The truth about the New World. Reviews on vacation – 2022

The truth about Novy Svet Crimea: pros and cons, reviews of vacationers, tips

Novy Svet is a picturesque resort near Sudak. And it’s not just a beautiful definition – the nature near the village is simply stunning: relict pine trees, a large juniper grove, a beautiful Golitsyn trail, peak Cosmos, Hell and Paradise Valley, Staircase of Taurus and bays, which is nice not only to swim, but also to dive.

According to tourist reviews, every year more and more people come to vacation in New World. Despite this, the sea around the resort is very clean. Many have noted that rest in the resort village is energizing.

Olga1605: “Novy Svet struck us with its beauty. The beach, surrounded by mountains, the water is clean. Rest not partying. No night bars with a loud disco, but you can sit in a restaurant, listen to live music.

Reviews about rest in Novy Svet.

View of Cape Kapchik from the trail that leads to Kosmos Peak and the valleys of Hell and Paradise.

In the immediate vicinity of the beach, along the shoreline – a huge number of different cafes and bars. Here you can order a traditional potato with meat or hearty lagman. Prices vary depending on the location of the place. The closer to the beach, the more expensive it is.

Near the bus station there is a canteen called USSR. In it – more budget prices and a traditional canteen interior. In general – affordable, but not very nice.

Our choice is to cook our own food. Products are bought in the store – there are plenty of them. Vegetables and fruits – better in street stalls and at the market.

On a side note: you can go by car in Sudak – it’s only 8 km, and buy fruits and vegetables at the market is almost 2 times cheaper than in Novy Svet. Or to make these purchases on the way to Novy Svet, if you drive your own car.

The availability of a kitchen is a special advantage for families with children. You can cook what you need, in as much as the kids need. Taking into account all the “I want” and not “I want. However, there is a downside – the mother’s time is periodically occupied by cooking.

Is it expensive to vacation in the New World?

As everywhere else in the Crimea, the most expensive month of the summer season is August. According to reviews, the prices for accommodation in Novy Svet in 2022 are the same as in Yalta. Holidays are much more expensive than in Sudak. Have a look at how much a trip to the Crimea costs.

During the peak tourist season a small house for two people can be rented for 2500-3000 rubles a day. In the private sector a family of four is placed for 4,000 rubles a day. As you can see, it is easier to stay in Sudak, and in Novy Svet to go by bus or by your car. The trip usually takes about 20-30 minutes one way.

This is why it is quite difficult to find an accommodation in the Crimea, even though there are several convenient services that are helpful for tourists. Search for hotels on Hotellook, and private accommodation on Daily Chat. Don’t trust ads on Avito and similar sites. Book lodging in the Crimea only on reliable services with real photos and reviews of tourists, so as not to get a pig in a poke.

The trip around the village by cab costs 150-200 rubles, but the price to be negotiated in advance.

The food is expensive. If you are not planning to cook yourself, you will have to spend a lot of money. Lunch in a cafe costs 800 rubles, and in a diner – from 400 rubles. According to reviews of tourists, there are not many stores in the village of Novy Svit, and the prices in them bite, especially on the coast. Learn how to withdraw money without commission in the Crimea.

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SwetlanaKh: “There is a market, the prices are not cheap, but everything is fresh. And, of course, the champagne factory, the prices are slightly lower than in Moscow.

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Reviews about rest in the Crimea in the New World

To live in Novy Svet is quite expensive. The cheapest accommodation is apartments in such shabby five-story buildings.

Where to stay on vacation?

Those who choose to vacation in the Crimea, Novy Svet gives a lot of tourist opportunities, an important place among which occupy the place of accommodation tourists and vacationers. Like everywhere else in the south, there are a lot of bases, hotels and pensions with different conditions. Private sector offers its guests a wide range of accommodation options in houses and apartments. The prices are quite acceptable if you contact the hosts directly, without any mediators.

One of the most convenient is a vintage hotel Novy Svet. Its modern multistory building is located just 300 meters from the beach.

new world hotel shalyapin

It has 240 rooms of different levels of comfort. Suites have balconies. They are all equipped with good furniture, in each of them – a separate shower. Here you can also be perfectly accommodated in guest houses and bungalows. On the territory there is a lot of entertainment. There are billiards and table tennis, a beautiful, well-groomed garden and a sunbathing terrace. Animators work for children, constantly conducting game programs.

