Tinkoff All Airlines Credit Card – to register or not? My review

The best card for traveling – reviews and conditions of ALL Airlines

For a long time I use a special bank card for travel Tinkoff ALL Airlines, so it’s time to write a post. Something about it is good, something not so good, the reviews on the internet vary a lot. But personal experience is always cooler. I myself use and I am very happy with everything, the main thing to include the head.

I will try to tell you all the nuances, what kind of card this is, what its pros and cons. All as it is. And then you yourself will decide whether it is worth it or not. Here we go.

Bonuses on Tinkoff ALL Airlines card

If you order the card at the first secret link you get free perpetual credit card maintenance and 1000 rubles (1000 miles)! Then close the card if you don’t like it, but you get the insurance for free and the extra money won’t hurt. The insurance covers coronavirus! It’s a free credit card.

If you order the card at the second secret link, you get 4000 miles (=4000 rubles), if you spend 1000 rubles within 30 days of activating the card! There is insurance and airfare can be easily reimbursed. Good offer!

As an option, if you need a credit card or money, you can get a credit card Platinum, I wrote a post about it. It has 1% cashback and they give it to everyone without approval and no income verification.

If a credit card, on the contrary, do not want, then look closely at the debit Tinkoff Black, the link is my post about it.

Promotion 1

You have to order the card at the link. Valid from 08/30/2022 to 09/14/2022. 1000 miles will be credited for spending 3000 rubles within 30 days after receiving the card.

Action 2

The card must be ordered following this link. Earn 4000 miles if you make a purchase(s) of 1000 rubles or more within 30 days of card activation.

My review of Tinkoff ALL Airlines card

Why ALL Airlines is my primary card

Tinkoff is not under sanctions, but swift doesn’t work and there is a currency storage fee. To pay for Google/Apple apps, for Booking and Airbnb, for currency you have to do a foreign card.

There are people like me who are interested in looking for bargains and getting a profit from it. For example, a bank card with a 2% cashback (what is a cashback) from every 100 thousand rubles of spending brings 2000 rubles for free. If you spend 100k every month, it is a gift of 24 thousand rubles a year. Not bad, and it is zero effort, essentially free money.

From time to time I test different bank cards and put them to the test. The Tinkoff ALL Airlines card has become my main ruble card for Russia.

At the moment I have already compensated for 72,000 rubles worth of tickets. And also now I have no need to buy travel insurance, as it comes free with the card.

During the year I got 72 thousand rubles, 19 thousand in the process. Here's why :)

Yes, you can pick up a bunch of cards, each for its own category of purchases (gasoline, groceries, travel, etc.), but for me it is too much time-consuming, and to keep all the conditions in mind is not an easy task.

For example, in Otkritie Travel I have 4% cashback, but there are millions of exceptions when they do not accrue it and the support is horrible. Alphabank Travel constantly changes its conditions, plus they are quite difficult to fulfill. AK Bars with a keshbek of 10% is a very murky company, they can take and not pay.

I end up trying new cards, but still go back to Tinkoff ALL Airlines. Here’s the deal.

Terms and conditions, pros and cons

MIR cards work in Turkey. Should do in Thailand.

  • You can have MIR, Visa and Mastercard. MIR is already accepted in Turkey and will soon be accepted in Thailand.
  • There are virtual cards that can be issued in an application in 2 clicks. MIR is also available, it can be ordered both as a physical card initially and as a virtual one afterwards.
  • 2% cashback for purchases.
  • 7% cashback for the purchase of any airline tickets on the site Tinkoff.ru/travel, as on the Tinkoff Travel, and partners. 5% cashback for tours and railroad tickets on Tinkoff Travel. 10% cashback on hotel reservations. Prices are the same, I compared.
  • Good annual travel insurance from Tinkoff (Europ Assistance), which covers coronavirus! I have used it several times already, it worked fine. Valid for the first 45 days of each trip, the number of trips is not limited. The sum insured is $50,000. Valid worldwide, including Russia (300 km from home). Includes luggage insurance, active recreation, including skiing. Once a year the policy must be renewed. That is, the insurance is “forever” until you close the card. This insurance policy will cost at least 5,000 rubles.
  • The first year on the credit card is free, if you order via a secret link.
  • The normal conversion rate for foreign currency purchases. Much better than the same Sberbank/Alfabank on their ruble cards.
  • The card is made 1 day and you bring it directly to your home. At other banks you have to wait for a week and go to the bank 2 times.
7 ways to buy the cheapest tour! How and where to look

The credit card is convenient in itself. Your money is in interest, and you spend it on borrowed money. Or, for instance, it’s convenient to freeze a deposit on a credit card when you rent a car instead of using your own money.

