Thoddoo Island – Anapa in Maldives. Our review, photos and tips

Island Thoddoo Maldives – reviews

At the end of June my husband made me a wonderful present: a trip to the Maldives. We have been thinking about where to go since the end of May, the prices at this time are “fabulously” huge. We did not want to pay 150 thousand for a week in the Dominican Republic. Having read the reviews we decided to fly to the Maldives on our own.

Hello everyone! When the word “Maldives” immediately imagined a relaxing, secluded, beautiful nature, the turquoise sea and white sand. Yes, everything is indeed so, but not on Todd.

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It was the fifth day of our self-guided trip to the Maldives and our choice fell on Toddoo Island, which is famous for its fruit plantations. There, too, we decided to stay for the full five days. The island is oval-shaped, 20 kilometers in circumference, a very large island by Maldivian standards.

So, my first review! I really hope that it will help someone to decide on the choice of an island in the Maldives. Our trip was pre-planned and I have read a lot of information about Toddoo Island.

We went with a friend. Who thinks that the Maldives is only for couples is not true. We decided not to go to resorts, and chose a residential island Toddhu. That’s why we chose Thoddoo beach view Maldives guest house. We booked on Bookings and then we went to the airport and had a transfer.

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Not a very positive review for the first time. I do not want to talk about the minuses, I will talk about the pluses. Our guide was very kind and helpful, he took us where we needed to go by electric car, of course we tried not to use his kindness, we preferred bicycles, but thank you anyway, the beaches on the toddoo are very…

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We considered a budget trip to the Maldives – it is possible and it happened. As soon as we arrived on the island, we were immediately amazed at how clean the air is here and it’s all because of the huge amount of fruit trees and greenery.

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I want to tell you about our trip to Maldives residential island. We went on our own with my husband. I planned the trip in advance. We landed on a fruit ferry for $ 10 per person and we are there. Sailed well without any problems. We were met and accommodated in the new hotel PalmGarden.

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Flying to the Maldives on our own. We chose Toddoo Island to stay. It is a fruity island, an hour drive from Male with a small speedboat.

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We stayed for 16 days. New, opened in September. No different from the hotel. The room was new, all the necessary furniture, plasma TV, fan, air conditioning. The bathroom was also in good condition, no problems with the shower.

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My husband and I came for 2 weeks on the wonderful island of Toddhu in December, we approached the selection of hostels very responsibly, it was our first trip to the Maldives. We looked at photos, read reviews of other hotels.

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Many people associate the Maldives with a leisurely, lazy holiday. For lovers of active holidays my review. How to get to Maafushi on your own from the airport. What to do on the island. Cost.

Good afternoon. We bypassed the travel agencies and began to travel on their own. The small resorts are really small, there are no big islands in the Maldives. You can walk around them leisurely in 10 to 15 minutes.

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Greetings At the beginning of September I was lucky enough to extend my summer and relax on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. On about the fourth day of complete relaxation on the All inclusive we got bored and decided on a tour. Why “dare”? Just we were on vacation with kids, one of them is only 2 years old.

When it's better to rest in the Maldives. Weather by Months

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On the island of Gotland, I was with my husband for 3 days. During this time, we saw not only the town of Visby, but also remote villages, where in the summer, usually only live summer cottagers. In order not to bore you with history, here are 8 bright facts about Gotland 1. Poppy fields.

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For a long time I thought of what to write in the column “one phrase” – finally came up with the phrase “worth the trip” will characterize this review well:)As Wikipedia tells us: “According to a study by Thomas Whitmore, director of the study of climatology at Syracuse University (USA), the city of Las Palmas best…

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In my review I will try to tell not only about the popular attractions of Java, but also about some of its places, not so widely known. So, let’s begin) VULCANS. First of all Java is famous for its volcanoes.

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Amazingly beautiful views! Relict laurel forests! Not a touristy island, but worth a day trip!

La Gomera island (La Gomera) is one of the islands that belong to the Canary Islands archipelago. This is a small island, whose population, according to the latest statistics, just over 23 thousand people.

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Hello! Let me start by saying that I was born in Lugansk region. As a child I’ve been a few times in Lugansk, and at age of 15 I entered college and moved to Lugansk for good. Since then I consider Lugansk my native city. How not to count? I’ve lived in Lugansk for 11 years!

