To the Dominican Republic – cheap! How to relax for $ 1000 for two!


Dominica for two all-inclusive tour and everything you need to know about it – read on. I will tell you about the prices, the alternative, where to buy, and what is better: a ready-made tour for two to the Dominican Republic or an independent trip.

Table of contents:

  • The alternative to the finished tour: what is cheaper
  • Finished tour prices “all inclusive” in the Dominican Republic.
  • Where to buy an all-inclusive tour for two to the Dominican Republic

Resources to help the traveler

  • The most adequate car rental – DiscoveryCar
  • Tours to the Dominican Republic, cheaper only to steal – Level Travel
  • Villas, apartments, hotels – Hotellook
  • Excursions with Russian guides – Tripster
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel – Intui

Dominican tour all inclusive for two

You can book a room at such a hotel on your own or buy it as part of a tour. As part of the tour is often cheaper, but not always.

The alternative to the finished tour: what is cheaper

The most common question when traveling to any country: what holiday is cheaper for two? A ready-made tour or an independent trip?

I want to point out right away that in the post-coronavirus era, no quarantine or PCR test is needed to visit the Dominican Republic. All you need is your desire to travel. If you are reading this article and we Covid-19 has not been conclusively defeated. Then read separately the information at the link: is the Dominican Republic open now.

There is one unique paradox here. Before the pandemic, it was definitely cheaper to travel independently than a ready-made tour. If you can’t save much on a 5* hotel, the main savings were on regular flights.

But today regular flights are much less, airlines are losing billions of dollars. And those few flights that exist, fly unused. Well, there’s no way you can send a plane with 70 seats across the ocean. Flies a normal airliner for 500-800 people with an occupancy rate of 50%. So we get a sharp increase on scheduled flights.

That said, there are still discounts. And if you’re still thinking, here are two fiery articles for organizing your own trip, instead of a ready-made tour for two:

    , which you can book on your own without buying a tour and more

Good to know:

Find plane tickets, choose a hotel you like, add up those two figures. Added $100-200 for two for a cab, since there will be no transfer, and normal insurance. And if the price of the tour is lower than the sum that came out, then you buy the ready-made tour. And if the opposite is true, you can fly on your own.

Beach where you can get only without a tour

This is Fronton Beach. You can only get here by traveling around the country by yourself.

Dominica for two all-inclusive tour: prices

  • Today’s prices for a ready-made tour to the Dominican Republic for two from Moscow start at 150 thousand rubles.
Holidays in the Dominican Republic - 2022. Reviews tourists

Much further will depend on the dollar exchange rate and the restoration of world air traffic. And since the ruble in recent years is only growing. And this negatively affects the prices for package tours. And on top of that, we are not beating the Kiwis at a very good rate. So we should not expect a fall in the cost of tours in 2022. In 2023, maybe, but it’s not certain.


No matter how it sounds, but probably the best option to buy cheap ready-made tour, is to book 3-4 months in advance. Then you are sure to fix the low price you found. The main thing is to buy with no-fly insurance or to buy it separately. At the end of the article are all the necessary links.

Bavaro Beach ready tours to the Dominican Republic for two

And this is the beach of Bavaro. And this is where most of the package tourists come. The beach by the way is fiery

Prices for tours to the Dominican Republic for two people for 7-12 nights.

By the way, the biggest plus of a package tour for two, is the direct flight. Since almost all the tours that sell now – air charter flight. 11 hours without a connection and you’re on the other side of the world. Regular flights, the same route if it is good will take 18 hours.

Below are the average prices for tours for two in the Dominican Republic:

  • Hotels 4 stars 7 nights – from 150 thousand rubles
  • 5 Star hotels for 7 nights – from 200 thousand rubles
  • 13 nights 4* for two – from 240 thousand rubles
  • 13 nights 5* for two – from 250 thousand rubles

Important to know:

All prices are indicative, taking into account accommodation in hotels with the All Inclusive system.

Dominica for two all inclusive tour

Here are great options on one cool resource for tours for two in the Dominican Republic. The links will be below.

Where to buy an all-inclusive tour for two to the Dominican Republic

Here coronavirus certainly gave impetus not only to the development of all possible online services. But also a large number of people began to buy something on the Internet, when previously it was not thought about it.

Today in Russia there are two major online hypermarkets of tours. They have buyer protection, 24/7 support, great service, and most importantly search tours for all operators in the country at once. I recommend looking at ready-made tours for two to the Dominican Republic on both, and buy where it is cheaper.

ready-made package tours to dominica

A good hotel when buying a tour – is the key to a good holiday. And there are never few palm trees.

