Thermal springs of Adygea. Prices for recreation centers – 2022

Water society: the best thermal springs of Adygea

Planning to spend your vacation at the healing thermal springs of Adygea? Prices in 2022 at recreation centers of the republic are quite reasonable, so Adygea balneological resorts are in demand among tourists. Learn about the most popular tourist resorts, the features of treatment, prices for accommodation and services.


Features of the thermal springs of Adygea

The territory of Adygea is mountainous, and there are many outlets of geothermal waters. Almost everywhere they have a temperature above +20°C. Individual thermae have been known since time immemorial, but the main layers of underground mineral water were uncovered during exploration in the XX century.

Most of the health resorts of Adygea are located near the thermal springs. Prices in 2022 for bathing and accommodation in the republic are much lower than foreign balneotherapy resorts. Tourists come to the foothills of the Caucasus all year round, so treatment with healing water has long been one of the profitable items in the local budget.

Check out tours to Adygea – there are many interesting programs: active, sightseeing and recreational.

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Sanatorium Lago-Naki

The health resort hotel is located on the farm Krasny Most, in house No. 20 on Shosseynaya Street. “Lago-Naki” refers to the most famous thermal springs of Adygea and the Krasnodar region. It has many good reviews and a high rating – 8.8 out of 10.

Infrastructure . The territory of the hotel complex is surrounded by a picturesque park. The guests use the sauna, gym, swimming pool and with pleasure go to the spa treatments.

Water temperature and composition . Mineralized slightly alkaline hydrocarbonate-chloride-sodium water flows from an underground spring, which is similar to the famous Naftusya water from Truskavets. It is heated to +38 ° C.

Treatment . People come to “Lago-Naki” to cure diseases of the spine, joints, diabetes, to relieve stress and to get rid of excess weight.

Prices . The simplest wellness stay with full board costs from 6,900 ₽ per day for two people. The price includes use of the pool, drinking mineral water, yoga, attendance at health lectures, and an entertainment program. There are also other types of treatment-oriented stays. We advise to choose and book vouchers on a specialized site

Thermal springs in Lago-Naki in Adygea

(Photo: sanatorium “Lago-Naki”)

“Park Khadzhokh” 3*.

The health complex is located in the center of the large village of Kamennomostsky – on Mira Street, 40.

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Infrastructure . Guests are accommodated in a hotel and cottages. On the territory there is a large outdoor pool, guarded parking lot, sauna, laundry and children’s playground. Nearby there are several shopping centers.

Water composition . Geothermal low-mineralized water contains silicon, sodium, magnesium and other trace elements.

Treatment . In “Park Khadzhokh” go to get rid of chronic ailments and colds. Bathing in the pool is combined with active recreation – hiking, water and mountain tourism.

Prices . A standard room for two with breakfast costs from 3000 ₽, a family room with a living room – 6700 ₽.

Thermal springs in Kamennomostskoye in Adygea

(Photo: “Park Khadzhokh”)

Thermal Park-Hotel Psygups 4*.

The first four-star hotel in the Republic of Adygea, on the territory of which there are natural hot thermal springs. It has earned a reputation as a recreation center with a high level of comfort and hospitality. Has a high rating on Yandex – 5 out of 5.

Infrastructure . Park-hotel offers a range of services for full recreation and recovery of the body. There are 32 hotel rooms, 720 square meters of swimming pools with whirlpools and lagoons, cafe-restaurant, day rooms, gazebo with barbecue area, fitness room, children’s club and spa.

Water composition and properties . It has a unique composition, including boric and silicic acids, organic substances in concentrations with therapeutic activity, due to which it has a proven therapeutic value for external use.

Water temperature . The thermal water comes from a well 1800 meters deep and has a temperature between 74-87°C when it reaches the ground surface. A special heat exchanger cools the water before it enters the pools and an automated system regulates the temperature at 28-37°C according to the weather conditions.

Prices . A room for two costs from ₽6,000. The price includes breakfast, use of the pools, kids club, fitness room, and pool supplies. Unlimited daily stays at the thermal springs: 900 ₽ – adults, 500 ₽ – children from 6 to 13 years old and pensioners, children under 5 years old and with disabilities – free of charge.

Thermal Hotel Psygups 4* in Adygea

Thermal Park-Hotel “Psygups” 4*.

“White River”.

One of the modern complexes with thermal springs in Adygea is located in the village Dakhovskaya.

Infrastructure . At the recreation base tourists are accommodated in guest houses. Guests use arbors, sports grounds, a conference hall, a Russian wood-bath, a restaurant, a barbecue area and a swimming pool.

Water temperature and composition . The recreation center has a pool with cool spring water. To the thermal springs from the “White River” take excursions.