Small but very cozy and original, decorated in the Alpine tradition, mini-hotel Chaliapin House invites you to stay in 13 rooms. The rooms are comfortable and equipped with air conditioning. Every room has seating areas, bathrooms and small kitchens with everything you need to prepare a delicious meal. On the terrace or in the garden you can always use the barbecue. The furniture in the apartments available for booking is made of natural wood, there are TVs and refrigerators.

Guests of moderate means can stay in the cottages at “Mozhzhevelovaya Rosha”. All houses here have equipped kitchens. They are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems. There is a marvelous garden on the territory of the cottage. Organized hiking in the neighborhood, excellent fishing and diving instructor services are available. The hotel also offers car rentals.

Sea and beaches in Novy Svet

Tourists from neighboring Sudak come to Novyi Svet for beach recreation and walks along the Golitsynsky trail. The main sandy and pebble beach is sandwiched between mountains, so it is more private and beautiful than in Sudak. Entrance to the sea is flat, but there are large stones. Organized rental beds and umbrellas from the sun, there are toilets, cafes and a large selection of water sports – parasailing, riding on catamarans and “bananas”.

In July and August there were already a lot of people in the morning. In the evening the bathers became less, as tourists from Sudak went to their hotels.

According to reviews for 2022, vacationers in Novy Svet like a small wild beach in Razboinichya bay. The road to the beach along the Golitsyn trail takes 15 minutes, for the entrance you have to pay 100 rubles. The shore and the entrance to the water are stony.

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Tourists have left good reviews about Czarsky Beach in Novyi Svet. Get there on foot – 20 minutes through the mountains or for 250 rubles by boat. The water on Tsarskoe beach is clean and a couple of degrees warmer than near the village.

Anakus: “The beach is sandy, but was not impressed because of the number of holiday-makers, very crowded. To the right of the beach is what we came for – the trail Golitsyn. Stunning views open up at the beginning of the trail.

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Panorama of the beach in Novy Svet

Where to go with the kids?

If you want to have a great vacation with your family you can take a walk through an enchanting and mind-exciting Mozhzhevelovaya grove that is scattered very close to you. Great healing air and the beauty of nature will not leave indifferent neither adults nor children.

Novyi Svet hotel shapin.

Along the alleys and paths of unique plantations pleasant to ride on rollers or bikes, which are better to take with you – points to rent you can find only in Sudak.

A fascinating adventure for children and their parents will tour the Sokol Mountain, which is located in the vicinity of the picturesque village. Being a unique natural monument, it was once a coral reef at the bottom of the prehistoric ocean. In addition to the surrounding beauty, here and then there are traces of the inhabitants of ancient times. The journey should always take place with the participation of an instructor.

When to go

The climate of Novyi Svet differs from other parts of the Crimea. The settlement is protected from the winds by the mountains, and near the coast runs a warm current. Beach season begins in May and lasts until October. According to tourist reviews, at the height of summer in Novy Svet is hot weather. If you want to swim in the warm sea, but not suffer from the heat, come to Novy Svet in September, during the velvet season.

Mamitosina: “We rested in July and August. More than half of our stay the weather was rainy. Simply unlucky! We had several hailstorms and such showers that the top layer of soil was washed away. Two weeks after this apocalypse to go into the sea was impossible.

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What to see in Novy Svet

Chaliapin’s Grotto, which used to be a wine and champagne warehouse and a concert hall.

Where is the village in the Crimea?

Novy Svet village is situated in a cozy bay on the South-East coast of Crimea and is actually a suburb of Sudak. It is surrounded by marvelous beautiful mountains which protect it from winds. The abundance of diverse vegetation and proximity to the sea makes the local air surprisingly clean and clear. Local beaches of sand and pebble are just great.

