanatorium the soldier has drowned. They put the guard and forbade to swim. During our rest the ramps at 6 floor case are made, for what separate thanks to a management. The room-everything worked, and when the shower broke, repaired the same day. The mattress with protruding springs, we asked to replace, brought more mattresses and put them on top. Pillows lumpy, inside synthetics, with a feeling similar to the broken foam rubber.Vydayut 2 towels large and small, soap. Who plans to attend the pool, be sure to bring your own loofah, without it at the pool will not allow. Swimming time in the pool half an hour, at an appointed time. The park is wonderful, shady, there is where to walk, the air is fine. Now about the saddest: food and leisure time. Meals, there are pluses: for breakfast there is red caviar and salmon, always of high quality. Fish is every day, which is also good. When we were there were 2 shifts of cooks, the first cooked so that the young stewed cabbage looked like mashed potatoes (that’s what to do with the cabbage to bring it to such a state.) rolls-gorgeous, but always forgot to salt the dough, quite. products from minced meat-Dostay they could not even make, so pieces rppzazannye and baked, with a stink. (No more dishes in which it is not known what is mixed, do not risk to take.) The second shift of cooks prepared a little better: casseroles became more natural and fluffy, the cabbage was already possible to recognize, but the quantity of meat in portions amazed: beef stew-a portion of 2 pieces the size of a quail egg, it is no more than 30 grams, I’m not exaggerating. I wonder how many grams should be in a serving? All were surprised, looking in plates, but to find out, it seems, nobody wanted, to spoil nerves on rest. service in a dining room:. up to the middle of July very long we had to wait while waitresses will deliver food, in the second shift the process was perfectly organized, very accurately and fast. Leisure time: we liked the concert, the employee of association “Moscow region” acted, played various instruments and sang very professionally, better than those who act on a big stage. Excursions were organized. For some reason there were no excursions to the Tchaikovsky Museum in Klin, I went there by myself, with a reremadka, and it was not far from the sanatorium. A companion who is responsible for music, likes chanson, so he and navchzal their tastes rest. asked at least disco 80-ies, grumbled, grumbled, found, but still continued and his favorite chanson spin. The library does not work.At us the film crew came to film “the oligarch’s wife”, after themselves have left the rests of meal, have poured out and have thrown in a flowerbed near which in a tent fed the employees. as it to name, all it is clear. And here is another question: on the 1st floor of the canteen, ads that you can not drink water from the tap, and in coolers, which stand in the 6-storey building, no one brings water, the tubes are pulled out of the wall, and the scale in the kettle, as from tap water unfiltered. Question: what kind of water from the coolers drink holidaymakers? Photo attached.

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I hope the management of the sanatorium will take this review into account and continue to improve the situation.

I was in the sanatorium for 10 days. Impressions are more negative. Let’s start with the good: staff dining room, pool staff and guys with security. All they are good. And in the rest sadness, with time of the USSR on senses little has changed. The furniture is old, shabby. The floor drab linoleum. The territory seems to be maintained in order, but the monuments are bypassed. I was outraged by the elderly, tired junior medical staff, who do not care about you, and it is very necessary to sit, drink tea and chat. Very indignant doctor barochamber, which is very insistent hinted that you have this procedure for free, but there are clients for a fee, and therefore you do not go to us for procedures.

It is a good sanatorium. I was on rehabilitation from March 21 to April 10 after a leg injury. The physical therapy is decent. Qualified trainers for physical therapy who know what they are doing. They were very helpful. I would like to mention Tatyana Martynova and Antonina Selezneva. Thank you! Very nice pool. It is just wonderful. It has a wide variety of water procedures and many types of baths and mud baths.

Cozy place, despite the light antiquity and the “Soviet construction” comfortable place, the buildings are repaired, a wide variety of health procedures, the kitchen is very decent and the variety and taste, pool, gym (modestly with simulators, but all the basic stuff there), places for evening walks, beautiful forest, lake, there is where to “stretch out” in the winter skis. I recommend

The sanatorium is not bad, there is a pool, billiards, table tennis, a picturesque pond, squirrels and ducks in the recreational area. Living quarters are old, but in the six-story building on the second floor is a very good repair.

A huge area. Staff are polite and attentive. Rooms are modest, but now undergo repair. The pool was under reconstruction. The treatment is varied, a lot of doctors.