For 10 years I spent 16 hours a day making travel guides. 1.5 years ago I was almost killed by a stroke. I survived, but am struggling with paralysis.

If my blog has helped you, I would appreciate a donation. You can pay with a card of 100 rubles, 500 rubles or 1000 rubles.

It all looks cool, but what is in fact? On the downside.

  • The complicated scheme of compensation by miles. You should know it well in advance. About this below in a separate section.
  • The cost of the 2nd year and subsequent years – 1890 rubles per year, because the first year you get from me for free. In principle, it pays for itself by the annual insurance, it will be several times more expensive. Well, or if you order on the promo with X000 miles, then 1.5-2 years of service at once as if it pays off. Debit ALL Airlines always need to keep on the card from 100 thousand rubles for free service, otherwise 299 rubles / month.
  • SMS-notification of transactions costs 59 rubles per month, but can be deactivated.
  • I get only 2% cashback on Aeroflot, S7, Pobeda, Ural Airlines, and Utair sites, and 0% on other airlines. The minus is conditional, because for the same price you can buy with a 7% cashback on the Tinkoff Travel website.

Separately, I want to talk about airfare prices. The fact is that previously they gave 5% for a purchase on the site Tinkoff Travel and 3% on all other websites. And the internet started talking about worsening conditions. However, that’s not entirely true. They just haven’t figured it out.

Tinkoff Travel prices used to be higher, yes. But by giving us 7%, they changed their search too, now airfare prices are pulled up from Aviasales as well. I think everyone is familiar with them. In fact the only two competitors are Skyscanner and Kayak. However, in the eternal debate about where the price is better, my experience is this: how much I have not looked at others, the difference, if any, was a couple of hundred rubles.

Low-cost airlines: always cheap tickets

In any case, the 7% cashback no one will offer you now, I do not know the alternatives. I do not exclude that on rare destinations Tinkoff Travel will show higher prices than elsewhere, write your observations in the comments. Below is a comparison, I took the first available flight I was interested in (Tenerife-Barcelona), the prices are identical.

How to spend ALL Airlines miles

It only takes one time to figure it out.

All cashback are credited in the form of miles, although the name is arbitrary, because 1 mile = 1 ruble. These miles are accumulated in a separate account, and they can be used ONLY to compensate for the purchase of airline tickets. Any airline tickets, no matter where purchased.

How to be reimbursed

  1. In the mobile app or in the Internet bank there is a list of all ticket purchases.
  2. Choose the ticket you want, and click “Compensation in miles”.
  3. You will immediately receive an amount in real rubles equal to the cost of the ticket. Profit! Your ticket is as if you got it for free.

The minimum cost of the ticket, which can be compensated is 4000 rubles. The minimum refund threshold is 6000 miles. Then in increments of 3000 miles, that is: 6000, 9000, 12000, 15000, etc.

If you bought the ticket for 5000 rubles and want to make a refund, then 6000 miles will be written off. If the ticket cost 6100 RUR, then 9000 miles will be deducted. If the ticket cost 10,000 rubles, you will lose 12,000 miles. Do you see the catch?

Now that you understand the whole picture, it sounds worse. But so far I have been able to compensate normally. Miles are kept for 5 years, and there are sure to be profitable flights during that period. You have to wait, save up, and not write off the first one you get right away.

Choose from a list and compensate

Here are some tips on how to earn miles :)

For those who fly Aeroflot. Buy Gift Certificates from their website, and pay with your ALL Airlines card. The miles should be at your convenience: 6000, 9000, 12000, 15000, 18000 rubles, etc. After purchase you can redeem the miles at once. And then with these certificates you can pay for Aeroflot tickets in part or in full. Generally, there will be 0 losses by miles. But the disadvantage is that for the actual purchase you’ll get only 2% instead of 7%.

We had exactly the same scheme with certificates from Onetwotrip, but judging by the comments the shop was shut down.

What is the right way to use the card?

  1. Don’t compensate for “unprofitable” tickets. And in general the more miles you use at a time the less the percentage loss. It’s better to wait and save up. Miles, on the other hand, are held for 5 years, so take your time.
  2. Turn off debt insurance. This is an additional service, and it costs money.
  3. Set your spending limits so that you will be able to spend only a small amount, for example, 10 thousand rubles, if your card is stolen. It is better to change your limits in the mobile application frequently before making purchases.
  4. Never withdraw cash from your Tinkoff ALL Airlines Credit Card, otherwise you will fall out of the free period and incur an interest and fee. Immediately after getting your card, put a 0 limit on cash withdrawals in your mobile app.
  5. Never leave the free period. Pay on time, once a month, or incur interest. Put a reminder on your phone, and you can also change the repayment date to a more convenient one, such as the 1st of every month.