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Prices . A room for two costs from 3000 ₽ in autumn and winter season and from 3500 ₽ in summer. Pool access and barbecue use are free for guests. The fee for the sauna is 1,500 ₽.

Prices for recreation at the thermal springs in Adygea

(Photo: White River Tourist Complex)


Hotel with a thermal spring is located on Lesnaya Street, 49G, in the village of Guzeripl.

Infrastructure . The Wellness Center occupies an area of 1500 square meters. m and includes a hotel with comfortable rooms, restaurant, playground, game room, Finnish sauna, Russian sauna, summer and thermal pools.

Water temperature . The water comes from a deep well and has a temperature of +37 … +38 ° C.

Treatment . Bathing in hot water has a positive effect on the state of skin. Water procedures relaxes you, releases stress, normalizes pressure and helps to get rid of chronic ailments.

Prices. Double rooms “comfort” cost from 4000 ₽. The price includes breakfast and swimming in the pool.

Hotels in Adygea with thermal springs

(Photo: Abago Hotel)

“Water Riviera.”

A modern recreation complex with thermal springs built in the village of Tulsky in Adygea, at 15 km of the highway “Maikop – Guzeripl”.

Infrastructure . In addition to the hotel and cottages on the territory there is parking for cars, five swimming pools with a total area of 460 square meters, summer pavilions, barbecue area and cafe.

Water temperature . Thermal water comes from a depth of 1800 m. In the pools for adults it is heated from +35 ° C to +41 ° C, and in the children’s pool – to +39 … +40 ° C.

Treatment . Water procedures relieve fatigue and stress, help with nervous diseases, diseases of the joints, spine and skin.

Prices . On weekdays, accommodation for two in a hotel costs 4,000 ₽, and in a cottage with a pool – 8,000 ₽ per day. Prices go up during the holidays: a hotel room costs 5,000 ₽ and a cottage costs 10,400 ₽. Bathing for a day for adults is ₽600. Children ages 5 to 12 pay half the price. Toddlers under 5 years old are allowed in the pool for free.

Thermal springs in Vodnaya Riviera of Adygea

“White Nights.

One of the best recreation facilities with thermal springs in Adygea and Krasnodar region is located in the village of Tulsky, Maikop district.

Infrastructure . On its territory there is a whirlpool of 20 m by 8 m and a depth of 0.4 to 1.6 m. Guests have a choice of cooking on their own in an indoor kitchen or eat in the cafe-bar.

Water temperature and composition . The pool is filled with slightly mineralized silica-sodium water heated to +37 … +38°C.

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Treatment . There are no restrictions on external use. Bathing helps to cope with heart and vascular problems, gynecological diseases, cures diseases of the digestive, endocrine and nervous system.

Prices . A room for two costs from 4,300 ₽. The price includes use of the pool and parking.

Thermal springs in Tulskoye village in Adygea


Popular with tourists and locals, the recreation base operates in the village of Tulsky.

Infrastructure . The thermal resort has a hotel and cottages, a large pool for adults and a shallow one for children. The area has a playground, cafe-restaurant, sunbathing area with sun beds and umbrellas from the sun, gazebo and barbecue.

Water temperature and composition . Geothermal water comes to the pools from a depth of 2500 and has a temperature of +37 ° C to 40 ° C. It is rich in silicon and sodium.

Treatment . People come to the resort to normalize sleep, relieve stress, cure chondrosis, arthritis and neuralgia.

Prices . A double room with unlimited access to the pools and use of the indoor barbecue complex costs from ₽3500. A day swim will cost from ₽600 to ₽1000. Renting a gazebo on the lake is ₽1,000.

Thermal springs in Akva-Termo village in Adygea

“Cedar Forest.”

A popular recreation base operates in the village of Flower, on School Street, 16A.

Infrastructure . There is a hotel and lodges for the accommodation of tourists here. Vacationers use the outdoor pool and sports grounds. For children there is a playground.

Water temperature and composition . Rich in silicic acid geothermal water comes from a depth of 1760 m and is purified through powerful filters. It has a bicarbonate-sodium composition and bactericidal properties similar to silver water. The overflow pool maintains a temperature of +40°C year-round.

Treatment . Local water treats metabolic disorders, bone and joint diseases, chronic heart and vascular ailments. Drinking courses help in diseases of the stomach and intestines, urinary tract and kidneys.

Prices . For a room for two people ask from 5000 rubles. Bathing for adults for an hour costs 400 rubles, and for children from 6 to 12 years – 200 rubles. Bathing for 3 hours for adults will cost 700 rubles, and for children – 350 rubles.

Thermal springs in Kedrovy Bor in Adygea

Reviews about recreation at the thermal springs of Adygea and tips

Residents of the republic and tourists speak positively about the thermal springs of Adygea:

Top 7 thermal springs of Adygea 2022: Best Prices

The thermal springs of Adygea 2022 are a fabulous place. Picturesque mountains, crystal-clear air and healing power of natural thermals. It is a great way to recover, recharge your energy and start rejuvenating processes in your body.