Toddu Island – Anapa in the Maldives

Toddoo Island

If you want a cheap but nice vacation on the white beaches of the Maldives, come to the local island of Toddoo. Read our review and useful vacation tips: lots of photos and valuable information.


What Toddoo Island looks like

Toddoo is a local island in the Maldives. There are no resorts here, but there are several dozen small guest houses for tourists and two excellent beaches. On this island you can rest quite inexpensive! We spent only $700 for 9 days of vacation on three islands for two people.

Toddoo is a plantation island: the locals grow fruit and a little bit of vegetables. There are cute flying foxes over the plantations that eat the fruit. The island is located in Northern Ari Atoll, its size is about 1 km by 2 km.

The locals live quite poor, the houses are modest and ugly. There are vacant lots, abandoned lots and landfills. New hotels are being built. Of infrastructure – hospital, supermarkets, stores, bank, guest houses, restaurants and dive centers.

Toddoo Island Maldives

If you look at Toddoo from above, you will see that the island is solid plantations.

Maldives: tips on how not to spoil your vacation

Our review of Toddoo Island

Why Maldives Anapa? Sea, sun, beach, budget holiday and … 80% of the tourists on the island – Russian-speaking families with children and companies. On the main beach solitude and silence do not expect. Squeaks, squeals, splashes and flurries, babbling with infants, music from bluetooth speakers, “You-where-came-I-said-there-no-no” and all that, you know? It felt more like a beach in Anapa or the Crimea, not the Maldives. Maybe it’s just our “luck” and it’s not like that at other times.

Of course there is not all that horror, which is going on in the Russian south, but you do not feel like you are on an island in paradise. For relaxation and tranquility, head to the new, secluded bikini beach on East Toddoo, a place almost no one else frequents. That’s where it’s really great!

The reviews on Toddoo Island are great. Beaches with white sand, as elsewhere in the Maldives, first-class, azure and transparent water, a lot of fish – all as in the pictures in the travel agency. Feel free to come to Todd, especially with children – the child is sure to find friends here.

Other places to relax in the Maldives:

    – The most popular for economy vacation island. – Few tourists and a huge wide beach.

There are quite a lot of people on the big beach. Especially children. This is a minus for those who want quiet. The new beach on Toddou has almost no people and is very quiet.

Beaches on Toddu

On Toddoo Island, as everywhere else in the Maldives, tourists are only allowed to swim and be nude on the bikini beaches. Elsewhere, you have to walk around dressed, including on the beach for locals.

There are two bikini beaches on Toddoo – the main one in the west of the island and a new small beach in the east.

The big beach.

It’s gorgeous: white-white fine sand, sandy bottom, pretty deep all at once. The beach is unusually clean. Almost no coral debris, and you can safely swim and walk without fear of stepping on something alive or dead. The sunsets there are also gorgeous!

Toddoo Island photo

The beaches on Toddou are picturesque: white sand, azure water, lots of greenery.

The locals have cleared the thickets for tourists and equipped the area for recreation: a lot of hammocks, sun loungers and just places in the shade of palm trees and bushes. There are even showers and toilets! Passages to the beach through the thicket are also beautifully decorated and cleaned.

From the center of the island to the beach walk about 15-20 minutes past the plantations. It scares some people, but we liked it – it is interesting to watch the workers, watch the papayas grow, watch the lizards and flying foxes.

On the downside, almost all the tourists hang out here. And almost all are Russian-speaking families with children. Busy mothers shout at the children, so the privacy and relaxation is out of the question. However, this is an insignificant minus, and you can close your eyes and ears to it. Maybe it was our bad luck.

By the way, another minus – tourists love to occupy beds and hammocks with towels, and then leave. Especially the shrewd occupy seats from the night or do not take away the towels at all, while resting on the island. Yes, yes, and such instances occur, have seen for themselves.

Photo of the main bikini beach on Toddoo Island:

This is what the big beach looks like from the water. There’s a lot of dense shade. To the left of the main beach are bushes and a narrow strip of sand. As you can see, there are enough people. However, no one bothers anyone.

Holidays in Maldives with children - 2022. Best hotels and beaches

A new beach

It is quite small, about 100 meters, but we liked it much more than the old beach because of the silence and solitude. From the road at the guest beach sign you dive into the romantic jungle, walk past the abandoned boat and boat and come out to the beach.