The last two points are the basic principles of using credit cards. Ignorance of them leads to negative reviews on the web about bondage, credit and other things. Yeah, I’ve been using credit cards for 10 years and I haven’t paid any interest yet, and I don’t intend to. As an option, take a closer look at Tinkoff debit.

17 things that will save you while traveling

Set your limits correctly and disable debt insurance

P.S. Separately wrote about the usual debit card Tinkoff. Be sure to read the post. And what cards do you use?

Choosing insurance is difficult, so to help you – my top insurance in Asia. I read forums all the time and use insurance myself. From experience, the best place to buy in Polis812. They accept Russian cards.

Large database of hotels are on Yandex.Travel. Keshbek 10-30% points Yandex. Also need to check prices on the Russian copy of booking Ostrovka. All accept Russian cards.

All about the All Airlines card and its cool perks

tinkoff bank credit card customer review

Let me briefly talk about all the perks and terms of Tinkoff Bank’s All Airlines credit card. I’ve been using it for the seventh year now. Find out if it is worth signing up for, what its pros and cons are. How to save and spend miles, get free travel insurance and other bonuses.


Promotions and gifts

I have three secret bonus links for you: two for the credit card, one for the debit card.

1. All Airlines Credit Card FREE EVERYTHING + 1,000 miles . If you ask me, it’s a no-brainer – take it. You will always have free travel insurance for travel abroad, and an excellent credit card with a bunch of other bonuses with perpetual free service. If the card becomes unnecessary, you can close it at any time. The promotion is available here and is valid through September 14, 2022. Make it happen!

2. All Airlines credit card free for a year + 3,000 miles . Option for those who don’t have time to take advantage of the offer above. If you don’t like the card, you can close it in a year or sooner. Basically, it’s a test drive. The promotion is available at the link.

3. Debit card with free annual service and 500 ₽ as a gift. The bank has another advantageous card – Tinkoff Black. It is a debit card, with which you can withdraw cash abroad for free and exchange currency profitably. Apply for it now and get a year of free service and ₽500 to your account when you spend more than ₽500 per month.

My opinion of the card

Tinkoff All Airlines is my primary card. I use it to make almost all my purchases, especially hotel reservations, airline tickets, and car rentals. Then I get good cashback in the form of miles and exchange them for free airline tickets from any airline. I like it, it’s convenient and profitable.

In six years of using it I accumulated more than 200,000 rubles in cashback and received free airline tickets for this amount. I used these miles to fly to Thailand, Dubai, Cuba, and Russia. Plus I always have free insurance with me, on which I was successfully treated once on vacation.

No other card from any other bank gives me that kind of perk.

And it’s not just about all those bonuses. I also like the service and support of the bank. For example, Sber just pisses me off with their stupidity. They either block the card for some suspicious transactions or they have to call them from abroad and spend 700-1000 rubles to make a call. If I am running around like a fool, I have to call them for 10 minutes just to solve a simple problem. You then have to go to the branch. With Tinkoff, there are no such problems at all – any issue is resolved online via a mobile app. They are nice people.

How to book a hotel cheaper? 10 rules for saving money!

My credit card

My credit card Tinkoff.

The pluses of the card

Good cashback – 1-2% on all purchases.

Increased cashback on tickets (3-7%) and hotels (10%). These are serious expenditures, so the cashback is solid. For example, you book a hotel for 50,000 ₽, and 5,000 ₽ will then come back to you in the form of miles.

Free travel insurance for a whole year. Suitable for Schengen and other visas. Covers outdoor activities: motorcycle riding, trekking, skiing and so on. It even covers coronavirus. I had an experience with this insurance when I got sick on a cruise ship. I contacted the insurance company on WhatsApp and quickly received a full refund of my medical expenses. The insurance alone immediately pays for the cost of credit card maintenance, because such a policy costs from 7000 rubles.

Perpetual free service if you sign up for this promotion.

One year of free service if you sign up for this promotion.

Interest free period: 55 days. If you pay off your credit card debt before this period expires, you won’t have to pay. In five years I haven’t paid a single ruble to the bank in interest because I always cover my debt on time.

It’s very convenient to spend the bank’s money instead of your own. For example, when renting a car, the renting company freezes a large amount on the card ($1,000-2,000). Let them block someone else’s money, right?

The card is issued in a couple of days and brought to you.

Convenient mobile app. Change the pincode, send a transfer to any bank, block the card – all you can do yourself in a couple of minutes.