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The unique mineral composition of local waters is very helpful in the fight against chronic diseases. It strengthens the immune system, relieves stress and fills with new strength.

So, a selection of the best thermal springs of Adygea in 2022 right here and now.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea


The resort village of Lago-Naki is very picturesque. And Abago hotel with a private spring is one of the best in the area. It is suitable for year-round vacation. And absolutely ideal for families with children.

They come here for the open thermal pool. It offers an incredible panorama of the Adygei mountains. The place is just a paradise.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Here you will feel a real relaxation. Restore the psycho-emotional state. Your blood pressure will be normal. And the skin becomes radiant and healthy.

The thermometer in the thermal bowl shows + 38 0 C. The mineral waters are pumped here from deep bosom. There are absolutely no contraindications for bathing.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

The hotel infrastructure is on a high level. There is a playground and a children’s room. Good restaurant on the territory.

The cost of rooms already included in the bath with salt steam bath and swimming pool.

Prices: 3500 rubles / day. (for two people).

Khadzhokh Park

Modern beautiful hotel in the mountains of Adygea. Surrounded by luxurious park. There are barbecue areas and parking. Children are delighted by the trampoline and the playground.

Water in the thermal spring on the territory of the mineralized. It contains magnesium, sodium and silicon. Bathing in it treats chronic colds and respiratory diseases.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

You can visit the wood-fired sauna. There is a mountain river running nearby. Mountain panoramas from windows are stunning.

In the vicinity are several dolmens and waterfalls. You can walk to them. The places around just fabulous. Near several supermarkets.

Prices – from 3500 rubles / day. (double room with breakfast).

Aquatermo .

Another place, which is rightfully included in the rating “Thermal Springs of Adygea 2022”. It is a base with two thermal pools – adult and children’s.

There is a children’s play area, gazebo with places for barbecues.

The thermal spring with water of + 40 0 C. Mineralized water with sodium and silicon. Normalizes sleep, helps to combat stress. It is ideal for arthritis and neurological diseases.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Markedly improves skin quality. Regeneration processes go faster. Source restores hormonal background and speeds up the metabolism. Migraines and pain in joints pass.

The cost of living – from 3600rub./day (this includes the use of the barbecue area).

For those who don’t stay at the hotel the price for a visit starts from 650 rubles.

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Chargrill area for rent on the lake shore – from 1100 rubles.

White Nights

Rest house with two thermal springs. There is a children’s pool with a depth of 0,4m.

The source is slightly mineralized. Contains sodium and silicon. Water +38 0 C. Restores the cardiovascular system. Treats gynecological diseases and gastrointestinal tract. Also recommended for endocrine and neurological diseases.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

If you do not plan to live at the base, but only want to spend time at the springs. You can use comfortable arbors. The price to rent a gazebo is 350-500rub.

If you don’t plan to stay at the camp, the entrance to the springs is 250RUB/children and 600RUB/adult.

You can rent a gazebo for 400-550rub.

Prices for accommodation – from 3600rub./day. (for two people).


One of the best thermal springs of Adygea in 2022. There are very picturesque surroundings. And even the air is special.

There is a professional medical center at the base. The main specialization here is the treatment of the spine and related diseases. The procedures often employ Chinese methods.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Excellent spa and cosmetological services. For rejuvenation, improvement of health, immunity activation, and increase of general tonus.

The thermal water in the pool is slightly alkaline. It contains bicarbonate, sodium compounds.

It is used in therapy of joint diseases, for compensation of diabetes. It is useful for the fight against excess weight and for the normalization of emotional balance.

Dakhovskaya Sloboda.

The most popular base with thermal springs in Adygea.

It has mineralized water with bromine, chloride and iodine compounds. Favorable effect on the vascular system and metabolic processes. It restores the immune system. It relaxes and soothes.

 Thermae thermal springs in Adygea 2022

A visit to the thermal springs is included in the price.

Those who don’t live at the base pay separately: 350r./children and 500rub./adult.

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

Thermae thermal springs in Adygea

On the territory there are other attractions. You can go fishing at the lake, ride horses or rent bicycles.

Children will definitely appreciate the mini-zoo and jumping on the trampoline.

Online Booking (check price for your dates)

Wellness Retreat

Visit the thermal springs of Adygea in 2022 with maximum comfort at the White River in the mountains. It is a very beautiful and comfortable homestead. Not far from the fabulous waterfalls. It is very picturesque and the air is very special.

For accommodation are comfortable eco-cottages made of natural materials. The room stock is very stylish. The hotel has a good spa and banya.

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