Important to know:

Have questions or doubts, they have excellent customer service. Book a call, you’ll get a free call back within a minute and answer all your questions. I was consulted on a tour to Cuba 40 minutes on the phone.

    – Just well, very convenient search – and here, in my subjective opinion, the largest selection of tours
The 7 best all-inclusive 5-star hotels in Punta Cana

By the way, both there and then there are discounts and promotions. A as there are burning tours.

Below are a few options for tours for two in the Dominican Republic, there are higher prices, as well as hotels space:

Read more about holidays in the Dominican Republic in a separate article.

And another important point: before booking a tour, decide on the resort. There is a choice and all resorts are different. All about resorts in the Dominican Republic in the article on the link.

  • And then there are unique author tours in the Dominican Republic, and that’s not what package tours are. What auteur tours are and what they are read here.

In conclusion: today there is no certainty what kind of vacation will be cheaper. In any case, the Dominican Republic for two all-inclusive tour with a direct flight and transfer to the hotel, will definitely be more enjoyable. And you will need to spend less effort and energy to find, book and organize your vacation.

Cheap tours and juicy discounts for you!

Found a mistake – write in the comments.

IMPORTANT: Below are links without which you can not organize a dream trip to the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic tours from Moscow 2022

We’ve selected some current offers for holidays and prices Dominican Republic. We’ve separated them by types of holidays and hotels in Dominican Republic, to make it easier for you to decide. If you have questions about holidays in the Dominican Republic, call our offices, our travel consultants will help you!

Dominican Republic Reviews

Latest Hotel Reviews

Wonderful atmospheric hotel. Not new, more of a history, but still perfectly clean and everything you need is in working order. Very comfortable location. The view from the room was amazing. The breakfast buffet was amazing with its variety. The breakfast was amazing and really appreciated.

Our hotel was perfect for our stay and our staff were amazing. There was a very nice lady at the reception desk, Sayonara, who advised us to have a Premium room. We had a beach with good sun beds and umbrellas, two bars with good drinks and a snack bar, works from 2 till 6 pm. The room was also very nice. Great animation, good food. Good a la carte restaurants – you have to book in the building next to the Premium reception. Sayonara was a great help – our flight was delayed for one day, she helped us booking a room for one more day, and was a great person to help with the excursions. We stayed for 15 days and our room was not clean for a long time. Meat in all dishes is rigid. The sea all in algae.

Dominican Republic in September 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and reviews

I liked everything. Breakfast was great! I liked the fish restaurant a la carte.

Users often search for

Holidays in Dominica

Picturesque tropical resorts have been and remain a classic vacation spot. Bright burning sun, crystal clear skies and clear water, which attracts and wants to dive into – beach vacation attracts tourists of all ages. Tours to the Dominican Republic, known for its welcoming climate and an abundance of resorts, in 2020 is no less relevant than ever before. Among all the countries in the Caribbean, it stands out the most pleasant conditions for tourists and the richness of the proposals: you can fly there at any time, relaxing on the beautiful tropical resorts body and soul. Do you want to plunge into the warm sea waves and bask on the beach? Take your dream trip and fly to the sunny dreamland.

Country description

The Dominican Republic is an island nation located in the eastern part of the island of Haiti in the Caribbean. In addition to it, it occupies several other small islands nearby: Beata, Saona, Catalina and others. The total area of the country is only about 48 thousand square kilometers, but such a small area has a huge variety of scenic spots. The state is considered one of the world leaders in the resort industry, and speaking of tropical recreation, many people mean the Dominican Republic. The coastline is a huge number of bounty beaches, as if descended from a picture: pale sand, azure water and boundless sky overhead, palm trees, framing this magnificent picture. The country is primarily known for this: Dominican Republic does not practice an extensive trade and does not participate in big politics, but this paradise place is known worldwide for its seaside resorts.

Transportation. The Dominican Republic has a well-developed network of bus routes, primarily due to tourists vacationing in the country. Buses run between major cities and connect popular tourist spots. On long routes are usually large cars with all amenities, including air conditioning, for short distances – comfortable minibuses. There are also many fixed-fare cabs in the country, without a meter, and it is possible to rent a car.

Cuisine: Meat and pulses combined with local fruits are the local dishes. The Dominican Republic has spent many years under the influence of Spain, later other European countries, and has managed to absorb much of the flavor of these states. Familiar to us rice, chicken, beans are combined with coconut milk, pieces of exotic fruits and other gifts of the tropical climate. In spite of an abundance of sea inhabitants, they do not eat much seafood, generally fish or crabs.