Great support service. Any question is solved online in chat in a few minutes. No stupid calls to the call center and waiting on the line for 15 minutes like in kolkhoz banks. Finally, at least someone has rid us of this horror.

If you get a sim card Tinkoff Mobile, then in any country in the world you will work for free the bank applications. This is super-convenient! And you don’t even have to pay for the connection: just put 10 ₽ on your account once, and everything will work.

Tinkoff credit card promotions

Promotion: one year of free service.


Any credit card always has disadvantages and limitations, including the Tinkoff one.

It is not profitable to withdraw cash – there will be a high fee. So use this card only for purchases, and to withdraw money without a fee, get a debit card Tinkoff Black. It is advisable to put a 0 ruble cash withdrawal limit for your credit card to protect it from bad luck (in case you get your cards mixed up accidentally).

High interest on the loan, if you do not repay the debt in the interest-free period of 55 days. So cover your debt in time so you don’t have to pay any interest at all! You have almost two months to do this.

The credit card costs 1890 rubles a year (but the first year is free). Is it expensive? Well, yes, it might be. But along with the card you get free insurance for a year, which costs many times more. So, the benefits outweigh the cost of service.

There are paid extras you can turn off: sms-bank (if you want) and credit insurance (we certainly don’t need this).

tinkoff bank credit card reviews

My credit card maintenance costs

Increased cashback

Standard cashback is as follows: 1-2% on any purchases in stores (depends on the transaction code due to new RF laws passed in spring 2022).

Increased cashback you get when booking services on the site of Tinkoff Travel.

5% – you get from tours and railroads.

7% – when buying airline tickets on their website. Or 2% cashback on Aeroflot, S7, Pobeda, Ural Airlines, and Utair. Previously the bank gave 3% cashback when buying tickets at any of the sites, and 5% when buying at Tinkoff Travel. Now the rules have changed. For better or worse, it’s hard to say. On the one hand, it’s a pity that they removed the universal 3% cashback. On the other hand, on Tinkoff Travel you can often buy tickets for the same minimum price, which finds Aviasails, that is, no extra charge Tinkoff Travel does not throw on it, and the cashback is as much as 7% – it’s a sin to complain.

How to book a hotel by yourself? Instructions and tips

10% is cashback on hotel reservations. My favorite section! Just imagine: a tenth of your hotel expenses are paid back. Just book an accommodation on the Tinkoff Travel website (they work with Ostrovok.ru, so they have a huge database of hotels around the world). The cost of living in this does not change – checked many times. Given that I spend a few hundred thousand rubles annually on hotels, I especially like that cashback.

I used to get 10% cashback on car rentals as well, but due to the departure of my foreign rental partner in March 2022 this option stopped working, too bad.

Up to 30% is cashback on promotions with specific stores and companies. But there’s usually not much of interest there.

How to save and spend miles

With each purchase you get cashback in the form of miles: 1 mile = 1 ruble. Here everything is simple and straightforward.

When you accumulate at least 6,000 miles, you can spend them.

First, use this card to buy tickets for any airline at any website you like. Then in the personal cabinet you will see the proposal to reimburse the cost of tickets with miles. It’s easy. The money is instantly credited.

Miles are deducted in increments of 3000 rubles: 6000, 9000, 12000 and so on. That is, you will need 18,000 miles to cover both 15001 rubles and 18,000 rubles tickets. To avoid wasting your miles, use them for the tickets whose cost is close to the mileage redemption sum.

You can only use them in full, not in part.

How to use your credit card advantageously

  1. Do not withdraw cash from your credit card. Start a Black debit card to withdraw cash and earn interest income.
  2. Repay your debt in the interest-free period of 55 days.
  3. Use your credit card for all purchases, especially large ones, and book tickets and hotels. This way you accumulate a lot of miles.
  4. Pay for tickets with miles so that you lose as few miles as possible.
  5. Get the All Airlines card for free forever until September 14, 2022.

Also learn all the important things about withdrawing and exchanging money abroad.


Should I get the Tinkoff All Airlines credit card? Those who travel often – for sure you should. No other bank offers such bonuses. The insurance alone immediately pays for the cost of servicing the card. And there is also good cashback, especially from hotels. Plus it has a clear mileage accrual system, a handy application, and good customer service.

I have described all the conditions, pluses and minuses. Now decide whether this bank and its cards suit you.

Other cards of Tinkoff bank

Tinkoff Black is a debit card. I actively use it. I withdraw money from it all over the world for free, save on currency conversion, do transfers to friends and relatives, and use increased cashback on some categories of goods.

Tinkoff Platinum is the most popular credit card of Tinkoff Bank. Now you can get it for free forever (no maintenance fees!), as well as 3000 miles as a gift. Read more at the link.

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