There are swings in the water for photo shoots. There’s plenty of shade under the palm trees, and there are hammocks and seats. Here you feel like you’re in the Maldives: swinging in a hammock, reading a book, relaxing, and there’s almost nobody around. We advise to meet the sunrises on this beach – in the morning we were the only ones on the beach!

The beach itself, in comparison with the main, loses in many ways. Although it is cleaned daily, there are a lot of coral debris and there is trash, even glass. The garbage is not removed very conscientiously – sometimes they can simply rake it under the bushes. The dead reef comes almost to the shore, and the entrance to the water is comfortable only on the left side of the beach.

Photo of the new bikini beach on Toddu Island:

The swings in the water were put up specifically for tourists. We liked the new beach on Toddu more. There are always free hammocks and few people, but the entrance to the water is difficult because of the coral. On the new beach, you have to meet the sunrises and watch the fishermen sail away or return to port. And on the big bikini beach or beaches for locals, you have to admire the sunsets.

Toddoo Island Hotels.

Look for discounted hotels on Rumguru. Here are the top rules for finding hotels.

Hotels are from $60 per night for two people – with private bath, air conditioning, refrigerator, breakfast included and all taxes . The value for money is good, but the same level of hotel in SEA can be found for about $ 20.

We stayed at the Sunrise Inn for $50 a night. We recommend it! Spacious, very clean, has everything you need. Breakfasts are included. The hostel is a bargain to buy lunches and dinners for $10 per person – it’s cheaper and tastier than restaurants. Great reef fish and tuna! The hotel is a short walk to the new small bikini beach where there are almost no people. The main beach, on the other hand, is a 15 minute walk across the island.

How to save money. You can book a hotel directly and get a discount (we paid $10 a day less), but be prepared for a long correspondence in English. In addition, not all hotels respond to emails. With direct reservations be careful – it may be that you have not booked anything, and your room live in other people. Such stories read on the Internet, so it is more reliable through Rumguru. Another option – book for 1-2 nights and see what’s up. Then extend, if you like it. This, too, is risky – in high season someone may book your room while you’re thinking.

Maldives Island hotels toddoo

Our hotel is the Sunrise Inn. The rooms are simple, but have everything you need.

Where to eat on Toddoo Island.

Didn’t like the food in the restaurants. Went to three places – tourist, hotel and for locals:

  1. Seli-Poeli. The reviews were okay, but we were brought two pseudo curry and unpalatable mango juice – all for $15. Then we had stomach problems, so we didn’t go again. Not recommended!
  2. Moon Coffee near our hotel. Juices – 20-30 rufiya, milkshake with fruit – 45 rufiya, rice/noodles/cottu – 35-60 rufiya, local sweets – 3 rufiya apiece. The rice looked as if someone had chewed it before we did, so on all subsequent occasions we only ordered juices and sweets. On average we left 85 rufies for two and were full.
  3. The restaurant at our hotel Sunrise Inn. Dinner costs $10 per person. Usually a big plate of rice, gravy, greens, large barbecue fish (1-2 pieces), soup, water and juice powder.
Maafushi Island: prices, reviews, hotels, beaches

The most popular and quality restaurant, according to reviews on TripAdvisor is Black Anchor . We didn’t go there because it’s expensive.


  • If your hotel cooks well and inexpensively, eat there – it’s safer and tastier.
  • Try the local sweets at Moon Coffee near the main mosque – hearty and delicious. They can replace breakfast or lunch because you don’t feel like eating in the heat.

How to get to Toddu Island

It’s not easy with the logistics. There are several ways to get from Male to Toddoo Island:

  • Speedboat. The easiest and fastest option with no transfers directly from the airport, but costs about $50 per person. You can negotiate a discount with the hotel owner. For example, we were offered for $35. Schedule: Every day except Friday. From Male at 11:00 and 3:00 p.m., from Toddu at 7:00. Travel time is about 1.5 hours.
  • State ferry. There is no direct, only with a connection on Rasdu Island. Schedule varies, check for details.
  • Fruit ferry. We took it. You can sleep on the upper deck on mats with pillows. There are fans, toilets, free water. The cost is $10 per person. Schedules from Male: Sun, Mon and Thu at 23:45. From Toddhu to Male: Sat, Sat and Wed at 23:50. It takes 4.5 hours to get there. To get there you go from the airport to the Malé pier, then turn right and walk to the market. That’s where the ferry is. Ask locals – they will tell you. Read more about this way: how to get from Male to Toddou for only $10.