Novy Svit on the map of Crimea

Resort attractions and entertainment

A cave monastery in Novy Svet

On the territory of the resort you can not only enjoy a beach vacation, but also get acquainted with its main attractions:

  • Golitsyn manor. The architectural monument is attractive for its luxurious appearance. The building is arranged in Moorish style and consists of two main rooms – the central one and the guest room. Nowadays the central one houses the Museum of Golitsyn and wine-making. Guest building is allotted for offices and living rooms, where tourists can stay;
  • Cave Monastery. Located at the foot of the mountain peak Sokol at the beginning of the resort. The first records date back to the 8th century. Today there are only ruins of the monastery;
  • Sparkling wine factory. Located in an ancient building, which appeared in the late 19th century. In order to maintain the necessary temperature for wine drinks there were created multi-tiered cellars, which are preserved and used today. Everyone can come here as a part of a tour group. There will be an opportunity to get acquainted with the features and technologies of beverage production, to taste the best varieties of wine;
  • Botanical Preserve. Unique natural object. On its territory sprout relict plants, as well as laid ecological trails;
  • Golitsyn Trail. A beautiful mountain path, which was specially arranged for the arrival of Nicholas II. Its length is 5.8 kilometers. It covers the most picturesque places of the village;
  • Cape Kapchik. It is located between the two mountain peaks – Koba-Kaya and Karaul-Oba. In this place there is the famous Golitsyn tunnels, where the wines were stored;
  • Shalyapin’s Grotto. The place is remarkable for its good acoustics, so the nobility used it as a concert venue. Today it also occasionally arranges performances;
  • The village of Veseloe. It is located in the vicinity of the village. This place is worth visiting for fans of history. Here you can see the ruins of fortress walls and a church.
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Botanic reserve

You can organize excursions to neighboring resorts. In Sudak interest is the Genoese fortress, which towers over the sea, as well as a huge water park, where you can have fun all day. The sights of Feodosia are represented by Aivazovsky gallery, monasteries and museums. Since the village is focused on a quiet holiday, a large number of entertainment here is not, but still do not get bored. Water sports enthusiasts will diversify their leisure time snorkeling and surfing. On the beach is a diving school, where you can take a lesson from professional instructors or rent the necessary equipment. Also you can ride a jet ski, catamaran, banana, arrange a small boat trip.

In the evenings tourists stroll along the waterfront, visit restaurants and cafes, have fun at discos. If you want a more eventful night life, you will have to go to Sudak.

Also in the village are often organized concerts, sports competitions, public events. In September falls wine festival, which presents the best varieties of wine.


The resort is as lucky with the climate as it is with the beauty of the area. Despite the fact that it is hard to call it arid – the rains are quite regular in summer – neither sun nor heat Novy Svet is deprived of. And if the local summer weather can not be called perfect it is certainly worthy of praise!

Already in May the temperature sometimes reaches +25 degrees, and in June only a person who can’t imagine life outside the tropics will complain about the weather. Daytime temperatures range from +22 to +30, nights +18-22. The rains set the intensity to a yearly maximum, but go mostly in the dark time of day. As a result, the average holidaymaker has a good chance of not noticing them at all.

The duration of sunshine reaches 13 hours per day. The winds die down in June, and the sea is more often calm than rough.

In July and August the air gets up to +30-35°C and the number of nasty days drops considerably. The heat is relatively easy to endure: the amphitheater of the bay is well ventilated by sea breezes and winds blowing from the mountains.

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The water temperature in the sea off the coast of New World reaches +23 degrees by mid-June. By August, the same water warms up to +27. And it does not cool below +22-23 before the third decade of September.

The truth about the New World. Reviews on vacation – 2022

A good place to relax! I go to rest the second year! Good rooms, excellent cuisine, there is a medical center, kachalka, billiard.Very close to the sea.Elegant nature.I was pleased.Definitely will come again!

  • To go on excursions
  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

Monstrous attitude in GC Novy Svet to holidaymakers (long-term clients) This year my wife and I went to the Crimea in the village of Novy Svet for the 23rd time, accommodation was planned for 12-22 June in GC Novy Svet. We go since the early 80’s. Since 2014, we come every year. When checking in to the guest card even put a stamp Special Guest! When checking in on June 12 at the reception have confirmed the possibility of moving into our triple room with an adult son (33 years), if he arrives for 2-3 days. The night of June 17 my son flew in, threw his backpack in our room, walked down to the promenade and went to spend the night.

  • Doing active recreation
  • taking pictures of everything.