Medicine. The abundance of tourists suggests that the country will have a lot of medical centers. Thinking about a trip to the Dominican Republic is recommended to prepare first aid kit in advance (the sudden change of climate can be bad), but medical centers are in every hotel. Tourists medicine is provided by insurance, which is necessarily drawn, if you take a fully prepared tour.

Transport in the Dominican Republic: rent a car, buses, cabs, shuttles

Climate and seasonality. Classic tropics, hot and humid, will appeal to lovers of heat. The average water temperature here is 27 degrees, and in the summer, from May to September, begins the rainy season, so go to the Dominican Republic recommended in winter or in the off-season. Tourist period – from December to April, during this time the air warms up to about 24 degrees.

Types of recreation

Obviously, this paradise is intended to fly there for a beach vacation. But it also comes in different forms. Do you want to bask in the sand under the gentle sun or actively spend time flying across the sea on a surfboard? No matter, Dominica is able to offer a vacation to suit all tastes. Anything you can think of is available at the local resorts. Vacations with your family, your significant other, alone – the variety of offerings will allow you to spend your vacation the way you want to.

Resorts in the Dominican Republic

Among the many tourist areas there are several that stand out in particular. Some of them are better suited for couples, some for active young people or families with children. But all have one thing in common – the incredible beauty of the tropical landscape and the opportunity to swim in the beautiful blue sea.

Punta Cana. If you admire pictures of milky white beaches and incredibly bright sea smoothness, you are here. This is one of the main tourist areas of the whole Dominican Republic, located in the southeast of the country. It is incredibly beautiful here: tourists can get acquainted with the local plants and animals due to the proximity of nature reserves. A good choice for a holiday for couples or honeymoon: hotels in Punta Cana are ready to organize a wedding willing to and provide service on “all inclusive”. Flying here on a trip for two is a way to forget and enjoy the wonderful nature and impeccable service.

Boca Chica. This is the name of the famous beach, the spit which stretches along the coastline for as much as 3 kilometers. There is also the longest coral lagoon in the Caribbean: it protects the beach from external influences. This cozy place is loved by visitors with children: the sea here is shallow, and small tourists will be comfortable to swim without fear of going too far. This place is also loved by adults, mostly sportsmen: surfing, diving and other water sports are practiced on the beach, so if you want to rest actively, think about flying to this area.

The Dominican Republic for $1000 for two: Day 5. Auto-trip begins

Santa Domingo. The Dominican Republic is not just beaches, but also a rich history of several centuries. The country has been seized and passed from hand to hand several times, it was discovered back in 1492 by Christopher Columbus himself, and the capital of the state reflects all the milestones of its development. The city of Santa Domingo is relatively small by our standards: only 3.5 million inhabitants. Its historic part is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where you can see the house where Columbus’ son lived and the Military Fort, one of the first buildings built during the exploration of the island. St. Mary’s Cathedral is a beautiful architectural monument. In short, history buffs will love the capital of the Dominican Republic: there is so much to see here.

Juan Dolio. This is a small town, and holidays in this area are loved by families with children and fans of solitude. There are three beaches here: Juan Dolio, where an abundance of palm trees is combined with a narrow line of sand, Guayacanes, which is usually chosen by families, and Caribe – it is small, which does not prevent it from being both cozy and luxurious. Nightlife lovers will love it here: casinos, clubs and bars keep their doors open day and night. Connoisseurs of a quieter holiday are offered golf, active – diving and surfing.

Samana. The best time to go to this resort is from January to March. Samana includes part of the island of Cayo Levantado, near which in the early months of the year sail beautiful migrating whales. The resort’s management organizes excursions for everyone, so you can see not only the palm trees and the sea, but also the majestic marine animals. Los Aiteses National Park will show you many more beautiful flora and fauna.

How to choose a tour

– Pay attention to what you want to do. Book a flight to Santa Domingo if you want to sightsee, or choose Boca Chica if you like active beach holidays. Want to see whales? Saman√° awaits you, and those who want to go to the disco will love Juan Dolio.

– Don’t forget the colorful Dominican holidays! There’s a famous carnival in February and festivals in June, July and October. Take this into account if you want to have fun, and choose a tour to your liking.

Tour prices

You can buy a tour at different prices, depending mostly on the number of days on vacation and the services included. The price includes everything: from the departure from Moscow to the insurance, and the representatives of 1001 Tour will help you find a suitable option. Call or email us: we’ll tell you everything you’re interested in.

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