More than 100 treatments, a huge pool, a large area to walk around, meals to choose from. Located in a park system, lake, soccer, volleyball, even tennis.

No wi fai, not far from town the staff is polite, cleaning Friday, Monday. Many do not like the food, the area is large, remote places are overgrown, with alcohol are allowed, the pool is a large sauna, massage, billiards, bowling. During my stay, one visitor went swimming in the graza and drowned. I had a sauna, massage, pool, bowling alley.

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Very good place for a change of scenery and relaxation. Large area disposes to unhurried walks in the fresh air. Nourishing menu options will not leave anyone indifferent, especially there is an opportunity to choose one of several options. Cozy rooms that have everything you need. Pleasant and friendly staff will help you with any questions. Very positive and wonderful place not far from Moscow, I can highly recommend this place!

Rested three years in a row (2016-17-18) The first time settled in the building three-storey. Meals simple, but tasty. Nothing bad can be said about the treatment. But the third time, my room was a shambles. I asked for another room, the situation was not better. The room was in the main building on the 3rd floor: the kettle was not present, it was necessary to take water in a cooler: on 2nd or 4th floor the Bathroom was not even words, even to go there it did not want.

Quiet and comfortable, refers to the motives of old Russian life, a large estate, which was built for the treatment of citizens tired of mental labor, the sanatorium is 112 years old! And also to life in the USSR – as if you ride in a time machine:)! Dining room, swimming pool, service, all at 4. The Territory – the park, the lake – very beautiful!

I can estimate only a territory and a condition of the case of holidaymakers. The area is neat and well-groomed, but not enough flowers. Soviet buildings more or less maintained in a favorable condition. Recreation for people 60+. Swimming pool is in repair.

Cozy quiet corner, wonderful avenues of ancient trees, a beautiful body of water, around which you can walk and communicate with pristine nature, to fish. Near the sanatorium “Pyatyeorochka”, a drugstore, “All for home and cottage. A variety of quality procedures, functioning pool, pump room. Food and service at a rather high level. 4 stars of 5 I put only because at the end of change for objective, of course, reasons for a few days the hot water was turned off. I recommend it!

One of the good sanatoriums in the Navy. But there is still something to work on. A gorgeous lake and paths for walking. There is a small beach, the buildings have free internet, but not all.

Excellent place for rehabilitation after the injury and just rest! The attentive doctors, good procedures, modern training simulators for rehabilitation, pool! the Separate attention deserves dining room!) all very clean, plays pleasant music, a very diverse menu, which dishes will suit all tastes, cooked deliciously, portions big!)

I had a rest with the girlfriend last weekend. The resort is a little tired, needs renovation room stock. Lake, in heat very pleasant bonus has pleased. Meals tasty and varied – even sandwiches with caviar, a lot of dishes from vegetables. Especially liked the cottage cheese pudding for breakfast on Saturday. And on Sunday we were pleased with cabbage rolls with sour cream. Special thanks to waitress Muse for fast and pleasant service! We would also like to note the excellent order and cleanliness in the dining room, despite the small number of staff at such a great influx of vacationers – respect to the manager for clear organization!

We stayed with my husband in July 2021. We took a two-bedroom double room. Room 304 in the three-story building. The room was clean, cleaned every three days, the bed was changed every week. The staff was friendly and helpful. Our doctor appointed all the necessary procedures. Our meals were cooked according to our order. We tried to feed a lot of variety of food. There was a problem with the cooks, but everything was solved quickly. There are remarks on territory, on repair of buildings, absence of the conditioner (and rest has come on two-week heat), but we tried to see positive in rest. (This is not Turkey 5 * all inclusive). Thanks to the staff of the sanatorium for a good rest.

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A good sanatorium! The medical staff is courteous, trying to understand the problems and prescribe treatment that would really benefit. Working professionals in their field! The food is delicious and varied. Held with the sanatorium and the various cultural and mass events. For cars there is parking on the territory, it is paid.

Good and kind staff, procedures are also very nice, the territory of the former Soviet Union, the food and menu are liked. I wish you success!