The horror on the boat We went by car to Novy Svet. There is no place to park, there are traffic jams everywhere, and the streets are narrow. Have walked on the Galician trail, very beautiful, but the road is heavy, went down to the Tsar’s bay – nothing special. From the king’s bay you can go back to Novyi Svet by boat. In the bay itself, the sea is calm, when sailed it turned out that the sea storm, were with a child. On the boat life jackets are not, about the storm, no one warned, the waves were three feet, a boat covered completely. It was horror. In such a storm it is forbidden to go to the sea everywhere.

Rest in Novy Svet. We had a rest in Novy Svet. Nature is simply fascinating with its beauty. Pure air. But very expensive food and not good cooking. It seems that tourists are ready to rob to a thread. The fruit is extremely expensive, although they grow here, on the spot: peaches-160-180 rubles, watermelon-30 per kilo, cherry-280, etc.. Because of such expensiveness eliminates the desire to come to the Crimea on vacation. Terribly expensive excursions. We earn money, they do not fall to us from the sky, we save up the whole year on vacation. It is impossible to treat vacationers with such greed.

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

Shame on the owner and manager of the hotel Novy Svet About rest in the hotel Novy Svet of the same name. Traveled in the Crimea and stopped for 3 days in this hotel (September 2018). For 4700 rubles per night we were sold a room of the age of the Soviet Union with a TV antenna glued with tape, completely killed Soviet plumbing, doors and so on. Photos attached. We are still in shock. We have never seen such a dead room stock in my life and it’s for such money! And the hotel receptionist assured us in all seriousness that it was a very nice room. At the hotel.

As we stayed in the Guest House Glontiya Novyi Svet at Olga’s. Very untrustworthy hosts In August 2018 (this year ) booked a room in the guest house Glontia. Agreed to book a room, agreed dates of arrival (in April booked). It seems that everything is fine. Only strangely enough the owners did not ask for payment and even refused to pay. Regularly were in Watsapa and call back that we will arrive on these dates. There were no questions. Even wanted to meet. Three days before arrival once again call and asked if everything is okay (going with a child). In response began

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach
How much does a trip to the Crimea cost - 2022. Tour prices with flight

For the first time we were in New World in August 2016. All the excellent qualities that nature has endowed this corner were not offset by the level of service. Rather, even the attitude, we then changed three places of stay (in New World) and the special difference did not notice, in two words for the local natives of the tourist is a money bag which should be emptied without offering anything in return. I can give long examples, take my word for it. In 2018 we decided to stop on the way from Sevastopol to the mainland to eat and swim, originally plans to spend the night was not, but had to and we were extremely disappointed, with such beauty, such greedy people. It’s just a shock. Water is not present, the conditioner is not present, a refrigerator is not present, nothing and for it 4000 p. a day, and have arrived at 18.00, and to leave demanded before 10.00 (in the memo a marker has corrected time, while we for things went). ) Brad. Do not advise to go here. They say correctly, that the first impression is the truest. I should not have come back here.

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach

The nature around the village is gorgeous, the air is clean, beautiful landscapes. High prices for accommodation and products. Interesting mountain trails. The most budget accommodation options in the private sector behind the Golitsyn Museum. The contingent is peculiar: to revel to insanity and to throw with fists here the normal phenomenon. On the level of crime in Sudakom area: According to the police, they have from 30 calls a day. The appeals are ignored. A paradise for troublemakers, unprotected for tourists.

Beautiful New Light First visited this resort in 2013 and since then fell in love with this village. If possible, I try every year to come and enjoy this secluded corner of the Crimea. The village is located 7 km from Sudak. Go bus every 5-7 minutes, in the summer of 2015 the train was 11 rubles. Upon arrival, immediately get on the juniper grove (park) with benches, so you want to sit down and enjoy the beauty of the village. The village is very small in itself, to go through it for half an hour. There is a market, park, razlichny

  • Bathing and sunbathing on the beach
  • rest individually
  • Rest elderly

Pearl of the Crimea I always thought that the Crimea should go only to the south coast. And the nature there is unique, and the climate and scenery. But when I was in the New World, I realized how wrong I was. Holidays there in mid-May this year, the four of us, with her daughter and her husband charmed by a small village in a picturesque bay, buried in a juniper grove. The sea in May is still cold, but fabulously beautiful, then turquoise, then lilac, very clean. Local told that this year the storm brought a lot of sand, so the beach.

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