Tip: Always check ferry and boat schedules with your hotel owner – they often change. For example, we planned a trip based on the schedule on the Internet, but it turned out that it had changed. For transfers, too, make an appointment with the hotel owner and ask for a discount. Remember that Friday is a day off.

Toddoo Island

If you want to save money, take the fruit ferry to Todda from Male – it costs only $10. In the photo it’s on the left.

Weather on Toddu.

From late November to April is the high season. And from January to April the sea is most transparent, so the best conditions for diving and snorkeling. From about mid-April to early May begins the rainy season, but the full rainfall is in summer. Read more about the holiday seasons in the Maldives.

We were on Toddoo in late March and early April. It was calm, so it was sweltering and humid. There were no waves at all. Perfect for snorkeling! The locals said that this kind of weather is rare at this time, usually starting with light rain and light waves.

Island Island toddoo Maldives reviews

In the Maldives, we were in the calm, with only slight ripples in the water.

Snorkeling on Toddoo.

Snorkeling is good at the new bikini beach, we encountered and swam with a sea turtle twice in two days (both times closer to sunset). The coral in the inner reef is monotonous, dark green in color, but beautiful and massive. All sorts of wildlife, including stingrays. Did not swim to the outer reef.

Is vacationing in the Maldives in 2022 good? Tourist reviews

On the new small beach snorkeling is also good. Lots of fish, met a stingray. There is almost no coral. Basically the reef is dead, only in a few places live bush. Very shallow, especially at low tide. Due to the shallow water and white sand, the water is especially clean and transparent.

You can buy separate excursions from $30 per person.

There is also a dive center on the island: a dive for beginners costs $80, for professionals – $55.

Island Island toddoo Maldives reviews

The water on Todd is crystal clear. Snorkeling is more interesting on the big beach – you can see the sea turtle. Plus it’s deeper there.

Excursions to Toddou

What can I do on Toddoo Island? Like everywhere else in the Maldives, just snorkeling, diving and excursions. Of the excursions:

  • A trip to sandbank or picnic island – $150 for two, $200 with lunch.
  • Snorkeling on a coral reef – from $25.
  • Snorkeling safari from $75.
  • Diving, 1 dive – from $55.
  • Night fishing / regular fishing – from $35, $50 – with dinner.
  • Resort trip – $350 per boat.
  • Swimming with mantas – $30-75 depending on the program.
  • Swimming with a turtle – $50.
  • Romantic dinner with candles on the beach – $150 for two.


The beaches of the Maldives are nasty noiseless little mosquitoes, and Toddoo Island is no exception. If you are not very sensitive to bites, you may not even notice how you get bitten. Use repellents and fumigators, wear closed clothes in the evening (although they do not really help). In the dark, stick to some unidentified insects.

The island is home to many lizards and geckos, they rustle in the bushes when you pass by. Someone saw tethers, but we have not met. The beach is full of hermit crayfish and crabs, graceful herons arrive in the morning and hunt fish.

In the morning and evening the flying foxes are active – very beautiful creatures, which can be mistaken for giant bats. They are related, but foxes eat fruit and have good eyesight.

There are huge flying cockroaches, so plug the gap between the floor and the beast in the hotel if you have one – cockroaches peek in.

On the way to the beach you can see exotic lizards. There is always someone rustling in the bushes on the islands – usually lizards or geckos. Flying fox, or flying dog. The locals do not like them because they spoil the fruit crop.


There are small supermarkets on Toddoo with a minimal assortment: some fruit, water, juices, chocolate, snacks, cookies, ice cream, milk, household goods.

We saw a couple of souvenir shops and some rustic-type stores with food and assortment of goods, where they sell all sorts of stuff.

The stores are open with breaks for prayers.

Bank and Money Exchange

There is a bank, but we couldn’t get to it. We waited, but no one came. The schedule reflects the typical Maldivian flow of life – the bank is only open a few hours a day.

We tried to exchange money in a store, but they decided to cash in on us and called the rate brutal – 12 rufies for $1. We ended up exchanging money at the standard rate ($1 = 15.42 rupees) in the Moon Coffee cafe where we usually had lunch. You can also change money in hotels.

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