Holidays with his wife in the period from late November to December 2021. Getting by train from the Leningrad station to the station Podsolnechnaya, electric trains run frequently, both high-speed and ordinary. Buses from Solnechnogorsk of route #22 go strictly according to the schedule from 6.15 to 20.50, with intervals of 50-60 minutes in two directions, you can go to the Mayak stop or to the terminus of Pyatyorochka store, then through the checkpoint at the reception. The cost of the permit: The cost of the privilege permit for two persons in the standard room in the sanatorium was almost 40 thousand rubles, compared to military sanatoriums of the Far East or the Leningrad region, Svetlogorsk preferential permits would have cost up to 25 thousand rubles in a similar room for two persons. Why such a difference I did not understand, it was explained, someone FKU, and someone FGKU, to be honest I did not understand what is the difference between the above organizations. Genus: We were accommodated in a six-storey building. The lodging conditions were acceptable, one room with a bathroom. When arriving at the room the bathroom was flooded with water, after we asked the sister hostess plumber repaired the shower. Windows were not prepared for winter (not taped), if the street was to -8 it was warm in the room, if the temperature dropped below, it was fresh in the room. The towel rail was broken, the handle of the faucet over the sink was constantly falling off. The door on the bedside table was broken and weighed without a hinge, the glass door in the sideboard did not close. The cleaning lady cleaned daily except on weekends, but is extremely ill-mannered, a week before checkout started asking when we were leaving. The TV is old early 90’s, small screen, showed 20 channels. It seemed that the officials who are responsible for everyday life, in rooms do not happen. The case opposite to our three-storey in this respect is better. But in general life is tolerable, could be worse, but could be better. Staff as partisans military secret, where there are better rooms will not give out, will say that your room is the best. Treatment: In general not bad, you can say good. Some treatments prescribed in other sanatoriums, where I was not previously received. No pressure for commerce. Not a bad pool. Did not like the fact that the first appointment of the attending physician had to beat out, referring to the deputy head of the sanatorium on the second day of stay, the nurse on duty offered to wait another day or two. I must pay tribute to the doctor gave me and my spouse 25 minutes each. And that was it, I never saw my doctor again. The nurses on duty are a separate topic, they are so quiet that they will not be disturbed by a nuclear blast and are indifferent. The resort does not have enough specialists, for example an ultrasound scan you can not pass, but the equipment is available. Leisure facilities: A good forest park area with beautiful nature and fresh air for walks. There is a club, we visited it once when there was a concert. We visited the city of Solnechnogorsk, as well as Klin and Tver, which are relatively close to Solnechnogorsk. Again, there is a pool. Food: The dining room was not bad, the food was nutritious, portions were substantial. We were served by a good, fast and communicative waitress Irina, we are particularly grateful to her. Minus, you should not take and order ready-made meals especially such as dumplings, meatballs, cutlets, etc., you can not feel the meat in them, the composition is not clear, order those dishes where there is natural meat and fish.

There is always a choice when you make an order on the menu of three kinds of first, second dishes and salads. Infrastructure, everyday life, etc.: Transport stayed above, cellular communication is stable, I used MTS, there are ATMs, you can pay for accommodation services and additional paid procedures in cash or by card. There is a cafe on the territory, but we did not visit it. Nearby there is a store Pyatyorochka, it has everything you need. Special thanks to department of realization of non-commercial resorts SCC Moscow Region, were on meeting me twice on transfer of terms and replacement of sanatorium for objective reasons. All in all a rest was not bad, thanks to nature, weather and conscientious personnel, good that there are enough of such people in this sanatorium, we will give it a four, and we will be preparing to visit other sanatoria, those which have not been before.

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How to have a cheap rest in the Crimea - 7 secrets

For everyone who likes to vacation in small resort villages near the warm sea – collected reviews about Solnechnogorsk in the Crimea. How do tourists evaluate the resort? What they write about prices, beaches and entertainment for children. Is it worth packing your suitcases and going there to rest in the summer of 2022?

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Impressions of Solnechnogorsky

Locals call the place 25 km from Alushta affectionately – “Sunny”. The picturesque Crimean resort is something between an urban settlement and a sprawling village. Private gardens with chickens and separate islands of new mini-hotels and guest houses, where tourists come to have a rest in summer.

There are no embankments or alleys for walking in Solnechnogorsky, there are few cafes and stores. ATM is located in the neighboring resort – Malorechenskoe. Quiet, complete relaxation and without intricacies!

Serbess: “Solnechnogorskoye is a small village. Prices are reasonable. From entertainments almost nothing, even in the evening and nowhere to go. A couple of restaurants and all. This village is suitable for those who want to just lie in the sun and swim in the sea. For companies and who like to party, fly on parachutes, or swim on a “banana”, it will not be interesting.

Alena 262016: “The store near the sea is quite good. I found the usual products there. Meat is super. I bought at the butcher shop “Chickens at home”. The aroma – all over the street! There is a market. Fishermen offer fish in the season. You can catch it yourself from the shore or the breakwater.

There is almost nothing to entertain in Solnechnogorskoye

Is it expensive to rest in Solnechnogorsk?

According to reviews of tourists, prices in Solnechnogorsk are not the highest in the Crimea. Compared with Yalta, Alushta and Gurzuf, holidays are cheaper. In the summer of 2022 apartments for two with private bathrooms cost from 1500 rubles. You can rent a sun bed under a tent for a whole day for 200 rubles, and a trip to the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall by UAZike for 500 rubles per person. Learn how to withdraw money without commission in the Crimea.

Because of the sanctions it is difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, but there are still some convenient services. Look for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Daily Chat. Don’t trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book accommodation in the Crimea only on reliable services with real photos and tourists reviews, so you won’t get a pig in a poke.

Kseniya2002: “When I asked:” Why is it so expensive? Near Yalta and that cheaper” – I was told that here there is no other work, so all the money they earn for the summer tourist period.

Where to have a rest in the Crimea in the summer of 2022

What is the sea and beaches in Solnechnogorsky

The main advantage of the resort – free wide beach with a smooth entry into the water and a flat bottom. The shore is covered with a mixture of pebbles and dark sand. The sea is clean. Judging by the reviews, there are no cafes and stalls on the beach of Solnechnogorskoye. Holidaymakers are entertained only by vendors with boiled corn and baklava.

Aria: “The beach with pebbles, dark. It looks like volcanic rock. Walking barefoot can be painful, there were people in aqua-shoes. The length of the coastline is not small, there is enough room. The sea is transparent. Even where you’re not standing, you can see the bottom.

Panorama of the beach in Solnechnogorskoye

Rest with children in Solnechnogorsk

Parents with children come to Solnechnogorskoye because of low prices and a good beach. From the public catering establishments tourists recommend the cafe “Argo” and “Sofra”. There is a delicious cooking, not overpriced, and there are children’s corners.

Reviews about Solnechnogorskoye: make conclusions.

In reviews for 2021 tourists noted that there are almost no normal sidewalks. The village has many steep descents and climbs, some staircases have broken steps, so it’s hard to walk with a baby stroller. For entertainment go to Alushta.

Vladislav and Marina: “We had a very good rest! Everything that we needed was there! Exit from the house directly to the sea. Cordial hosts. Children immediately explained that soccer was not played in the garden. All understood everything! We will definitely come next year.

Massif Demerdzhi near Alushta. It is especially beautiful in cloudy weather, when the mountains are covered with fog.

Interesting or boring at the resort

Except bathing, sunbathing and karaoke in cafe to count on something it is not necessary. There are no discos and nightlife in the village, and after 23:00 all the streets are silent.

In the vicinity of the resort there are many interesting tourist spots – a picturesque waterfall Dzhur-Jur, the temple of St. Nicholas and the Museum of Disasters on Waters. According to tourist reviews, from Solnechnogorsky popular excursions to the Grand Canyon of Crimea, the film park “Viking”, the Valley of Ghosts on Demerdzhi, Yalta, Sudak and Safari Park “Taigan”.

Vikulashka: “Waterfall Dzhur-Jur – an amazing spectacle. Lift and descend to the waterfalls straight from Solnechnogorsk in UAZ. But if you want you can go by yourself. The descent from the mountain – it’s just super.

Jur-Jur waterfall (Photo: LilacBumblebee /

When to go

Bathing in the sea in Solnechnogorsk begins in May, but the influx of vacationers begins in early June, when the sea water warms up to +20 … +22 ° C. According to the reviews, Solnechnogorskoye is different from other resorts of the Crimea. Even in the high season, the local beach is not crowded. If you tolerate the heat well, come in July and August.

Parents with children of preschool age and elderly tourists prefer a vacation by the sea in September, the velvet season. The last holidaymakers leave Solnechnogorskoye in early October. In mid-autumn it is already cold to swim in the Crimea.

Marusya20152015: “If you get at a time when the sea storms, you can not swim, because from the strip of land at 20 meters everything will be in the mud and mud. You will have to go to another place.

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